Online Classified Advertising

Online classified advertising is a great way to increase traffic on a website or market specific information, products, and services. Some companies on the Internet offer free classified advertising with the capability of using software to post an ad to many sites at once. Some marketing techniques associated with free listings are through lead generation, and they provide further enhance listings by purchasing additional exposure through sites online. Business ads when purchased are usually charged to customers based upon a monthly fee. Some sites provide an email link taking prospects straight to one's website or the capability of using an email link so customers can send correspondence.

Marketing on the Internet is usually inexpensive and many companies provide graphics and professional looking banners. It may be possible to insert one's own pictures with a listing for classified advertising. Banners through marketing companies may charge per click or visitor to a website. For this type of marketing, companies provide tracking for the client with the capability of monitoring how many visitors actually visit the site. The more visitors to a website the more the client will end up paying for the service. Pray about choices on the Web and consider using a Christian site to market through. "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" (Mark 11:24).

Marketing on a website can assist individuals to sell autos, real estate, recreational equipment, place employment listings, and sell merchandise, among other things. Through online classified advertising one can buy or sell. Prices and services vary between companies. There are quite a few companies that offer free online classified advertising with the option to upgrade listings for a small fee. Try the free listings first on several sites and see what happens. See if there are any noticeable results before buying space and enlisting services.

Email marketing is something to consider when placing a listing to sell merchandise and services. Some companies online set clients up with a simple way to communicate with prospects through mail correspondence. They provide a web-based interface and tracking using their own servers. Marketing companies suggest using a newsletter to provide classified advertising through email correspondence. Some businesses offer other services such as website design and web hosting. Emails correspondence gives the visitor the option to not receive future correspondence and when this happens the client's address is removed from the database.

Professionals on the Web work with clients to set up ideal ways to market their site and at the same time put emphasis on merchandise through banner online classified advertising. Consultants begin with business review and analysis to determine the best ways to accomplish business goals and stay within a budget. Taking all marketing needs to one company may be the best way to accomplish goals. Some companies that offer services to build exposure by increasing traffic and search engine solutions can help to design newsletters for email correspondence. Newsletters can be used for classified listings or to introduce new prospects to products and services offered. It is also possible to use newsletters to maintain current customers through periodically offering promotions that save the customer money. Consider using coupon offers or put items on sale periodically; or introducing a new product or service can be accomplished through newsletter and email listings as well.

Services are offered online to encompass online classified advertising and trade promotions. Some sites give price quotes based upon a limited amount of time that it will remain on a database; if after this time no sales have been realized re-submit ads or send an email to the company and have them run the listing again. The time constraints may depend on the item to be sold. Trade marketing services for businesses usually include a banner that can be listed for several months at one time. It is possible to design a banner individually or use provided templates through some advertisers and provide individual pictures or graphics to enhance the sale of the item marketed.

Magazine advertising through news publications are additional ways to submit or place listings for classified advertising. It is possible to place job employment listings through job search sites. Job search sites offer the capability of filling out a database resume so that potential employers can search to find the right employee. Job seekers can search their database for job listings as well. Searches are possible through specific job types and locations as well as the dates they have been listed. Most companies listed on these job search sites have contact information where one's resume can be sent or the option of sending the resume created in the database. It is a good idea to send a cover letter with each submission. Most job search sites provide this option as well.

Online Advertising Network

An online advertising network can be an effective tool for communicating an advertiser's message. These ad networks are companies which act as a bridge between the advertiser and the website which wishes to host the advertisement. Websites (and software developers) are paid money for allowing the ads to be seen when people access the software or webpage. Online ad networks share revenues collected each time that a visitor clicks on an ad. Their inventory of ads may be unrelated, and the ads appear in many forms.

Websites, blogs, instant messaging, emails -- all these and much more can be vehicles for an advertiser's message. Most of the time these advertisements are delivered through a centralized ad server. A larger online advertising network may use search engines, media companies and technology vendors to get messages across. Two types of online advertising networks exist: first tier and second tier. First tier networks have many of their own advertisers and publishers, high quality traffic and are able to serve ads or traffic to second tier networks. Second tier networks may have some of their own advertisers or publishers, but usually survive by syndicating ads from first tier networks.

There are several types of online advertising networks. A representative network clearly outlines where the ads will run. Brand marketers often employ these networks because they command high quality traffic. Revenues are shared with the network. Blind networks, on the other hand, offer lower prices for advertising, yet no control from the advertiser's end as to where the ads will appear. Their inventory is more of a remnant than brand market. These networks use ad targeting technology to steer ads towards responsive audiences.

A targeted online advertising network (also known as next generation or 2.0 ad network) employs targeting technologies such as behavioral or contextual marketing to gather customers. Using click stream data, they are able to more effectively promote the ad inventory they control. Contextual marketing is when an audience is targeted according to the content of a webpage. For example, an advertisement for buying gold or other precious metals may be run on a page which features an article about coin collecting. Behavioral marketing takes things a step further and targets customers according to behaviors exhibited as they view a web page. A person who purchases an item of clothing may be shown advertisements for additional clothing which prior purchasers of that same item also bought. At times the customer is not even aware that specific items are being steered their way. Other web sites are quite open about this practice and let the customer know that other people who purchased the first item also bought this second item. Often behavioral and contextual marketing are employed simultaneously. The object of both types of marketing is 'conversion', not in a spiritual sense, but rather in terms of a purchase or return on the advertiser's investment. Other forms of conversion may include signing up for a service or newsletter.

What about Internet advertising costs? One option for free advertising is article marketing. In this scenario, a person writes an article about his or her product or service which is geared to the desired market niche. This is then submitted to an article directory. Traffic is brought to one's own site through the author bio link. It is free, but there are other considerations besides Internet advertising costs. One is results. Some report success with this model, but results can be slow. Other forms of Free For All (FFA) marketing carry additional problems. Because of software which allows a person to submit articles or ads to a large number of sites at once, others may also be submitting their materials at the same time. This results in one's ad or article being featured only briefly on the site before it is removed to make room for the latest offerings. Another serious consideration to make is whether one really wants to become the recipient of the multitude of spam advertisements which are likely to result from this type of marketing. If an individual is intent on at least trying this method, be sure to use a dedicated email address so that the business is not overwhelmed with useless spam. (This may also help a business to gauge how effective a response was obtained through this particular method.) In any event, as Proverbs 16:3 asserts, Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

One popular form of marketing used by an online advertising network is that major search engines offer a type of advertising where a business submits a few lines of ad which includes certain keywords that it has targeted for the desired audience. The advertiser pays only if a person clicks on the ad and goes to the site. These ads usually show up as 'sponsored links' when an Internet search is initiated. This may be effective in that the customer is already interested in receiving information about the same topic, so he or she may be quite likely to click on the ad. However, certain effective keywords are more popular and thus, more expensive. Yet, in this case, perhaps one should be less concerned with Internet advertising costs and focus upon the fact that these ads are running in a venue which may be richly productive for obtaining potential customers.

At times of economic downturns, online marketing may experience a lull in profits, as businesses have less available money for Internet advertising costs. However, some savvy entrepreneurs insist that such a time is instead a prime opportunity to let one's message be heard. When the number of ads is less, a business' message is more likely to be noticed by potential customers. In general, marketers seem to agree that these online ads are an important part of the mixture of resources used to generate customers. Therefore, much to the delight of the owner of an online advertising network, there does not seem to be a time when it is not appropriate to make use of this form of advertising.

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