Webmaster Affiliate Programs

Most webmaster affiliate programs can be used as a vehicle to start an online business, expand the markets of a business, and/or increase sales of an existing business. When a company decides to make an offer available online, is when the idea of webmaster affiliate programs comes into play. An affiliate program can be an essential component of the marketing mix. There are two sides to these programs. The first side is that of the company who has developed a product or service. Let's call that the developer. The second is the entity that promotes the product or service; or the seller. Each of these sides work in concert with one another according to terms and conditions set up by the developer.

The developer has a clever idea or witty invention that they want to bring to market. "I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions." (Proverbs 8:12) After development, the merchandise or service is ready to go to market. The idea is to publicize the product or service so that people on the Internet can find it. Webmaster affiliate programs are used for just that. If the developer is a relatively unknown entity, a person doing an Internet search will not be able to find them by company name. Individuals will have to find the company using search terms. These search terms are generally words or groups of words, people normally use to find stuff on the Internet. In order for a search to be effective for the developer, the search terms used must cause the developers product or service to appear in the website listings that are returned through the search engine (Google, Yahoo, AOL). That's where the seller comes in.

Through webmaster affiliate programs, the seller is connected with the developer and thereby the offer of the developer. These programs set up the parameters of how the webmaster can use or not use the proprietary information of the developer to promote the developer's offer. The seller(s) is allowed to propagate the developer's message throughout the Internet. A payment arrangement is made between the developer and seller which includes how much, when and how the seller will be paid. A typical scenario for webmaster affiliate programs is comprised of the following: 1) Free registration of the seller into the program, 2) An Internet dashboard set up by the developer so that the seller can have access to prepared advertisements and links, a group of analytics, and summary of earnings to date, and 3) A regular bulletin or newsletter announcing improvements, promotions, and changes by the developer. Although there are variations to the format, these three components seem to be consistent throughout most programs of this type.

There are a number of website styles used to market the developer's wares. A directory is a popular model. This common type of website will attract people who are searching by category. On a directory website, the seller may be promoting many products by many different developers who are using webmaster affiliate programs. Most people are familiar with a telephone book. This is a common type of directory. A telephone book is usually limited, however, in category listings. For example, the category for cars is auto. In American, most people refer to cars as cars, not autos. On the Internet, a person is more likely to type in the search term car." A directory on the Internet is coded by search engine optimization allowing for people to search for car, auto, automobile, or even Honda, Cadillac, Ford.

Another widespread website style is the sales letter. A sales letter website usually has one very long page of sales copy and includes endorsements, quotes from customers, and benefit lists. Usually one-third of the way down (as well as 2/3 and at the bottom) of the sales letter is a call to action. This call to action allows the person to click through to another webpage to complete the sale. In most cases, if a sales page is used, the developer usually sets it up and gives the seller a unique link that the seller can use in emails, in forums, and on their own websites to promote the developers merchandise, skills or talents.

A blog can also be used quite effectively in webmaster affiliate programs. Benefits of use and customer feedback and views, on the product or service, is used as a platform with the product being offered as an advertisement on the side or top of the webpage. A blog format usually contains valuable and compelling information about subjects or topics relevant to people who would be interested in purchasing the product or service offered by the developer.

The seller has the freedom to configure a website in a way that attracts and keeps the attention of those people searching the Internet for the merchandise or services offered by the developer. As long as the seller follows the guidelines and stays within the terms and conditions, the way the website is configured is up to the seller. The main way people will find what they are looking for is the websites that appear on the listing when they type in the search terms. The job of the seller is to perform good search engine optimization on their websites so that they are easy for people to find. In general, utilizing webmaster affiliate programs can prove to be a low cost and effective way to reach your target audience. Whether you use this methodology to start an online business, expand the markets of a business, and/or increase sales of an existing business, the bottom line is you get a sales force that you do not have to pay unless they perform.

Free Web Site Affiliate Program

A free web site affiliate program can be a network of online/web partners that refer business to a person's own websites. It allows the affiliate to receive cash payments either by each click they receive on an advertised piece, or by each sale made by the efforts of personal advertising. The advertising is marked by a security number that is hidden within a URL. This hidden URL security number identifies the source of advertisement, which is from a particular affiliate, and thus a commission check is distributed based upon the amount of times an affiliate was able to get a potential customer to purchase an item as a result of seeing the item advertised. A free program will typically offer a base where a person can organize different marketing comparisons and keep track of commissions. This can act as a third party intermediary between the program marketer and the merchant.

Some options can be to consolidate all affiliate accounts into one centralized location. This type of program can be offered through each particular merchant as well. While there are network programs, there are also a healthy number of merchants that offer individuals a chance to organize sales for one particular company. A website affiliate program needs software that can track how many visitors went to a site and where each partner referral came from in order to pay a partner a commission or referral fee. Partners or affiliates typically refer others to their affiliate site by putting a banner, using a website link, on their own personal site so browsers can click onto the banner ad which will then bring them to a particular item or service for sale. Many businesses with website will participate in a variety of free web site affiliate program marketing techniques. It brings in extra money for virtually no effort. Some software to help with the business is available online and some can charge fees for their services.

Sometimes the fees are based on the amount of information that is gathered, or on the money made in commissions (a percentage). It is advised, that for the best organizational methods to keep track of a variety of techniques, that one invest in the security of an online website affiliate program. By offering this type of program, a merchant only pays an advertising expense when a product is sold (a percentage of the product price). This allows the merchant to save a tremendous amount of money they would normally spend on marketing products. The more people that sign up , the better chance the merchant has of selling products or services. People respond to advertising in many different ways. Some need to see a picture of the product, others need to read about it, and still others need to actually use the product or see it with their own eyes before they contemplate a purchase.

Money is electronically submitted to a third party intermediary, then directly deposited into the participant's account. This new type of payment method also assures security for both parties involved (the merchant and the participant of a free web site affiliate program). Since account numbers are transmitted through the Internet, certain encryption codes need to be developed in order to secure hackers from receiving that account information and possibly stealing money out of people's accounts. The Internet is a world wide network, and certain technologies in other countries may be able to easily decode standard account security measures. People who make business with a free website affiliate program online can never be too careful when using the Internet. "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave whither thou goest." (Ecclesiastes 9:10) Each person has certain talents that God wants them to use. People are on this earth for a very short time, but they need to take advantage of any good opportunity to use God-given skills.

Some merchants will pay a person to participate when provided with leads, or names of people from a certain demographic. These merchants may pay for the lead, or they may pay once the lead has been sold a product or service, but it is up to the merchant to contact the lead ad attempt a sale for the product or service. Those that participate in any website affiliate program will have to give the merchants a viable way to pay them. Many merchants will not want to send a check to each free web site affiliate program participant every time a small commission is made. Most will wait until a larger amount of commissions are earned before sending a check. The most recent development for payments online has been the use of certain 3rd party accounts. These third party accounts take a very small percentage for their service of the money that is transmitted.

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