Laser Wrinkle Treatment

When deciding whether or not to receive a laser wrinkle treatment, the cost, treatment length, and recovery time must be factors. Wrinkle removal is based on the type of wrinkles a patient possesses as well as the collagen and elastin production levels in the dermis. To understand the laser process, a patient must first understand their skin and why they have the wrinkles in the first place. Wrinkles are cracks in the epidermal and dermal layers. These cracks are primarily due to lost collagen and elastin. As people age, their bodies do not work as efficiently at regenerating the cells needed to produce collagen and elastin, which are the primary ingredients for skin elasticity. The skin loses its moisture and becomes dehydrated. Dying or dead cells are left on the epidermis longer and regeneration slows down. The cracks are grooves in the epidermis left open due to lack of moisture. This is why anti aging creams and serums are so popular for temporary relief from wrinkles. These products fill in the grooves and give the appearance of a smoother dermal surface.

A laser wrinkle treatment works in an opposite fashion. Laser resurfacing vaporizes the surrounding skin with light and heat and stimulates collagen production which allows the wrinkles to become less deep. The deeper the wrinkles are, the more treatments will be necessary. In addition to this type of wrinkle removal, some have opted to try a chemical peel. The chemical peel works the same way only without the use of heat and light to peel away layers of epidermis. The main ingredient in a chemical peel is an alpha hydroxy acid. The acid is left on the epidermis for a prescribed period of time. Then the face and neck are washed off. The acids peel off the first few epidermal layers. This stimulates the body to produce new cells to repair the damaged top layers. When the body begins to produce cells, it creates new collagen and elastin. The end results in brand new layers of skin. Of course, this is only temporary because as the body degrades further, the new cells will eventually die. The peel must be done a on a consistent basis in order to retain the healthy glow desired. Caution should be taken with a home chemical peel. Leaving the acid on too long can result in more than the epidermis being burned. The dermal layer (skin beneath the epidermis) is at risk of being damaged. If the dermal layers are burnt, this could cause permanent damage. Chemical peels should only be done at the advice of a licensed dermatologist (a physician who specializes in disorders of the skin). "There is none to plead thy cause, that thou mayest be bound up: thou hast no healing medicines" (Jeremiah 30:13).

The peeling of the skin through a laser wrinkle treatment is like a true burn. The skin will ooze and weep. The deeper the wrinkles, the more treatments will be required to get the desired results. Patients with shallow wrinkles can see amazing results after only one session. Choosing which type of laser wrinkle removal should be done on a case by case basis. There are a few choices: CO2, Erbium, and N-Lite. The CO2 type is generally more effective on deeper wrinkles than the others, 60%-80%, but requires an anesthesiologist, a 1-2 week recovery period for each session, and shows signs of redness for up to 4 months. Erbium provides modest improvement, about 30%-70% in deeper lines, but 100% in finer lines. Discomfort is moderate, recovery time is 4-7 days, and the redness fades in 1-4 weeks. The N-Lite procedure only improves deep lines by 10%-40%. It removes finer lines by 20%-50% and has little to no discomfort. There is no redness left and no recovery periods. Improvements for this method occur over 3 months of time. Costs for all three types can vary greatly. The CO2 costs about $4200 for the entire face and $2000 for a single area. The Erbium method costs about $3400 for the entire face and $1700 for a single area, and the N-Lite costs about $1500 for the entire face and $900 for a single area. Keep in mind that most health insurance plans will not cover these charges. This is due to the fact that any treatments for the sole purpose of wrinkle removal fall under the category of "plastic surgery". Plastic surgery is typically not covered by health insurance plans unless it is deemed medically necessary, and even then, it still must be approved by the insurance examiners board.

Caution should be taken when choosing a laser wrinkle treatment. Beware of plastic surgeons that own their own lasers. Lasers are being developed daily, and using one that is over a year old could be harmful. Also be sure that your physician is a licensed plastic surgeon and get references. Know that blotchy discoloration can occur in 5%-10% of those who opt for the CO2 or Erbium methods. This is avoidable by using the N-Lite laser where there is no recovery period and no redness afterwards. Facial spider veins may appear in 2%-3% of those who use the CO2 or Erbium methods. Laser resurfacing improves deeper wrinkles, but lasting improvements can be found with a deep chemical peel. Remember that the deeper the wrinkle, the faster it will return. Unless recurring treatments are performed, the onset of cracks in the dermal layers can reappear just as strong as they were before. Using a daily deep tissue moisturizer can aid in the recovery process, and maintaining a nice balance between physical activities and eating a nutrient rich diet can also reduce the chances of wrinkle recurrences.

Face Wrinkle Remover

Finding the correct facial wrinkle treatment can be arduous and costly for those who have already tried many products only to find that they do not work. The first step in having success with the purchase of a face wrinkle remover is to discover what types of lines are on the face and neck. Some lines are deeper than others and will require a different type of product, one that seeps into the dermal layers of the skin instead of only touching the epidermis layers. For those who are looking for permanent elimination of fine lines; a facelift or other surgical procedure may be the best choice for more impressive results. Of course, plastic surgery is not covered by most health insurance plans, and can be quite costly out of pocket. Another option for those with deeper lines could be Botox. Botox injects the Botulism poison into the muscles of the face around the lines and relaxes the muscles, which in turn eliminates the appearance of lines. This is a temporary solution, but does have longer lasting effects than most creams and lotions. Botox typically lasts up to six months with one injection as opposed to the daily and weekly applications of other topical creams. However, the price tag on a single injection can be up to $500 and must be performed by a licensed physician. Caution should also be taken because some people have been known to have an allergic reaction to the injection. Always discuss potential options with a dermatologist before making a decision.

Another option for those with deeper wrinkles is a chemical peel. A chemical peel usually contains a combination of alpha hydroxy acids and retinol. The hydroxy acids work as a burning agent to peel off the first few epidermal layers on the face and neck. Once the epidermis has peeled, the body is sent a signal to stimulate the production of the cells that create collagen and elastin to recreate the layers of skin. This type of chemical facial wrinkle treatment tricks the body into producing new skin that is fresh and hydrated. Cracks in the skin due to dehydration is the cause of wrinkles. By stimulating the body to grow new layers, the face and neck appear wrinkle free. The retinol ingredient in the face wrinkle remover supplements the dermis layer with vitamin A, which is used to re hydrate the skin. By combining both ingredients in one topical solution, the consumer can obtain a fresh and line free appearance. Caution should be taken, however, with this method as well. If the solution is left on the face too long, it may begin to peel of the inner dermal layers, which will cause more damage to the skin in the long run. If any facial soreness or redness appears, seek the advice of a licensed physician right away.

Advertisers are beginning to focus their anti aging sales efforts, not only on women, but on men as well. A growing number of men have expressed interest in smoothing out the lines around their face, mouth and on the forehead. While women tend to want elimination of the lines, men just want them less pronounced. A facial wrinkle treatment for a man can be found in his shaving cream or his after shave. This is done because men typically do not have the time to apply multiple creams throughout their day. By purchasing a 2 in 1 face wrinkle remover, a man can have his lines softened without doing any extra work. Of course, shaving creams and after shave products containing anti aging ingredients will cost a bit more than those without, but as sales prove, men are purchasing the products. Many men want to retain some of the rugged looks that finer lines give them. To others, it shows that they are experienced and wise. Even the Bible mentions age as a sign of wisdom and deserving of respect, "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD" (Leviticus 19:32).

Women tend to be far more extreme in the results that they expect from their facial wrinkle treatment; rightfully so, because a woman's face wrinkle remover can cost upwards of $150 per bottle depending on the brand. Most types of lotions and creams can be found in the cosmetics section of finer department stores. Facial wrinkle treatment products can also be found over the counter at local pharmacies. There is also an influx of independent beauty consultants who specialize in skin care products by hosting parties and selling a variety of anti aging products on a one on one basis. The Internet is also a good resource for finding beauty products for a discounted price than in the stores. There is no doubt that the anti aging skin care business is booming. Sales are only expected to increase as the baby boomer generation reaches full retirement. The myth that we are "only as old as we feel" is slowly being replaced with "we are only as old as we look." With advances in medical science, it is getting harder and harder to tell which generation a man or woman is in. Utilizing breakthroughs in medical science, while simultaneously living an active and healthy lifestyle will almost guarantee a happier and more abundant life, especially after the age of 50. Those that prepare for their futures now, will look and feel the best when they reach retirement age.

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