Targeted Email Advertising

Targeted email advertising is one of the most common ways to advertise a website, and reaches those people who have shown some interest by visiting the site of a business without actually buying the product. Just as a salesman on the car lot might talk with a potential customer many times before a sale is actually consummated, targeted emails may be sent several times before a sale is completed. The theory behind this means of advertisement is, if someone was interested enough to visit the site, it's fair to presume they might be interested in buying whatever the site is selling, so sending follow-up emails is not a form of harassment. Most of those emails also have a place to click to take the recipient's name off the mailing list, so for those persons who do not want to get them, they will be discontinued.

Another form of publicity that is aimed toward a particular audience is targeted banner advertising. There are firms that will install pop-in banners at certain related websites that contain a link to the advertiser's web page. There are strict rules of content included with this form of publicity that prohibit anything inappropriate for a general audience. This operates on the same principal as the targeted email advertising, in that the people receiving the ads have shown an interest in the product or class of product, so the chances of making sales is increased.

Other types of audio and visual ads (newspapers, radio, TV) now include email and website addresses for customers to inquire about the products that are the subject of the ads. This has the same effect as the targeted banner advertising, in that it leads potential customers to where they can get more information and place orders. This is particularly useful when a seller wants to reach potential customers outside of his usual advertising sphere. Someone in another state, or even another country, can reach the supplier through the Internet more readily than with postal correspondence, and with less expense than via telephone. For the small to mid-size business that doesn't have an 800 number, this is particularly valuable.

Advertising has come a long way from posters, flyers, and signs of the pre-electronic age. While those tools are still effective, they aren't enough for most of today's businesses. With increased population comes increased competition, and a need to meet that competition with innovative use of the best means available. Targeted email advertising is one of those means. When a potential buyer receives the email, he doesn't have to respond to it any more than he would have to go out and buy something in response to a sign by the side of the road or a TV ad. However, statistics show that about two percent of the people reached will respond positively. When there are hundreds, or even thousands of people reached every day, the effort will pay off.

The companies that set up the email or targeted banner advertising do so for a fee, of course. The business owner will need to research the companies offering these services to determine which fees and services best fit his circumstances. Before making any such investment, the cost and potential returns need to be carefully considered, along with the history of the company. If the Better Business Bureau has on record a great many complaints against the company one is considering, it might be wise to look farther. Also, the terms of the contract should be read carefully, before signing up, to be sure there are not provisions from the initial information. Surprises are fun at a birthday party, but they are not wanted in a business contract.

No matter what other types of publicity are used, word-of-mouth is still a very effective way to get information, about a product, out to the general public. This means the business owner must be sure that the product he is selling meets the customer's expectations, and that keeping the customer happy by accepting returns when necessary, making repairs, or whatever is appropriate for the product, is paramount. Unsatisfied customers amount to bad publicity, which no business wants. Fortunately for most businesses, this isn't a problem. For those few who do not meet the accepted standards of business practice, no amount of targeted email advertising is going to make a lasting difference. Truth, which is belief in Christ, is mentioned in many places in scripture, and is central to a Christian's beliefs and life choices. "For the truth's sake, which dwelleth in us, and shall be with us forever." (2 John 1:2)

Electronic advertising is not different from conventional advertising in many respects. In order to reach a wider market, a publicity firm will be hired, attractive ads will be placed in strategic places that let people know how your product is superior to the competition's. Targeted email advertising and targeted banner advertising are just a little faster and more far reaching, which is every seller's dream.

Email Advertising Company

Email advertising companies can offer solutions to businesses trying to manage online promotions in addition to the dozens of other responsibilities that come with running an organization. Even if they know the ins and outs of communication via electronic mail, entrepreneurs often don't have the time to plan, implement, and evaluate online mail campaigns. Their role in the company is to focus on solving problems and meeting needs among their target audience group. Communication is often delegated to an internal specialist to manage or outsourced to email advertising companies that can ensure that products and services will be promoted in a timely manner. One of the most prominent ways for consumers to hear about products and services is through advertising. Continual communication to customers and prospective clients is vital to the success of any business, but it must be done effectively.

Email is one of the most effective media currently available. It decreases the distance between people and allows communication to occur within seconds. Plus, by saving paper, postage, printing, and gas for transportation, electronic communication, it is environment-friendly and cost just pennies to run. Businesses large, medium or small from the new shop on the block to the well-established corporation with years of experience can use email advertising companies to develop brand awareness, promote new products and services or push sales to a new level. Campaigns not only inform and educate new prospects about the need for their products and services, but also keep current customers interested enough and become return buyers. Keeping current clients is far less expensive than trying to replace them. The product or service has already been sold and loyalty established. Businesses who drop the ball here lose a tremendous opportunity to continue developing relationships and tapping into the power of recommendations. Plus, communication that is personal increases the likelihood of a response. Email campaigns are one of the best vehicles of personal, one-on-one- direct communication between an entrepreneur and his customers.

Businesses or corporations that are already success at reaching customers with targeted, personal messages and receiving positive responses may not need to outsource electronic communication. But for the many companies that struggle with using campaign to reach sales or marketing goals, outsourcing may be the most viable option. Email advertising companies can offer help in message design, content creation, list management and result tracking. Most Internet marketing companies offer an email marketing consultant or department to assist with those specific services. Before deciding whether an outsourced company is appropriate, business owners should evaluate their own internal resources. If the technology is available in house and a current employee has the expertise to run a success campaign, a need may not exist. But if current methods are not working and response rates are low, a consultant can help work out a plan of action to get the company back on track. Limitations with an internet service provider (ISP), inadequate understanding of current spam legislation and simple lack of time are also reasons companies decide to resource services.

With a valid email contact list, reputable email advertising companies can execute a plan that is compatible with the organization's business plan. Most companies have the resources and expertise to manage standing professional relationships with an ISP, working together to resolve delivery problems, avoid spam filtering services, and deliver communication that the customer can actually read. Although HTML messages have become the standard, not everyone can read them. Text versions usually have to be sent as well - usually at the request of the customer. Consultants provide reports including statistics about the number of messages opened, returned, clicked through, and bounced. This feedback helps them make suggestions about how to make future campaigns work even better. The service company should also be able to manage lists appropriately, adding new subscribers as well as taking out unsubscribe requests and bounced emails quickly and efficiently. Email advertising companies should also help build or expand the contact list through online forms for newsletters, special promotions, e-coupons, give-a-ways, and much more. Newsletters keep the name of the company in front of the prospect, but unless the content is usable or valuable to them, they will unsubscribe. Special promotions and e-coupons work great. Customers love to save money and will often purchase discounted because it's on sale. Email lists can also be used to keep clients informed of upcoming events such as open houses, store openings, new product lines, and much more. Consultants will walk a client through the process from the creative input and planning to implementation and review of campaigns.

As appealing as the process may sound, it is crucial to find email advertising companies that are trustworthy of having direct access to customers. Get referrals from other businesses. Evaluate sites the company has worked with in the past and scrutinize their methods. The last thing a business needs is to lose reputation by hiring a company who will spam their clients. It's too great a risk. Consultants should provide a detailed list of services, a projected campaign timeline, how results will be measured, and the estimated cost in a written contract. The company should agree not to sell the list of customers to other businesses nor should they send unsolicited messages to that list. "That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world." (Philippians 2:15)

Email advertising companies can manage all types of electronic communication for individual businesses, business-to-business (B2B) companies, publishers and even other service providers. Professional agencies will take the time to do the job right the first time, using a planned approach with the technology necessary to get the job done. There are many self-service software-driven companies available that allow businesses a do-it-yourself approach to email communication and management. These work for some, who have the expertise in-house, but it is not ideal for every business. No provider can guarantee 100% delivery, but professionals will do their best to provide a high delivery rate that will take a business to the next level.

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