Work From Home Call Center

A work from home call center provides employment opportunities for individuals who prefer the benefits of telecommuting over long highway commutes from suburban homes to downtown skyscrapers. This type of job appeals to young parents who want a flexible schedule and to senior citizens who want to earn additional income. Some people have health issues that make it difficult for them to work a nine-to-five job. Perhaps they are unable to sit at a desk for long periods of time or have other ailments that that keep them out of the workforce. This type of employment provides these individuals with the means to earn an income working on a part-time basis from the comfort of home. In addition to an income, such jobs also provide a sense of dignity, productivity, and purpose. Operating as a sort of middleman, work from home call center companies match businesses that need customer service agents with qualified people who can meet that need.

Many companies are finding tremendous savings by outsourcing their call centers to independent contractors. The traditional customer support call center consisted of rows and rows of workstations housed in a large building. Employees sat at the workstations taking incoming calls from the company's customers. Sitting in front of a computer and wearing a headset, the employee handled various duties. Perhaps he took orders for flower deliveries or travel arrangements. Perhaps she handled customer complaints with a smile. The employee may even make calls to customers. For example, a company may need employees to make follow up calls to customers regarding a purchasing experience. The expenses associated with the building, the equipment, and the employees can be tremendous. But a work from home call center reduces those expenses, most times by a significant amount. The company no longer needs the building at all. The home-based workers usually purchase their own equipment. And the workers are almost always considered independent contractors. This means that the company saves the costs of health insurance and other benefits. Instead the company pays the worker directly or pays the "middleman" who is responsible for passing along the contracted amount to the worker.

The phenomenal increase in the number of work from home call center companies is driven by several factors. Probably the most significant is the advances made in communications technology. Workers don't have to be at office headquarters to perform their jobs anymore. With the proper equipment, calls are easily routed to computer workstations in private homes. The customer has no idea if the agent is seated in a cubicle or at the dining room table. Company cultures and views on human resource management have also changed over time. Many employees can be trusted to do their jobs with little supervision. The days of constant monitoring have gone the way of the typewriter. One of the psalmists wrote that: "The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate" (Psalms 34:22). As consumers have become increasingly confident in making transactions over the internet, more companies have developed an online presence. There probably isn't an internationally known company that doesn't have a website. The internet is a great opportunity for tiny niche businesses, too. The growth in internet business adds to the need for customer service agents for those times when a consumer needs assistance from a human being. Consider the websites that have live chat options. Only the website owner knows for sure whether the live chat agent is operating from a company office or from home.

As stated before, work from home call center companies are middlemen. They contract with other businesses to provide agents to handle customer service-type calls, including sales and support. These companies are responsible for finding workers, who are usually referred to as agents, and training them on their clients' proper policies and procedures. For example, let's say that a national flower delivery business needs people to take orders by phone from customers and also to handle support and service. But the business doesn't want to lease office space, buy multiple computer workstations, or pay for the benefits of full-time employees. Instead they contract with a work from home call center company. This company, in turn, contracts with qualified individuals to handle the flower delivery business's phone calls. The call center company ensures that each independent contractor has the proper equipment, provides training on the flower delivery business's policies and procedures, and oversees the independent contractor's work by performing periodic evaluations.

Prospective employees can take advantage of the growing work from home call center industry by setting up a small office either in a spare bedroom or in a quiet corner. Mandatory equipment includes a reliable computer that meets the requirements for speed and memory, a high speed internet connection, and a headset with a microphone. Of course, some type of desk or tabletop is needed. The chair must be comfortable and should meet ergonomic standards. Out of the home office, the worker sets up a communication link with the call center's central platform. This may be done through some type of digital subscriber line or via VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) technology. As an independent contractor, the worker is considered to be self-employed by the Internal Revenue Service. This means that the worker is responsible for paying his own taxes. It also means that he is able to deduct certain expenses. When researching work from home call center companies, the independent contractor should do her homework to avoid any scams. Legitimate businesses usually don't charge a fee for matching the agent with a client.

Work At Home Call Center

A work at home call center is one of the many home business opportunities that can be done via the Internet. Companies are readily outsourcing this type of work for people who are looking for home business opportunities. Other types of opportunities that can be accomplished online include simple data entry, processing orders, customer service through email, medical transcribing, rebate processing, and more. A work at home call center can be accomplished with a telephone and a computer that has Internet service. Companies often employ outside people because it can save them money and increase profits. One of the ways it can save them money is by not having to lease a building or location for employees. The savings with this would not only include rent but utilities and insurance as well. "He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich" (Proverbs 10:4).

When choosing the best opportunities for making money over the Web a person should consider the skills she currently has, financial goals, how much money is needed to meet financial obligations and if the opportunity can be accomplished without having to make a large investment. Work at home call center opportunities involves a minimal investment to start making money. Most people looking for employment over the Internet already have a computer and Internet service. For that matter, they most likely already have phone service as well. The one thing to find out when starting a job like this is if any long distance calls will have to be made. If there will be long distance calls then find out if the company will reimburse the charges. If not, then a person will need to find out the cheapest way to have long distance service and compare that potential costs against what is being made before choosing this type of work. The exception to this would be if the company provides a way to route calls through their own center.

The Internet has made it possible for many mothers to stay home and take car of their children and have time to get involved with a work at home call center. Some sources say that companies who hire work at home moms have thousands of agents all over the United States. This opportunity gives the family some supplemental income if done on a part-time basis. However, some moms may choose to work full-time. This can also depend upon how many children have to be cared for and how old they are. Younger children may need more time of a caregiver than older children. Those who choose this avenue of making money may be able to choose the hours that they work. Opportunities for supplemental income while at home pay anywhere from about $9 to $15 an hour.

Another opportunity on the Web that can easily be found is the customer care professional. Companies online that offer this type of employment work similar to a work at home call center. A person who is interested can apply for employment over their website. An applicant goes through an interview process and will often have to complete a skills test to make sure that she has the right skills to do the job without direct supervision. After the test has been evaluated and the applicant meets the criteria then a phone interview is done. Most companies do background checks on their qualified applicants before hiring them. Drug testing may also be something that is done by the hiring company. After being hired the employee will answer calls from customers, assist them with products and services, and answer questions about orders. Some customer service issues are also handled through email.

Training for jobs over the Internet is usually accomplished via web conferencing. This allows the person to listen to instruction and even ask questions afterwards. A work at home call center will normally provide the training necessary in a short period of time and is always available when there are questions or concerns. Companies that offer this type of setup may correspond with their employees via the Web and over the phone so some of the training may be accomplished over the phone instead of through web conferencing. An employee should be prepared to take tests from time to time especially after training periods to make sure that she understands what has been learned.

Requirements to be able to do a job with a work at home call center will include computer hardware, software, and possibly the use of a headset. The company will usually want the employee or independent contractor to have a landline phone that is connected to their system where the calls are routed through to have the best call experience with the customer possible. They usually require a broadband connection to the Internet either through cable or DSL. Businesses that advertise for home opportunities will not normally hire someone who does not meet the requirements to do the job.

When choosing to work from home a person may decide they enjoy it so much they want to do it full-time. Many companies that have online opportunities allow their employees to get benefits after being employed for a certain amount of time typically 90 days. So it is possible to be employed by a work at home call center and also have health insurance coverage. Businesses that offer benefits normally only do so for employees. When working as an independent contractor there will probably be no such benefits.

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