Online Fitness Affiliate Programs

Fitness affiliate programs offer individuals the opportunity to earn money by offering advertisements and links to a site that sell fitness related merchandise. Getting involved in this opportunity can be a great way to make an income based on directing individuals to the sales site and from recruiting other members to take part in the program. Unlike other affiliate programs, these programs have products that are only wellness oriented to appeal to those individuals that are interested in health and exercise. While other opportunities sometimes end at offering products or services through the main affiliate page, online fitness affiliate programs will often allow the affiliate members to use exercise information and tips on the members websites to draw individuals with help and not just banners or other promotional materials.

There are numerous opportunities to earn an income in this way. For an individual with a website that is health based, adding a banner or link to the main website can provide earnings based on the sales that are directed from the individuals site. People that are directed from members site will be remembered for a number of days and up to a year. Signing up for online fitness affiliate programs is often free or relatively cheap, allowing the individual to receive earnings for no or little risk. There is also the potential for earnings by recruiting other members into the program. For an opportunity that requires payment for membership, the recruiter may receive a portion of that fee. Other programs offer the recruiter the opportunity to receive a small percentage of the sales that are directed from the member they recruited. This percentage is usually between five and ten percent. Some programs even offer an additional opportunity to receive between two and five percent on sales directed from the recruits recruit. This is often referred to as a three-tier affiliate program.

There are many different choices that can be found online and seem to be a popular choice. This may especially be true around the New Year holiday when people make resolutions or in summer when there are more athletic activities and opportunities available. One important product sold through online fitness affiliate programs is exercise equipment. Electronic products like treadmills and stair climbers can be found along with manual products like dumbbells and weight benches. Workout gear or apparel is another popular product that can be found through this type of opportunity. Some choices even offer products with the name or logo of the affiliate program for individuals to purchase. Other products like training videos for different forms or exercise can be purchased through fitness affiliate programs that are found on the Internet. There are many different training classes or routines that individuals may seek to fit their athletic style or abilities. Choosing products from one can be a great way to seek fitness equipment, apparel, and training assistance.

These opportunities provide the opportunity for individuals to earn money while managing or maintaining a website. For the individual with a fitness-based website, adding banners and promotional material for fitness affiliate programs can provide money for the sales that are directed from the members website. There is also the opportunity to make additional money from sales when it is a two or three-tier program where money can be made on sales made through recruit websites. There are a number of different products that can be purchase through online fitness affiliate programs. Equipment, fitness apparel, and exercise videos are all popular products and purchases that can be found. Unlike other programs, many online fitness affiliate programs offer the member the choice to use various tools and tips on their websites to promote health, exercise, and nutrition. This is an excellent way to encourage individuals to stay active and purchase fitness material. Healthcare and wellness are important parts of life and can be maintained through the purchase of exercise equipment and products through these programs. Healthcare is especially important for Christians because the Bible instructs individuals to care for the body and soul. "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." (3 John 1:2)

While most opportunities only offer links or banners for members pages, they often will provide members with additional health information to use on the member websites. Tips can be a very important addition to a website offering fitness information and links to the products. Tips on exercises, nutrition, and other health information can be motivational to individuals, attracting them to purchase wellness products to improve their health. Health tools can also be a big hit on affiliate member pages. BMI calculators that calculate whether an individual is considered to be in a normal, overweight, or obese weight range can be helpful in appealing to individuals who may not fall into the normal range. Other tools like exercise journals can also be helpful in attracting individuals to purchase these products from fitness affiliate programs.

Sports Affiliate Programs

Getting involved in sports affiliate programs on the Internet may present a business owner with excellent opportunities to increase cash flow and enlarge his company's footprint on the World Wide Web. Partnering with other sports merchants as well as providers of sports experiences on the Internet through the use of sports affiliate programs can raise profits and position companies for greater product recognition. An affiliate or colleague advertising plan is a time tested and proven way of helping almost any Internet company needing to raise capital to recognize that goal through cooperation with other likeminded companies, even with competitors. A colleague marketing strategy is based on the knowledge that visitors to specific types of websites are often hungry for as much information as possible and are willing to spend time visiting other sites until that need for information is satisfied. Moreover, most consumers are comparison shoppers, so the colleague approach plays nicely into that consumer tendency.

To understand how sports affiliate programs can help a company experience more profit from its website business and increase product recognition, the case study of one company can be helpful. A small company in the Midwest is a manufacturer of school athletic equipment. More specifically, it manufactures athletic equipment for elementary schools. Since this equipment is generally age specific, the target for distribution for this company has also been quite narrow. But across the country budget cuts have contributed to funding losses for physical education programs in public schools, so this company is scrambling to regain a market foothold. The Bible would dispute anyone's claim that Jesus was just a fine teacher or a good moral man. "For by him (Christ) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in the earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things were created by him and for him." (Colossians 1:16)

While the company did take a number of steps to reinvigorate its image, sports affiliate programs on the Internet were recommended to be part of the solution. After investigation, the small company's marketing director discovered four large colleague type marketing programs that were specifically geared to athletics in general. One of the reasons for affiliate marketing success is that the concept revolves around theme compatibility. In other words, like minded companies agree to sponsor links to one another's companies on their websites in exchange for monetary compensation. The theory underpinning this approach to marketing is that visitors looking for one specific athletic related item may be enticed to go to a number of other websites that are also athletic related, all fueled by an interest of athletics in general. So in theory, someone looking for an NFL jacket may visit enough links to other athletic related websites that the jacket buyer ends up buying a badminton set.

As an Internet user travels from one balloon ad to another, from one drop down ad to another, or from one text link to another, affiliates are hoping to cash in on the computer surfer's love of the subject at hand. Almost any mainstream product has an opportunity to be a part of an affiliate marketing plan. Computers, automobiles, health and beauty, mortgages, entertainment and leisure and dozens of other subjects can be the theme of a colleague advertising strategy. In the case of the sports equipment company, its linked invitation to visit the PE equipment makers home page landed on school administrator blog sites, college sports team websites, school student loan sites, children's health home pages, exercise video pages, private schools and many other greatly related or seemingly related sports affiliate programs members' web pages.

Sports affiliate programs, just like any colleague marketing plan, has an administrator of the plan in order to keep track of how money is being generated. In the case of the sports equipment manufacturer, it joined three pay per click programs. The manufacturer was invited to place its link on over four hundred sports related websites. Each of these affiliates would have the manufacturer's link on its home page, in the right hand column. The link would read wholesalefamilyrecreationalequipment. When an interested visitor would click on this link, he would be taken to the manufacturer's website where specially prepared displays catering to a family's recreational interests were shown. Each time an affiliate's link to the manufacturer's website was activated, a charge of thirty two cents was placed on the company's account. Each sports affiliate programs member could go to the administrator's website and privately view the income being generated each month through the sponsored links.

While these sports affiliate programs paid on a per click basis, which is standard for many colleague agreements, there are other standard terms that can be a basis for colleague compensation. For example, there is the pay per action affiliate compensation approach. This pay agreement is often used when marketers are looking for more than just a trip to their websites, but additionally want the visitor's email address and perhaps name. Companies wanting information so that additional follow-up can be done on prospects use this form of affiliate compensation. Pay per action does not pay for a click on the link, but does pay when the visitor takes action the company desires, such as filling in data fields. The amount of compensation may be greater than pay per click, but is always subject to the original agreement. In the case of this small equipment company, the participation in a colleague advertising plan changed how it did business, opening up new markets to giant retailers that had large recreational equipment departments and dramatically increasing cash flow.

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