Book Affiliate Programs

All kinds of book affiliate programs can be found on the Internet, but the companies which offer Christian book affiliate programs offer a unique ministry opportunity to the website owner. The way affiliate programs work is that each time a customer orders a product offered through the website, that owner is paid a certain percentage of the sale for his role in increasing traffic and sales. Commission rates seem to vary from about 4% of the purchase price to 65% for certain products or subscriptions. Each company has its own policies for its affiliates, so be sure to check the details on the terms of agreement.

Many of the affiliate programs are free and a person does not need to be a computer expert to participate. Sales are tracked automatically and pre-made HTML code for product information and advertising purposes can be easily downloaded onto the affiliated website. Commissions may be paid monthly, quarterly, or according to an agreed-upon level of sales. Generally at least $25 in sales is required per month before commission checks are issued. Some programs continue to pay commissions (to the original website owner who located the customer) on every product ordered by the same customer for a specified period of time, or for life. Affiliates can check personal commission levels via the Internet at any time. Most book affiliate programs also offer other support materials to their affiliates, such as code for advertising banners or informative articles on procedures to follow in order to attract traffic and increase sales.

However, the best part of book affiliate programs for a Christian website owner is not just increasing sales or tracking ballooning commissions. Rather, a fantastic opportunity exists to spread information about books and other materials which can help other Christians grow in the knowledge of spiritual things and perhaps interest non-believers in exploring their spiritual options. There are many companies which offer books from a Christian perspective. Yet, even in Christian circles, many people remain unaware of most of the newest offerings in Christian publishing. Also, there are classics written by authors of long ago which are largely unfamiliar to many believers. Websites which make these items available are performing an important service while taking advantage of an additional source of funding for their own needs or for use in the financial backing of other ministries.

Speaking of ministries, churches can make use of book affiliate programs to offer Christian books on their church websites. This can be of benefit to church members, as it informs them of the latest in Christian publishing. Funds collected from these endeavors can be used to benefit the church as a whole. A library assembled from these commissions can be enjoyed by those who may not be able to afford to purchase their own copies. Church members can also be encouraged to donate copies of books which they no longer need. Purchases of books, study guides, maps, reward stickers, music DVDs and other materials for Sunday school classes or worship services may work towards reaching additional commissions, so the church's money is being used to produce more results from the same amount of funds. (Check the program terms to ascertain if this is allowed under the particular company with which the church is partnering.)

Outreach ministries can result from the expansion of the use of Christian literature within a church setting. A ministry to bring reading materials to those who are confined in prison or hospitals can help the church reach many more individuals with the message of the Gospel. Books purchased through the church's book affiliate programs may also be donated to local libraries. However, it would be wise to determine beforehand which types of materials are deemed acceptable, for donated items might be shelved or thrown away depending upon local acceptance of (or resistance to) Christian principles. Generally, though, libraries welcome donations, and perhaps people who would never enter a church can begin to explore biblical information about issues which interest them.

The types of books offered through Christian book affiliate programs are of a wide variety. In addition to materials which might be expected, such as Bibles, commentaries and other study aids, there are books written from a Christian perspective on nearly every conceivable subject. Books on marriage, parenting, and work issues abound, as do materials on homeschooling and missions. Science fiction and historical novels share shelf space with books about creationism and social issues. Actually, there are few areas of subject matter which remain untouched by writers with a Christian worldview. DVDs for instruction, exercise or entertainment and biblically-based toys and games can often be found at the same websites.

Make use of this abundance of materials offered through book affiliate programs to develop short-term Bible studies about specialized topics. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:15-16) A book-based study can be used to meet the needs of a particular niche of people within the church, or to attract others to the church. Keeping the study to a particular number of weeks is attractive to those who shy away from long term commitments of their time. Starting and ending the study on time will also be appreciated by those with tight schedules. Believers and non-believers alike can benefit from Scriptural counsel on marriage, finances, time management, parenting, and countless other topics. Non-believers who would not be likely to enter a church may still find out about Biblical matters through a website which is an affiliate of a Christian publisher.

Ebook Affiliate Program

An eBook affiliate program is the perfect way for anyone doing newsletters, authoring eBooks or managing a website to make extra money. Across the five billion or so pages of the World Wide Web are would be authors, publishers and readers of eBooks. In each case, these people have interest in how to write and publish, gather new manuscripts and find new literature not found in the New York Times best seller list. Within the community of eBook followers are stories of rejections, triumph, marketing failures, marketing victories and self-publishers to stay away from. The subject matter on just the publication process of eBook literature alone is vast.

There have been developed over the years of the Internet a number of marketing and advertising strategies. Things like search engine optimization, pay per click, viral marketing, email marketing and many other successful ways of driving Internet surfers and buyers to a person's own website have been successful, always some more so and some less than. But one of the most successful and proven strategies is the affiliated network program which really works off the interconnectedness that some sites have with some more than with others. In most cases, the connectedness comes through a shared marketing subject matter. It might be computers, auto insurance, debt solutions, gourmet food, and yes, eBooks. But lest a person get tunnel visioned right away, this is really about the connectedness between gourmet food and everything having to do with food from growing and harvesting to kitchen utensils and fine china. With debt it is about debt collection, debt consolidation, debt bankruptcy and debt counseling and with the eBook affiliate program, it is about everything books in general and more.

Let's put together a small example of how an eBook affiliate program would work in real life. Suppose that a woman has recently written a short novel and all of her friends rave about its impact on them personally. She sends the script to several publishers, all return with rejections slips and she reads online that only two out of almost a thousand unsolicited manuscripts ever make it into mainstream publishing's interest. As she reads a website blog for aspiring authors, she notices in the right-hand column three links to self publishers and her quest begins. At these websites she sees sponsored links to subsidy self publishing and at those sites there are links to vanity publishers and then links to publishers on demand. While she might have thought that her information hunting was just a kind of random process, it was the result of a very well thought out eBook affiliate program designed to keep the woman very interested in all things eBook.

Any affiliate advertising program is built around linking together websites that have common themes or interests. There are many, such as ones for car insurance, debt issues, computers, sports equipment, food, medicine and many more. In each case, those with websites in each of these general interest areas congregate together leading a person from one site to another, hoping that business and money land somewhere in one of the partner's or affiliate's pockets. Just as a necklace wends its way through beads or jewels, the commonality of one subject joins a group of websites together and in the case of an eBook affiliate program, a person interested in publishing, selling or writing eBooks can be kept busy for hours following the sponsored links from one site to another. But this isn't about love, peace and the absence of war among competitors, this is all about the George Washingtons that can be made and in many cases, lots of Georges are made through affiliate programs.

Authors who have written eBooks, publishers who print them, reviews of self publishers and blogs for authors, critics and others who have a website related to the eBook business may work together to sponsor colleague or affiliate links on their own sites. In order to make an eBook affiliate program financially profitable, agreement for method of payment must be joined among partners. There are three typical ways that affiliate partners are paid for renting out their web pages to partners. The first is pay per click which means for each link click on a host's website, the host is paid anywhere from a few cents to tens of dollars. The second is pay per action which means that when a link takes a surfer to another site that asks for information such as email address, name, etc., the link host is compensated for every field filled in. The third method is really a commission fee. Suppose an author's website sponsors a link to a self publisher that results in a book being published-the author would receive a commission on that published book, may be of several hundred dollars or more.

It's no secret that outside of the big mainstream publishing companies, few people really make big money in writing and publishing books. The eBook arena is a way for some to make at least a stab at a more than modest income writing and publishing. Cashing in on a colleague or partner network such as an eBook affiliate program is one way that struggling authors and all who are interested in forwarding the written word for all to read can have to make a better living. There are some already existing eBook affiliate program networks formed. Be sure and read all that is available on each network before making an agreement to participate.

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