Free Budget Worksheets Online

Free budget worksheets online help a person to keep track of financial information including total debt and income. Sites on the Internet offer free forms that are downloadable and printable. Personal budget worksheets include ways to keep up with monthly income and monthly spending, total assets or worth, total debts including a debt summary. They also include a sustainable budget by month, a way to track all expenses, comparisons from month to month, and even a record of daily spending. A budget is a good way for a person to save money as well. Seeing daily and monthly expenditures written down gives a person a good way to track all expenses and devise a plan to cut unnecessary expenses and pay down debts or save money with the difference.

To start a budget there are a couple of things that need to happen. First a person should become committed to keeping good records. Second a person should be willing to change his or her spending habits so that staying on a budget will be feasible. Free budget worksheets online can make the record keeping part simple as long as a person is willing to make all of the entries that are necessary even if that means doing them daily. Even purchasing something as small as a soda should be written down under expenditures.

Some of the items that might need to be listed on a spreadsheet for spending might include fuel expense, mortgage, insurance, groceries, rent, utilities, cell phone expense, child care, car payment, credit card payments, and miscellaneous. Personal budget worksheets should include columns for all expenses and totals daily and or monthly. For prolonged periods columns should also have totals for quarterly and yearly. In addition, there should be a detailed comparison between actual income and actual spending.

Writing down daily expenses can help to show a person exactly where their money is going. A lot of times a person will not realize that these small daily expenditures can add up to a large amount over one month's time. If a person buys lunch out everyday and spends at least five dollars, over one month's time lunches will have cost over one hundred dollars. Buying a couple of sodas every day out of a machine would cost around two dollars a day, adding up to over fifty dollars per month. Free budget worksheets online can provide a person with the method to keep track of even the smallest expenditures. The Lord expects His children to use wisdom and be a good steward over what He has provided. "And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season" (Luke 12:42)?

Those who wish to target debts for payoff can download a worksheet that provides columns for monthly payment amounts and targeted dates until payoff. Personal budget worksheets allow the person to use a worksheet for each debt or monthly expense. The best way to payoff credit cards or revolving credit accounts is to pay more than the minimum monthly payment each month. This will cut down on the interest that is charged and will allow the person to pay off the account earlier. Even paying a little more than the minimum payment amount on auto loans and mortgages will render the same results.

Budgets are often used as a means to pay off debt but they are also used as a way to track spending over a certain period of time. Using free budget worksheets online can help a person to learn how to manage their money better. In addition, some people may want to have a plan to save money. The best way to save money is to compare income to total expenses and see where changes can be made. A person might be able to see a way to spend less on food or fuel. Choosing to eat at home instead of eating out can help a person to save money. If shopping is a temptation then the best way to save is to not indulge.

Another way to save money is to use coupons. Purchasing a Sunday paper every week will provide a consumer with coupons to save on grocery shopping. In addition, restaurants frequently have coupons in the paper. Also, there are places on the Internet that offer coupons on various types of products and with dining establishments. The best way to save with coupons is to use the ones that are of the products that are normally purchased. In addition, some people use coupons to try new products.

Sites online that offer personal budget worksheets have some good tips on how to spend wisely, save, and invest. Some of the forms available on the Internet can be used to teach an individual how to learn good basic money skills. Parents might want to use these to teach their children budget planning and smart money management. Lessons include how to write checks, balance a checkbook, the importance of saving, opening a savings account, and how to figure interest rates. One of the important lessons that should be taught to children is the drawbacks of buying on credit and using credit cards with high interest rates. One thing that should always be emphasized is how much easier it is to get into debt than it is to get out of debt.

Credit Card Factoring

Credit card factoring is a method of financing a business that is suffering from cash flow issues. Any business is cyclical and there may be times of the month or year when the expense invoices from vendors keep arriving but the income for goods and services are not. The accumulation of these down cycles can tremendously hurt a company's credit worthiness for future vendor transactions, causing the inability to continue manufacturing or selling at a normal pace. A factor is either a single investor or a business which fronts money for various business transactions which require a number of days or weeks to be consummated with a check on the accountant's desk for deposit. There are credit card receivables, invoice receivables, accounts receivable factoring and other forms that are routinely used by businesses which have cash flow issues every month or slow season.

Essentially credit card factoring would occur something like this: a factor gives a company upfront money based on future credit card transaction. When a legitimate company uses charge card receivables, another word for credit card factoring there are some things of which to be aware. This method of funding a business will be the entrepreneur or business owner that does not have good credit history himself. A poor borrowing history limits the places a person can go for loans and the result is either disapproval of requests or a very high interest rate on the approved loan. The interest rate charged by the factor will not be low and will have to be considered when pondering such a move. Some factors may actually give lump sum loans for future charge transactions, based on a steady history of past charge business. In the case of loaning against expected future transactions, the interest rate may be lower than the alternative of having the factor actually do process the transactions himself, and lend on the basis of that money in hand.

When looking for a source to provide credit card factoring, not all types of businesses will necessarily qualify. This is true in spite of a fairly lucrative charge business that may be conducted by some companies. The most widely sought businesses for factors to consider are bars, restaurants, retail stores and service providers. In each case, the amount of business done with the plastic allows the investment factor to think about profit availability. Making the agreement with a factor may be the only way a business owner can survive in tough times, but the owner should be careful because many factors want to have a slice of the business included in with their commissions.

A factor will not necessarily look at a business owner's credit history or score as an impetus to decline an invitation to aid a business. More realistically, the history of steady plastic card use by customers is of more value. And while banks make take weeks or months to approve a loan request, a factor can approve a company for credit card factoring in a matter of days. It appears to be a win-win for the company reeling from a gap between the sale and the actual realization of payment from a plastic card company lender. In deciding to do business with a factor, the biggest thing to remember is the legitimacy of the factor must be verified through as many sources as possible. History of doing business, complaints against the company and how it resolved those complaints ought to be of prime interest to the one seeking such assistance. Additionally, the length of time it took other customers to be approved, any surprise fees, and the recommendation to do more business with the factor would be of prime interest.

But there is another way that credit card factoring is done, and if the merchant isn't careful the agreement may be illegal and bring down the privilege of using a credit company again. A poorly performing business that uses charge cards as a way of payment strikes a deal with a single factor or a company that factors. As part of the agreement, each swipe of the card at the front desk of the business actually goes to the account of the factor, which then processes and sends perhaps sixty five percent of the money on to the business while keeping a percentage for profit. The business gets its money quickly to pay expenses and fund payroll, even in leaner times of the month when waiting ten days on a credit transaction to clear can severely hurt the ability to pay bills. Those with an amoral approach to life are quick to tout the myth of the self made man, but the Bible declares that to be what it is, an egotistical fairy tale. "Know ye that the Lord He is God: it is He that hath made us and not we ourselves; we are his people and the sheep of His pasture." (Psalm 100:3)

If that sounds a little fishy, it can be. Some people call credit card factoring a slick way to launder money, or wash bad money so it becomes legit. A front company could take payments for things illegal with credit cards and end up with non-dirty money in their account, and that would definitely be illegal. Even terrorists have gotten in on this business and been able to hide millions for their nefarious purposes. But thankfully, not all credit card factoring transactions are illegal. Make sure your company is the real deal.

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