Acne Treatments For Teenagers

Acne treatments for teenagers may include a variety of options, including over-the-counter products, prescription medications, and chemical treatments. The treatment plan chosen will depend on the severity of the problem. Most teens experience at least mild acne because of clogged pores and rising hormone levels. This is bearable and often clears up on its own as teens grown into adulthood. However, severe skin conditions can be emotionally difficult to endure and even leave scars. Unfortunately, during the teen years, physical appearance is often measured above other characteristics. This comes at a time in life when people tend to be most sensitive about their looks. Pimples only make peer approval and the whole concept of fitting in more difficult to achieve. Thus, untreated breakouts can lead to other problems among teens like anti-social behavior and depression. This is why it is so important to see a dermatologist for acne cures for teenagers before the problem becomes severe.

For someone with a mild condition, treatment can come in the form of over-the-counter medications. The most common acne cures for teenagers with mild acne are special facial soaps. An individual can either use any generic mild facial soap or a soap made especially for acne by major treatment brands. Cleansing the face gently with the soap at least once a day will be crucial. Afterwards, it is important to apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which can be found in many over-the-counter remedies. They often come in the form of small soaked pads or in tubes of gel or cream. Using these products on a daily basis can bring about noticeable results in a matter of weeks, if not days. No matter the severity of the case, avoiding touching the area is important. Picking and tearing at pimples will only encourage infection. Scratching will lead to bleeding, scabbing and scars.

Acne treatments for teenagers with moderate to severe conditions are slightly stronger and require a little more persistence. With moderate to severe cases, it is important to see a dermatologist for acne cures for teenagers because the doctor will examine the affected area and determine which treatments are best for the situation. The condition may require the use of oral antibiotics to fight off the bacteria in the pimples, cysts, and nodules. Cyst and nodules are far deeper blemishes and can leave deeper scars. A doctor may choose to prescribe acne antibiotics. These antibiotics reduce fatty acids in the pores, then reduce the number of pimples. Tetracycline, minocycline, erythromycin, doxycycline, and clindamycin are some of the common acne treatments for teenagers. Some of these are administered in the form of a pill or in the form of a cream to be placed directly on the area.

Other solutions for people with moderate to severe skin conditions are forms of therapy. The dermatologist may determine that the teen requires light wave therapy or even laser treatment. Light wave therapy kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin without damaging the area. This therapy is often a last resort when other acne treatments for teenagers have failed. Another option would be to drain large cysts and pimples. Cryotherapy is another option which involves lowering the skin temperature to promote healing. Moderate to severe cases still require the application of benzoyl peroxide to unplug pores in addition to prescription creams, lotions and gels. Some teen girls are prescribed certain birth control pills because they contain acne-preventing drugs.

There is no quick fix to breakouts and skin conditions. It takes weeks, sometimes months to get this problem under control. There are some things that can be done along with acne treatments for teenagers. Avoid harsh scrubbing of the skin. It is important for the individual not to scratch or pick at pimples. Men need to shave carefully around acne, and women need to select cosmetic products that don't clog pores. Avoid too much sun if on an acne antibiotic. Many treatments, especially doxycycline, are aggravated by sun exposure and lead to sunburns. Contrary to popular belief, people won't necessarily have to change a diet or reduce stress to prevent more breakouts. Greasy foods, chocolate and stress have been mislabeled as causes.

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time" (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Many teens find these years to be more difficult if they have to endure them with severe skin conditions. Fortunately, new acne cures for teenagers are being discovered all the time. Facial soaps and pads are constantly being improved to fight pimples and blemishes more effectively. Teens with mild cases can visit their local drug store for any of these basic over-the-counter remedies. Teens with moderate to severe cases are encouraged to see a dermatologist so that more effective forms of treatment can be combined with over-the-counter methods. Despite the fact that beauty is only skin deep, pimples can be not only physically scarring but emotionally scarring.

Acne Treatment Product

A good acne treatment product can soothe the skin, while bringing down inflammation and redness. There are many products available on the Internet that promise startling results through acne treatment that works. Over the counter items, such as creams and cleansers may help individuals suffering from this condition in some situations, however, this may depend on the severity of the case as to whether these items work. Mild cases usually respond to over the counter creams and lotions, while severe breakouts usually need stronger prescription strength medications and ointments.

Alternative therapies are plentiful on the Internet with claims to cure breakouts and heal blemishes. Some of the alternative approaches zero in on solutions to first bring healing to the skin. Healing the skin through a natural method and keeping it healthy is the significant factor in alternative care. Some sites online offer step-by-step methods on different acne treatment that works. Consumers can reduce the pimples by using alternative therapy, and slowly bring healing to the skin, using one of the many items that will not be harsh on the skin. Harsh treatments might cause further irritation to the skin. When seeking any kind of cream or lotion for the treatment of this condition, the consumer must be sure there is a 100% money back guarantee in the event the lotion harms the skin or does not work as claimed.

There can be serious emotional effects on someone suffering with this and other skin conditions. This can cause a person to experience many different emotions, and can lead to depression. While the severity of the outer pain will vary from one individual to the next, many, if not all individuals who suffer from severe acne will have deep, inner scars. Treatment products are plentiful for the treatment of the skin, but people often forget about the pain that is associated with the laughter and stares of others. When seeking an acne treatment product for these outer blemishes, it is very important to seek counseling as well. Depression can affect the way the individual eats, sleeps, and thinks on a daily basis. Some may even experience thoughts of death or suicide, which requires immediate attention from a trusted and experience psychologist.

The Internet can offer the sufferer many great resources and information on medications and treatment options. Individuals might find some very interesting solutions for skin problems such as masks, gels, overnight treatments, cleansers, lotions, scrubs, creams, and lotions with acne treatment product information online. It is important to use wisdom when purchasing these products. This is especially true for someone with severe and inflamed blemishes. At this stage, it would probably be advantageous to see a skin specialist especially if various products with no favorable results have been used in the past. A skin specialist can try different prescriptions and therapies that will work to reduce or eliminate blemishes. The patient may have to try more than one option before finding the one that works best for their skin type and condition, but it is important not to give up, work with the doctor, and pray about the situation.

Some sites on the Internet provide information on reducing breakouts by participating in a nutrition regimen. While the cause of acne is usually related to hormonal changes in the body, there are some diet changes that can be beneficial to acne treatment that works. A high fiber diet usually reduces toxicity in the body, and eating foods rich in zinc along with plenty of vegetables is recommended for sufferers. Drinking lots of water everyday and avoiding alcohol, coffee, dairy products, eggs, fried foods, soft drinks, and sugar is recommended. It is also important to take vitamin and mineral supplements as a solution to treat this condition. Eating healthy and exercising will always be beneficial to the body, and it is sure to have a positive effect on the skin as well.

Some ingredients in facial cleansers and moisturizers might cause or aggravate pimples, so patients should to find out what ingredients used in products should be avoided. The individual must know their skin type before selecting an acne treatment product. One consideration for acne treatment that works is to not wear cosmetics, if at all possible. This is suggested because many of these products have ingredients that can irritate the skin. Sufferers also must not squeeze or pick at sores because this can lead to infection and cause more breakouts. Some herbal solutions that calm the skin include chamomile, lavender, juniper, bergamot, dandelion root, and burdock root. Echinacea has an anti-inflammatory property that can actually reduce swelling, while witch hazel is a recommended astringent used to heal scars.

There are home remedies and information about the different options available online. Some of these include using ginger, milk, honey, cinnamon, orange peel, salt, vinegar, lemon juice, and sesame seeds. Anyone interested in further information on this subject can conduct a search online to find out how to use these home remedies as an acne treatment product. Many sites providing information on home remedies also have information for individuals about washing the face. Washing the face may cause more breakouts and irritation and some sites recommend only performing this hygiene ritual twice per day; morning and evening. These sites also suggest that individuals only use one acne product that works at a time. Mixing chemicals and ingredients can do more harm than good. "Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope." (Psalm 16:9)

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