Business Marketing Strategy

Business marketing strategy is at the heart of most business and industrial efforts, and when economic times get rocky, it can become the life support system for floundering commerce. At one time it was the simple idea of a sandwich sign carried around the neighborhood advertising the menu at a local diner or the tinkle of the bell announcing the arrival of the ice cream vendor. Then Madison Avenue got in the business and "A diamond is forever" and "Apple Pie and Chevrolet" were born, and suddenly marketing became an art form. And then came the introduction of the Internet and then business marketing strategy took on almost a scientific aura to it. But whatever future road that promotion techniques take, they will all attempt to shape and mold public opinion and perception. The marketers have done a pretty good job of doing that in the past fifty years.

But there should not be the perception that promotion is just advertising. It's really about the way all employees in a company approach their jobs and about how that company tries to position itself among the competition. It is in many ways an attitude that sales, marketing, research and development, administrative and executive departments all have towards the conducting of business. Marketing in the 21st century is all about is about the positioning of a company and the branding of its label, quality and availability into the minds of consumers. It's all about the mastering of the Internet and getting the attention of the tens of millions of surfers who make hundreds of millions of hits every day. The 21st century business marketing strategy will include the following components in its portfolio:

As already mentioned, having a way for a product to stand out (positioning) from the crowd is extremely important. Usually the first impressions that customers have with a product are the ones that remain, no matter how much success is later experienced. Oftentimes names of products have to go through changes to erase the first impressions that products may have garnered. God has declared that anyone who hasn't been changed by the transforming power of His spirit will not enter heaven. Good works and deeds cannot make that change and neither can being religious, but the change God requires is described this way: "Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature: old things are passd away; behold all things are become new." (II Corinthians 5:17)

21 century business marketing strategy begins with a good website that helps customers quickly find useful information not only about one's products and services but also links to other sites for additional help and possibilities. The website must be fully search engine optimized making it an easy find on many of the major search engines results pages. This process is done through the strategically placed uses of keyword phrases and other words that could be used when a customer is looking for help from a particular product or service. But just as important in the business marketing strategy of today's commerce climate is the understanding and use of affiliate marketing. This type of marketing, when done correctly can increase dramatically the size of a company's footprint across the five billion or so pages of Internet information. By the effective use if affiliate promotion, a company can gain new customers and generate leads not imagined fifteen years ago.

Because a business marketing strategy is mainly focused around the optimum use of the Internet which can quite easily be handled by a company's marketing department, the use of direct mail, media ads and other mediums might be more easily handled by outside sources. Some types of more traditional business marketing strategy efforts can be quite labor intensive and not as cost effective as outsourcing them. But Internet promotions can be handled in house if there is a small staff devoted to the various efforts. A company can join already developed affiliate networks or work on creating their own, which can be managed through network software on the company's own server. Once the company's brand has been positioned, the website developed and optimized and the affiliate marketing network developed, the focus can switch to lead generation.

In today's Internet focused commerce atmosphere, the idea of contacting fifty million potential customers is routine. There are dozens of promotional firms online ready to assist any business in making that kind of massive promotional blitz happen but the problem is the same as that unsolicited direct mail that everyone gets in their home mailbox. As the person is walking back to the house, the dreaded separation process happens, and by the time the door open most of the stuff is headed for the trash without even a consideration. And while the per piece cost of direct mail pieces thrown in the trash is much higher than emails deleted, the idea of wasting time, effort and money on forty nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand deletions is off putting.

Targeted lead generation is a powerful weapon in the new business marketing strategy paradigm. Targeted email lists that contain recipients already primed for one's message and that have been thoroughly vetted for your company's exact target audience make email promotions much more interesting and powerful. Adding to the potential of email promotion is the use of newsletters and blog subscriptions as a way to generate customers' interest in your company's potential to solve their problems. Offering to hold webinars, seminars and workshops on various customer needs is also part of the promotional plans a company can use. And viral email marketing techniques can take those targeted list blitzes to new heights of success.

Business Marketing Advertising

The field of business marketing advertising constitutes a large and varied professional employment opportunity. There are a number of different types of media that exist today, each possessing their own particular characteristics and strategies. Advertising is everywhere. Print media, broadcast media, and the Internet all present viable options for skilled marketers. Businesses might chooses to concentrate on one area of media, or could opt to run a campaign that encompasses print and broadcast media as well as the many options that are presented by the world wide web. Brand name recognition is a very important concern for business marketing advertising. Successful brand name recognition can be partly accomplished through a well crafted logo that is easy to remember and will be immediately identified with the product. Logos might be used on company stationary, signage, product packaging, and other materials. Professional marketers can develop a solid plan for informing consumers on the virtues of a product. If the campaign is well conceived, not only will the product stay in the mind of the potential customer, but a desire for the product will be created as well. The market place is extremely crowded and it can take a lot of effort to make merchandise stand out from other products that are offered by competitors. Slogans and tag lines that are easy to remember and communicate the right message are important. These slogans should be easily associated with the product and can go a long way toward helping a particular company stand out from other similar ones.

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in business marketing advertising will need to have a background in public relations, marketing, promotions or sales. Employment might be found at a variety of firms both large and small. Larger firms may handle multiple clients and deal with large campaigns that could encompass national or even global advertising. If an employee makes it to management level, they might be responsible for overseeing departments such as creative services, sales and accounts, and other promotional functions. Sales and accounts personnel will generally be responsible for bringing in new clients and handling any issues that might arise with existing accounts. Creative services will come up with copy and art and also help to develop campaigns. A media department will work with television, marketing, newspapers, magazines or the Internet. A manager in the marketing department will usually be responsible for coming up with strategies and market research. This research informs the client on the level of demand for their product and how to expand that demand. Marketers in business marketing advertising will also be aware of current trends and how to capitalize on them. The promotions department can help clients come up with special events and incentives that are designed to increase sales. Sales campaigns through the Internet or through telemarketing might also be considered. In the area of public relations, professionals zone in on a specific demographic or audience. Their job is to enhance a company or client's image in the marketplace.

Training that is needed to enter the field of business marketing advertising may include a four year college degree or more. College majors that might be pursued could include business administration, economics, or finance. There are many individual classes that could be beneficial as well. Accounting courses could come in handy as could classes in consumer behavior. Anyone who is interested in the more creative aspects of the advertising field may wish to study art and creative or technical writing. Obtaining a degree in journalism could be another option, particularly for a candidate who wishes to concentrate on the public relations aspects of this field. A student should take pains to cultivate abilities in such areas as public speaking and copy writing. Courses in communication, art, photography, art history, and marketing can develop skills that will be helpful in this profession. Many schools also allow students to participate in internships that can provide valuable on the job experience. As in most fields, a recent graduate should expect to start out in lower level jobs and work their way up to management positions. Computer skills are necessary for work in business marketing advertising. In addition to a familiarity with word and data processing programs, an understanding of the Internet is vital. This is due to the fact that so much promotional work takes place today on the world wide web. There are, in addition, many educational institutions that offer specific certifications that pertain to this line of work.

There are many ways that a company can communicate to the marketplace. One area that can be helpful to any company that is seeking ways to successfully use business marketing advertising techniques is through participation in trade shows. Trade shows offer the promise of exposure to a wide a variety of potential customers and clients. According to the Bible, a believer should hope in God and keep God's commandments. "That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments." (Psalm 78:7)

Another useful method of business marketing advertising might be email promotions. Reaching potential customers through targeted emails can yield profitable results. Many agencies can help clients connect with customers who have a predisposed interest in the client's product. This method of advertising can be both effective and economical. What ever type of marketing an organization might choose, trained professionals in the field can help a company make the best use of current promotional tools.

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