Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is an inexpensive way to market a website and be charged based on the actual clicks received. Marketing companies provide programs that help the web-based business owner create ads and display them through various sites to generate online traffic. Some advertising organizations provide a directory for the client to browse through that provides choices for ads to be placed with other sites. Creating ads is possible through the marketing company and usually consists of a title and description lines. Another option that is gaining in popularity through Internet marketing is pay per inquiry advertising because it gives business owners versatility in reaching prospects online by providing exposure through radio and television or other media.

Many marketing centers offer the client the capability of monitoring their ad performance through online reports that provide key information on clicks and total amount charged per click. Some advertisers let the client bid on the price charged for pay per click advertising through a maximum bid price; the higher the price paid, the better the location with the search engine. To optimize search engine performance learn how keywords can make a difference. Choose keywords that describe the products and services that are sold through the website. This is a great way to drive traffic to a website and give a business maximum exposure while controlling marketing expense. The client may have to pay a deposit amount initially to begin service. Some marketing companies or search engines that offer pay per click advertising will allow the client to view reviews associated with their service.

It should be the concern of every business owner to provide consumers with products and services that add to the quality of life. When placing an ad online keep in mind that many different types of consumers will be accessing it. It should be of high moral character and suitable for all age groups. "Let all things be done decently and in order" (1 Corinthians 14:40). Do business with Christian organizations whenever possible since they usually engage in moral business practices.

Become part of an affiliate program to receive pay per click advertising. Affiliate programs pay partners commissions for any business received through their site when visitors access the provided link. Customizing layouts of ads is possible and the capability of monitoring performance further enhances this type of program. Commissions paid by affiliate programs are usually based upon viewers accessing one's website, however, some companies only pay based upon sales received. Either way, it is a good way to increase sales. Many companies allow clients to become an affiliate partner with no membership or setup fees included.

Some marketing companies that offer pay per click advertising provide keyword analysis to optimize performance of keywords. Providing personal attention and unlimited keyword placement, they analyze the competition to help their clients excel. Some marketers offer online tours to see how existing clients are excelling. Search engine placement is the number one way to increase traffic to a website. Many people use search engines to find products and services as well as information. Some marketing companies that offer pay per inquiry advertising also offer quality leads to help generate new business. Use an organization that offers statistics on traffic realized, domain analysis, and charges based upon clicks.

When seeking out advertising for radio and television find a marketing company that offers pay per inquiry advertising. Radio and television stations run commercial ads through unsold airtime and marketers pay them a set fee for every lead recognized. Payment is made based upon inquiries from consumers, better known as leads. It is also possible to advertise products and services through mass mailing programs and mass media programs. The cost to the client is usually a set amount per lead. Direct marketing professionals work on providing quality leads based upon consumer responses to marketed efforts.

For small business owners having the option to pay for advertising based upon results is a plus. There is another marketing technique that is surfacing through Internet marketing known as pay per call services. The business owner is charged based upon completed calls from potential buyers for their products and services. One idea is to have 800 numbers tied to advertising campaigns in order to receive calls from consumers, however, the cost of the 800 numbers would need to be considered to determine if this is a profitable way to earn new business.

Some marketers that specialize in pay per inquiry advertising develop relationships with radio stations. Charges incurred to clients are based upon actual sales leads that are generated as a direct result from the radio blast. Some people are avid radio listeners and will call and inquire about products and services that are marketed. A marketed product or service must meet with radio specifications and can be visualized by an audience through sound only. In other words, the product or services must be described where listeners can visualize it without seeing it.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Understanding and formulating powerful pay per click campaigns can be a key component to building your online business. There are a group of activities that are involved in online marketing that are an integral part of any effective internet marketing mix. Included in this important list of activities are search engine optimization, article writing, and media presentations. When each of these tools is used separately, companies do achieve some level of success. However when used in concert with one another; a beautiful marketing symphony emerges that casts an exponentially wide, yet very targeted, web to net a large pool of prospects. Search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns work like a hand in a glove to bring about the desired search engine results. The concept involves selecting the keywords that a typical customer would use to find the products and/or services that are offered and then use these keywords strategically throughout a web page, website, or online sales letter. When an individual is searching the net for such a product or service using these keywords, they will invariably come across a link that leads to the desired destination page.

Developing effective pay per click campaigns take a great amount of care and vigilance. The first thing a person must be knowledgeable and adept at is selecting appropriate keywords. Keywords are the seeds that a person must plant throughout their website in order to get a harvest. Basically, this is how it works. Keywords are selected that are highly relevant to the product or service you are offering. You would then utilize these keywords within the content that is written on the company website or on webpages that point to the website. Selecting the specific keywords is both an art and a science. As a person begins to consider various keywords, they must keep in mind the following three things; 1) that these words are those that most people would naturally use when looking for this type of product or service, 2) that the keywords are detailed and not broad categories, and 3) that the cost per click is worth the marketing cost.

Take a look at a telephone directory. The internet is categorized in much the same way as a telephone directory; except for the fact the number of categories are virtually limitless. Using the example of the category of cable television. In the telephone directory, it might be listed as "cable television" or "television, cable." In the telephone directory, each of these categories is separate and distinct. If advertising dollars were spent on these categories, there would be two separate bills; one for each category. One search on the internet is likely to bring up both listings. That is "cable television" and "television, cable" are really one in the same on the internet. Let me now explain that the keywords in the above example are not at all what one would be seeking to use in pay per click campaigns. Keywords for use in effective internet marketing are much more targeted. The idea is to "drill down" to search terms that are natural and hopefully unused by other internet marketers. Drilling down means to go from a large category to a more detailed category. For example if the product or service is cable television; the keywords used might be "cheap cable television in Savannah Georgia," or perhaps "cable television first month free," or "digital cable television service," or even "adding high definition to my cable television service." The keywords used in pay per click campaigns will be most effective when they are focused and detailed. The other consideration is that a person would naturally type those words into a search engine.

Determining the value of each website visitor is necessary to the profitability of each pay-per-click campaign. Utilizing the following formula as a guide, anyone engaged in pay per click campaigns should be able to stay within their marketing budgets and earn a profit. First, one caution. Because the cost of pay per click advertising is so low, many internet marketers have mistakenly be very lax about counting the pennies (yes, pennies). On the internet, pennies add up quickly to dollars, then hundreds, then thousands. Remember that everything you do on the internet is magnified because your audience i s global. Pay attention to every penny spent on a campaign and test everything. Test headlines. Test lots of different sets of keywords. Test every page of content. And test every offer. When a successful campaign has been launched, keep testing and launch a second successful campaign, and so on. "And the LORD was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. And his master saw that the LORD was with him, and that the LORD made all that he did to prosper in his hand." (Genesis 39:2-3).

Along with pay per click campaigns, one should contemplate the use of search engine optimization, article writing, and media presentations. Only when used together with other internet marketing tools will a campaign be most effective. Search engine optimization does the same thing that pay per click does; except for the fact that there is no cost when people click on the link. There is a belief that if a website has been successfully optimized that there is no need for pay per click. Although not required, it makes sense because if a person is just looking for information, the natural search engine results will render effectively optimized websites. Yet, the person may actually be ready to make a purchase immediately and that's where pay per click campaigns really pay off.

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