Best Wrinkle Treatment

The best wrinkle treatment is considered to be one that can produce long lasting results with minimal maintenance time. Since each person's bodily tissues are different, each person will respond to age differently. Those with oily skin will fair far better than those with drier skin. In fact, having an oily complexion may drastically reduce the signs of aging, especially in the face. A quality wrinkle removal cream adds the synthetic luster of oil and hydration into the facial pores, resulting in less cracks and fine lines. While there is no replacement for the body's own ability to produce the required collagen levels, there are a number of alternative treatments, some surgical, others topical. Both are highly effective when used properly with a healthy eating and active lifestyle. Protecting the skin from the sun's dangerous UV rays should be a high priority, especially when the body begins to age. Additional sun damage can cause acceleration in the dehydration of the dermis tissues, thus resulting in more and deeper lines around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead.

Retinol should be a main ingredient present in a quality wrinkle removal cream. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A which has a molecular structure that can find the cells containing collagen and elastin to bring them out onto the surface of the dermal layers. Hydration back to the skin is a result of applying the best wrinkle treatment that contains retinol. Compounds also found in treatments with retinol are a variety of alpha hydroxy acids. These acids work similar to a chemical peel by allowing the first few layers of the facial dermis to peel away. When this happens, the body responds by regenerating the cells that create collagen and elastin to repair the damaged layers. Once the production begins to create new dermal layers, a youthful and healthy glow should result. One of the most important cautions to take when applying treatments with both retinol and alpha hydroxy acids is to limit the amount of time the facial lotion or cream is on the skin. The longer it stays on, the more layers it will damage. If too many layers are damaged, the body will be unable to repair them, leaving a "burned look" with redness and soreness. This damage could be permanent if not treated quickly. Peeling off more layers of skin will not remove more wrinkles. The deeper the lines are, the more time will be required to smooth them.

Men, in particular are becoming popular consumers in search of the best wrinkle treatment. Most men, however, are not interested in removing their lines. They are interested in softening them. As a man grows older, his lines distinguish him in society. Lines around the eyes and mouth show others that he is experienced and wise. Even the Bible talks of old age bringing wisdom upon a person. "I said, Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom" (Job 32:7). A man who is interested in smoothing out his lines is doing so because he does not want to appear too worn out or fatigued. Professionalism shows when there are some lines of experience, but a haggard, worn out look at the end of the day may lose him his job to a younger co-worker. A basic wrinkle removal cream will do wonders on the rugged and tough face of a man. The retinol and alpha hydroxy acids are strategically placed in his shaving cream and in his after shave, items he uses on a daily basis. This is one reason men seem to have more success than women in achieving positive results.

Women must apply their anti aging formulas 2 to 3 times per day in addition to other cleansers and lotions that they regularly use. There are some companies that package a 3 in 1 cleanser, lotion, and moisturizer; but when all three are placed together, the effect is less dramatic. Utilizing a stronger dosage of all three on a regular basis is the suggested regimen. Women also need to replace vitamins that are lost during menopause with some type of nutrient supplement. Major hormonal changes have a huge effect on the production levels of collagen and elastic. Dermatologists suggest drinking a nutrient rich shake or juice every day to keep hormonal levels balanced. Finding the best wrinkle treatment may not be as easy for a woman because her body is so complex. A doctor can help evaluate nutritional and hydration needs for the purpose of recommending a wrinkle removal cream. Sometimes, stronger methods are necessary to see results. These methods could include Botox injections, microdermabrasion, or possibly even a face lift. All of these methods can become quite costly. It is wise to seek out information from a health insurance company to see which methods will most likely be covered and which methods will not.

Prevention is one of the easiest methods to perform. By applying a strong facial moisturizer or wrinkle removal cream now, the longer the skin is prolonged from becoming dehydrated. Once the skin is dehydrated, it begins to crack. These cracks are wrinkles. Fighting the battle of aging is not an easy one, but it can be done when prepared for correctly. Eating a healthy diet, cleansing the skin daily and applying a thick moisturizer will effectively maintain the dermal glow that many people hope to retain well into their older years.

Best Wrinkle Product

The best wrinkle product on the market today can be classified as subjective to the user's skin type and regimen. Eye wrinkle removal creams have long been the preferred choice of women consumers because of the unsightly "crows feet" that appear as a woman nears 50. Today, however, there are more and more men turning to anti aging formulas to smooth out their fine lines and achieve a more youthful glow as well. Retailers have begun producing "magic" serums that are combined with common men's bathroom products, such as shaving creams and after shaves. This strategy allows a man to utilize the anti aging effects without having to purchase another product. These combination creams are more costly than the creams without the "magic" serums, but according to sales, men don't seem to mind. It would appear that men view time as a commodity over price. The serum ingredients are typically made up of retinol (which is a derivative of vitamin A) and alpha hydroxy acids. The acids peel away dead skin cells and the first few epidermis layers. This in turn, stimulates the production of new cells to create collagen and elastic to make new layers. The retinol acts as a nutrient to the skin, rehydrating it and allowing it to show a natural shine. When done a on a consistent basis, a man can have a younger look all the time, without completely eliminating his lines, which to many are signs of experience and wisdom, "Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth" (Psalm 71:9).

Women, however, must still add anti aging products to their daily regimens. In addition to a quality cleanser, they must also apply a moisturizer in the morning and again at night. Some companies have developed eye wrinkle removal creams that are specifically for day wear and contain SPF protection from the sun's harmful rays, as well as a nighttime solution that tends to be thicker and stickier than the daytime cream. The best wrinkle product for someone trying to fight the signs of aging is in the separation of ingredients. An all in one cleanser and moisturizer will have less drastic effects than applying these products separately. This is due to the fact that women typically want to eliminate their wrinkles, while men seem only to want to soften the lines. The older people get, the slower the cellular regeneration process get. Cells need hydration and nutrients to create healthy and glowing dermal layers. There are two ways to hydrate the skin. The first is to hydrate it from within, buy eating a balanced and healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and maintaining an active lifestyle. The second way is to trick the body into creating new skin.

The chemical peel is the best wrinkle product because the ingredients tricks the body into forming brand new dermal and epidermal layers. These new layers are hydrated, healthy and full of collagen. The trick is done by using alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead cells from the face and neck. The acids also burn off the first few layers of epidermis. Once the brain gets the signal that there are some epidermal layers missing, the skin is stimulated to produce collagen and elastin. This new skin is then free of cracks and other dryness that the old layers held. Eye wrinkle removal works in the same way only on a much more delicate level because the skin surrounding the eyes is some of the most sensitive on the entire body. The chemical peel works very similarly to immunizations. Immunizations are small dosages of a virus or a disease that are injected into the body. The brain sends a signal to the immune system to create white blood cells to combat the virus. Once the particular cells are made to combat a particular virus, the information stays in a human memory portal for life. If the body is ever exposed to the same virus or disease again, the body will immediately know how to fight before it can do any real damage. Tricking the body into producing things that are necessary and healthy has been a strategy among health professionals for a long time.

Another important key point to remember when choosing an eye wrinkle removal cream is to know your skin type. There are typically 4 types. The first is dry. People who have dry dermal layers develop wrinkles more quickly. When the skin dries out, cracking begins. The cracks in the pores are wrinkles. Adding an extra amount of moisturizer in the younger years will help to prevent premature wrinkle appearance. The next type of skin is oily. Oily dermal layers allow pores to be larger and people with this type tend to have much more acne and blemishes than do those with a dry type. People with this type should moisturize less, but must be careful not to dry the skin out completely. Another type is combination. Combination skin types have a "T-Zone" of oiliness across the forehead horizontally and through the center of the face vertically. The outer side of the cheeks and chin tend to be dry. This skin type requires a combination cleanser and formula to balance out the layers. The last type is what everyone wishes they had; normal skin. The normal type has a balance of moisture and dryness that allows a prolonged showing of wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is important to choose the best wrinkle product for your skin type to see the expected results.

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