Online Web Advertising

Online web advertising includes all of the methods by which businesses attempt to get Web surfers attention and sell their products and services. Pop up ads, banners, sidebar links, social networks, emails and affiliate networks are all methods used by businesses to attract new customers and gain leads for new sales generation. But advertising on the Internet has been around for almost fifteen years and many users are looking at the ads they see on the Web in a different way. Online web promotion is becoming more and more of a science as everyday users of the Internet are becoming increasingly irritated by the many ways that web advertising can often surreptitiously take over a website that one is trying to view. The challenge for advertisers these days is to consider and find other ways of getting viewers' attention.

The methods for Internet promotions haven't really changed much in the past ten years. Pop up ads are still a big staple among a lot of advertisers, but they drive net surfers crazy. Researchers are quick to point out that pop ups are the highest rated form of despised advertising. Ads that try and bait surfers into clicking on it rated almost as low and ads that suddenly appear and hide what you are really trying to view are also widely disdained. When online web advertising doesn't have close buttons, and when the ad floats across the screen, or plays sound without asking for it, the ads are very annoying to Internet surfers according to research. So before a person ever relies on these pass kinds of online web advertising ploys, more time should be spent on highly proven methods of promotion.

SEO, better known as search engine optimization is an important tool that a website must have in order to be page one ranked by various search engine result pages. Search engines have so called robot spiders that scan pages looking for keyword phrases that are used by a surfer when looking for information. The more the website is constructed for optimal discovery and display potential, the more opportunities there will be for sales and marketing. SEO is critical in the overall plan for online web advertising. Research proves that sixty percent of surfers, when looking for specific Internet information, never travel beyond page one of the search engine results in their search.

Probably the most innocuous ads and the ones least offensive come from sidebar invitational links to other sites. These links are usually a part of an affiliate marketing network that attempts to join hundreds of likeminded websites and give each site the opportunity to make money from links to other affiliate sites. Affiliate promotion works something like this. The Way Olde Candle Shoppe joins an affiliate network that joins seven hundred and fifty home decoration, craft, hobby, and holiday and furniture websites. The WOC Shoppe has five pages on its site and so it agrees to sponsor over seventy five links or ads to other network websites and several hundred agree to place the WOC Shoppe's ad on their pages. Money is exchanged through a number of different options in the affiliate marketing agreement including, pay per sales, pay per impression and pay per click although this one is falling out of fashion with many online web advertising gurus. While some sites only make a few hundred dollars a month from sponsoring other companies' ads with this kind of arrangement, traffic to the WOC Shoppe's home site rose dramatically as a result of its participation in the affiliate online web advertising network.

Did you know that Christians can walk through life confident of God's ultimate care and protection? "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1) Affiliate marketing would now be considered a traditional mode of online web advertising, but some marketing experts suggest that companies consider the viral marketing power of social networking websites. Sites such as Face book, MySpace, Bebo and others allow for specific targeting in terms of age, gender, location, interests and have the built in viral advertising potential of being passed to many other friends and colleagues. Specific instructions in how to take advantage of this viral potential can be found on various websites. But there are other ways that can help in a company's quest to increase its footprint on the Internet.

Online web advertising is moving into the realm of being a partner with the idea of helping people find answers, not necessarily making a sale. This is a difficult concept for hardcore business people to accept, but in the process of helping customers find answers to their questions without a hard sell, more business can ultimately be achieved. Internet gurus agree that writing blogs that answer questions without trying to sell products is a powerful 21st century tool in marketing. The blog is a chance to write personally, without a bunch of hype and it allows the writer to become a sort of expert or "turn to" person when potential clients or customers have questions. The blog can have sidebar invitations to visit the company website and an invitation at the end of the blog, but the blog should be used for informational purposes, not product presentation. The idea is to get people to come back again and again and pass the blog on to others for their enlightenment also.

Online Web Site Advertising

Online advertising is big business from software purchases to SEO professionals who charge big bucks to make web sites search engine friendly. Large, online companies may include a hefty marketing budget each year in order to insure a constant flow of ecommerce traffic. From professional leads purchased to pay per click advertising, it can cost to generate traffic to a site especially for the big players. Other smaller companies may choose to cut corners on big advertising budgets while relying on cheaper or free online web site advertising methods. One of the best ways to develop a method of advertising that can provide a constant level of traffic is through viral marketing methods.

Viral marketing can take a little effort to put into place, but many strategies are free or low cost and are well worth the effort. Especially for smaller businesses that cannot afford huge, online web site advertising costs, viral marketing is a natural in the virtual marketplace. Much of viral marketing strategies are based on content distribution within the context of the World Wide Web. Just as its label suggests, viral marketing spreads from an original location until it has developed into a full blown marketing epidemic. Through the method of giving away free information or informational items, a business can accomplish visibility and establish expertise in some area. This will attract consumers who pick up the information in some form.

There are several basic tools in which to implement this type of online advertising. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase." (Proverbs 3:5-7,9) Through the use of articles, ebooks, newsletters, contests and other content based options powerful, viral marketing methods can be implemented. An easy way to create a viral tool is through ebooks that are given away by downloading them from a business site. People who download an ebook with helpful information will want to give away the ebook themselves and so on.

A business can insert a back link and advertisements within the ebook that continues to market the site no matter how many people download the ebook. A free ebook is interesting to many consumers and can provide good online web site advertising that will continue to move through the World Wide Web. Another popular viral tool is software that is offered free to anyone who wishes to download it. Again, adding links and advertisement within the software is necessary to continued marketing as people pass the free product along to other visitors from their web sites. Content given away through article circulation and business reports are solid online advertising tools.

Articles about subjects that relate to a certain service or product can be submitted to many article sites that accept content without charge. The article should contain a link back to the business site and advertisement information that must accompany its free distribution to any other web sites. This is a perfect viral marketing concept because everyone loves free information that provides expert advice and tips that can be reproduced at other sites. Reports that offer brief, professional information are exceptionally valuable to many people who are always looking for information to insert into their company newsletter or on their particular site. By including links and further advertisement within the body of the report, online advertising is easily achieved. Another interesting method that is sure to multiply viral efforts is through various contests.

Some particular contest that is offered on an ongoing basis or offered sporadically can be effectively used as other web sites add it to their site. Contests can be offered within the body of a web site or offered through a subscriber list. In order to insure the effectiveness and the purpose of any free gift, contest or article submission, make sure to specify that anyone who takes advantage of the free offer should agree to leave links and ads as they are found within the copy. This will provide easy access for anyone who finds the online marketing information and wants to access the particular site that offered the ebook or article.

Other strategies such as banner ads, email campaigns, text ads and various other linking techniques are part of an overall marketing plan as well. Offline methods such as direct mail campaigns, various media outlet ads, and telemarketing can also be successful. There are many online web site advertising methods that can be used by business sites, but viral marketing can prove to be one of the most effective in terms of cost and effort. However, recognition and sales can be on a constant growth pattern through smart viral marketing methods that fit nicely into almost anyone's marketing tool box.

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