Advertising Email Marketing

Advertising email marketing is one of the least expensive ways a small business can reach a sizable number of customers. For many business owners, being a TV star through local television commercials is a dream, but too expensive to come true. Radio ads are much less expensive but not at all effective if one is doing business to business marketing and telemarketing might work if you want ten thousand people angry with you because your campaign called them at dinner time. Direct mailing, sometimes costing up to fifty cents per mailbox delivery has an effectiveness rating of about .05%, leaving advertising email marketing as one of the most cost effective for the amount of money spent on the campaign. But there are a number of things to consider as one gets ready to do such an effort.

The first thing that is important in doing advertising email marketing is decide whether or not it will be done in house or conducted by a marketing company. If a company has a well developed mailing list that has been constructed over a period of time comprised of walk-ins, window shoppers, customers and referrals, and then a company might consider doing the campaign in house. The strength of any direct marketing campaign, be it telemarketing, postal mail or email is the recipient list. The response numbers with an email effort that uses a bulk email list that is targeted can be frighteningly low and actual sales numbers from those responses will be even lower. For example, suppose a company uses a marketing firm to send out fifty million emails for $4000.00. It is likely that only .075% of those recipients will ever open the message meaning three thousand seven hundred and fifty persons. Of that amount of opened emails, only .02%, or 75 will typically result in any kind of response which will include window shopping, information seeking or a sale.

If 10% of those seventy five opened emails result in a sale, then the cost of advertising for each sale is about five hundred and six dollars. To be honest, if the marketer is selling round the world cruises at forty thousand a pop, this might be a real good deal, but if an ecommerce retailer is selling women's designer handbags for five hundred dollars, it's not a good deal any way it is sliced. No matter what is being sold, the numbers don't change much when it comes to a bulk email list used in advertising email marketing. The messages get caught in network spam traps or are just deleted when the recipient doesn't know the sender. "Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God." (Psalm 90:1-2)

But there is an alternative to bulk email lists and that is the targeted opt-in list that most sophisticated marketers use solely in their advertising and marketing efforts. Advertising email marketing can raise those dismal percentages already discussed by a few percentage points and thus lower advertising costs per sale by using targeted and opt-in lists. With today's sophisticated marketing databases, there are a number of discriminatory factors that can be employed to increase effectiveness in reaching potential customers. Age, gender, occupation, income, place of residence, hobbies and sometimes education can all be used in developing a highly targeted email list. And to a lesser degree, when doing business to business emailing campaigns, other discriminatory factors can be factored in.

The opt-in part of the advertising email marketing effort is the single most important part of a successful campaign. Marketing firms that conduct successful and high return of investment campaigns for their customers use what are called opt-in mailing lists. These lists are the result of that firm having spent much effort cultivating relationships with Internet mail recipients to get to the point those recipients will accept emails from that firm on a regular basis. Often those relationships are based on contests, prizes and games that are used to keep the interest of the recipient going. Clients of these advertising email marketing firms pay for these discriminatory mailing lists where recipients have said yes (opted-in) to getting the firm's emails. These email lists can sometimes produce quite astounding response and subsequent sales numbers, but the services don't come cheaply.

One should keep in mind all of the efforts that go into making up such a strong mailing list. There is an ongoing analysis of the data that is received from other email campaigns that can be used to refine future campaign efforts. But also included in the cost of using an advertising email marketing firm are the hours put into the actual managing of the effort and putting together strong analytical data that the client can apply to other marketing efforts. And of course, there is the knowledge of the sophisticated art form that makes up a successful emailing effort because there are very strict rules in emailing that have been developed over almost twenty years of the medium's popularity. Just as an example, there is a very highly developed method of writing the message subject that is a key to getting that message opened up and read. And once that message is opened up, there had better be something pretty good offered inside to get that recipient to respond, such as an invitation to a blog, a subscription to an online newsletter or offers to get a whitepaper download.

Advertising Email Ads

Advertising email ads have joined the ranks of television, radio, newspaper, smoke signals, sandwich signs, snail mail and the plane overhead pulling a long banner in methods to get a message across to needy eyes and ears. Consumers are blasted from every side by commercial messages and only a few really have the ability to be turned off unless a person wants to live on top on Mount Everest. Joining the forms of communication list in the past twenty years is the lowly Web mail that confronts us most every day in our work or at home. And amazingly, for the less than twenty five hundred dollars, fifty million email messages can be sent out, advertising or saying anything that a person might want to communicate. No other mass media has quite the reaching power for the dollars spent as advertising email ads.

Of course, there is the alligator pit that has to be navigated around when you send out emails to strangers. It's the dreaded delete key or the anti-spam software that so many people have on their work and home PCs. So what does that fifty million address bulk emailing end up being? Realistically the number of recipients may be as few as fifty or seventy five thousand and then that twenty five hundred dollar investment doesn't necessarily look like a bargain, since the response rate usually runs under two percent with a bulk, unvetted list. The answer to the large, unvetted generic advertising email ads list is for a business to either develop their personal Web mail list from their own customers from over the years, or purchase a small and highly targeted and vetted Internet mail mailing list. We never know when our life will end, and it is life's greatest priority to be ready to meet God when we draw our last breath. "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near." (Isaiah 55:6)

Due to sophisticated databases, many companies can offer targeted Web mail lists that define a company's particular demographic target population. Age, income, education, location, hobbies and occupation are all available as defining components in sending out advertising email ads. The ability to be able to have small and highly focused lists is enhanced by one other factor when mailing lists are purchased from reputable vendors. Many of these lists have the added feature of having "opt-in" recipients, meaning that the lists are comprised of individuals who have agreed to receive emails about certain products or from certain companies. The opt-in advantage means that in many cases, the response rate will typically rise a couple of points higher than the one or two percent of a bulk emailing, but some list providers will warn that there are no guarantees on responses, just opened emails.

Of course the very best Internet mail lists are comprised of a company's own email list comprised of past customers and visitors to a business's store or website. Crucial information including an email address should be attempted to be culled from website visitors and brick and mortar customers and visitors. This practice takes years to develop a strong and healthy advertising email ads list, but will pay off handsomely in strong ecommerce sales. The major hurdle is couched in people's reluctance to share what is often thought of as a very private matter: one's Web mail address. But if that list can be built over time, other techniques can be employed such as viral marketing, allowing the spread of an email message to untold numbers of and heretofore unknown customers.

Writing advertising email ads is not as easy as one might first think. There is some real thought that has to be put into each and every word. Consider first what is going to be said in the subject line, which is a very crucial issue. When words such as sale, bargain, just arrived and other words that are loaded with action appear in the subject box, it becomes a powerful drawing card. The subject line needs to appeal to the recipient's selfish interest if possible and to promise something that can be delivered in the body of the message. Too many times Web mail ads make outrageous claims to try and entice recipients to open them, but turn out to be something else altogether. It's enough to give spam a bad name!

One of the ways finest ways of getting advertising email ads into the hands of customers is to send out a regular email newsletter giving customers knowledge content without a lot of hard selling. A newsletter absolutely is meant to build potential customers' trust through the regular dispensing of helpful information in your field of expertise. Interspersed with that helpful information should be links to products and services your company offers, making it easy for customers to window shop and request purchases. The copywriting for your newsletter ought to be bright, edgy and to the point. And the graphics needs to be top notch so the newsletter has the image you want conveyed for your company.

Managing an email campaign takes a lot of time, not only in its formulation, but particularly in its follow up. The company tasked with managing your advertising email ads campaign or the software purchased to do the job in house will provide the business owners with many reports coming at the results of the campaign from different angles. Sorting through an understanding of those numbers and statistics will take time. Yet the success of the next campaign will hinge on the proper evaluation of course correction made from the initial effort. An email campaign is not an end unto itself when it comes to marketing, but the campaign should be a part of an overall promotional effort using various advertising media.

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