Real Estate Affiliate Program

Making money with a real estate affiliate program can be done through the savvy use of Internet links on targeted websites with common themes. The affiliate or colleague marketing approach to increasing bottom line profits and web silhouette can be accomplished with a well crafted colleague network. Using other websites that are strongly or even mildly related to real estate themes, links can be used to send customers to another real estate website, making money for the link host as well as a possible sale for the newly visited site. This is the gist of colleague marketing and has been successful for at least ten years. Tens of thousands of web savvy entrepreneurs have made money using affiliate advertising related to not only real estate themes, but themes of dozens of interest subjects.

For example, there are computer, auto, financial, educational, health and beauty, medical, sports, arts and entertainment affiliated networks, and often multiples of each of these. These networks, drawn together by a subject- relatedness such as a real estate affiliate program, can send a visitor from one site to another, all relating to the same broad subject, generating money for all and often resulting in sales. What can seemingly seem like random Internet window shopping for the surfer is really part of a well planned strategy to keep the consumer interested in the general subject matter and give more product choices in the areas of interest. Ever worry about the future, and how bills will be paid? Christians have a wonderful promise when Jesus said, "If then God so clothed the grass, which is today in the field and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?" (Luke 12:28)

This is how a real estate affiliate program might unfold to make money for all involved. Take the fictional High Interest Mortgage Firm of Sleepy Mouse, Idaho. The owner of the firm has seen a downturn in requests for mortgages and needs to pump up cash flow, so he explores different ways to do just that and stumbles upon the concept of a real estate colleague program. A long look at different available networks has him deciding on one that is more tilted towards vacation home financing. Many of the affiliates or colleagues on this network specialize in second home loans, but he likes the more leisure approach rather than a hard core mortgage sell. The affiliates on this network, over six hundred in total, range from websites listing acreage at fifty resort developments to investment opportunities to up-scale leisure clothing to Colorado ski resorts. In the mean time, the owner dresses up High Interest's own website, giving it a more upscale feel, with a specialized focus on second home mortgages.

There are a number of ways that an affiliate of any network can make money renting out their websites for other sites' advertisements. The most common would be the pay per click method which pays the host site a certain pre arranged amount each time the link is activated. High Interest's link that is present on other affiliate sites could generate as little as a few cents for each portal click or as much as tens of dollars for each click in a typical pay per click arrangement. The network's software tracking program that each merchant could check regularly would display the money that High Interest would owe to other websites for clicks on its link. And for products and services that are low value, a pay per click transaction is usually standard fare. But the colleagues of this high rent real estate affiliate program were looking for more than a few dollars for their participation.

In the case of a real estate affiliate program, the agreement is usually a commission of sales generated from clicks to colleague websites. For example, in High Interest's case the company agreed to pay a commission to colleague companies on loans that were initially begun with a click on an affiliate's site. At the same time, High Interest's own website would be receiving commissions from sales of acreage or investments generated from links allowed on its own home page. Changing from a first mortgage focus to supplying second mortgages for vacation homes allowed High Interest to generate a whole new market for its loan products. Additionally, High Interest also made almost one hundred thousand dollars from affiliate commissions in the first year alone.

If a real estate affiliate program or any affiliate program with a common theme is structured correctly, it becomes a win-win for all affiliates. Instead of getting lost among the five billion or more pages of the Internet, a company can have its name wend its way across the World Wide Web like a snake on sand. Being identified with other companies even through an ad on their home pages can raise the reputation level of a business. Of course, there are always dangers of a real estate affiliate program such as the integrity of some websites. Imagine that a colleague company of High Interest's that changes its image or its IP address and in its place is an ambulance chasing lawyer's website or worse, a porn site. Perhaps a bit of a stretch but possible and associations with questionable colleagues' sites could hurt a company's reputation.

So if affiliate marketing often works so well, why not just plaster one's own site with as many balloon, banner, drop-down, pop-up and link type ads as possible? Experience has proven that approach doesn't work. Tasteful ads that have a common theme with the host site have proven to be the best approach. And not all real estate affiliate program networks make money for every company. No two websites are created equal and holding the attention of the visitor until links have been seen and perused is key.

Mortgage Affiliate Programs

Mortgage affiliate programs enable websites that are related to the mortgage market to use consumers' interest in home loans to make more money for their respective companies. Affiliate or colleague programs have been used for the past ten years to increase website money making ability and to increase awareness of their company's services and products across the Internet. Because there are an estimated five billion pages on the Internet, it is quite easy for a company to be swallowed up in its vastness and a colleague advertising or marketing plan can help mitigate that tendency. Mortgage affiliate programs pull together the interest an Internet visitor might have about anything related to the mortgage industry and allow these related providers to make a profit from one another's websites. Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. "And if Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain; ye are yet in your sins." (I Corinthians 15:17)

When a person begins to ponder anything home loan related, the effort can produce an almost endless list of possibilities. For example, financial advice, loans, debt consolidation, home building, contractors, home design, blueprints, moving companies, relocation services, credit scores, banks, lending institutions and dozens of other websites could all fall under the related subject of mortgages. Since a person could be in one of a dozen or more circumstances that would even bring the subject of mortgages to the fore, an endless array of websites may be pertinent to an Internet search. This wide array of interrelated interests is what drives the success of mortgage affiliate programs. Consider how such mortgage affiliate programs might work for one company.

A certain businessman has been offered a job in another state and is deciding whether or not to accept the position. He opens a website to the prospective city's Chamber of Commerce to check demographics and other pertinent information and sees in the right hand column a text link to a realtor in the area. Once taken to that realtor's website and after seeing the home prices, the businessman spots a drop down ad for a mortgage company, and so clicks on that company's ad and finds out through an online calculator how much a loan would cost for a house in that prospective city. There is on this mortgage company's website a link to a moving company and so in a visit to that moving company's website, the businessman asks for an estimate of cost to move his possessions to the new city. From that moving company's website, the man takes another link to a home builder in the new city and requests a follow up call. While the businessman thought he was just clicking on various links to satisfy a curiosity, he was in fact using one of the many mortgage colleague programs that may or may not have put some money in the pocket of each website he visited.

To understand the power of mortgage affiliate programs marketing, imagine a shopping mall just for health and beauty needs. A person entering the mall may just be thinking about getting some lotion to clear up some acne that has suddenly broken out. The shopper finds what she needs at the very first store and has her purchase in hand, ready to leave for the parking lot when the woman sees another store that is promoting hypo allergenic makeup, something that interests her because of her sensitive skin. The lady enters that store and looks around; the woman doesn't buy, and is about to leave but then sees a store that has exercise equipment and the woman is interested because she doesn't get enough during the week so the woman goes in and looks around, and when finally leaving sees another store that is promoting an exclusive spa in the foothills of the Rockies that has an all inclusive two week get a way. Coming into the mall the woman wanted acne lotion, but upon leaving the mall is going to the Rockies for two weeks and has a treadmill being delivered to her house the same day. And therein lays the power of affiliate marketing.

Not only do mortgage affiliate programs or health and beauty affiliate plans increase sales, but just the advertising on another's website can increase cash flow for any affiliate. In the case of the businessman, the Chamber of Commerce made sixty cents when he clicked on its website link to the realtor. Had the man bought a mortgage loan from clicking on the realtor's site link to the mortgage loan company, the realtor may have a made a commission fee from that single mouse click. And on the profits go as host sites are paid for links to other affiliate sites. Many companies which belong to various colleague advertising networks can make thousands of dollars every month for providing portal links to other companies, even rivals.

How are monetary transactions between affiliates handled? Members of mortgage affiliate programs can go to the administrator's website and view at any time how much money has been made through allowing portal links to other websites from their own site as well as viewing how much they owe other companies for clicks to their own website. In most cases, commissions and pay per click fees are paid each month to cooperating affiliates. Mortgage affiliate programs and all colleague networks are agreements borne out of the knowledge that the Internet has made all companies related somehow, and that interrelatedness should be embraced and taken advantage of and not fought or shunned. As the world shrinks and markets become less geographically and boundary focused, new techniques for making money on the Internet will emerge. Affiliate advertising shows that cooperation can provide profit as well or may be better than the isolation policies of old school capitalism.

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