Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment

In recent years, anti aging skin care treatment products have undergone major breakthroughs on national and international levels. Where consumers previously only had the options of non FDA approved "miracle creams" and face lifts; today they have prescription strength lotion kits and extreme advances made in plastic surgery. Outpatient options such as Botox are being offered at multiple locations that include spas, fitness centers and beauty salons. As long as a licensed physician regulates the patient files and administrators once a month (and also meets with each prospective patient for an initial consultation), any retail establishment can offer a prescribed antiaging skin care product. What used to be reserved for only the rich and elite is now affordable and abundant across the nation and around the world.

Many people don't mind the respect that is given, which only comes with attaining a certain age; but they do mind their transformed appearances. Christians especially should not be concealing their age, as age is a sign of wisdom. "I said, Days should speak, and a multitude of years should teach wisdom" (Job 32:7). God desires for each of His children to grow older in the wisdom of the Lord; teaching it to others by being a living example. Being known as someone who uses an anti aging skin care treatment to hide physical symbols of wisdom, could be frowned upon in some congregations. God made each person to look exactly the way he wanted, with reason, purpose, and love. It is wise not to forget it.

When looking for the best antiaging skin care product that best suits the particular physical problem, it is important to remember that cost is a significant factor in quality versus quantity. Not saying that all expensive products are better, but the inexpensive ones may not contain some of the key ingredients used in the higher quality items that make them so successful. The texture of the lotion or cream is also something to take notice of. The better products tend to be thicker and stickier than the poor quality, watered down versions. The idea behind the fight against wrinkles is to re-moisturize and re-hydrate the skin. Failure to do so results in wasted money. The longevity of the anti aging skin care treatment should also be taken into consideration. Depending on the goals, some products conceal the wrinkles, while others actually add elasticity, which removes the wrinkles. It is no secret that the latter product takes more time to see significant results.

Most of the ingredients in an antiaging skin care product come from extracts of common plants and herbs. The plants and herbs are specifically picked for their moisture characteristics, as well as their hypoallergenic attributes. Rubbing lotions and creams on the face multiple times throughout the day can cause some with sensitivity to have an allergic reaction. Most products are also fragrance and dye free. This helps to enhance the hypoallergenic trait. Some beauty regimens include multiple step products. These kits contain cleansers, toners and differentiating lotions to work together synergistically to remove the signs of added years. Kits are produced by well known brands in an effort to be a one stop shop for natural wrinkle removal. By utilizing similar ingredients; cleansers, toners and lotions can have a very positive effect on the user's outer dermis layers. When applying all ingredients in the kit, it is recommended that the user thoroughly wash the hands with antibacterial soap. Spreading dirt and oils onto the face will counteract the effect that the kit ingredients will have on the dermis layers. Another important step to remember during the application phase is to rub in an inward motion, not outward. Rubbing outward will actually stretch the skin, making it less elastic and thereby causing more wrinkles in the future. Inward circular rubbing will alleviate any stretching to the skin, and promote the rejuvenation of the facial dermis layers.

There is also a difference in the type of anti aging skin care treatment products that are sold to men and to women. Men want to reverse the wrinkle process, but still keep the rugged and tough skin in tact. Women want to keep the soft and delicate dermis layers. Therefore, many companies have designed different types of antiaging skin care product lines; some for men and some for women. The lines for women can be found everywhere, from drug stores and pharmacies to fine department stores. Usually the product lines are placed near the makeup counters or in the body lotion sections. Men's lines can be found in shaving creams, lotions, and after-shave; typical items that men use daily.

Some nationalities are more prone, genetically, to having oilier skin. This oil in the outer dermis layers may cause more acne in the pubescent years, but ultimately allows members of certain races to grow older more gracefully. In a sense, they develop wrinkles at a much slower rate because the skin has much more elasticity. The older people get, the less elastic their skin becomes, so starting out with moisture rich pores will prolong the drying out process. In conjunction with any natural remedy, some choose to have a surgical procedure as well. The surgical procedure (usually a face lift) will remove the signs of aging, and the natural remedies will add the moisture needed to retain the younger looking face. Thorough examination and research of all available options is highly recommended before deciding on a permanent or temporary method of treatment.

Anti Aging Skin Care

In the present times of vanity, wrinkle products are becoming a popular choice to hide the physical characteristics of aging. Men and women alike are seeking to appear younger, not only for their own self confidence, but for the perception of others' opinions about them. A man may want to appear younger because he feels his job is in jeopardy by co-workers who seem more modern, creative and attune to cultural trends. A divorced woman may be looking for another relationship and feels she must compete with women half her age in order to get a new husband. Happily married women are scared that they may lose a spouse to a younger, more attractive looking woman, and some people just want to turn heads when they walk by, especially if they did in their younger years.

More people than ever are trying to reverse the aging process for superficial reasons. Unfortunately, many Christians are doing the same thing. They are failing to realize that God, in His infinite wisdom has created them to grow, in wisdom and in physical appearance according to His divine plan. "And even to your old age I am He; and even to hoar hairs I will carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you" (Isaiah 46:4). The Lord speaks of wise old prophets many times in His word. Pretending that age has not arrived is a foolish man's game. The purchase of anti aging skin care wrinkle products will not literally reverse the aging process; it will only redirect the focus from something to be proud of to something to be ashamed of.

Still, many are not at the point in their lives where they feel comfortable with themselves. If this is the case, then there are a variety of anti aging skin care treatments available. Most are over the counter and can be purchased in a local drug store; others can only be received by prescription from a physician. The most common attribute given to these wrinkle products is the ability to re-moisturize the dermis layers. This is done through a mixture of plant and herb extracts that seep into the pores, hydrating them and allowing the skin to retain elasticity. People with naturally moist or oily skin seem to develop fine lines far fewer than those who suffer from dry skin. During the earlier years of life, oily skinned people were more susceptible to acne, but in the later years, they seem to grow older much more gracefully in appearance than others. This is common in nationalities of people that have a certain genetic makeup that allows for a moister/oilier skin type.

The way that most products work is two fold. The first is to provide protection from the sun's UV rays that can possibly damage the outer dermis layer. The sun can be a cause of dryness, and protecting it with lotions or creams that contain some sort of SPF sun block and protection will allow the wearer of such lotions to enjoy the sun in its entirety without seeing the repercussions. Wrinkle products also protect the skin again dirt and grime that are in the air and can clog pores. Dirt and grime also require the skin to produce certain enzymes and antibodies that "wear the skin out". If this happens too often, the skin becomes inelastic and starts to show signs of age. After thoroughly cleansing the skin, those susceptible to age lines, should apply a moderate amount of an anti aging skin care cream to the face on a daily basis. Prevention is the best medicine, especially when dealing with the reversal of the physical aging process.

Consumers that are advocates of wrinkle products expect to see instant results. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Sure, some products can facilitate an immediate fix, but just as makeup wears out throughout the course of the day, so will the instant wrinkle remover cream. Most effective age line reducers are quite costly and take, on average, four to six weeks to see any real results. Typically, anti aging skin care products include a small kit of items that are designed to work synergistically to create younger looking skin. These kit items generally include a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. Some are even packaged with a daytime and nighttime moisturizer (the nighttime moisturizer tends to be thicker and stickier). Utilizing items from the same kit in an organized regimen on a consistent basis will yield good results. The only downside to the purchase of a kit is the cost. Full kits tend to be on the pricey side, costing upwards of $150 or more and only lasting a month's time.

There have been cases of everyday people who swear by their individual home remedies. Some of these remedies include the purchase of the thickest, stickiest lotion on the market. Lotions that are used in hospitals for burn victims are a popular choice. If hospitals use it for the slow recuperation of healing from scarred tissue, then it should work on lines around the eyes, face, and mouth. Also, people have been known to use other over the counter external medications designed to eliminate swelling. It is important to keep in mind that most, if not all anti aging skin care choices are to be used externally only. Internal ingestion requires an immediate call to the Poison Control Center. Consumers should also be careful to place the products out of the reach of small children. While there usually isn't anything particular harmful in the products, children tend to ingest unknown liquids or creams.

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