Adult Acne Skin Care

Adult acne skin care is required for those that are prone to unsightly outbreaks in the adult years. Just as pimples can be embarrassing for teens; they can also cause social anxiety in grown men and women. About 25% of men and 50% of women have reported having at least a few pimples every so often on the face, neck or body. These blemishes appear usually one or two at a time and take the form of a whitehead or a blackhead. The causes of these blemishes are for the most part unknown, but there are a variety of theories that dermatologists agree upon. A major step in curing consistent blemishes is to discuss with a doctor, some possibilities, on why the pimples are forming in the first place.

Dermatologists are unsure of the exact cause of acne in adults, but they do have some theories. One reason may be due to a hormonal imbalance. Common imbalances can occur in women during menopause or during their premenstrual cycle. For women with a history of acne prone skin care, certain vitamins that help to balance the hormonal levels in the body are recommended. When the hormone levels are increased, it causes the sebaceous gland to produce an extra amount of sebum. This sebum begins to damage the walls of the follicle and eventually allows the follicle's contents to leak out into the dermis. When the contents of the follicle come into contact with the dermis layers, an inflammatory cyst will form, creating what the layman refers to as a pimple. Women that suffer from adult acne skin care should contact their physicians to have their hormonal levels checked.

Other related theories for those with acne prone skin care include diets that are high in fats. High fat foods can be potato chips, fatty meats, sodas, and excessively processed carbohydrates. While the diet theory has not been proven, there are a variety of claims by both men and women who say their diet is directly related to whether or not they break out in blemishes. In addition to diet, a deficiency of certain key vitamins in the body is also thought to be a cause for pimples in adults. Dermatologists recommend taking a daily multivitamin if breakouts occur. Another common cause of blemishes in the later years can be attributed to newly developed allergies to dyes, laundry soaps, facial cleansers, etc. As people age, the body can develop certain allergies, even to items they use and have been using on a regular basis. With a multitude of theories for what actually causes the breakouts, it is difficult to locate one's individual source. Testing each theory for at least a week should help reveal the cause. If all else fails, ask a physician for advice.

A newly developed factor in combating adult acne skin care is the release of stress. Stress has been documented to raise chemical levels in the body and may be a reason that a person's hormone production becomes irregular. Participating in regular relaxation techniques and exercise as well as taking time to pray and see the world through God's perspective may be the answer. After all, "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?" (Matthew 6:27). The Bible says not to worry or stress over the things in daily life. We cannot change what we cannot understand and the Lord understandeth all. Trust in the Lord. Give Him the stress of daily living, and allow the body to heal itself.

Most acne prone skin care treatments can be performed in the comfort of the home and for less than one might think. The most popular solution for getting rid of unsightly blemishes is to use an over the counter 2.5% benzoyl peroxide regimen. BP or benzoyl peroxide can be found at any local drug store. If antibiotics, sulfur and hormonal regulation medication have no effect, then it is time to give a tried and true home remedy a chance. The following remedy should be performed twice daily. The first time in the morning upon waking up, the second right before bed. In addition to the purchase of BP, a facial cleanser and thick moisturizer should also be purchased. All these items can be found at a pharmacy or a discount drug store. Some people may have adverse reactions to the BP. Redness and itchiness are common side effects and should subdue within a few weeks. If any swelling or crusting occurs, this is a sign of an allergic reaction and the regimen should be immediately discontinued.

The first step in the home remedy is to thoroughly cleanse the face and neck area with a good cleanser, scrubbing lightly to peel off any dead layers of skin or to remove any oily deposits. Once the face and neck have dried completely, a liberal application of the BP should be rubbed into the skin in locations that require the most adult acne skin care. Immediately after rubbing in the BP, the moisturizer should be applied to the face and neck. The BP will dry the skin out, causing the pimples to reduce in size, until they eventually disappear. Allow four to six weeks to see lasting results. As a precaution, those with acne prone skin care should perform the regimen on a test area before applying it liberally to their face. This will ensure that minimal side effects occur for those that may be allergic to the BP.

Men's Skin Care Line

Producing men's skin care products is becoming more popular because sales for each men's skin care line have increased threefold in the last decade. No longer are the concerns of age limited to women. Men are also beginning to join in on the fight against the physical signs of aging. Instead of wanting to completely eliminate their wrinkles, however, men are trying to reduce and smooth them. Some signs of age can be good, because lines on the face and a little grey hair can be a sign of experience and wisdom. The Bible says, "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD" (Leviticus 19:32). Most men who are inclined to purchase an anti aging product do so with the intention of slowing down the aging process.

The best remedy to fight the signs of aging is a healthy diet and active lifestyle. By ensuring the absorption of essential nutrients that the body needs to regenerate dead or dying cells, a person can prolong their younger looks. Couple a healthy nutrient dense diet with an active lifestyle (exercising at least 30 minutes daily) and a person can drastically reduce the onset of wrinkles. There have been some studies that support a genetic link to wrinkles, but prevention is the best medicine when genetics are not a factor. There are also a variety of remedies that can be undertaken if a person is starting to show the signs already. These include the purchase of men's skin care products, Botox, or plastic surgery.

When a man decides to begin his research for the intent of purchasing a product, he should try to sustain his regular hygiene schedule. Retailers notice this and thus sell a variety of products that are specially designed, not only to smooth out the wrinkles, but to ease the transition as well. The solution has commonly been to add age defying ingredients into any men's skin care line such as shaving cream and after shave. The ingredients that are most notably used are retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. The alpha hydroxy acids work as a chemical peel and rid the epidermal layers of dead cells while peeling off the first few layers. This process stimulates the body to begin producing more collagen and elastin; key ingredients to regenerate skin. The retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and supplements the newly regenerated cells by adding the proper nutrients for the cells to sustain life and hydration for a longer period of time.

This is not a permanent fix, however, because as the body ages, it naturally becomes less elastic due to dehydration. Cells begin to die quicker and the regeneration process begins to slow down. A weekly regimen from a men's skin care line is recommended to slow the aging process by 25%. This will give the appearance of smoother lines in the epidermis layers. Most topical creams and lotions are unable to penetrate the deeper dermal layers, so the deeper the wrinkles are into the dermal layers, the less chance they will have of being redefined. Since most men just want to smooth the top layers, they have been successful in achieving the expected results over time.

Another popular solution to reducing wrinkles for men has been the application of Botox. Botox is an injection of the Botulism poison into the muscles of the face. This poison relaxes the muscles, thus showing the disappearance of wrinkles. The results typically last 6 months, which is certainly longer than one application of any men's skin care products, but the cost may outweigh the results for some. Each injection is about $500 and must be performed by a licensed physician. Most insurance companies will not cover the injection because it falls under the description of a plastic surgery procedure. The procedure can be done in a doctor's office though and patients are free to leave soon after. Of course, precautions should be taken as some have been known to develop an allergic reaction to the injection. Caution should also be taken whenever using a men's skin care line for the first time. Dermatologists (doctors who specialize in disorders of the skin) recommended doing a spot test before applying any creams or lotions containing anti aging ingredients on the face. Choosing a spot on the arm or leg seems to be the preferred method. If no reaction occurs, then there is a high probability that the product is safe. If a reaction does occur, then discontinue use and contact a physician immediately. All men's skin care products are different, so if one particular line does not work, feel free to try another.

The last option available is more drastic and more expensive. It is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can include any number of procedures, but by far, the most common is the face lift. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon will remove the layers of the face, stretch it so it tightens around the scalp, and then sew it back. These procedures are very common among movie stars and other people with wealth. Of course, such drastic measures should only be considered after a men's skin care line has ceased to deliver results or if Botox is no longer smoothing out the lines. Plastic surgery procedures are risky and require varying amounts of recovery time. This means time off work and time in bed. The decision is left to each individual and their physician. Remember though, that the best way to treat the visual signs of aging is through prevention. The earlier a person starts to replenish their dermal layers, the better chance they will have of a prolonged onset of aging.

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