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The best anti wrinkle creams are those that remove the first layer of facial dermis and allow the skin to recreate the collagen it has lost due to the effects of aging. Many people today are flocking to the cosmetics counters of fine department stores and the aisles of local drug stores to combat the onset of wrinkles. An anti wrinkle skin care product can cost anywhere from $5 to $150 depending on the history of success or the brand name. If plastic surgery is not an option, then an anti aging lotion can be. Critics of such products claim that effects, if seen at all, are only temporary. This is due to the fact that as the body ages, cellular regeneration slows down. In the skin, the cells that are responsible for the youthful glow is the collagen. Collagen allows the dermis to retain elasticity. Without the ability to be elastic, cracks form and result in what we call "wrinkles."

Unfortunately, cracking facial dermis layers are sometimes seen by society as a weakness, instead of wisdom and experience. "With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding." (Job 12:12). The Bible confirms that as people age, they become wiser and more experienced to understand the ways of this life and the life that is to come. Most would not argue with the fact that as people age their bodily tissues begin to degenerate. This causes cellular regeneration to become slower and certain systems within the body to become less efficient. For many, what nourishment the body receives internally is just as important as the topical solutions that are applied externally. Making sure that the body is not deficient in any essential oils or vitamins should be a high priority to combat the effects of aging. Physicians recommend receiving a yearly physical to determine where nutritional deficiencies are and the proper way to supplement them.

If deciding that an anti wrinkle skin care product is the path to head, then consider those that contain retinol. Retinol has been proven to stimulate new cell growth in the facial dermis. It is typically combined with an acid, such as hydroxy acid. The acid will peel of the top layers of the dermis in order to stimulate cellular growth. This is similar to the reasoning behind immunizations. When immunizations are given, a small dosage of a virus is injected into the body. The body then sends specific white blood cells to combat the virus. Once the white blood cells fight off the virus, the information remains in the memory portals forever. If the body comes into contact, at some point in their lives, with another stronger string of the virus, it will know which white blood cells to produce in order to fight it off. Thus, by peeling the first few layers of facial dermis off with an acid, the body reacts by creating more collagen to create more skin layers. These new layers are youthful and healthy in appearance. The downside is that the first few dermis layers are always falling off and peeling naturally (but at a slower rate). So the effect of an acid or chemical peel is not permanent. Also, since the body only produces enough collagen to create the new layers, eventually, the new layers will become old and crack in a short matter of time.

Contrary to popular belief, more and more men are becoming consumers for the best anti wrinkle creams. Men, however, are not looking to eliminate all signs of age. They get more respect with fine lines than with none, but don't want to look "washed out" at the end of every work day. A washed out look may be a sign to their supervisor that they cannot handle the demand of the daily job duties, and therefore should be replaced. Men also want to maintain their rugged, tough looks. This is done by purchasing an anti wrinkle skin care product that smooths out the lines near the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. One of the most popular ways is by using the Botox method. This can be extremely pricey though, and sometimes has long lasting side effects. The best anti wrinkle creams for men are those that act as a combination anti aging lotion and shaving cream or after shave. Since men tend to use these products daily, they are more prone to seeing positive results. Women, on the other hand, usually have to add extra treatments to see the same results. Since women are looking to eliminate their lines, the anti wrinkle skin care product should be applied onto the face 2 to 3 times per day. This can be quite inconvenient, and if the regimen is not properly followed, they won't have the success they desire.

Regardless of your gender, fighting the battle of getting older is never easy. Not only must expensive facial and body lotions be purchased and used on a regular basis, but living a healthy lifestyle by being active and consuming the proper nutrients is required. If there is a deficiency in a particular nutritional area, all the best anti wrinkle creams won't help until the deficiency problem is resolved. There are some companies that produce an anti wrinkle skin care product that contains needed vitamins in a topical solution. Checking all the options available will help to ensure a successful attempt to combat the signs of aging.

Anti Aging Supplements

Anti aging supplements have been a long standing staple in the cosmetics section of fine department stores. Today, however, they are being seen in health food stores, local drug stores, through independent sales representatives, and in a variety of online websites across the world. The race for the fountain of youth is in abundance upon our society, grasping for our attention in many ways: through television, magazines, newspapers, books and on billboards. It seems that everyone wants to seem younger and the only way to achieve that perception is to keep a young and healthy looking glow on the face and body.

While most products boast of an anti aging super serum ingredient, some just rely on plain old good nutrition coupled with an active lifestyle. As the body ages deficiency begins to occur in certain nutrients that are essential to bone and cartilage development as well as skin renewal and growth. Having a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can cause a decrease in the production levels of collagen and elastin, which allow the dermal layers to have a healthy and smooth look. In additional to the internal signs of aging including lack of energy, less patience and flexibly; there are also a variety of external signs that include wrinkles, grey hair and age spots. However, just because grey hair is adorned in the Bible, "The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness" (Proverbs 16:31), doesn't mean that people want to have grey hair on their heads. One of the major reasons for removal is not that the grey looks bad, but that it takes years of uneven coloring before the entire pigments of all hair follicles become grey. Many don't like the salt and pepper look and instead chose to dye the hair grey, using anti aging supplements, to match the natural color.

There are a variety of products available that have been produced to hide, eliminate or reverse the visual signs of aging. The most popular on the market today come in the form of anti wrinkle creams and lotions. These products contain an anti aging super serum, usually retinol, which utilizes derivatives from a vitamin A compound to stimulate the growth of the cells that create collagen and elastin in the dermal layers. This ingredient is typically combined with an alpha hydroxy acid component which acts as a mild chemical to peel the first few layers of skin. When this happens, the body reacts by regenerating cells to replace the peeled layers of skin. The new layers contain more collagen and elastin than the old layers and can give a consumer a younger healthier glow. This is not a permanent solution though, because the first few layers of skin are always naturally drying out and falling off, albeit at a much slower rate than with a chemical peel. Caution should also be taken during this process because if too many layers are peeled, the face could undergo a burning sensation complete with redness and soreness. This can counteract the desired effect and leave a consumer with more damage on the dermal layers than before. Patience and caution are the number one priority when using any abrasive anti aging supplements on the skin.

A recent remedy for the treatment of age spots and problems in the pigmentation of the skin has been the use of kojic acid. It is made form a fungus and studies have shown that it alleviates the production of brown pigments or melanin. This allows skin to retain a lighter color, when otherwise, certain areas would have turned darker. Kojic acid is not to be confused with products containing hydroquinone which is a skin bleacher. Many people that are allergic to the harsher and more effective anti aging supplements that contain hydroquinone should consider the usage of the anti aging super serum kojic acid instead. For those that experience an over clogging of follicles due to too much oil in the skin, a beta hydroxy acid should be used. This is also known as salicylic acid and dries out the skin more than alpha hydroxy acids. It is however, proven to be less irritating than the hydoxy acids and is therefore recommended to people who have sensitive skin or who have dermal damage due to over exposure of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The most important method to counteract the effects of aging on the body is prevention. By getting and staying healthy at a younger age, the body is able to regenerate faster and supply itself with all the nutrients that it needs to continue to build strong bones, firm skin and a healthy mind. There is no need for an anti aging super serum when the effects of getting older cannot be seen because the body was taken care of properly for a number of years. Eating a healthy diet rich in minerals and essential nutrients and getting at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day will help to retain the energy and flexibility that younger generations are presently enjoying. Just because people get older, doesn't mean they have to feel older. Something as simple as a vitamin shake and a 1 mile walk per day can be the difference between applying anti aging supplements multiple times throughout the day on your face, or just cleansing and moisturizing as normal. The end results are derived from the motivations of those who are taking an active role in planning for their future.

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