What Is An Abortion

Many people wonder about the question of what is an abortion because these procedures are highly debated and not frequently well known. These are medical or surgical procedures intended to end a pregnancy. The medical variety involves medications to cause a miscarriage. The surgical variety requires a doctor to physically extract a fetus and all pregnancy tissue from the womb. In the United States, laws vary from state-to-state but limited abortion has become legal due to the fight for women's rights. Despite the legality of the procedure, many Americans fight for the rights of the unborn. They can easily answer the question, "Why is abortion wrong?" As a person explores this topic, he or she must consider how a procedure of this magnitude affects and terminates the lives of so many.

Often, unwanted pregnancies lead individuals to make a choice between having a child and taking the life of the unborn baby through a surgical or medical procedure. Aborting a child has been shown to be a choice women make when they have unwanted pregnancies. The pregnancy will usually be considered unwanted because it occurs at an inconvenient time. The woman may be in the middle of school or a career and cannot handle the extra responsibility of a child. The pregnant woman may not even really be a woman yet, but a pre-teen or teenager. Over the last fifty years, teen sexual promiscuity and teen pregnancies have seen a huge increase in America leading more and more young women to wonder about the question of what is an abortion and how it can fix the situation. The increase has been so much so that most people in society now shrug off cohabiting unmarried couples and teen parenthood like yesterday's news and do not concern themselves with the question of why is abortion wrong. Other instances of unwanted pregnancies may be the result of a rape. Because of the father's actions, the woman chooses an abortion. A small percentage of women have abortions because the doctors have detected some abnormality, defect or disease that would lower the child's quality of life and lifespan. However, some of these procedures prove to be unnecessary because the diagnosis was actually wrong. Other times, the procedures are not voluntary. In some countries, women are forced to abort children if the gender does not fit within the laws of social acceptance. Historically, some women have aborted their children because of the inability to afford to feed any more children and contraceptives didn't exist.

The continuing debate over this topic brings about many questions and concerns. When people think about the question of why abortion is wrong, many ideas and issues come to mind. This is wrong because the human life begins at conception. The procedure does not remove a tumor or some diseased body part, but terminates a human life. What is an abortion but the intentional termination of a human life, or murder? In the United States and many countries, murders are a serious crime. In the Bible, murders are sins. So whether someone looks at legal morals or Biblical morals, murders are wrong. Therefore, abortions are wrong. But some would say there are exceptions to the rules. People try to justify these wrong and painful decisions by thinking that something like rape or lack of money can justify taking the life of a small, defenseless baby.

The Bible makes it clear that human life begins in the womb, reiterating the fact that the termination of a valid human life is wrong. Psalm 139:13-15 says "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth." Job said in his book, "Did not he that made me in the womb make him? and did not one fashion us in the womb?" Isaiah 44:2 says "Thus saith the LORD that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee; Fear not, O Jacob, my servant; and thou, Jesurun, whom I have chosen." Thus, again, this answers the question of "what is abortion?" the termination of a life.

Some people without a Christian background may not feel as though it is necessary to follow these teachings in the Bible. Someone without a Christian life may wonder why is abortion wrong? The answer should be simple to understand; because, like any sin, this sin has a burdensome effect on those who choose to take part. Although some women shrug off abortions and even have them repeatedly, many women come out of the procedure feeling depression and guilt. Women are often reminded each year, with the anniversary of their procedure, of the life of a child that would never be. This can be considered a symptom of Post Abortion Stress or Trauma. Symptoms can be as severe as hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. Even men experience feelings of guilt after the procedure to take the life of their child. Some doctors and nurses who previously conducted these procedures chose to stop because of guilt and the sudden realization that they were ending an innocent life.

Understanding this choice that people make can be difficult for most people. Abortions are traumatic experiences of many women around the world, and the center of a fight over right and wrong. Abortions are treated like the right of a woman rather than the murder of the innocent. This becomes a sin that many people refuse to treat as a sin. The most important answer to what is an abortion is the ending of a human life. If someone believes in the Word of God, they won't deny the value of life and the immorality of murder. As people answer the question, "Why is abortion wrong? they recognize how valuable human life is, both outside of and inside of the womb.

Reasons Abortion Should Be Illegal

Abortion is murder no matter when a person believes life becomes official. This controversy will remain for centuries, however the fact that a potential life has ended before given a chance remains evidence enough for most people to understand why a person should never have a choice of whether a baby lives or dies. There are many reasons abortion should be illegal including the descriptive and disturbing stories about how aborted babies sometime scream as they come out and the looks of pain on their faces. These facts alone should convince anyone to eliminate the idea of pregnancy termination out of their mind.

The health threat to the mother after going through with the procedure as well as the lifelong health risks that remain should be good enough reasons abortion should be illegal. With the rising healthcare costs and instance of disease greater than the medical ability to solve the problems, continued health remains important to all people. Self induced problems such as voluntary termination of pregnancy leads to complications for future pregnancies, reproductive disease, and depression. Understanding that abortion is murder aids a woman in making healthy decisions for baby and mother. Though a mother may not want her baby, health for both remains and adoption remains a viable option. God chooses many couples to be available for adopting these children by way of impotence by one or both people.

Many visual images are available through pro-life organizations that make it clear how horrible the decision to terminate life before birth truly is. Abortion is murder no matter when a person believes life begins. The seed that God plants should never be taken for granted or misused. These actions result in distress for not only the pregnant woman, but also her family. Though she may not tell anyone, eventually the truth reveals itself through circumstance, guilt, or mistake. Speaking with other people who have either gone through this or have a family member who had an abortion allows this woman to get in touch with the reality of her decision. One of the most important reasons abortion should be illegal beyond the fact that it terminates life is that most women have regret and life complications due to this action. By eliminating this possibility, society eliminates future problems.

Many government programs exist in order to empower, protect, and support women with unplanned pregnancies. There are many reasons a woman may have an unplanned pregnancy, but none justify terminating the pregnancy. Understanding the biology of the developing fetus further allows for strong arguments to develop concerning why abortion is murder. So many stories describing the human characteristics of these aborted babies remain untold therefore the uneducated woman continues the growing statistics of this action. Though it is easy to envision lower-class minority women filling the statistics of abortion, studies show that the majority of women succeeding in this action are in the upper-class population. These statistics are not clear concerning the amount of rape victims.

Empowering women concerning how to take care of as well conduct themselves in order to minimize incident lowers the statistics of rape, thus lowering statistics of abortion. Voluntary pregnancy termination remains wrong no matter how a woman gets pregnant. Taking 9 months out of a womans life does not remotely compare to the elimination of 80 years of someone elses. In addition, the responsibility a woman takes for deciding life or death of a baby remains unethical and mentally devastating no matter what type of upbringing she had. This type of education can come from pastoral influence, government programming, or strong support systems composed of family and friends. The importance of meeting other women who have walked the same path remains important in order not to feel alone. Gaining insight, ideas, and support are all important in decision making as well as livelong support of any decision. Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. (Proverbs 8:10)

God calls us to be stewards of our time, talent, and treasure. Understanding that God makes no mistakes and plants the seed of a child can further influence a woman toward life even if she decides on adoption. The choice of life should be the only option. In addition, understanding that the amount of babies aborted since the 1970s could populate a small country should be good enough reasons abortion should be illegal. God blesses people in unexpected ways, however trusting that He is in control further supports and gives confidence to the woman who chooses life. Pregnancy termination is wrong from the moment of conception. God reminds women who choose abortion about their sin through a variety of life complications created by this action. These include: increased risk for reproductive related cancers, trouble with future conception, and high risks of infection due to the surgery.

In addition to complications after the procedure, a woman runs a high risk of death during the procedure which increases based on how far along she is in the pregnancy. People advocating reasons abortion should be illegal are passionate about God, life, and health. These people know how serious of a health risk this action is for soul and body. Though no sin is unforgivable, it is unforgettable. Remaining safe in daily commutes in order to avoid unwanted instances decreases the environment for consideration of abortion. Likewise, through research a woman can fully understand how abortion is murder and make a decision toward life no matter what the circumstance of pregnancy.

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