Bulk Email Advertising

Bulk email advertising has taken the place of bulk mail through the U.S. Postal Service for many companies, and the results can be even more satisfying because of the greater numbers of addresses reached. With old-fashioned bulk mailing of advertising circulars, most businesses were limited to a reasonable distance from their location and mailing lists purchased from local providers, or telephone books. Now with the Internet, the numbers of addresses reached is limited only by one's ability to pay for e-mail lists, and the distance from one's place of business is not a factor as long as the website to which customers are led also provides a way for visitors to place orders or contact the business owner by email with questions.

There are plenty of companies on the Internet that will provide lists for bulk email advertising to clients needing them. Prices vary, depending upon how large a list is purchased. One can convey enough information in a cleverly worded email to catch the attention of potential customers. The email will include a link to the advertiser's web page so the reader can see exactly what is available. Banner advertising on the website is another means of getting the attention of potential customers. Banners can be colorful, and have clever wording that will be remembered.

Banner advertising has been around for a long time. Some very elaborate and large banners have been seen sailing behind airplanes to draw the attention of people on the ground to a product or event. Pole banners have become increasingly popular in downtown areas of cities where they capture the attention of pedestrians, and of course the large banners over the entrances of businesses often advertise special events being held inside.

Anyone who has an Internet connection on his computer is familiar in some way with bulk email advertising because emails from advertisers appear in inboxes every day. The tracking devices attached to many online websites allow the owners to get the addresses of visitors, then these addresses are added to the advertising lists of the website owner. Soon the visitor is getting a message suggesting he buy the product or service from that website. Of course, someone in the group of visitors will be interested, even though there are many who will not respond. It isn't much different from the catalog companies' habits of sending out their catalogs to potential customers, hoping some of them will actually place an order.

There are companies that sell email databases to clients for their advertising campaigns. The best ones will verify the addresses to be sure they are not passing along outdated information with their bulk email advertising software. They will also make sure their lists are in compliance with the Can Spam Act of 2004. Another special service these companies provide is lists for targeted audiences. So, whether a business deals with a product or service that would be needed or wanted by just anyone, or it is something only a teenager could love, the correct audience will be reached. Targeted audiences received the letters that are recounted in the New Testament. "And when I come, whomsoever ye shall approve by your letters, them will I send to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem." (1 Corinthians 16:3)

The approach for banner advertising can also be one of general appeal or specific appeal, depending entirely on what the product or service happens to be. Advertising is so vital to any business, that this kind of specific targeting ability can mean the difference in failure or success of the campaign. There are some events that will have a universal appeal, and they would call for a change in strategy. Anniversaries, for instance, always mean a celebration. Businesses usually want as many people as possible to share in the celebration, so there will be give-away items, special sales, and a celebration of some kind. Everybody loves a party. This would be one occasion where both bulk e-mail advertising and banner advertising would be used at the same time.

The companies involved in assisting online businesses with bulk email advertising will guarantee a certain number of visitors to a website, and their fees will be determined by that number. One such company charges $99.00 for 100,000 visits, and with various incremental prices in between, charges $1,499 for 10,000,000 visits. With this guarantee, there is no further charge until the promised number is reached. Banners can be just as effective, and the charges for them are based on similar numbers of visitors. There is proof of delivery in the form of email confirmations, and the providers of this service are anxious for customers to know they have kept their promise.

No matter what product is being sold through email or banner advertising, there are age-old principles involved. There has to be a means of letting people know the product exists and where it can be purchased. Whether that is by an ad in the local newspaper or posted on the Internet, the word has to be distributed to the widest possible target audience to be effective.

Effective Internet Advertising

Creating effective Internet advertising can involve a combination of technological savvy and professional creativity and persistence. The opportunity to reach consumers on a global basis can be an incredibly valuable one. The real trick can be found in discovering a way to establish a presence on the world wide web that will both gain attention for an organization or product while standing out among so many cyber voices and images. Some of the methods that can be utilized for effective Internet advertising could include email marketing, affiliate programs, search engine advertising, banner ads or social media marketing. Promotional opportunities on the web are both plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Anyone who has ever surfed the web is probably familiar with the banner ad. However, the sheer number of these ads means that they may not get noticed. The percentage of Internet traffic that makes the decision to click through one of these ads to a merchant site is actually very small. However, these ads can certainly be useful tools for building brand name recognition. The greatest percentage of successful linking activity is generally achieved through search engine research. Button links and online press releases can also be somewhat successful. Affiliate programs can also yield results, but often to a lesser degree. A combination of all of these methods can usually achieve a good and profitable outcome. Professionals in the advertising field can help companies and organizations create a campaign that will achieve the desired results in the marketplace.

Steps to effective Internet advertising can include a combination of standard and cutting edge techniques and expertise. Careful planning is very important and is really not that different from a more traditional approach to promotional activities. A knowledgeable and well conceived marketing plan is essential and can be achieved through working with professionals in the field. A strategy is a plan for carrying out the marketing plan. Decisions that are part of crafting a strategy could include which type of online media to utilize and what kind of budget can achieve the desired end. Tracking online activity is very important. This is the only way to understand the success of individual ads as well as the overall success of a given campaign. Tracking will also help a client see which ad or approach was the most successful in drawing attention or generating sales. Taking the time to carefully study all tracking data can pay dividends in the long run. Well conceived and effective Internet advertising will help to draw traffic, and therefore potential customers, to a merchant site. This is another area where professionals in the field can be a great help. A wise business owner will shop around and do careful research before selecting a professional agency to work with. Most agencies will supply potential clients with a list of references who can attest to the skill and expertise that the organization brings to the table.

While there are many ways to take advantage of effective Internet advertising, but there are also a few pitfalls to avoid. Placing ads on sites that are not of a high enough caliber or quality will not be effective. If few consumers visit a web site, few will see the merchant's ad. There was a time when pop up ads were a good option. That cannot be said today. There are many software products that block pop up ads, rendering them completely useless. In addition to this, many consumers find pop up ads to be very annoying. That annoyance factor could be transferred to the product that is being advertised. Sending messages through email spam can carry a similar stigma. Opt in email marketing can be a much more welcome alternative. Achieving effective Internet advertising will usually involve some level of targeting. When it comes to making sure that ads and messages are received by the consumers who are most likely to be interested in the product, there are many options that are available to advertisers. Placing ads on sites that somehow relate to the merchandise that is being marketed is always a good idea. Pay per click ads will link potential customers directly to the vendor's web site and can be very useful. These ads can be more expensive than other types of online marketing, but the more targeted approach may be worth the price in the eyes of many vendors.

The services of professional agencies are available to companies that wish to benefit from effective Internet advertising. These organizations can bring a level of expertise to online promotional campaigns that can take the guess work out of reaching potential customers via the web. A skilled agency can be of a huge service to savvy online businesses. The Bible frequently asserts God's command that believers love one another. "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." (John 13:34)

Another important aspect of effective Internet advertising deals with directing traffic to a vendor's web site. Search engine marketing can be very useful. This involves placing ads on search engines that will appear on the right side of the screen when a related search is conducted. Another way that search engines can be used to direct traffic to a merchant's web site is through search engine optimization. Optimization means working toward making sure that the site will show up in the results of a related web search that is conducted by a consumer. These and many other options are available to companies that wish to market products online.

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