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An acne care product is needed when a person is diagnosed with a case of acne that is severe enough to require treatment by a dermatologist, or doctor of the skin. To understand each type of cream or soap available on the market today, a definition of what this condition is, can be relevant. It is a disorder of the skin's oil glands (sebaceous glands) which creates plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions that are typically called "pimples" or "zits" by the non medical public. The most common breakout areas for people that need acne skin treatment is the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Over 17 million people in the Unites States alone suffer from some form of disorder like this. A severe case of the condition not treated can cause disfigurement and permanent scarring.

Many outside influences can cause this condition. The rubbing of the skin for a long period of time will agitate and irritate the skin and cause pimples or lesions in the area that suffered the prolonged friction. These areas commonly include where one wears a helmet, backpack, or tight collar. Environmental irritants include air or water pollution, and high humidity. Sensitivity to environmental elements will most assuredly require a special type of product. Many people irritate the lesions even more by picking, squeezing or hard rubbing in the area. This does not always make the pimples worse, but it is not wise to do unless a doctor recommends it. Acne skin treatment can be performed by a dermatologist (skin doctor). The main goal of using an acne care product is to prevent scarring and the psychological stress of the appearance of acne on the individual.

Healing methods consist of drug therapy (prescription or over the counter), topical medication, or antibiotics. Antibiotics help to stop or slow the growth of the condition. There are a variety of chemically enhanced over the counter topical acne skin treatment creams and medications. Most of these work well with consistent use. When all over the counter methods have failed, then it is time to see the dermatologist. Any cream or soap should be FDA approved before a consumer should consider using it. There are some healing methods that are in the experimental stage, and experts recommend trying these methods at the consumers own risk. Without appropriate length of research, there is no telling what the side effects of using a non-FDA approved acne care product will be.

Christians who are considering using the drug therapy method should pray first about their healing process for this skin disorder. Drug intervention really should be a last resort, and only for cases that are extremely severe. Regular teenage versions resulting in fewer than 10 pimples are not severe and should be treated with the traditional method of keeping the skin clean using soap and water, or perhaps a topical acne care product over the counter from a pharmacy. It is suggested that people suffering from the symptoms to use wisdom and understanding in their choice of acne skin treatment. God gave each person the ability to use logic and intelligence for appropriate decision making. "Through wisdom a house is builded; and by understanding it is established." (Proverbs 24:3)

Acne soap bars are available in a wide variety of ingredients that offer relief for different problems that people experience. Information on these products can be accessed from many online sources that offer everything from soaps that promote drying of oily pores to soaps that provide silky, smooth skin through constant use. These products have long been a staple among those who experience significant outbreaks and are usually on hand in most homes. Any individual suffering from this condition that has not tried the benefits of effective cleansers may want to consider launching a comparison of acne soap bars in the near future.

Cleansers contain many different ingredients depending on the company that offers the product. Some cleansers are the result of strategic, scientific research that has detected the best ingredients to combat these problems. A comparison of acne soap bars for individual use is easily managed by purchasing two or three of the best-rated products. Not all bars are the same for every problem and it may take a few trials with different products to find the one that works best. A comparison can help the individual determine a good cleansing product that will also decrease the effects of any outbreaks they may experience.

Products for acne relief can be found as an exclusive, stand alone, product, or they can be part of a complete line of complimentary products. Combined with other products, acne soap bars can be part of effective anti-acne regimen that is successful in combating this problem as well as maintaining clear skin. A comparison of acne soap bars will reveal varied ingredients among many items. Certain cleansers will affect some peoples skin while others may not respond as well depending on the particular causes of breakouts that affect any particular person.

Pimples and outbreaks are caused by a wide array of problems that can be related to diet, hormones, stress, and skin functions. A comparison of cleansers will be necessary in order to determine the right product for the individual. There are however, certain ingredients that are typically helpful in combating acne that people can watch for as they conduct a comparison. Sycilic acid is a common ingredient in many acne soap bars that has proven to reduce symptoms and provide smoother skin. Another ingredient that can be found when conducting a comparison of items is sulfur. Some cleansers even contain both ingredients that can give a double front from which to combat this skin condition.

Other ingredients that can be found in the vast array of cleansers include glycerin, olive oil, goat's milk, vitamin E oil and other oils. Glycerin is commonly found in soaps to provide a moisturizing element to acne soap bars since many of the products can dry out skin too harshly. A comparison of acne soap bars will show that each particular bar has its own specific qualities that are formulated to either provide general relief to overall breakouts or for a specific problems such as oily skin or anti scar reduction qualities. Vitamin E oil is known for its healing properties and some products include it in order to help reduce scarring and unsightly pits in the face.

Vitamin E oil has long been known for its scar reducing uses and is always recommended for use immediately during healing of a scarring episode. Even scars caused by accidental cuts and scrapes can be significantly reduced if pure vitamin E oil is directly applied to the healing area. In order to receive the best use of vitamin E oil, however, it must be applied during the healing stage. Cleansers that include goat's milk have become popular among those who suffer from serious cases. Upon their comparison of these items, individuals have reported good success with soap that has goat's milk as a prominent ingredient.

Those suffering with acne may experience serious physical and emotional problems. The scars can often go much further beyond the areas that are affected by blemishes. Trusting in God and using one of the many treatment options can be a great way to end these problems associated with pimples and outbreaks of acne. "But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head." (Psalm 3:3). There are many ways to treat skin problems that have been tried by a vast majority of sufferers. Acne soap bars continue to be one of the first treatments that most sufferers try. A comparison of acne soap bars will show that there is a wide discrepancy as to cost, ingredients and suggested uses among the many soap bars on the market. However, these products are easy to try through online or over the counter shopping and offer sufferers a generally cost effective way to search for a reasonably priced product that will help control outbreaks. There are many online sources that provide trial versions of items.

Sensitive Skin Care Products

Sensitive skin care products have been developed for those that have an affinity to breakouts, blemishes and allergic reactions when using topical creams to cure dry or oily dermal layer problems. People that have been labeled "sensitive" tend to find relief when purchasing organic natural skin care products. This is due to the fact that manufactures leave out many of the preservatives, fragrances and dyes found in other creams and lotions. Many natural lotions have no pleasant scent; some actually have a strange scent that derives from the botanical ingredient it holds. The growing trend in recent years has been to protect our bodies from the harsh chemicals that the FDA allows manufactures to place in a variety of foods and in topical creams and ointments. To some, these chemicals act as poisons; either drying out the skin or clogging the pores with an abundance of oil. Natural or homeopathic doctors use herbs and other nutrients to create ointments that will heal the dermal layers and not aggravate them. Not all ointments work for everyone though, so a systematic approach to finding the one that works best is recommended. This is done by giving each ointment at least two weeks to show results. If the condition worsens, discontinue use immediately. If the condition remains stagnate, try another.

The hardest type of product to find for someone who needs sensitive skin care products is an anti aging formula. These formulas are mostly created with alpha hydroxy acids and retinol. Although the retinol is derived from a form of Vitamin A, the creation was done chemically and not naturally; so many people find that the retinol only worsens their condition. The alpha hydroxy acids work as a chemical peel. They are applied to the skin liberally and left on for a prescribed number of minutes. This allows the acid to penetrate the skin and peel off the first few layers. Caution should be taken during this process. Only leave the hydroxy acid on the face and neck as instructed. If left on too long, more layers of epidermis may be peeled, which could result in permanent dermal damage. The purpose of the peel is to stimulate the regeneration of cells that create collagen and elastin. Once these cells have been crated, new layers of dermis are formed and the face is left looking younger and healthier. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the epidermis will again dehydrate and another chemical peel will be needed to promote the growth of new layers. The older a person gets, the less frequently the body will regenerate, leaving old and dying cells on the surface for longer periods of time. At this time, there are no organic natural skin care products that contain a chemical peel component. "For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee" (Romans 11:21).

In addition to the purchase of organic natural skin care products, a consumer can also change their lifestyle habits to preserve a younger and healthy looking glow. Strategies for doing this include regular exercise (at least 20 minutes per day), a diet high in fiber and rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, limiting direct sun exposure, and avoidance of cigarette smoking. Studies have shown that those who smoke produce an enzyme that actually breaks down collagen and elastin in the dermal layer, thus dehydrating the cells in the dermal layers even further. This results in premature cracking and drying of the epidermis. Cracking of the epidermis is what we refer to as "wrinkles". When using sensitive skin care products to rehydrate the skin, be sure that they do not contain any alcohol. Alcohol is a main ingredient in most lotions and creams. This ingredient typically dries the dermis out, and can have even worse effects on someone who has sensitiveness. Visiting a local health food store is a good idea when trying to find products that contain natural or herbal ingredients. The store clerks may also be able to help direct a consumer to the areas where there are items that can most alleviate any problematic symptoms.

There are also many other organic natural skin care products that can be purchased at a health food store that have nothing to do with aging. Sometimes laundry soaps bother people with sensitive dermis. These people need to have a soap that can clean clothes without leaving on chemical residues. Otherwise, blemishes and bumps may appear all over the body, in places that the clothes touch. Another form of skin sensitivity is on the scalp. Many people have dandruff or dry scalp. This is also a skin sensitivity and purchasing a shampoo that limits the chemicals and fragrances associated with most other regular shampoos is needed. There are also body lotions to purchase that contain only botanical moisturizes and body washes. Personal hygiene becomes a problem unless there are a variety of sensitive skin care products to choose from. If there are no heath food stores within a vicinity, then the Internet is a viable option. Purchasing items through the Internet allows delivery right to the home and most come with a money back guarantee. Be cautious that the Internet store being ordered from is a reputable business. Caution should be taken especially when placing a credit card order. Be sure that the store offers a secure ordering method before entering any credit card data. No matter the method of purchase, those with sensitiveness must always be aware of which products they place on their skin at all times.

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