Facial Skin Care Products

Facial skin care products are becoming more popular as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement. The baby boomer generation is considered the most affluent generation due to the fact that both men and women have been able to make substantial incomes throughout their careers. Baby boomers facing retirement age are flocking to the stores to purchase anti aging face cream and even seeking the help of plastic surgery to turn back the clock on their appearances. Men and women are both interested in eliminating and reducing the fine lines around the eyes, mouth and the forehead. Men, seemingly, are more interested in reducing the lines and smoothing them out while trying to retain their rugged tough looks which portray experience and wisdom, "With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding" (Job 12:12). Women, on the other hand, are usually trying to eliminate the wrinkles altogether. While this can only be done if the lines are not too deep, that doesn't stop a woman from hoping and buying. Just as women buy diet pills knowing that only a healthy diet and exercise will help them shed unwanted pounds.

The reason for the appearance of lines around the face and neck has to do with the body's degeneration of cellular formations. As the body ages, replacing dead or dying cells takes longer. Because of this longer process, many areas of the body, including the dermis layers, become dehydrated. When tissues become dehydrated, they begin to dry out and crack. The cracks are known as wrinkles. An anti aging face cream can temporarily add hydration to the epidermis layers (the top layers), but will do little to rehydrate the inner dermis layers of the skin. There are a variety of facial skin care products out on the market today. Some of them are able to penetrate the dermis layers below the surface, but the only way they can do this is by stimulating collagen and elastin production from within. One of the most popular ways to do this is by using a chemical peel. This peel formula typically contains a hydroxy acid solution which burns off the first few layers of the skin. When the epidermis is damaged, it sends a signal to the brain, which puts the body in "emergency repair mode." This repair mode will allow the body to produce collagen and elastin, when it normally wouldn't, to replace the damaged epidermal layers.

The chemical peel process of tricking the body into repair is similar to the idea behind immunizations. Children are given immunizations, which are injections of a minute amount of a particular virus or disease. The body reacts by creating white blood cells to combat the injection. Success results, and the virus or disease is fought off, while the blueprint for the production of a certain type of white blood cell stays in the memory portals of the brain. If the child grows and later in life is exposed to the same virus or disease, the body already knows how to fight it off and does so without any delay. In essence, immunizations trick the body into repair, as do chemical peels. There are a variety of facial skin care products that contain a chemical peel component. Coupled with an anti aging face cream moisturizer, results have been very successful. Caution should be taken though, because if the peel is used too often, or left on the face too long, it can do more damage to the epidermis that good. A consistent regiment should be followed, and deviation is discouraged. For the safety of the consumer, there are explicit instructions on every anti aging facial product that lists frequency of use and cautions to be aware of.

Since there is a wide selection of wrinkle fighting creams to choose from, variances in prices can be overwhelming. Many creams and lotions can be found in the cosmetics sections of fine department stores, while others can be found in the local drug store. There are even independent beauty consultants that offer products from companies that specialize in skin care sales. Not all facial skin care products are made the same. Some work better for people with dryer skin, others only work for those with oily layers. It is recommended that each person considering the purchase of an anti aging face cream see their dermatologist (a physician who specializes in disorders of the skin) first to have an evaluation. Some brand name products can cost upwards of $150. There are also a variety of natural remedies that can be performed using simple nutrients from a local grocer. Some men and women have had great success rehydrating their epidermal layers with over the counter moisturizers that hospitals use on burn victims to control the scarring. This type of moisturizer is typically very thick, and some acne could occur as a side effect. Caution should also be taken when purchasing a product because of the prevalence of allergies. Many items containing fragrances have been known to stimulate an allergic response in consumers. The best way to avoid these problems is to only purchase lotions and moisturizers that are allergen free and do not contain any dyes or fragrances. No matter which brand name or item is purchased, dermatologists recommend doing a spot test on another area of skin before applying the cream all over the face and neck. If the spot test shows no sign of a reaction, then chances are it is safe to make a full application.

Herbal Skin Care Products

Herbal skin care products can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with dry, cracked and aging dermal layers. Others who suffer from clogged pores due to too much oil may also benefit from a variety of botanical skin care products. A larger percent of the population is turning to natural and homeopathic resources instead of synthetic sources to heal certain ailments on the body. The general consensus seems to be that natural sources may in fact heal the body quicker and more efficiency than synthetic ones, and without the usual side effects. While some manufacturers regularly include natural herbs and nutrients in the ingredients of their topical ointments, most also combine these natural ingredients with harsh preserves, the most common being high levels of alcohol. Since alcohol dries things out, it's hard for consumers to imagine a moisturizer with such a high concentration.

There are a variety of ways to keep the dermal layers looking healthy and vibrant without using any type of herbal skin care products. First, avoid direct exposure to the sun on a regular basis. Sun damage to the epidermis is the number one factor in producing the early onset of aging. There have been dozens of studies that document twins, with one avoiding sun exposure and the other bathing in it frequently. The sibling that limited their sun time had shown a significantly lower amount of lines and wrinkles. If limited sun exposure is not an option, then use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF protection. If the sun has begun to damage the epidermis layers, then there are botanical skin care products on the market that can repair the suns damage (albeit on a much smaller scale that avoiding the damage in the first place). These products typically contain a plant ingredient called "aloe", derived from the thick and succulent leaves of the Aloe Vera plant.

Another natural way to prevent to visual onset of aging is to get adequate sleep. The body uses its rest periods to regenerate and rejuvenate. Without enough sleep, the body begins to wear out and get tired and overworked. When the body begins to be overworked optimal functionality slows and the stimulation of cell regeneration deteriorates. Without new cells, the old ones are left in place longer and begin to dehydrate, forming cracks in the dermal layers. These cracks are known as wrinkles and can appear anywhere on the body. In addition to the cracks, the dermal layers cease to produce an adequate amount of elastic and collagen. Without collagen and elastin, the skin begins to sag. The more it sags, the heavier the layers become and the harder they will be to repair. This is one reason that people choose to get plastic surgery. When herbal skin care products are no longer effective due to severe epidermal damage, the only other choice is surgery that will lift the skin in order to stretch the epidermis back into place. Plastic surgery can be very costly and is not typically covered under most insurance company plans. Prevention is recommended, by using botanical skin care products, before the condition of the dermal layers is not repairable naturally.

There are some activities that should be avoided when seeking to maintain a healthy body. Men and women alike should not smoke. Research has found that cigarette smoke actually ages the dermis by releasing an enzyme that breaks down the formation of collagen and elastin. Studies have shown that a non smoker will have 40% less wrinkles than that of a smoker. A smoker is considered a person who smokes at least 10 cigarettes a day on a regular basis for 10+ years. Herbal skin care products have a hard time counteracting the effects of smoking on the dermis. Another action to avoid is squinting. The Academy of Dermatology states that any repetitive movement will over work the facial muscles. This causes a groove in the dermal layers. The groove will eventually become a wrinkle. Ways to avoid squinting include wearing a sun visor or sun glasses. Limiting coffee to 1-2 cups per day is also recommended. Too much caffeine can over stimulate the cells, requiring an overload at a younger age. While a little bit of caffeine is good, and can be found in some botanical skin care products, too much of any good thing can have detrimental effects. "And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible" (1 Corinthians 9:25).

Eating fruits and vegetable that are high in essential nutrients and vitamins is the way to keep a body looking healthy and younger for a longer period of time. Using such simple tactics along with the purchase of herbal skin care products that contain added nutrients and vitamins is a smart move. Certain botanical skin care products can only be purchased at health food stores that carry pure organic items. The Internet is also a good way to find the best natural products for keeping skin glowing and healthy. The Internet allows these items to be delivered directly to the home. Dermatologists suggest giving each item at least a month's try before purchasing a different one. Not all products work the same on everyone. Different people have different skin types and different needs. Finding the perfect combination of diet, exercise, and skin care products may take a while, but the rewards are well worth it.

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