Cost Effective Internet Advertising

There are many sources of cost effective Internet advertising that are readily available on the World Wide Web. In fact, marketing on various web pages or via email are some of the best ways to reach thousands of potential customers for a relatively low amount of money. Consumers have learned to utilize the web when they are in the market for a particular item or service. They know that the Internet can provide a wealth of information on whatever the consumer needs to purchase. Comparison shopping is very easily conducted on the web as well. Merchants who are cyber savvy will understand how to place ads and information in locations that are most likely to catch the attention of someone who is in the market for a certain product. On line consumer directories are a particularly effective spot to place ads and information in the form of positive product reviews. Another good idea is to place links to merchant sites in the ads as well as in or near the positive product reviews. This type of cost effective Internet advertising can help to drive customers to a place of purchase. Making it easy for customers to learn about a product's benefits and then making that product easy for the customer to purchase are two reasons why on line marketing can be so successful. Merchants who make wise use of the World Wide Web can not only see sales increase, but brand name visibility expand as well.

To make sure that a company is tapping into cost effective Internet advertising, it's helpful to understand what makes up a successful ad campaign. Many of the same rules that apply to other types of media can be used to great advantage on the Internet. There are several basic needs most on line shoppers share. By skillfully appealing to these needs, advertising of all kinds can be very persuasive to consumers. Physiological needs are very basic and include a need for clothing and shelter as well as an individual's hunger or thirst. Products that appeal to these fundamental needs can sell well on line. The need for emotional, financial, or physical security is another need that advertisers appeal to when trying to sell products. Social needs such a love, friendship, and acceptance is an important one. It's not uncommon for on line marketers to tap into these human needs when creating a campaign. But one of the tricks of creating cost effective Internet advertising is finding a way to stand out from the vast amount of information, ads, and banners that compete for a consumer's attention. Before making a final decision on how to proceed with on line advertising, a merchant would be wise to educate themselves on the various means of marketing on the web. This can frequently be done by beginning with a marketing strategy that clearly defines a desired demographic as well as a set of specific goals.

There are many tools that can be used to achieve cost effective Internet advertising. A creative and skillfully conceived merchant site will be useless if no web shoppers can find the site. Methods of directing on line traffic to a web site can include search engine optimization, public relations in other types of media, emailed customer newsletters and announcements, written product reviews, linked informational articles posted on other sites, Internet advertisements, and affiliate marketing. Search engine optimization means attaining high rankings on the major search engines through the utilization of key words and key phrases. It can also be helpful to send out public relations releases to local media and beyond. Pulling together or purchasing a list of email addresses that belong to potential customers with an interest in the type of product that the merchant offers can be an important part of cost effective Internet advertising. Crafting informational newsletters and sending them out in email form can help to draw potential customers or clients to a web site. There are many sites that offer space for informational articles and these can be another way to get the word out there. Affiliate programs place linked ads on a variety of related sites. These ads can greatly increase both web traffic and buying customers. Product directories can be another useful way to reach consumers.

Creating cost effective Internet advertising is as much a matter of marketing skill as technical savvy. As with print ads, a good example of on line advertising will quickly grab the attention of the consumer. This is particularly important, as well as difficult, on the sometimes visually crowded Internet landscape. But grabbing attention is not enough. There will need to be sufficient information about the product conveyed. The ad should also create a sense of curiosity on the part of the consumer and convey a need to take action. Well done advertisement brings with it the expectation of increased sales. The Bible tells believers to put their hope in God. "Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee." (Psalm 33:22)

If an ad can also convey the possibility of a bargain through cost effective Internet advertising, it is likely to be successful. Special two for one deal, price breaks for regular customers or web only deals can draw a shopper's attention. However, it is always a good idea to do careful research before deciding on a price for a given product. The most creatively conceived advertisement will not to be able to overcome an exorbitant price tag.

Low Risk Advertising

In a lagging economy, low risk advertising may be the best option for cash-strapped companies. With businesses closing left and right and consumers keeping a tight grip on spending, corporations can't afford to gamble on high-cost multimedia promotions that may not pay off. Let's face it: advertising is really a gamble; and most companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote products and services do so at the risk of failing to generate sales from a fickle consumer market. To advertise or not to advertise is not the question, but discovering how to work smarter and cheaper to promote products and services is crucial to the viability of today's enterprises. Other than just depending on word-of-mouth, companies need to take some cost-cutting measures to get extra mileage out of marketing. Low risk advertising strategies, those which have the potential to generate sales without breaking the bank, include affiliate and network marketing, permission-based email campaigns, and targeted website traffic programs.

Affiliate marketing relies on a team or network of sales professionals which implements a corporate strategy to sell products and services directly to consumers by building relationships. Affiliate marketing is considered low risk advertising because of the relatively low cash investment sales associates are required to make in order to sell products. Associates join the organization for a nominal fee and are paid as much as 20% to 50% on each consumer-direct sale. The corporation bears the most expense incurred by developing and creating multimedia campaigns including brochures, television spots, and magazine ads. However, because network marketing relies so heavily on its team of sales associates to generate substantial revenue, initial and ongoing costs for creating and implementing ad campaigns can easily be absorbed. Marketing directly to the consumer through relationship selling carries very little risk because promotions are basically achieved through word of mouth. Relationship marketing also builds consumer loyalty, as repeat customers frequently buy from reps who are also friends, coworkers, and family members. "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother" (Proverbs 18:24).

Permission-based email campaigns also rate high on the low risk advertising roster. When consumers give permission for advertisers to regularly send emails to their personal in boxes, it opens up a world of opportunities to promote a corporate brand, notify potential buyers about special sales and discounts, and keep customers informed about trends and new product offerings. Advertisers may also use email marketing newsletters to build a loyal customer base and promote the corporate brand. Subscribers receive up-to-date information on a regular basis and gain a sense of belonging, which is so critical to building consumer confidence and loyalty. Savvy advertisers create an atmosphere of inclusion, as email recipients willingly become part of a global clan of people with similar interests and outlooks. The intimate, inclusive quality of low risk advertising via opt-in email marketing enables advertisers to target a receptive audience which is more inclined to buy products and services based on a need to belong.

Companies which utilize targeted website traffic provider services can capitalize on the Internet's remarkable ability to reach millions of domestic and foreign consumers with a well placed website at very little risk or cost. Providers typically charge under $2.50 per 1,000 visitors, all of whom have the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Ecommerce merchants should seriously consider adding low risk advertising, such as targeted website traffic, to their arsenal of promotional options. Professional traffic providers have the ability to streamline and customize advertiser home pages to appeal to a specific niche market based on age, income, gender, or geographical area. Utilizing expert site design and search engine optimization, agencies make the most of advertising dollars by building appealing interactive websites with flash animation graphics, which can be easily navigated. Keyword-rich content enables visitors to quickly locate advertiser sites on popular web portals and search engines. Because targeted website providers know how to reach and retain a specific audience, they can design user-friendly advertiser sites to enable visitors to easily log on, linger and revisit home pages again and again. Placing affiliate marketing links, banners, and emails into interactive advertiser sites also enhances the ability of an ecommerce entrepreneur to reach more consumers, increase traffic, and boost revenues at a significantly lower cost than traditional advertising methods.

The beauty of contracting with a targeted traffic firm is that advertisers can leave the worry of designing a site and monitoring visitors to the provider. Many agencies offer custom website design, campaigns, and other advertising services to help ecommerce merchants attract a wider audience. After launching an Internet campaign, traffic is monitored 24/7 and campaigns can be modified for greater appeal and to increase visitor hits and click-throughs. Low risk advertising via targeted traffic ensures that advertising dollars are not wasted by shot-in-the-dark promotions which fail to reach a specific niche market. Traffic providers' consistent and continual site monitoring enables advertisers to quickly change, redesign, or reprogram sites without a large cash outlay in order to adapt to changing consumer buying trends. Pages which show very little traffic or visitor activity can be redesigned to accommodate visitor interests without delay.

When money is tight, smart advertisers should rely on creativity and ingenuity to tap into consumer niche markets. Internet merchants don't have to be afraid of the big bad wolf of economic woes. By utilizing web-based low risk advertising tools, such as affiliate and network marketing, permission-based email campaigns, and targeted website traffic programs, advertisers can still reach consumers, increase traffic, and realize stable revenues. When times get tough, the tough just keep on going; and with a little Internet marketing savvy, businesses should be able to weather the storm.

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