Acne Skin Care Treatment

There are a variety of acne skin care products out on the market today and they can be found over the counter in local drug stores or by prescription through a physician. Finding the right acne skin care treatment to diffuse the signs of inflammatory bumps is the challenge. In order to discover what type of product to buy, a person suffering from the disorder must first understand what it is and why is it present in the first place.

Acne is a disorder of the Pilosebaceous unit, made up of a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland. It is caused by a specific bacterium, Propionibacterium Acnes, which is normal in healthy skin. This bacterium uses sebum as a nutrient for its growth and increases in the follicles during puberty. White blood cells are attracted to the follicle because of the increase in sebum. The body produces an enzyme which seeps into the walls of the follicle allowing breakage and the contents of the follicle to spill into the dermis (skin). This, in turn, causes an inflammatory response which creates pimples or zits.

A common ingredient in skin remedies is benzoyl peroxide. This, combined with a small dosage of salicylic acid will dry out most inflammatory cysts. Topical products kill the bacteria on the epidermis, allowing the skin to heal itself within days. Topical solutions work well for most light to moderate cases of the disorder. Regularly cleansing the face and neck with an antibacterial solution or soap will also help keep away external growth on the skin. It is important to remember, though, that pimples cannot always be eliminated through proper hygiene. Some people are just more susceptible to outbreaks than others.

When seeking a prescription strength remedy, a doctor's appointment will be required. Dermatologists are dermis doctors and must evaluate the type of cyst present before prescribing any specific acne skin care treatment. There are a variety of prescription strength products on the market. These can be antimicrobial or retinoid cream based, or they can be oral antibiotics. Depending on the severity of the bacteria present in the patient's dermis, tougher methods can be used.

In addition to antibiotics, there are also acne skin care products containing accutane that are used orally or topically. Adult and adolescent cysts are different. Adolescent pimples are triggered by the enhancement of hormones; adult pimples may be a sign of a deeper bacterial issue. Most dermatologists will refrain from the more severe methods of removal on adolescents. Typical skin care products will be useless on stronger strains of bacterium. More severe methods may be required to finalize the riddance of cysts.

Dermatologists use drainage techniques as an alternative when traditional methods fail. Draining the cyst is one method that can be used on stubborn growths that are resistant to oral or topical medications. Another technique performed by dermatologists is a surgical incision or otherwise known as acne surgery. This type of surgical procedure permanently removes pimples from a particular area. Some scarring may surface during recovery, but patients who use this method are usually already scarred from years of picking and fighting annoying cyst flare ups.

Another way to fight acne is to inject corticosteroids into the cyst to melt it. This procedure is done over the course of a few days and only performed by a dermatologist. Any extreme method should be used with caution and moderation. If one method is not producing results, then another method should be substituted after waiting a few days to be sure there aren't any side effects caused by mixing medications. Most products will have warnings on the labels that recommend what type of patient should use the product. Most topical products should be used in a test area before liberally applying them to the infected location. This will ensure that side effects are kept to a minimum because some people have allergic reactions to certain antibiotics and topical remedies.

Natural remedies are also used. Many over the counter acne skin care products contain natural foods such as oatmeal or herbs such as chamomile. An all natural acne skin care treatment can be a good option for people who are highly allergic to medications or who have lower immune systems. Most natural products can only be found at health food stores instead of local pharmacies. A variety of treatments can also be found online through independent retailers. Be cautious, however, when giving out personal information over the Internet, especially credit card information. Healing from a skin disorder is hard and emotional. Most people put a lot of effort into their appearance. Knowing that God, in His infinite wisdom created each person to look the way He wanted them to look is an accurate perspective to maintain "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." (3 John 1:2).

It is important to have patience when trying to get rid of acne. Whether the acne is on the face, neck or body; typical recovery periods can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. Each person's physiological makeup is different. Some will heal faster than others and some will be resistant to a variety of acne skin care products. Choosing one acne skin care treatment for all is impossible. Even some dermatologists will be unable to help. Getting a second opinion or using experimental methods is an option when dealing with a severe form of the disorder.

Skin Care For Acne Control

Skin care for acne control can be addressed by using an action plan that includes not only medications, but natural remedies, and some minor life altercations. As more is discovered about what causes acne and other irritations, doctors are looking at an over-all health plan to keep outbreaks under control. As with most illnesses and conditions, those who suffer from pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads will want to get as much information as possible to make informed choices about the treatment plans they choose. There is much information online and at doctor's offices about what causes breakout and with suggestions about keeping outbreaks under control. Investigating these various resources and conducting a study on how to improve skin care for acne will be the first steps in battling this condition that leaves many embarrassed or feeling less than confident in social settings. There truly is an action plan that can be addressed by every individual, whether young or old, in getting acne under control.

There are several factors that contribute to an outbreak of pimples. Most think of teens when they think of poor skin conditions, but the truth is that people of all ages continue to struggle with inflammation and discoloration, sometimes until the age of fifty and beyond. But, it is true that most pimples and severe problems happen to people during puberty and for a few short years afterwards. During adolescents, when hormones are developing and increasing, skin care for acne control is especially important. The sebaceous glands located in the hair follicle begin to increase the production of an agent called sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that keeps the hair and skin moist. All skin carries a certain amount of bacteria on it, and bacteria grows and nourishes in sebum. An increase of sebum leads to an increase of bacteria. And, with bacteria build up and increased productions of this oily substance, pores can become clogged, inflamed, and irritated. Skin care for acne will need to address the bacteria build up, inflammation, and preventative measures.

There are topical aids that can be found in grocery and drug stores that can be purchased over the counter when looking for skin care for acne. Many of these products help fight bacteria and dry up some of the excess sebum found in the follicle. There are also oral medications that can be prescribed by doctors or dermatologists. Generally, the more severe cases of outbreak use prescribed medications to address skin care for acne control, along with minor life changes in diet and rest. But, for those who have the occasional outbreak of pimples or milder cases of acne, there are alternative methods to obtaining that healthy and beautiful glow. Research is continually proving that the road to a healthier body and attitude is by eating right and getting plenty of exercise.

What a person puts into their body will have a direct effect on how they feel, look, and perform. Eating natural, healthy foods are the first step in skin care for acne. Vegetables rich in vitamins will equip the body to fight against the onslaught of bacteria and stress that can lead to outbreaks. Also, water is known to flush the body of harmful toxins, so a regimen of eight, eight ounce glasses of water is needed every day. Fried foods and foods rich in oils should be avoided when wanting control over outbreaks. Exercise is another component that can help the body maximize its fight against problem areas. When blood circulation is operating at optimum levels, skin is healthier and has that special glow that is so becoming on everyone.

A skin care for acne control cleaning regimen should include washing the face with a mild soap or cleanser twice a day. Products that are made of all natural substances will be a good place to start, staying away from any chemicals that can irritate. Some cleansers contain over the counter medications used in fighting bacteria and these are in some cases, recommended. It is advised that in the beginning, mild soaps and natural agents be used, however. Before going outside where pollutants, dust, and dirt can accumulate on the face, moisturize with a cream that does not contain oil. Keeping hands away from the face during the day is crucial to keeping bacteria on the body at a minimum. During times of outbreak, it will also be a good idea to get plenty of rest, giving the body time to replenish natural antibodies. God calls his people to sit still and rest, letting his love and care become a reality in life. It may be a good idea to follow his orders and relax, perhaps taking this time as an opportunity to conduct a devotional. "Be still and know that I am God: i will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." (Psalm 46:10)

There are many other products and suggestions that can be found online. Natural ingredients are sometimes used directly on the skin to help prevent irritations and these products are listed throughout web sites that help and advice. Log on today and discover more about skin care for acne control and how to combat those times when outbreak is interfering with the quality of life.

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