Risks Of Abortion Pill

Risks of abortion pill are real and should be taken into consideration by any woman who is seeking this avenue to terminate the life of an unborn child. Desperation and uncertainty can lead women to do the extreme. Becoming pregnant from being a victim of rape or just not wanting to bring a child into the world for financial reasons leads women to question their condition. Risks of abortion pill are real and some clinics offering this avenue of exterminating a life may not give a woman all of the facts. Even if death of the child does not occur a woman may bleed so heavily that she has to have a surgical abortion just to save her own life. Women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy should seek help from family, friends, and clergy. Find someone who is a Christian and pray together seeking God for guidance. The child can be carried full-term and then adopted out to people who cannot have children of their own. "My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them" (Psalms 139:15-16).

Clinics will often report that the two drugs used for medically induced termination of a fetus are safe, that the percentage of something bad happening is very low. The truth is that doctors have no way of knowing if their patients will get an infection. Some women have developed bloodstream infections without any indications they have it until it is too late. Fever should be an indicator but there is a chance that a woman with sepsis will not run a fever. The risks of abortion pill are real and threatening even to patients who are healthy. Clinics are pushing this form of termination because it is less invasive than surgery. They instruct patients that the pills are safe because they are FDA-approved but the FDA has specific instructions that are included with the two pills. The drugs have a black box warning about the possibility of severe reactions including septic shock.

Medically induced abortions include two pills. The first is administered at the doctors office and then two days later the second one is taken. The first pill blocks the hormone progesterone. Progesterone is needed to sustain a pregnancy. The second pill terminates the life of the unborn child. Women who are less than eight weeks along are candidates. Side effects of the meds might include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme tiredness, severe cramping, heavy bleeding, and headache. The symptoms will vary from patient to patient. Risks of abortion pill can lead to bleeding so severe that the patient has to undergo a surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy and save the patients life. In some cases a bacteria called Clostridium Sordelli may occur and the warning sign of fever may not be present. This could be an indication that the drugs somehow impair the immune system making the patient susceptible to infection.

Studies have not been done on medically induced termination of pregnancies to show whether there are any long-term risks of abortion pill. Clinics may tell the patient that there are no long-term effects but there is no way of knowing for sure. Questions have been raised as to whether or not the drugs could have an effect on a woman's future pregnancies or her health. Women should not take the drugs if they have serious health conditions such as adrenal failure, asthma, diabetes, anemia, heart disease, bleeding disorders, are obese, over 35 years of age, and who have smoked. High blood pressure, uses of oral contraceptives, allergies, or menstrual irregularity are warning flags. Pelvic inflammatory disease, epilepsy, liver disease, and a history of problematic pregnancy are also concerns.

The mental state of a woman who has undergone a medically induced abortion should be a concern of medical personnel when it comes to risks of abortion pill. During the process of dispelling the uterine lining a woman may see the child's hands, eyes, feet, and tiny body. The realization that this was a real little person becomes a reality. Medical personnel who work with these women should tell them that this may happen but instead may refer to the fetus as a blob of tissue. They should tell the patient that this baby already has a nervous system, little hands and feet, and a strong beating heart. These images can haunt a woman for the rest of her life and this possibility should not be kept from a patient who wants to undergo a medically induced termination.

False perceptions about abortions give pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the two deadly drugs a foothold in marketing these drugs to the women who are vulnerable. Risks of abortion pill to the woman are just a drop in the bucket to what happens to the unborn child. While this remains a controversial subject the same as surgical termination of a pregnancy it has been marketed as a better way for a woman to consider aborting her child. Life begins at conception. The Bible is clear about the moral and spiritual implications of such an act against another person but those who practice the arts in the medical arena would have a woman believe that this is not yet a person though they can offer no proof of this. A woman considering taking these meds should be wise to the risks of abortion pill and the long-term implications of living with such an act.

Cost Of The Abortion Pill

The cost of the abortion pill, RU-486, which is approximately $300, is comparable to the financial cost of abortion performed by a surgical procedure. However, the spiritual, psychological and physical costs can amount to much more than money when considering the death of a human being as well as the inevitable scars experienced by a mother who ends the life of her child. The controversial pill is not simply a 'morning after pill' which implies that it is one that can simply be swallowed in the comfort of one's own home by any woman who is worried that she conceived the night before. It is a complicated medical procedure that is opposed by many who believe that life begins at conception.

As with other pro-choice procedures, there is usually no information provided through clinics or agencies to women regarding other alternatives to the surgical procedure or its side effects. Whether or not women can afford the cost of the abortion pill seems to be their only concern. The life of the child is not a consideration either, because proponents of the medicine generally reject the fact that the pill snuffs out the life of unborn children. Rather, it is 'fetal tissue' that is expelled during a medical procedure. Even though the RU-486 pill can only be purchased by doctors and is part of an overall procedure that includes the cost of the medicine, it is merely an alternative to the surgical procedure and can even cost more in the long run. Learn the truth about this controversial medical procedure by taking this Abortion Quiz.

Taking RU-486 is not as simple as pro-abortion advocates would like women to believe. In fact, three tablets must be taken for a single application and a woman has to receive another treatment within 36-48 hours from the first dose. Another visit to the doctor is necessary within two weeks in order to receive another drug that will induce uterine cramps in order to expel the body of the unborn child. The cost of RU-486 can be more expensive than the public is led to believe. As with other such procedures, there is usually no information given to women regarding other alternatives such as adoption as well as what can happen to them after the experience including mental and physical trauma.

Those who wish to save the lives of unborn children are concerned that over the counter purchases of the pill will eventually occur making this procedure on demand easier. Statistics show that approximately 95% of the women who are administered RU-486 experience a complete expulsion of the fetus. There are, however, the 5% who do not respond to the medical treatment and the cost rises as they then must consider a surgical abortion. For other important issues in this category, click here.

For these 5%, RU-486 can cause major birth defects, so any woman who changes her mind after being administered the pill runs a definite risk of giving birth to a deformed child. These are just a few of the complications that pro-choice advocates do not care to mention to women considering the unwanted pregnancy option. Even though the cost of the pill runs around $300 dollars in the average medical case, a higher psychological and physical price is often paid by women who undergo the experience. Over 25 medical studies have confirmed that any woman who has the procedure increases her risk of breast cancer by 30% to 50%. Counselors, after years of dealing with women who have experienced the procedure, explain that the trauma associated with this form of abortion is akin to post traumatic stress disorder.

Many women claim that they actually feel physically violated even though they willingly underwent the procedures to abort an unborn child. Even those who continue to hold the view that the method is not wrong will admit the strong feelings of psychological pain and guilt associated with the cost of abortion. The guilt that many women feel after having gone through with the procedure is almost impossible for many to shake until they come to terms with God's view of human life and deal with guilt from a biblical perspective. Again, most family planning clinics do not adequately discuss the cost of the abortion pill in terms of the emotional pain that is likely to be paid by women. Many young women who are considering the cost of the abortion pill or the surgical procedure should carefully consider the real cost in terms of human life as well as the costly toll on their bodies and psyche.

Fortunately, for those who have already experienced the high cost of abortion, there is forgiveness and healing through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Understanding that God loves and cares for anyone who has gone through this experience can bring restoration to a life broken by sin, guilt and poor choices. Anyone who has paid the high cost of abortion can experience a change of attitudes, emotions and lifestyle that is only possible through the grace of God. "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (2 Corinthians 5:17)

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