Stay At Home Business

The term stay at home business can often be a misleading phrase that can lead an unwary Internet surfer down a path of lost money and the realization that he was the victim of a heartbreaking scam. On the Internet, stay at home business is often the code phrase for being part of an ill conceived and not very profitable affiliate advertising program. The promises of easy and big money earned from stay at home business schemes are found in text links on thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of home pages. Yet there are plenty of people who have found success in their legitimate in-residence business ventures such as child care, bed and breakfasts, repair shops, garages, computer repair, consulting and many other genuine and honorable commerce enterprises. These kinds of residence based businesses take hard work to develop. But when an online website or text link announces big money fast and fortunes made overnight by starting one's own "remain in your pajamas all day and see the money roll in after you pay us a big upfront fee" business, the individual just needs to run the other way.

More and more people are finding peace and comfort in the decision to make money in the confines of one's own residence. The dominance of the Internet in all walks of life has made residence located businesses possible. In many cases, the decision comes after years of commuting for hours each day through blood pressure raising traffic. Some eastern seaboard residents never see daylight during the work week and that is enough to drive them to start an at home commerce venture. The failure to be able to participate in children's' lives, the high cost of child care and the increasingly depersonalization of the corporate world atmosphere has especially attracted women to the lure of stay at home business opportunities.

The pros and cons of a stay at home business are fairly well delineated in the minds of most people considering such a move. In many cases, it is wearing slippers all day instead of making more money. In others the issue is seeing the children leave and come home from school but paying for one's own health insurance. For other people, it's dumping the narcissism of uncooperative coworkers but having to now let the let the dog out three times a day. If the financial downsides can be overcome, the decision is often a no-brainer for many. But not everyone is really equipped to make a residence based enterprise truly successful.

It is the entrepreneurial spirit that drives a person to attempt a residence based enterprise. Right from the beginning, someone working from home as sole proprietor of a stay at home business will put in an average of two to four hours more each day on the business than the regular eight to five job. The passion for the success of a residence based enterprise must be stronger in the new entrepreneur than the internal forces fighting the life change. The distractions at home can be more frequent and intense than at the office and may come internal sources, the ones more difficult to ignore. Sources such as a beautiful day outside, the lure of Internet exploration not often permitted at the workplace, family activities or family members present in the next room, the freedom to do what a person desires all can be internal forces that may prove difficult to overcome. Though the prospect of an at home commerce enterprise is quite attractive, not everyone can handle the discipline needed to succeed.

So choosing a stay at home business must be based on a passion for something other than making money. But, unleashing that passion, coupled with the less stressful atmosphere of one's own residence can ignite powerful money making ability. Successful in-residence entrepreneurial opportunities are often found in the purchase or investment of a franchise. Hundreds of already proven business paradigms can be purchased for prices ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Perusing the pages of franchise opportunities will truly set the imagination of any entrepreneur's heart ablaze with possibilities, and that is the golden lure of in-residence profit driven efforts.

Admitting one's strengths and weaknesses, discovering one's true passion in life, finding ways to fund the purchase of a franchise or the equipment to turn a person's skills into profit and ascertaining if one's present place of residence is the location for such an enterprise are the fundamentals to getting a stay at home business off the ground. It is a given that if a family is going to be affected by such a life altering move, all the members should be onboard with the decision. Small children will probably not understand that a parent behind a closed door all day cannot be disturbed. Teenagers will need to know that a parent home doesn't mean that a taxi service has just been established for their beck and call. If all of these considerations sound overwhelming, consider the advice of Paul when he wrote these words: "Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known unto God and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6, 7) Yet despite all the cautions that must be taken and all the perks that a person might have to forgo, the lifestyle of the in-residence business owner maybe one of the best in the world.

Stay At Home Work

There are many reasons doing stay at home work is desirable. Often mothers are searching for a way to stay at home with their children. Other times, a person is looking to save money by not having to commute back and forth to an office everyday. Some would rather work in the solitude and relative peace of their own home without having to worry about being distracted by their colleagues. The absence of a boss continually watching over them is another reason many seek to find a position where they can work from their house.

Regardless of the reasons for deciding to pursue stay at home work, there are many options for those considering this avenue of making money. The first step is deciding whether a person would rather work for a company or for himself. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Working for oneself means flexibility and the ability to follow one's own interests when it comes to what particular job to get. People who are proficient with computers might find they would rather set up an internet-based business or offer a particular service that can be done over the World Wide Web. For some, however, being an employee for an already established company is more appealing than beginning a business from scratch.

Operating one's own business also means that the amount of income coming in is not always predictable. The upside, however, is the sole responsibility falls to the owner. While this may sometimes have a negative side, it means that the owner can rest assured that if he has been attentive to details, business dealings should go relatively smoothly. On the other hand, operating a business that allows a person to do stay at home work also means that the person must deal directly with customer services issues and any problems that may arise. Diligence is a must in this particular endeavor, an opportunity to "let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another" (Galatians 6:4).

When in a contract position for another company, many industries require that a certain amount of hours, and even a specific time frame, must be adhered to. This is helpful for those who need structure in order to function effectively in their jobs. An important aspect to consider when supplying labor for someone else is the history of the company. Before agreeing to accept any position, and certainly before signing any contracts, people should thoroughly check out the business practices of the company. There are several different organizations that have been set up by the government that are designed to report problems with various companies and their practices. Sometimes a simple search engine check will reveal that many have complaints about the business.

A popular trend in stay at home work is using one's house as a call center. Companies recruit customer service personnel to field incoming calls for major retail or service corporations; there are many well established and reliable businesses hiring in this field. The employment is not necessarily arduous, but it does consist of dealing with customers directly on the phone. Generally, the hours are set to specific shifts, which means that employees are able to plan errands and outings around already established hours. Something to consider before signing on to have a call center job is the amount of distractions in the home. Screaming children or noisy animals will create a distracting environment for both the employee and the consumer. One downside is that pay is often mediocre, at least initially, and it may take some time for a person to begin seeing a sizeable income.

Two other opportunities that a person can take advantage of when looking to do stay at home work are data entry and taking paid surveys. Both of these require a computer connection as well as time to complete the requirements. With paid surveys, the worker is generally able to fill them out at his discretion and as time allows. Data entry, in contrast, usually entails specific quotas that need to be met. People interested in these positions should make sure that they are able to meet or exceed the number of entries required.

There are other ways to do stay at home work without a computer, however. Women, especially, might be interested in offering child care from their home. Pet-sitting while owners are at work or out of town is another option. Individuals might also find a measure of success making crafts and goods and selling them to others. Some companies will also hire people to assemble products before they are distributed to the general market. Those who are musically inclined can also often make a passable income offering in-home lessons to students.

Depending on one's particular preference, there are many ways to do stay at home work. As always, of course, it is important that one avoid any promises and lures of "getting rich quick" or "big money for little effort." Companies that demand high start up costs or require the purchase of expensive software or material should generally be avoided, especially if the company is not sales based. There are many vying for stay at home work, so the market is saturated with potential employees. Since demand is high, it important that a person remain patient and diligent when pursuing an opportunity that will allow him or her to leave a conventional job and find employment in the home.

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