Work At Home Data Entry Jobs

Telecommuting and work at home data entry jobs provide a source of income for people who want the freedom to set their own work hours and avoid the hidden expenses of traditional employment. But the allure of freedom and self-employment needs to be tempered with reality. No one is going to get rich quick by filling in forms or doing other clerical work. The sheer competition for these kinds of positions keeps the wages low. In fact, it can be difficult for an experienced person to find relevant work at home jobs that pay enough to be worth the time and effort. Even so, there are tricks of the trade for setting oneself apart from the rest of the pack. For example, the aspiring job applicant should make as good an impression paper as she would in person. Both the cover letter and resume need to be appropriately formatted, excellently written, and carefully proofed. An email response also needs to look professional with correct grammar and punctuation. Even one typo may be enough to have the work at home data entry jobs application moved to the little trash can icon.

Another problem with these kinds of jobs is the difficulty of finding the legitimate positions amongst all the scams. Potential applicants should carefully research any company that they are considering, but especially those that charge a fee. Apparently, some legitimate companies require a type of membership fee so that applicants can view job opportunities. But this is also a way for illegitimate companies to make money without much effort. Consumer protection sites may provide information that can help the applicant decide if a particular company really provides the services that it promises. Research can also be done by going to job boards and as many posting sites as possible. Websites listing work at home data entry jobs that have poorly written copy those filled with unwieldy sentences, incorrect grammar, and riddled with typographical errors should be avoided. After all, if the Internet site isn't professionally presented, it's doubtful that the people behind the site are professional. By evaluating a multitude of sites, the potential applicant will develop an instinct for those that may be promising and those that need to be immediately left behind.

Of course, a person who doesn't know grammar and punctuation rules may have trouble following the above advice. This person may be applying for work at home data entry jobs without facing the reality that such a position requires certain skills, education, training, and experience. Again, this is not a quick and easy way to make some cash. A professional knows how to write grammatical sentences, knows how to spell, is a fast and accurate typist, and is well-organized. Perhaps most important, the professional knows how and when to use such reference materials as a dictionary, thesaurus, and style guide. She pays attention to the details and completes her assignments on time. By building a track record of competence and professionalism, this individual will find it easier to get repeat assignments, add more lines to her resume, and build additional clients. Persistence and patience will reward the professional with as many work at home data entry jobs and assignments as she wants to complete.

The professional should have her home office set up with the proper equipment and supplies before accepting the first assignment. The basics are a desk and chair, computer system and printer, and a filing system. Since a typist spends a lot of time sitting, both the desk and chair should follow basic ergonomic principles regarding height and support. An ergonomic keyboard will reduce strain on the wrists and the monitor should be placed at an appropriate distance and height. Lighting should be carefully placed to avoid eye strain. The filing system should be close by and appropriately organized. The professional may also need a dedicated phone line and faxing capabilities. Anyone who is self-employed needs to keep well-organized records for tax purposes. Those with work at home data entry jobs, like anyone who is self-employed and has a home office, enjoy certain tax advantages, though it's best to talk to an accountant or tax professional about one's specific situation before deducting home office expenses from one's income taxes. One of the Old Testament prophets wrote: "Shall I count them pure with the wicked balances, and with the bag of deceitful weights?" (Micah 6:11). Solid record-keeping will enable the self-employed individual to prove all justifiable expenditures in case of an audit.

The Internet is not the only place to find work at home data entry jobs. The self-employed professional may find it easier to get that elusive first assignment by taking advantage of her past employment contacts. Either a previous employer or another professional may have assignments that can be completed at home. Local chambers of commerce, economic development centers, and small business organizations may provide additional leads to additional clients. Face-to-face encounters may give the professional the opportunity she needs to promote her services. Certainly, by accepting assignments from business acquaintances, the likelihood of falling for a scam is practically nil. Additionally, nonprofit groups often have the need for people who can provide data entry and other secretarial type services. Volunteering one's services may lead to work at home data entry jobs that come with a paycheck. By passing out business cards and promotional brochures to the right people, the professional should be able to build a respectable clientele. No one will get rich quick doing data entry work, but money can be made by competent professionals who want the freedom and flexibility of self-employment.

Work At Home Typing Jobs

At first blush, work at home typing jobs may appear to be the golden opportunity one has always dreamt of having. The jobs that appear on the Internet offer very high pay, very low typing skill standards and the opportunity to work as little or as much as a person desires. These work at home typing jobs advertisements throw around phrases such as a thousand dollars a day as earnings possibilities. The administrative assistant earning eleven dollars an hour at a legal firm must be screaming after hearing that one. How can an average typist make five thousand dollars a week which is more than an attorney, more than many doctors and more than a computer software designer earns? The answer is that the golden opportunity is really made of lead and there are no thousand dollar a day work at home typing jobs, let alone two hundred dollars a day.

Let's begin with the naked truth: any so called labor at home online job that asks you to pay money for a job opportunity is a scam. Whether they are assembly jobs, typing jobs, processing claims, posting ads or stuffing envelopes, offerings that promise big money, legitimate job listings, opportunities to sit back and enjoy the good life and all for an upfront fee are as illegitimate as an autographed Dallas Cowpoke football. Just look around and see how much money 40 wpm typists make in a temp pool. Eight or nine dollars an hour is tops. There is no way anyone will pay two hundred dollars a day for a typist unless a 1000 wpm is the gold standard. That basically means "War and Peace" could be typed before lunch.

Legitimate work at home typing jobs are available in some instances, but they will not be found online. Because of tough economic times, many companies are looking for ways to decrease expenses while maintaining the same level of output. In many cases, this means hiring out work to contractors who do not require benefits. Health insurance, workman's compensation, dental and life insurance, 401(k) contributions and other benefits can raise the actual cost of a ten dollar an hour employee to over twenty. Shipping out work to private contractors for a low dollar an hour cost or by the piece fee can drastically lower costs. So the economics will dictate that there are legitimate work at home typing jobs available, but they will be local jobs that businesses offer.

Before a person would ever be hired for a typist position, skills must be honed to a marketable level. Since an average typist would be able to produce about fifty words a minute, a professional typist ought to be able to produce somewhere around seventy five words a minute with few mistakes. That kind of speed takes a great deal of practice. Depending on what kind of word processing is being done such as spread sheets, legal papers, letters, etc., the required speed may be lower. But in most cases, typists are usually paid on the amount of output that is actually produced, so a faster typist can make more money. God's Word declares that no one can say there is no God for nature sings of his glory. "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly see, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power of godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1:20)

So if a person has good typing skills and wants real work at home typing jobs, self marketing must take place. This means that business cards have to be made. Have a resume ready that shows how one's experience has gotten them ready to be a reliable typist that can get projects done on time. Begin visiting very small businesses that may not have the manpower to employ a fulltime typist. Businesses that put out newsletters, flyers, news releases may need someone to call on when these projects need completed. Places like car dealers, insurance offices, perhaps non-profit agencies and office print shops may all need work at home typing jobs completed from time to time as well as students at local colleges that may want to hire typing help for long research papers. Building up a clientele of several companies that know they can count on someone to get the projects done may supply all the typing work someone really wants.

Work at home typing jobs may seem to be the great answer to all of life's problems. Perhaps it will help to answer child care questions, provide extra money or enable a person to go to school. But working at home is not a panacea for all problems. Doing contractor work does mean that a person will have to get their own health insurance. It also means that there will be temptations that will be difficult to dodge, such as beautiful days that are too nice to spend indoors. There will be errands that might seem too pressing to put off until the work is complete. Children may beg for attention or the television might be calling.

If the reader is a strongly disciplined person, then working at home may be a great fit. Getting distracted easily is not a good tendency for at home laborers. Wanting to get rich is never a good idea for people who want to work at home for somebody else. It's only when a person has their own business, making money for oneself that the good income can be produced. Perhaps if a typist eventually builds her own business with ten typists working for her the dreams of making three hundred dollars a day can be realized.

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