Home Party Business

The phrase, home party business, used to conjure up images of plastic containers and makeup. But the times have changed since only a few major companies dominated the industry. Though this method of direct sales was a traditional means for women to bring income into the household, many men are now joining the sales forces. Newer companies, such as those promoting pet supplies, lawn and garden tools, and health products have a broad appeal. Though kitchen and beauty products may have laid the foundation for the booming direct sales industry, now it seems that almost anything can be bought through a direct salesperson. Several websites have been created that promote a variety of home party business opportunities, providing a one-stop place for potential salespeople to compare the many available options.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of signing up with a home party company is the opportunity to be one's own boss. Almost immediately, the new salesperson has a product to promote to friends, neighbors, and coworkers along with the backing of a supportive company. The work of building a brand and reputation is already being done. Even working part-time, the individual earns income and can take advantage of certain tax benefits for the self-employed. However, a great many people, especially women with children, sign up for a home party business opportunity because of the flexibility. Instead of working regular office hours, or irregular hours at a retail location, direct salespeople set their own schedules and appointments. The choice of how many hours to work is determined by the individual's personal schedule, ambition, and monetary need. Even people with a full-time job may find that working two or three evenings a week is worth the additional income and tax advantages of self-employment.

With so many products to choose from, and they are numerous, a prospective salesperson may find it difficult to select the right home party business opportunity. Those with a passion for a particular product may find it easier to make a choice. Pet lovers can sign up to sell toys, shampoos, and training equipment. Individuals who love photographs can find companies that sell photo albums, scrapbooking tools, and special papers and embellishments. Jewelry, books, and children's toys are other popular options along with the reliable standbys of kitchen products, cosmetics and toiletries, and health-related items. As with any new venture, the prospective salesperson should spend time researching different products and companies to find the right match. And if all the homework and research results in a tie, well, there's nothing wrong with trying out more than one unless that violates a specific company's policies. A psalmist wrote that: "Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening" (Psalms 104:23). Work is absolutely necessary, but when a person enjoys the work, then it feels more like play than labor. That's the primary reason for choosing a product and company that one can be passionate about.

Practically every home business party opportunity works on the same concept. The company provides products and support to the sales force who are considered self-employed. Individuals usually need to purchase some type of starter kit that includes sample products, catalogs, and sales receipts. A cosmetic company's starter kit may include mirrors, disposable trays, and other items that the sales person needs to demonstrate the home party business products to potential customers. Additionally, the individual purchases the products for resale to customers. Depending on the policies of a particular company, the salesperson might buy inventory to have available for customers or may take orders and then send them to the company who will fill them. The salesperson gets a commission, or a percentage, of the sales. When researching companies, the prospective entrepreneur will want to evaluate both the start-up fees and commission structure.

The home party business salespeople are responsible for finding hosts and hostesses who are willing to invite friends to their homes for product demonstrations. At the party, the salesperson demonstrates and promotes the company's products to the group. A game or two may be played as an icebreaker and to introduce the products. After the demonstration, the host or hostess usually provides some kind of snack and the guests place orders for the products they wish to buy. Because of people's busy schedules, the traditional home party is no longer the only venue for people involved in direct sales. Hostesses may take catalogs to office and get orders or host online parties. Discounts and other special prizes are given those who host these sales events.

Another aspect of the home party business, and one which can be controversial, is the use of multi-level marketing or MLM. Salespeople can boost their commissions and receive valuable prizes by recruiting people to be on their sales teams. The prospective entrepreneur will want to investigate potential companies to ensure that an actual product is being sold. Otherwise, the company may only be a pyramid scheme with the people at the top raking in the money while those at the lowest levels struggle to make any money. Companies that emphasize their products more than recruiting will probably be better choices.

To be successful, the salesperson needs to have a passion for the product and the company. Flexibility and the tax advantages of self-employment are important benefits of becoming a direct salesperson. But the prospective entrepreneur needs to do enough homework and evaluation to weed out companies that are little more than pyramid schemes. Additionally, the individual should review company policies regarding commissions, buybacks, customer support, and team-building. Offering a quality product at a fair price, developing relationships with customers (and providing incentives to repeat customers), and continuing one's own training are keys to success in the home party business. The opportunities are there for anyone who want to take advantage of them.

Home Based Jewelry Business

Starting a home based jewelry business can be a dream for those who have always desired to do something with which they were passionate and fulfill the longing to be one's own boss. Especially for those who are creative and can design their own pieces with signature flair, a home based jewelry business actually becomes an opportunity to make a splash on the costume jeweler world that no one else can quite duplicate. The opportunity to wake up in the morning and walk directly into one's studio or office still dressed in bed clothes and carrying a cup of homemade coffee can appear to be an amazing alternative to getting in a cold car and making a mad dash commute to a distant office every day. For some, during the winter months no sunshine is seen all week until the respite of the weekend. But before starting a stay at home jewelry business or any stay at home entrepreneurial adventure, make sure of a few important factors first.

A home based jewelry business means having the discipline to work the enterprise each and every day, despite the distractions. Once people know one works at home, friends will often begin dropping by to chat. An evening TV promo will remind you of some daytime talk show that sounds interesting to watch the next day. Errands that need running will cloud the mind and opportunities to just close the doors and get out for long walks will seem tempting. The entrepreneur must handle all of those distractions and temptations without hurting the overall need to build a profit making enterprise. Make sure the answers to those questions are honest, for any other answers will only show up later in lower profit monthly income statements.

Before starting a home based jewelry business it is important to know what kind of already built in support system is available. Knowing the suppliers for art materials and how quickly the companies can respond for emergency supplies is vital. When the arrival of an overnight supply package isn't soon enough to fulfill an important order, establishing how far in drive time and distance the nearest supplier is located needs to be considered. Issues about time of day when the national delivery companies usually stop by and convenient drop off locations are also part of the equation. Knowing where to go when business questions arise and being aware of other people in the area who can help with actual design problems or challenges is critical to commerce success. Some parts of the country are vulnerable to frequent power outages so if the business is isolated, being aware of the frequency of these distractions and annoyances to normal commerce flow will help an owner to decide if perhaps a generator could be a good investment.

One of the big differences between designing and making jewelry for personal use and opening a home based jewelry business is designing stuff that other people would want, and not just satisfying one's own preferences. For a real artist, this might become a huge problem. What true creative person really wants to work on something that isn't personally pleasing and satisfying? What artist who loves painting landscapes will put in eight hours a day painting Elvis on velvet? Working on designs not personally pleasing can be a huge challenge and can be the cause of burnout for some, so beware and acknowledge this unforeseen hurdle before it trips the entrepreneur up later.

Of course, just having a website isn't enough for drumming up business. For an enterprise such as a home based jewelry business, the best form of advertising is viral. Just as a cold virus passes from person to person, viral advertising works the same way and the low tech word for viral advertising is word of mouth. Street fairs, art shows, expositions, kiosks at the mall during Christmas, any opportunity to show off and display one's talents and products are an important part of having a resident commerce venture. Building professional displays that can easily pack up and be moved as well as aesthetically pleasing gift boxes in which customers can place purchases for instant gift giving are also important to enhancing a quality image. What others think of one's business image is important, but what one thinks of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world is life's most important issue. "Jesus saith unto him, 'I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.'"

But there is also the business side of running the home based jewelry business that artists don't usually like to even consider. Artists and designers want to create. They want to run through the fields in their bare feet and express themselves; they want to bathe in the luxury of color and texture and feelings and all that other touchy feely, creative stuff. They sure don't want to deal with taxes and expense sheets and deductions and invoices and customers that don't pay and all those other highly detailed obsessive compulsive distractions. But if a person is going to run her own home based jewelry business, this is all part of the experience.

So figuring out what will be a person's own signature design that separates hers from all the other jewelry out there is an important contemplation. Successful jewelry ventures always have that one detail that will always identify the jewelry coming out of a particular studio that no one else will have. Remember to do all one's homework before starting any at home business. Make sure that depending on the tools such as a kiln or outside oven one uses, the residence location can pass zoning restrictions. As long as a person is truly passionate about what she is doing, the major hurdle to working for one's self has already been cleared.

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