Banner Advertising Services

Banner advertising services are rife across the Internet and are ready and able to help a small business get needed exposure and foot traffic for and to its website. Flag type advertising has been around just about as long as Internet business has been conducted, and while its popularity has been waning quite dramatically in recent years, the advertising genre still remains a useful tool for many online businesses. These ads' sizes are measured by pixels, the smallest measurement of color on a monitor screen. There are standard sizes for the advertisement, but can look like elementary schools banners atop black boards or flags that are atop state houses. They can also be square and can read left to right or top to bottom. Banners can flash, wave in the breeze, morph into different messages, and can change each time the same customer visits a site. But no matter how compelling, tempting or beautifully designed they are banner advertising services wrestle with a frightening click thru rate of about .05% and then multiply that by about a 2% conversion rate to sale.

In essence, that can translate into one sale out for every thousand impressions. An impression in banner advertising services lingo is a single view of a flag-type ad. For example, an impression occurs when a surfer goes to a landing page and there is a banner there staring right at him when he lands, usually at the top of the page. And with this type of marketing, one pays on a one thousand impressions scale which is shortened to CPM in marketing lingo. In other words, a small business may pay ten dollars for every thousand impressions that are made on a particular website. The size of the banner and the traffic to that website will actually dictate the actual cost of the CPM.

In our example, the company paid ten dollars per CPM, but it will take ten thousand CPMs to get a sale, making the actual advertising cost 100 dollars for every sale. Look, if a company is selling Lear jets then it's a real good deal, but if it's a three pack of men's' underwear, this type of banner advertising services marketing may not quite be such a good idea. So many people wonder why they do not have a good prayer life. Pay attention to these words from David: " If I regard (or ignore) iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me. But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer." (Psalm 66: 18, 19)

The problem that all companies that design and sell banner marketing tools have is the fact that this type of ad design no longer is highly effective. Research has shown convincingly that viewers routinely ignore advertisements all around the landing screen. If it looks like an ad, forget it. Additionally, recent research may lead one to conclude that any kind of intrusive advertising (which banner marketing may be considered as being by some) may only appeal to lower income consumers. The designers and marketers of banner advertising services are looking at new ways to make advertising look like it is part of the body of text or presentation. Marketing companies that are experimenting with the various uses of video seem to have the edge on gaining new customers.

There are new viral marketing forms of advertising that seem to be of high interest to companies that are considering their marketing budgets. Viral marketing and advertising make it easy for a viewer to pass on something cool to friend or colleague. A compelling video ad that has been designed for the social networking sites has an opportunity to be spread exponentially across the world in a matter of hours if conditions are favorable. Banner advertising services may find themselves hard pressed to compete with the effectiveness of this up and coming method of marketing. One of the places a banner may be more effective is in the marketing of blogs. Blogs can carry with them the air of integrity, and if a popular blog writer allows certain banner ads on his or her site, the click thru and conversions rate could rise quite dramatically.

One of the stigmas that the creators and implementers of these types of ads must overcome is the unethical use of a false message that many companies devise for an increase in click thru rates. The most prevalent may be the use of false dialogue. The unsuspecting Web searcher clicks on a banner that asks for an opinion on some environmental issue and are taken to a website selling tube socks. Or whatever. And many of these banner advertising services design banners that don't respond when the viewer tries to delete them. It's sleazy and greasy and has driven many surfers totally in the opposite direction.

Choosing one of the many banner advertising services may be a bit overwhelming so keep a few things in mind. First, compare a number of companies' research resources. For example, it's one thing to have national statistics, but have the company rep reveal their own internal data. It should be available in a professional looking report that is updated at least twice a year. Ask for references and a list of former clients and then find out if they would use the service again. Ask about the click thru rate and if they were satisfied with the results. Ascertain whether the company received all the upfront information or were there any hidden charges or complaints from banner visitors.

Online Banner Advertising

Online banner advertising has been around for many years as part of the Internet marketing strategies of countless ecommerce companies. Usually found at the top and bottom of the page, these wide and narrow advertisements usually look quite attractive and possess some tempting copy enticing viewers to click on them and find out more. They have generated millions of dollars over the past fifteen years or so for many ecommerce enterprises and will apparently continue to be in vogue for many to come. They are not as intrusive as those awful pop up ads that often cover up words a person is trying to read on a website. Adding to their often exasperating presence is the lack of close buttons on many of the pop up ad designs tempting the surfer to throw the monitor out the nearest window.

While the online banner advertising stays in one place, it has the ability to change colors, appearance and even flash quickly to really catch one's attention. That flashing often mimics some carnival signage and exudes a sort of cheap quality, so many advertisers stay away from that feature. These types of ads are very much like ads found in newspaper or magazines, and for that reason advertisers are comfortable using them as part of a web marketing campaign. Affiliate marketing can be a powerful way of using online banner advertising to its fullest advantage and the results can be quite profitable for both the affiliate hosting site and the owner of the ad.

Ads of this type have sizes and shapes that vary by pixels and are measured by width and depth such as 486x60 pixels. A pixel is the smallest unit of color used to make images on a monitor or television screen. The banners can go across the page or drop down like an awning. When looking for websites to place online banner advertising, the host sites may have restrictions as to how big the banner can be. Often, a larger ad with animation or morphing capability can add a great deal to the file size of the original page, meaning a longer load time. Longer loading time is a killer when the choice comes to viewers staying around and waiting for the page to fully appear.

If a business decides to seek advertising with a banner type ad on various search engines, business usually happens like this: first the enterprise decides on how much it wants to spend per month. The standard for most search engine banners is called cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The most well known and used search engines may charge up to one hundred dollars per thousand impressions and the minimum is at least one hundred thousand impressions per month. That means an advertising bill of no less than ten thousand dollars a month. If a company desires highly specific surfers to see its online banner advertising, the cost may climb higher. Where do you go when you are in trouble or facing a difficult time? "Hear my cry O God, attend unto my prayer for thou hast been a shelter for me, and strong tower from the enemy." (Psalm 61:1, 3)

One of the downsides to online banner advertising is that they are so prevalent and so common that they are often as ignored as unknown cell phone calls. In fact, research has shown that banner ads are ignored quite routinely, at least in terms of click through actions. On the other hand, research has also been found that if the same banner and brand show up regularly, the promotion can create a positive impression of the brand that may ultimately transform into a sale. Making the banner ad work isn't a slam dunk, just as surely as putting an ad in a newspaper doesn't necessarily create business either. It is advisable to consult a Net consultant on all the options available.

It may be more advisable to seek online banner advertising on the less popular search engines. Their CPM costs will be lower, and they often have relationships with one another enabling the banner to be seen in more places. Though the overall viewership may be lower, the lower cost may prove to be quite attractive with the ability to run more banners in more places. As a person travels through the Web looking at various websites with businesses related to your own, the idea of contacting those sites to see of a banner can be placed on their pages might be possible. If you can work a reciprocal deal, the arrangement may not cost anything.

Finally, starting a blog is a terrific way to place ads and it gives the business owner a chance to show his or her expertise in a specific area of endeavor. The purpose of blogging cannot be misunderstood however; it is not for the promotion of products but for answering viewers' questions about the area in which you have expertise. A banner can be placed at the head of the blog or at the bottom, but don't ruin the chance of growing your readership by trying to sell stuff. Invitations to visit your website are allowed, but just answer general questions and write in such a way that people will pass your blog on to others. If blogging isn't for you, there are plenty of newsletters that may do the same thing. Often the newsletters are looking for more sponsors and being able to place online banner advertising on a relevant newsletter can help strike gold in generating new business leads.

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