Business Advertising

Business advertising which converts prospects into sales is the lifeblood of any company. Without marketing, a company will have a difficult time competing in one of the liveliest marketplaces in the world. The US does billions of dollars worth of business which now includes both online and offline companies that offer goods and services to a constantly growing consumer base. Some services and products are almost self selling in that they are needed in the day to day uses of the general public. In this case, exposure is the only thing needed to be successful in a venture. Other businesses offer consumers opportunities, products and services that must be promoted in a way that creates a niche from specially targeted consumer groups.

Whatever the requirement or methodology used for corporate advertising, it is generally true that nothing really sells itself unless it is visible and promoted. Brick and mortar businesses no longer are the only ventures that must survive through good marketing methods. Online businesses must also face the challenge of promoting their goods and services in a virtual world where one company can see a stream of thousands of visitors a day without ever seeing the face of one of its customers. The overlap of virtual and real world business continues as many companies have seen their opportunity to create another market through online marketing concepts.

This has given corporations another avenue of sales that has seen phenomenal growth in the recent 5-10 years as some businesses have tapped into another consumer base. For some businesses, the entrance into the online business world has breathed fresh life into a slowly shrinking customer pool and many companies have downsized their real world storefronts in favor of their virtual counterparts. Others have seen a doubling of business due to growth in each avenue as smart business advertising has catapulted each area into a thriving business that melds the new and the old. Even though the Internet has changed the way everyone does business, traditional corporate advertising methods with contemporary changes continue to be the important link between consumer and company.

Methods of business advertising through media outlets, direct mail campaigns, online strategies and other promotions continue to be the tools to attract a customer base for business. Building a productive marketing strategy is based on some simple, basic guidelines. Know the target groups before activating any corporate advertising strategy. Marketing blindly is like shooting a shotgun at a target from 400 yards. It may hit a broad area, but the impact is so small that it is hardly noticeable. Hitting the bull's eye with the appropriate bullet is exactly what target marketing is all about. So, determine what consumer group to go after and develop a strategy to reach them. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105)

After determining the target group to pursue, develop an effective business advertising strategy to draw in the consumers. Using media outlets for broad range marketing can be very effective but can also dig deep into an advertising budget. Using telemarketing can be very helpful if pursuing fresh leads. This can also be more expensive if telemarketers are hired or outsourced. Larger companies may find this is an effective tool to follow up pre-confirmed leads that have been purchased from professional lead generators. Another method that can be used by both large and smaller businesses is direct mail marketing strategies.

This method offers a vast selection of avenues through letters, postcards, flyers, brochures, business cards and gift promotionals that just about any business can fit into its marketing budget. Direct mail continues to be one of the foremost strategies for advertisement used for both offline and online companies. The limitless ideas for mail strategies offer easy access and huge returns on some campaigns. Marketing experts analyze that roughly 1-2% of all direct mail campaigns will result in returns. This can be a significant bump in sales for any company that accesses thousands of consumers for one campaign.

The freshest and continually evolving corporate advertising method is online strategies that have only been significantly developed within the last 10 years. The growing online consumer base around the world has many businesses constantly trying to keep up with a tech oriented target group. For companies who have successfully tapped into the virtual business world, their base of economic growth reaches not only America but around the globe. The global economy is being stimulated by this phenomenon and will continue to grow as companies development more tools to reach potential consumers in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Internet tools such as sales generation leads, auto responders, marketing software, and email campaigns will continue to grow in sophistication and acceptance throughout many business advertising departments in the US. The opportunity to open up new frontiers for sales and capital growth will not reach their peek anytime soon. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing corporate climate and potential profit growth throughout the world market, current businesses have to merge the old with the new advertising methods.

Affordable Advertising

Cheap advertising is a must for businesses that operate on a limited budget while still consistently attracting prospective consumers. Smaller businesses generally do not have the mammoth budgets to incorporate expensive ad campaigns and marketing strategies within their yearly planning. However, it is possible to use affordable advertising methods that generate healthy consumer activity for any small business without breaking the budget to do it. In fact, there are even free methods that have proven to be successful if implemented correctly. The goal of any ad campaign is to bring consumers to the doorstep of a business then invite them to come in. While many ad methods do cost a good bit of money, there are many ways to achieve the same results through careful planning and execution of low cost, effective methods.

Online competition has made it imperative for both online and offline companies to ratchet their marketing strategies up a notch in order to win the business of discriminate consumers. Smart marketing strategies, competitive products and varying prices have educated most consumers into savvy customers who will not fall for just anything that is printed, aired or found online. Sometimes 'slick' ad campaigns are not the real ticket to heightened purchases from consumers. Smart consumers are always looking for real information and authentic, quality products that are marketed many times, through affordable advertising campaigns that simply get the word out.

Some of the best Internet marketing strategies are not necessarily expensive, but must be executed strategically in order to be successful. Many ecommerce owners hire the services of a professional marketing consultant who can analyze the business and suggest the best ways to market products. Other business owners prefer to save money by utilizing the opportunities that cheap advertising methods offer and launch several campaigns in-house. Some of the best web based campaigns include content driven methods that continue to build in effectiveness over time. While this method may not produce a sudden influx of hungry consumers, it does build a slow, steady clientele that will produce consistent purchases over the long haul.

Content driven methods include offering newsletters, free reports, ebooks and ezines to prospective consumers who may visit a particular site. A free download of an ebook or report that provides quality information is an attractive feature to many visitors while also being an affordable advertising strategy. Not only do visitors receive a free product, but they also begin to become familiar with a certain business. This hopefully begins a long, productive relationship with the online business as they return to purchase products or services. The business can receive the visitor's email and begin compiling an email list of interested prospects who receive regular updates and ads via email campaigns.

This can effectively build a relationship that continues to grow with time if a business is diligent to produce quality contacts and honest information. Another important content driven method is through articles, blogs and short informational pieces written for the web content on a business site. Producing pertinent articles that are key word formatted to produce search engine traffic are significantly helpful in attracting first time visitors. Articles and blogs that are daily or weekly updated with fresh, targeted content are cheap advertising methods that are a must in order to be successful in ecommerce.

Linking strategies are also an effective way to produce new Internet traffic through informational methods. Back links that are included within articles and reports that are dispersed to other sites invariably produce visitors from other web pages who find their way back to the initiator. Also, adding links of other similar sites can be very helpful in acquiring new visitors as they move from one site to the next searching for products or services. Linking strategies are a cheap advertising technique that cost little or no financial investment and can produce huge results over time.

Getting the word out among the many forums and message boards is another effective way to spread the word about a business solution. Small business owners that participate in forums and boards can readily develop a following by offering legitimate information that is helpful and authoritative about a particular subject, product or service. While many of the content driven ad methods are highly effective in the long run, quick responses from consumers may not be as forthcoming as with some paid methods that are still affordable advertising techniques. "By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honour, and life." (Proverbs 22:4)

Banner exchanges and ads are some of the most common methods of marketing through online sources. Banner techniques are highly effective while providing cheap advertising strategies for businesses that must watch their marketing dollars. Other more affordable advertising tools are direct mail campaigns and pay per click advertising. Media strategies and other higher end tools require more financial commitment which may be out of range for most small companies. Through many online strategies, it is possible to make a business known without busting the budget to make it happen.

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