Mass Email Advertising

Often mass email advertising can be a very effective and inexpensive means of reaching thousands of potential customers very quickly. Most campaigns are known as opt in programs. The term opt in simply means that the recipients have given permission in some form to have the messages sent to the customer's in box. Such permission may have come in the form of a customer and merchant relationship or a subscription to a service or an on line publication. There are many professional services that can help businesses create a mass email advertising campaign. Creating persuasive messages with strong and compelling subject lines is crucial. Marketers can help clients through each step of the process of crafting such messages. In addition, there are services that compile lists of electronic mail addresses. Clients can rent lists that seem the most likely to contain the names and addresses of individuals who would be interested in the client's merchandise or service. Direct mail campaigns blanket will an area with marketing information that is delivered via the United States Postal Service. Email campaigns operate in a similar way, but with one very crucial difference. The list of recipients that are used in conducting an electronic mail campaign are much more targeted. Rather than simply blanketing a physical area and hoping that at least a portion of the recipients would have an interest in the product, sending the message to potential customers with a preexisting interest can tend to be much more effective.

The basic elements of a mass email advertising campaign are an electronic mail list, a subject line, a message containing information and links, tracking software or services. Bulk mailing services provide lists of potential customers, usually on a lease or rent basis. The addresses will belong to individuals who have at least some expectation that they will be contacted. The qualities of a subject line in this type of marketing should be very high. Compelling and attention grabbing, these message titles should also honest and not confusing or deceptive in any way. The message itself should contain interesting graphic material such as pictures or company logos and perhaps other multimedia features. Copy should be persuasive and to the point. The whole effect should be visually pleasing to potential customers. Links to a merchant's web site should also be included in all messages. The ability to track mass email advertising is very important. Without solid numbers accounting for the number of recipients who open the message in addition to those who click through and follow the link to the merchant site, it would be impossible to determine the success or failure of electronic mail marketing campaigns. Double opt in marketing can also be utilized. This approach simply means that the list of recipients represents consumers who took some kind of action to confirm their subscription to the emails. These features are what separate this type of marketing from spam emails that most recipients find so annoying.

Creating effective subject lines is important in mass email advertising because this is the first introduction to the potential customer. A poorly crafted subject line could result in a recipient simply deleting the message without ever even opening it. On the other hand, a good subject line can not only increase the rate of response, but possibly lead to increased sales for the merchant or organization. Professional copy writers are often called upon to contribute this crucial element of mass email advertising campaigns. This practice can insure that the message catches the attention of possible customers or clients and that it will stand out from all of the other communications that flood the in box of the average consumer. If tracking shows that a higher than average percentage of messages are being deleted without being opened, a poor subject line might be the cause. In addition, the wrong kind of subject line could cause the message to fall victim to spam filters and never make it into the possible customer's in box. Certain phrases in a subject line can catch the attention of the spam filter and can mean that the message would be automatically deleted. Words such as free, special offer, or buy now could result in a deleted message. Since a successful subject line can make important connections with recipients, taking the time to make sure that this feature is well done is very important.

Another important consideration is the privacy policy that a mass email advertising organization maintains. Most clients feel that it is very important that information about companies or customers is not sold to third parties. This kind of courtesy and consideration can make a huge difference in the comfort level and confidence that the client has in any business dealings with the service provider. The Bible also contains instructions on how believers should treat one another. "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." (Ephesians 4:32)

One interesting option in the area of mass email advertising is audio email marketing. These messages grab the attention of readers right away by adding an audible dimension to the normally one dimensional message. Whether the audio information comes in the form of spoken words or accompanying music, this approach can cause a message to stand out from other marketing campaigns. In most cases, these auditory features will begin the moment the the email is opened. Whatever options a business might choose, using electronic mail as a way to reach out to consumers can be very effective.

Targeted Mailing List

Basically, a targeted mailing list aims for reaching a group of potential customers who are defined by certain shared attributes. "And Asa had an army of men that bare targets and spears, out of Judah three hundred thousand; and out of Benjamin, that bare shields and drew bows, two hundred and fourscore thousand: all these were mighty men of valour." (2 Chronicles 14:8). The attributes they share can be anything from age to online shopping frequency. Furthermore, one can choose to be as specific as narrowing the attribute down to a particular shopping pattern. And of course, shared geographic locations are widely and frequently utilized. Internet marketing that includes contacting a targeted mailing group is also a more economical campaign. This is because one avoids wasting money contacting people unlikely to have an interest in the product or business. And naturally, a person also avoids wasting valuable business time reaching out to the wrong customers.

Actually, the cost-effectiveness of a targeted mailing list is considered to be higher than alternative advertising methods. Not only are the ads unlikely to be ignored, but the marketer then has the opportunity to shape the ad in a way that best appeals to a particular consumer group. Clearly, this method is far superior to just sending out an ad to some people, even if that group is larger. Thus, it is a matter of quality, and not quantity. Therefore, effective advertising to even a relatively small group can have a lucrative result. Added to this, is the money one saves while avoiding a waste of time, as well. But in order to do this, a person must first decide which type of list would be best for promoting their business. Fortunately, there are many online resource websites offering various shared attribute categories one can investigate. For instance, a person can choose to build a list of consumers based on local consumer data. This can be done as easily as indicating the area on a map, and then selecting the demographics one desires. Demographics refer to data that statistically defines a population, for example, by education or age, and even sorted by the amount of household income.

In the first place, a person needs to choose a source from which to obtain the information. There are several ways, for example it is possible to sort the mailing lists found within many different organizations. Furthermore, a person can choose to either rent or purchase shared attribute information from many companies. Also, charitable organizations have databases full of such information, as do various membership groups. However, mere acquisition is not enough: success with a targeted mailing list is the result of knowing how and when to use it. In fact, they can be over- or misused to the point of invalidating the original worth and effectiveness of even those most specifically targeted. The term 'burning a list' refers to a targeted list that has been mismanaged. The result of this is a waste of time and business effort, as well as cutting projected profits. But with judicious use, they can become invaluable commercial tools.

Although most people would think of using these targeted mailing lists for posting messages to consumers, it is possible to draw much more use out of them. Specifically, the marketer also uses them to contact targeted individuals through the consumer's email address or telephone number. Another important aspect of using targeted mailing lists is making sure new subscribers are continually added. One way of doing this is offering something for free that people in the targeted group would like to have. And too, offering specials at intervals is another good way to both hold the interest of current customers, and attract new ones. Indeed, rewarding those new additions with freebies is also widely utilized. Other offers include printed instructive materials concerning targeted subjects of great interest to a certain group, as well as free e-books and newsletters. Very often, a marketer will encourage people to pass the newsletter along to others. And in the music business, for example, a person can offer a free download with a sample of targeted musical selections.

All in all, using a properly targeted mailing list wisely can increase a business' profits. Burning them is a waste of money that occurs when the consumers on the list become turned off by contact that is either too frequent or non-essential. In short, they begin to ignore the marketer's communications. And instead of concentrating on obtaining the largest list of consumers possible, it is more important to gather a list that best targets those most likely to actually make a purchase. In other words, the best possible list is really a list of targeted buyers not just loosely-grouped consumers. After all, even a relatively small list of buyers will out-perform lists that have a lower shared attribute quality. And naturally, marketers have the advantage of availing themselves of bulk mail rates which lowers the cost. By the way, as far as exchanging lists, and selling or renting them is concerned, an individual should exercise some caution. In the first place, one should become acquainted with laws and restrictions that pertain to trading a targeted mailing list. Meanwhile, one should give some thought as to the listed consumers' right to privacy. Therefore, obtaining their permission before selling or trading is recommended. But by and large, the marketer aiming for increased business traffic, and thus higher profits, can hit the mark using a targeted mailing list.

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