Auto Insurance Affiliate Program

An auto insurance affiliate program is a method of advertising and promotion that will increase auto accident underwriting business. This is accomplished through the partnership with other websites that have or could have some relationship to automobile ownership or to the interests of the target demographic. Affiliate advertising on the Internet has been operational for at least ten years and in some cases proven to be very lucrative for website owners. It is a marketing tool that is intentionally constructed, but as the campaign unfolds, will wend its way across the World Wide Web in a most unintentional manner. Affiliate marketing, sometimes called colleague marketing is not a wildfire strategy as the results often take many long months to build before fruition. Affiliate marketing might be likened to the small birds that ride the backs of ferocious animals, safe from their jaws but enjoying the ride. In the same way, companies want to go where ever their customer prospects go on the web and at the same time have their presence obvious at every stop along the way.

In the case of an auto insurance affiliate program, a marketing team from one particular auto underwriting company is about the launch its "No Accident? Get 1/2 Your Auto Insurance Premiums Back Each Year" campaign on the Net. Since there was no colleague marketing group already established one would have to be built by the marketers. Any successful auto insurance affiliate program will be built with every possible company or organization even remotely related with driving or owning a car. This company specifically targets teens and senior adults for discount rates and thus the network building began with a demographic study of interest for those two age groups.

An auto insurance affiliate program built around teens' Internet interests would target used car, entertainment, social networking, fashion and pop culture websites. Marketers had to contact hundreds of sites to ascertain individual interest in becoming part of an auto insurance affiliate program network that would allow a balloon on its website with the campaign slogan and link back to the insurance company. Having a successful colleague campaign is not a shotgun strategy where trying to establish a link to every known website is the goal. In fact, that method has been tried often over the past ten years of Internet history and has failed miserably. This method of marketing is best suited when the links are reciprocated and the plan becomes a win-win for both companies.

At each turn, the insurance marketers explained to the owners of various oft visited teen sites that the company would receive a pay per policy commission on every underwriting agreement written as a direct result of the teen or anyone visiting the insurance site and buying a policy. Some companies were not interested in the fifty dollar offer, and others saw it as an opportunity to increase cash flow. During negotiations, the prospective auto insurance affiliate program participant was asked of its interest in establishing a link on the underwriter's site also. It is when this interchange of cooperation is established that maximum profit potential can be realized. Of course, the underwriting company would also receive compensation for business driven from their site to a colleague's web address.

In the case of marketing the senior adult population, the balloon approach would be discarded in favor of a simple text link with the campaign slogan displayed. Auto insurance affiliate program marketers again began exploring the web interests of seniors. It was discovered that travel club, book club, do it yourself information, medical information, financial information, and dating service websites were all targeted as being of high interest to Boomers beginning to shed their work clothes for t-shirts and jeans. Of course, the same reciprocity agreements were sought among these companies and pay per click or commission fee agreements were worked out with those companies that were amenable to the strategy. Along the way of the campaign, programming was made available so that any participating company could log in with a confidential user name and password and look at the revenue being generated through this arrangement.

When that particular campaign ended, the auto insurance affiliate program continued to build revenue with relationships established throughout industries that were associated with travel, schools, auto repair, auto parts, GPS retailers, gasoline providers, local auto dealers and related businesses. The same tracking capabilities were set in place, and some businesses dropped out but some made enough money to remain in the program. Those who are in any kind of colleague marketing plan know that ongoing searches for new members must always taking place because of the turnover involved. Jesus made it clear that not everyone who is religious, or even speaks His name will enter heaven. ""Not everyone that saith, 'Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 7:21)

Administrators of these affiliate programs must always be on guard for the web content of affiliate sites. Some may contain profanity, adult content or other objectionable material that would cast a negative light on the members of the affiliation. And while the above exampled company built its own affiliation of partners in this commerce project, there are several already organized and operating auto underwriting colleague marketing programs that a company can join. Real-time tracking of site hits and monthly payments are made by the management of these affiliates.

Car Affiliate Program

A new or used car affiliate program enables Internet entrepreneurs to make residual income simply by linking home pages to automotive sites. Cyberspace is fast becoming the easiest way to buy cars, especially in a global marketplace. Consumers looking for the best bargains on new or vintage foreign or domestic vehicles can take advantage of hundreds of sites featuring products available throughout the nation and the world. Americans can buy imports directly from Asian and European dealers after comparison shopping online. Not only can car buyers save big bucks; but online merchants are happy to share a percentage of the profits with affiliates in exchange for posting links which drive customers to their home pages. When it comes to business, two online entrepreneurs are simply more profitable than one trying to go solo. "Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to lift him up" (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).

Why would an Internet dealer depend on a car affiliate program to boost business? It's really simple: making money in today's global market takes teamwork and creative marketing. The worldwide web is so world-wide that it takes some savvy strategy to direct consumers to a specific home page. Trying to drive customers to a single website on the Internet is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, nearly impossible. Smart automobile advertisers don't just rely on their own home page to attract buyers, but are willing to pay commissions to affiliates, owners of other sites who are willing to host another advertiser's link or banner ad to share traffic. Most sponsored links on search engines are paid advertisements; but in shared marketing, each time a visitor clicks onto a link to the auto dealer's site, browses pages, fills out a form, or buys a car, the affiliate gets paid. Commissions for positive responses and visitor activity can run as high as 50 to 60 percent or a certain dollar amount per lead when visitors sign up for specific offers.

A money making car affiliate program can offer cash incentives when visitors sign up for membership in online automotive shopping sites or subscribe to car lovers E-zines. Automobile leasing agencies offer residuals to web partners who drive customers to their home pages and complete online leasing agreements, for an average cash conversion of $6, $10, $15 or $20 per hit. A website owner who agrees to post several banner ads, links, articles, or merchant email addresses has the potential of earning cash residuals literally while sleeping! And there are usually no geographical limits to making money. The Internet enables buyers to shop from Chattanooga to Timbuktu from the comfort of a home or office PC.

So how does a typical car affiliate program work? Merchants employ tracking software and dedicated servers to allow other website owners to log on, using a unique Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, and password. When visitors browse the affiliate's site and click on the merchant's link, banner ad, article, or email address, the tracking software embeds a cookie into the visitor's home or office PC. The cookie is harmless, but enables merchants to track site activity in real time. From the first click on a link or banner ad, to the final online purchase, every move of the potential customer's mouse is monitored via digital tracking. Now why is that important? Because merchants don't rely on just one partner, but they may have hundreds. The embedded cookie is necessary in order to distinguish which specific affiliate site is getting the activity and to properly credit commissions and residuals after the sale. Tracking software keeps a real time account of click-thrus, generates sales reports, and computes commissions for each individual network member of the car affiliate program.

The advantage to enrolling in a car affiliate program is the potential for income due to the amount of traffic generated by the consumer's affinity for the industry. New and used car buyers, enthusiasts and hobbyists love surfing the net for the latest models, parts, and accessories; therefore the amount of web-based traffic can be phenomenal. The cars, parts and accessories literally sell themselves, because target-specific visitors don't have to be convinced to fall in love with the product! Once browsers log onto a site, they usually respond by filling out forms, purchasing memberships, or buying used or new cars. Every response is like money in the bank for members who decide to link up with a bustling car affiliate program.

The requirements for signing up for membership in a car affiliate program usually include owning a commercial website, not a personal home page. Programs are generally business-to-business ventures; in other words, Internet entrepreneurs take a "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" approach. And, as such, posting links works both ways: affiliates can post links on merchant sites and vice versa. Utilizing creative methods of linking member and merchant sites doubles advertising efforts and benefits both parties monetarily. Membership usually costs nothing or a nominal fee; and the program can usually be terminated at will by either or both parties. Enrolling in an affiliate plan can be a lucrative venture with little or no cash investment. Merchants and members are usually part of the same industry or sell similar or related products. To find online money making promotions, Internet entrepreneurs can log onto the Web and type "affiliate programs" into a search engine. Programs exist for anything from cars, vacation homes, and hotel accommodations, to haute cuisine, golf resorts, and cruises.

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