Airline Affiliate Programs

Airline affiliate programs give individuals the opportunity to connect customers with the best travel deals possible and earn a cut of the profits. Every day, millions of people travel on airplanes around the world for business meetings, personal visits, and family vacations. Many search the Internet for the cheapest airfare deals and discounts that might not be available elsewhere. Both major airlines and mega travel websites offer programs to individuals who will agree to promote their services online. These services include a variety of services including tickets for airfare, hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises, and complete vacation packages. Many will even offer special deals for a combination services. The travel industry brings in billions of dollars each year. By joining airline affiliate programs, individuals can begin a small personal business out of their home or launch the next big travel site that will attract millions of visitors every month.

Affiliates aren't travel agents. They don't need to travel or even purchase anything to sell. Novices don't even have to have a websites. Anyone 18 and over can apply to be an associate. Most airline affiliate programs will help associates, or revenue partners, set up and get started. If the affiliate succeeds, so does the airline. But if an individual is serious about beginning an affiliate business with many different companies, then it is best to establish a web presence separate from a particular program. Technology makes this easier than ever. Links, web ads and banners connect visitors from an associate's site to the main airline for price quotes and booking flights. But what brings potential customers to the affiliate site is information: testimonials or reviews on airline services, blogs, articles, and compare charts that helps them make an informed decision about which company to choose. Note price ranges, and any incentives that travel companies offer. Showing comparative discounts have proven to double the changes of making a sale. With live statistics, associates can report where visitors are hitting the website. The airline affiliate programs have tracking programs that will keep a record of traffic and sales coming in from the associate website.

Because airline affiliate programs are one of the more popular today, they are also the most competitive. There are literally hundreds of these revenue partners on the web competing for consumers searching the Internet. The best way to establish a foothold in the market is to find a niche, a particular need that consumers are looking for and meet it. Research what problems consumers encounter and come up with a viable solution. Create content that is specific to the issue or that targets a very specific audience. Niche websites have focused on people looking for very specific packages, those in a particular economic group, or even travel needs for individuals of a particular profession. Associates can also set up multiple mini-sites that use different key words that might attract various audiences. The key is to draw customers searching for something specific that they are not able to get elsewhere. Likewise, God ultimately provides what we cannot find elsewhere. "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)

Airline affiliate programs pay associates according to visitors who reach the travel website through the associate site. This type of compensation works for all parties - the travel company gets a sale, the consumer purchases a ticket for a good deal, and the affiliate gets paid for simply being the reference. Payment methods vary from company to company. Most pay per sale, either a percentage of the total cost of the item or a pre-determined flat fee noted in the contract. Percentage commission averages about 2% to 4% of the sale. Flat fee rates can range anywhere from $3 to $20 per ticket or package sold. Some programs offer additional incentives for affiliates such as special discounts on vacation packages or free airlines tickets. A few companies work off a paid-per-lead or a pay-per-click basis. These agreements only require that a visitor reach the website or fill out some request for more information. Commission usually begins accruing instantly. However, some airline affiliate programs require that a base amount be met before a check is cut. Before signing up for a program, learn about the method of payment used and what, if any, base amount is required.

Finding an affiliate program is easy. There are dozens of directories available online that list airline affiliate programs and compare their cost structures and incentives. Individuals who want to enter a program should do some research to make sure the company is legitimate and trustworthy. Companies that don't offer good deals won't attract customers, no matter how well-developed an affiliate has formed the content on a website. Bloggers who frequently write about travel can also take advantage of these programs. Most people who blog will automatically include links to what they consider the best travel websites, therefore offering free advertising for the corporate site. By simply applying to be an associate, those bloggers can earn a few extra dollars in the process.

Whatever the reason for joining, becoming an affiliate is not a free ride. Certainly, associates can make a few extra dollars, but those who earn money put a lot of research and work into the websites they produce. Individuals who are serious about growing a business out of being an associate must be diligent and think strategically before quitting daytime jobs and working from home full time without a cushion. But with a solid plan in hand, associate programs can be a lucrative source of income.

Travel Affiliate Program

A travel affiliate program can be a great way to earn extra income for those who see life as an exciting journey and the Internet as a valuable tool and resource. Anyone with an interest in seeing the world can channel that interest into a career through online marketing. The travel and tourism industry is a vast one. Thousands of internet sites offer products and services that are related to traveling, vacationing, and leisure activities away from home. Current technology makes it possible for owners of at home businesses to book airline flights, hotels, put together vacation packages, rent cars, process passports, or even reserve a spot on a swanky cruise ship. A travel affiliate program can work in a number of ways. Individuals with pre existing tourism related websites can offer advertising space to various participating merchants and vendors in exchange for a commission on any sales that result from that advertisement placement. Other programs help entrepreneurs create websites according to their organizational template and process the requests of customers through that site. Most programs will also offer affiliates twenty four hour support as well. Sales are tracked through software that monitors the activity of an affiliate's site, or the results and purchases of web visitors who linked from an affiliate's web page. Affiliates who wish to know how their websites are performing can generally have quick, real time access to this information.

Within the tourism industry there are a number of specialized areas. A travel program affiliate may feature only services that pertain to one specific area. Hotel merchants feature booking services that can find customers the best rates available on a given date. In addition, these vendors can provide information on the amenities that a hotel may have to offer. By comparing the various rates and features of hotels and motels in the destination area, a consumer can quickly make a wise choice regarding accommodations. A travel related site might feature well placed ads, banners or text links that visitors can follow to a hotel booking web page. Any time a visitor links to one of these booking sites and makes a purchase it is recorded by the travel affiliate program and credited to the original affiliate. A percentage of the cost of the hotel booking will be awarded to the affiliate as a sales commission. In this scenario, everyone wins. The traveler is able to research and reserve the hotel room of their choice at a competitive price. The merchant is able to communicate and secure a sale with web traffic that might not have been previously aware of their service. Affiliates can earn extra income each time that a booking takes place. Many of these programs are also able to provide associates with the graphics and links that are needed to market the merchant's web site.

Some programs are more comprehensive in nature and will offer a consumer a wide range of booking and tourism needs on one merchant website. Such a travel affiliate program will usually deal with merchants who can handle every aspect of a traveler's needs. Traditional marketing methods involving creatively placed ads and links can be used by affiliates to direct web traffic to a participating merchant's site. Commissions can also be earned in ways that are a little more informal. These methods could include distributing links through e-mails, chat rooms, web logs, online forums, or instant messaging. Whether a customer is booking a rental car or hotel room, or is searching for the best deal on an airline flight, if that customer traveled to the merchant's site as a result of a link, the linking affiliate will receive a sales commission on all transactions. In some cases, a travel affiliate program may also offer a multi tier approach to payment. When affiliates recruit new associates for the program, the original affiliate can earn partial commissions on the sales of the sub-affiliate. Participants in a travel affiliate program can generally sign up as many sub-affiliates as they like. In addition, many organizations will pay affiliates commissions on any new merchant business that they bring in. Other tourism related products that could also earn valuable commissions could include travel books, maps, tour company services, and professional vacation planners.

Some merchants who sign on with a travel affiliate program will specialize in passes that vacationers purchase in advance of a trip. These passes can be used for admittance to various attractions including theme parks, museums, and tours. Purchasing these passes in advance can usually save vacationers money in the long run. Vendors who handle useful travel tools such as these can be great partners for affiliates who are looking for unique merchandise within the tourism industry. There are many online resources that can help an entrepreneur understand this area of commerce and marketing. The importance of learning from well intentioned and Godly instruction and advice is outlined in the Bible. "Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish." (Proverbs 12:1)

Another important area that may be served by a travel affiliate program is that of helping consumers obtain discounts on tourism related expenses. Affiliates can carry banners or ads that direct the visitor to sites that can use technology to locate and book the lowest prices on all travel needs. Vacationing is quickly becoming a luxury that many families can no longer afford. Helping to make this luxury a reality for many consumers may be seen as a real service by some merchants and affiliates. Currency conversion options are another useful tool that is frequently offered by many of these websites.

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