Quick Facts Against Abortion

There are a number of compelling and quick facts against abortion that can effectively make the case in favor of the preservation of life and against the legalized termination of pregnancy. For many, the debate hinges on a determination of when life actually begins. Those who believe that life begins at conception see the act of abortion on the same level as the murder of another human being. For those who believe that life begins at birth, anything that is done before a child is born, including aborting the fetus, is seen as a completely moral choice. With such a flurry of opinions it is not surprising that those who are tempted to consider abortion can find it difficult to come to a conclusion that provides peace of mind. An honest examination of the heart coupled with a sincere searching of the scriptures can help to provide clear answers. Researching a few quick facts against abortion can also help the undecided individual find real answers.

Some of the arguments that are made by those who favor abortion center on the difference between a fetus and a full term infant. But this argument does not hold water under closer examination. A fetus will eventually develop into an infant, barring miscarriage or willful termination of the pregnancy. Following the same logic, a child will eventually become an adult barring any unforeseen tragedy. Does that mean that the life of the child is less valuable than that of the fully developed adult? Even if the notion of life beginning at conception is in doubt, isn't the doubt itself enough reason to preserve life? Why take the risk, not to mention the moral implications of destroying life if such an important conclusion is unclear. A basic review of a number of quick facts against abortion would indicate that it might be wise to err on the side of safety and honor the sanctity of life.

Among the most compelling and easy to understand quick facts against abortion may involve an understanding of fetal development. At the moment of conception, the unique and individual aspects of each human being are already formed. Questions such as the gender of the child, the hair and eye color, even whether or not the child will have a dimpled smile have already been answered. The minute that one cell divides, these things have been determined. It is very difficult to make an argument against life beginning at conception when these truths are considered. A little over two weeks later, the cells that will eventually allow for the formation of sperm or eggs have already begun to group together, laying ground for the next generation. Three short weeks after conception, which is right around the time that a woman would just begin to suspect pregnancy, the infant's spinal cord, nervous system, and brain have already begun to form. At this point, the child's heart has even begun to beat. In fact, twenty one days after conception, the infant's eyes and ears have also begun to form. Within a week two legs and two arms will be apparent. The lungs will also have begun to form at this point as well. These truths constitute compelling and quick facts against abortion.

The amazing level of fetal development that has already taken place at around the time that many abortions occur can provide additional quick facts against abortion. The features of the face are beginning to make an appearance. By the time a mother has missed her second period, the infant will already have a sense of smell and the brain is in the process of dividing into three parts. One part will deal with emotions and language, a second section will process hearing, and a third will handle sight. A woman who is eight weeks pregnant and contemplating getting an abortion will most likely not realize that she is carrying a child with a strong heartbeat, functioning liver and kidneys and with every organ present. A tiny and fully formed being will continue to grow and develop at an astounding rate, providing that nothing is done to interfere with this miraculous process. These quick facts against abortion make a very strong case for the idea of life beginning at the moment of conception. At ten weeks the beginnings of ten tiny fingernails and even fingerprints are forming. The sheer majesty of this process should remove all doubt that something divine is taking place. One week later, this delicate being is able to make facial expressions such as smiles or frowns. And yet there are many who will still argue that life has not yet officially begun. The Bible clearly notes the attention that God extends to new life withing the womb. "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb." (Psalm 139:13)

The amount of risk to the woman that can be involved when a pregnancy is deliberately terminated may constitute some of the most under reported quick facts against abortion. The risk of such health issues as clinical depression, post traumatic stress disorder, bowel injury, and ectopic pregnancy have been reported to be higher in women who have had abortions. A laceration of the cervix during a medically induced pregnancy termination can also increase the likelihood of a miscarriage latter on in life. The possibility of dealing with a condition called placenta previa during a subsequent pregnancy is also reported to be higher among women who have previously terminated a pregnancy. Considering these and many other pertinent facts is necessary for anyone who is considering abortion.

Facts Against Abortions

When considering the facts against abortions many feel that it is impossible to remain uncommitted regarding this controversial topic. While some may attempt to look for areas of middle ground, an honest examination of the pros and cons of abortion will usually lead to strong feelings on either side of the issue. Those who support abortion rights feel that the right to make this choice should supersede all other rights. Conversely, those who oppose the legalized termination of pregnancies feel that abortions represent an all out assault on the sanctity of human life. When listing the many facts against abortions, the sheer number of abortive procedures that take place every day in the United States demand that this difficult and polarizing topic be tackled. For those who oppose abortion, the thousands of pregnancy terminations that occur daily represent a heinous disrespect for innocent life. Those who advocate abortion rights maintain that the aborted fetus does not represent life and that the quality of the mother's life and her right to choose is more worthy of respect. Since there seems to be no possibility of middle ground regarding this issue, a careful examination of the facts is called for.

When citing facts against abortions, those on both sides agree that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is a very difficult one. This is as it should be. Choosing to end a life should not by any means be an easy decision. The fact that it is difficult, that a woman would need to wrestle with such a choice does not automatically mean that considering and carrying out such a step is morally right. While it is true that before abortion was legalized in America in 1973, there were many practitioners who carried out illegal and unsafe abortions. But does the fact unscrupulous individuals, as well as their patients, were willing to break the law automatically mean that choosing to terminate a pregnancy, whether legally or illegally, does not involve the destruction of life? Any argument of the facts against abortions should fairly address the abuses that many women suffered through illegal abortions. But for most who oppose legalized abortion believe that the level of harm that women were once subjected to through back ally abortions does not compare to the harm that is done to the innocent unborn during an abortion procedure.

Some of the most compelling facts against abortions would surely need to include descriptions of the various abortion procedures. These procedures may involve a dissection of the unborn child's body or a poisoning of the fetus through injections into the uterus. Late term abortions will require much more violent measures to end the pregnancy. While it can be very difficult to take an honest look at what these procedures entail, no discussion is of this topic can be considered complete without examining what actually happens during an abortion. Many who argue in favor of abortion rights point out the injustice of requiring a woman who has been raped or is a victim of incest to carry a child to term. But the truth is that only one percent of pregnancy terminations take place as a result of incest or rape. Does this one percent justify the millions of abortions that have taken place since this procedure was legalized? Those who argue the facts against abortions are often criticized for not having an adequate respect for the right of a woman to make the choice to terminate a pregnancy. However, abortion opponents believe that real choice begins with the decision to utilize responsible birth control. These individuals also believe that the rights of the unborn child far supersede the right of the mother to choose abortion.

The mother's health is another issue that is often cited by pro-abortion forces. As with cases of rape or incest, the number of women who choose to terminate a pregnancy because of health issues represents around one percent of all abortions that are performed. Such facts against abortions are frequently overlooked. Clearly, the overwhelming number of these procedures are carried out for reasons other than rape, incest, or the health of the mother. For those who are facing an unwanted pregnancy, the temptation to simply sweep the situation under the rug by obtaining an abortion can be very strong. Young teens who do not live in states that require parental notification may be in particular danger of undergoing an abortion without obtaining any kind of counseling or information on exactly what the procedure means. If it is possible to deal with the problem without ever needing to inform a child's parents, many minors take will unfortunately terminate a pregnancy without adequate council. The physical and emotional repercussions of these abortions can haunt these teens for years to come. The Bible tells believers to take courage and know that God is with them. "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?" (Psalm 118:6)

Abortion rights advocates will frequently portray the unborn child as simply a random collection of cells rather than a life. The facts against abortions do not support such a position. The distinct genetic make up of an individual is determined at the moment of conception through the formation of the DNA code. This is an indisputable scientific fact. Those in favor of the legalized termination of pregnancy may attempt to muddy up the waters by denying such truths, but according the dictates of both medicine and science, a fetus represents far more that a hodgepodge gathering of cells. Once such facts are understood, making a decision regarding this controversial issue is much easier.

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