Dry Skin Care Products

Dry skin care products are the best choice for those that have smaller pores which encourage dehydration in the cells of the epidermal layers. Oily skin care products are recommended for those who frequently break out in blemishes and acne because their pores are too large and trap in excess moisture. As people age the cellular regeneration process slows. This means that the body can no longer repair damaged cells quickly. This, in turn, leaves them dehydrated and lacking in essential nutrients to perform effectively. The cells responsible for creating dermis are also affected by age. The more dehydrated the dermal layers get, the more cracking and dryness can be seen. This is usually seen in the form of wrinkles. Those who have overly hydrated skin will suffer with blemishes and other unsightly disorders, but will have a prolonged appearance of wrinkles. So while adolescence may have been difficult for people with oily dermal layers, they will be quite pleased with the results as they age.

There are two major options that both oily and dry skinned people have when it comes to turning back the clock on the aging process. The first is complete regeneration in the form of a chemical peel. A chemical peel is typically found in dry skin care products because its purpose is to super moisturize, while simultaneously removing the dead cells and toxins from the first few epidermis layers around the face and neck. The main ingredient to do this is an alpha hydroxy acid. The acid penetrates the layers and burns them off. Caution should be taken in the amount of time the acid cream is left on the face and neck. Leaving the chemical on too long can results in a deeper tissue burn which will damage the epidermis layers permanently, counteracts the efforts put forth for applying the peel in the first place. Once the top layers are peeled and the face is washed, the second component, which contains an active ingredient called retinol, should be applied. This is a deep tissue moisturizer derived from vitamin A components which help to hydrate the cells and fill them with nutrients. The body will begin to regenerate new layers to replace the old ones. This is the purpose of the peel. Some chemical peels can be found in oily skin care products as well. Instead of a retinol based deep tissue moisturizer, there will be a mild moisturizer which allows the dermal layers to get some hydration, but not saturate them because an oily skinned persons sebaceous gland will produce excess oil.

Those that are interested in drying their skin out should consider purchasing any number of oily skin care products. These products will usually have, as a main ingredient, alcohol which is used to dry cells out. Too much alcohol will leave the epidermis layers too dry and then they will begin to crack, so it is important to follow an alcohol containing application with a light moisturizer. The moisturizer should be made up of a hydrating solution that will not clog the pores. Since the pores are larger in people with oilier dermis, the moisturizer must not contain any fragrances or dyes. These ingredients have been shown to cause unnecessary clogging in pores and may result in acne or other skin blemishes. If the skin becomes too dry, then be aware that healing may take up to a week to rehydrate, especially in certain areas such as around the mouth. This is due to the fact that the mouth area is splashed with water throughout the day (brushing teeth, washing face, etc.). Water will only moisten the skin temporarily, but if the water contains high amounts of chlorine, it can actually make the situation worse.

Those who are interested in moisturizing should consider purchasing any number of dry skin care products. These tend to be found in an abundance because as people age, their dermal layers begin to dehydrate, causing wrinkles and flaking. When the layers become dry, they also hold less collagen and elastin. When the dermal layers are deficient in these important cells, they will begin to sag and become thinner. Prevention is the only real solution to this problem as the older one gets the tougher it is to stimulate collagen. Even if the body does stimulate the production of these cells, they are only temporary. Prevention begins by taking care of the dermal layers at a younger age before the skin become dehydrated.

Experts recommend making an appointment with a dermatologist (a doctor who specializes in disorders of the skin), before purchasing any oily skin care products or dry skin care products. The dermatologist will be able to accurately evaluate the dermal layers and advise on the type of product, if any, to purchase. There are many issues to consider if positive results are desired. Purchasing the correct product to match a specific type is the key to success. Also, there is the possibility of allergic reactions to certain ingredients to consider. The Lord should always be consulted first, and then logical steps should be taken. "And he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me" (2 Corinthians 12:9). Safety should be the number one concern, and causing the least amount of damage to the already deteriorating epidermis. There are products in the market that will cause more damage than good if used incorrectly. Some of the damage may be permanent. Consult with your physician before using any products.

Skin Care Moisturizer Cream

Those wishing to purchase a skin care moisturizer cream should first establish which type of problem exists in order to maximize expected results. Many people use the wrong type of dry skin care lotion for their individual type. This can sometimes cause more damage than good. There are a variety of products to choose from and it is important to recognize the differences before applying the creams to the face and neck. There are three major types that manufacturers develop creams and lotions for: dry, oily, and combination. Those with dry dermal layers have dehydrated skin. The body does not regenerate cells quickly enough, and thus the epidermis is left without enough moisture and becomes cracked and flaky. Those with oily dermis have extra secretions by the sebaceous gland, which create too much moisture. This group also has bigger pores, so the extra oil usually gets clogged in those pores creating unsightly blemishes and acne. Combination types usually have an oily "T-Zone" which extends horizontally across the forehead and vertically through the middle of the face. The outer face area that includes the cheeks, mouth area and neck are usually very dry.

It is recommended that a potential consumer see a dermatologist (a physician who specializes in disorders of the skin) before making any purchases. The dermatologist can accurately evaluate which type the consumer is and suggest certain brands to use. The dermatologist can also prescribe a skin care moisturizer cream if the condition is more severe and there are no over the counter products available that will deliver the desired results. For the majority of people that are the dry type, any dry skin care lotion will suffice. Consumers must also be careful not to use products that contain too much alcohol (alcohol is an ingredient in most product lines). The more alcohol present in the lotion, the more it will actually dry out the skin. Consumers should also be aware that many manufactures add fragrances and color dyes to their products as well. These fragrances and color dyes may increase the chances of an allergic reaction, especially if they already have some type of dermal disorder. The best types of products to purchase would be those with no alcohol, no fragrances and no dyes. These can be found most often in natural or organic retail establishments or though the Internet.

For people who suffer with too much oil, a dry skin care lotion would be a bad choice. These lotions will only be adding more moisture, clogging the pores and creating more blemishes. This group needs a product that will dry out the skin. Typically this is a two part process, with the first part being a cleansing soap or bar that dries the epidermis out, followed by a skin care moisturizer cream that adds hydration without clogging the pores. This two in one combination has been shown to have the best results with those that suffer from an overactive sebaceous gland. Those who seem cursed with the oily type are actually blessed later in life. "That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies" (Genesis 22:17). As the body ages, it begins cellular deterioration which results in the dehydration of the dermal layers at a more rapid pace. If the skin is becoming dehydrated faster than cells can be formed that create the necessary collagen and elastin to moisturize; cracks will appear. These cracks are what we call "wrinkles". If a person has an oily type, the epidermis takes longer to become dehydrated, their collagen and elastin production do not need to perform at a faster rate, and therefore the skin will not show cracking as early as those who have drier dermal layers. Basically, people with oily dermis don't get wrinkles as early as people with dry dermis

A smaller percentage of the population has the combination type. Manufacturers do produce a skin care moisturizer cream for this type as well. It is less harsh on the dermal layers than the other products, but will allow a person who has both dry and oily dermis to hydrate the areas that need to be hydrated, and dry out the areas that need to be dried. These products are also typically two parts. One part cleanser and one part dry skin care lotion. After cleansing with a combination face cleanser, the consumer should allow the face and neck to air dry before applying the lotion. The lotion consists of a mild hydrator and is made specifically so that clogging of the pores in the oily areas does not happen. The product should be applied thicker in the areas that need it most (typically the cheeks, mouth and neck) and less liberally in the oily areas (around the T-Zone). The time taken to eliminate the problem can last up to two weeks, so patience is a virtue for those that suffer with combination dermis. If a good combination formula cannot be found over the counter, a dermatologist can offer a variety of prescribed creams for the patient. Combination creams are a bit more costly than the others. This is partially due to the fact that it is less common and has less of a demand that oily or dry lotions. Teenagers typically suffer with combination dermis because of the over or under activity of their hormonal levels. Once the stages of puberty are completed, people usually lean to one side or the other. Most teen skin care products are aimed at combination types.

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