Acute Gout Symptoms

Dealing with acute gout symptoms can be painful and difficult, yet there are a number of medications and remedies that can help to alleviate suffering for those stricken with the disease. Gout is caused by too much uric acid in the system. The reasons for this condition can vary. In some cases, a patient's body might produce too much uric acid. In other instances, an individual might experience difficulty metabolizing this substance. When uric acid builds up in a patient's system, a number of negative consequences can result. Deposits of uric acid can cause kidney stones as well as gouty arthritis. Individuals who experience acute gout symptoms will notice a redness and swollen area around a joint, most likely the big toe. The joint will also be very warm to the touch and painful. Such attacks are usually the result of years of accumulation of uric crystals in the joint. As these crystals silently gather, they set the stage for a gout attack. Other areas of the body that could experience symptoms would include the heel, the ankle, the knee, the finger, the instep, the elbow, and the wrist. If attacks persist, damage to the joint can occur.

Men between the ages of forty and sixty are most likely to experience acute gout symptoms. Women and younger people can experience attacks of this disease, but this happens less frequently. One attack does not necessarily indicate that more incidences of this disease will occur. Rich diets can be a factor in this illness as can a malfunction of the liver. If the liver produces large amounts of uric acid, there is a chance that the body will not be able to excrete the acid through urine and it will build up in the bloodstream. The kidney's job is to filter this substance from the blood. When there is too much uric acid for the kidney to handle, real problems can begin. From the bloodstream, the uric acid may travel and settle in other locations in the body. If the crystallized uric acid settles in joint spaces, the patient will experience joint stiffness, swelling, inflammation, and pain. An overindulgence in alcoholic beverages can inhibit the body's ability to remove uric acid and can be a contributing factor in the development of acute gout symptoms. Other risk factors could include exposure to lead and taking certain medications such as aspirins and diuretics.

A doctor might diagnose this disease on the basis of acute gout symptoms and through other methods as well. The physician may insert a needle into the swollen joint and retrieve fluid from the joint spaces. This fluid will be examined in a laboratory to see if the presence of uric acid crystals can be found. Infections in the joint could exhibit similar symptoms. For this reason, the fluid will usually be examined for the presence of bacteria so that the correct diagnosis can be made and a serious infection can be ruled out. A simple blood test might be performed to check for urate in the blood. Blood tests are not only less invasive than removing fluid from the joint, but will also be considerably less painful. Some medical professionals might also order a series of X-rays of the afflicted joint to rule out other conditions. In other cases, a physician might try to alleviate the situation by drawing all of the excess fluid out of the joint. Complications that may be associated with this illness could include damage to the kidney by the accumulation of uric crystals, the development of kidney stones, involvement of other joints, and permanent joint damage.

Preventing acute gout symptoms can include a variety of measures. Those who suffer from this disease should avoid foods that are high in purine. These foods could include kidney, liver, and some seafood, particularly anchovies, sardines, and mackerel. Certain vegetables can be problematic as well. For example cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, and lentils could prompt acute gout symptoms. An over indulgence in alcohol should be avoided as well. As is the case with many physical ailments, a healthy diet along with regular exercise are very important. Loosing unwanted pounds is another important step in dealing with this disease. Drinking water throughout the day can also be important. Rich foods such as sweets and pastries, cream sauces and gravy can aggravate this condition. Red meat that is full of fat can be harmful as well and may help to initiate a gout attack. Of course, the care of a skilled physician can make a big difference in the life of a patient who faces this disease. Continuing to take prescribed medications can help to ward off the symptoms of the diseases as well. The Bible provides assurances to the poor that God will not forget them. "For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever." (Psalm 9:18)

Treatments for acute gout symptoms can involve a number of steps and medications. Patients should keep the afflicted joint in an elevated position. Immobilizing the joint to ensure that it rests can be helpful as well. Applying ice to the joint periodically can help to alleviate swelling. A doctor may prescribe a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug. These drugs can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. In some cases, a steroid injection may be called for. Quality medical care along with preventative steps can help patients deal with this illness and experience recovery.

Home Remedies For Gout

Many home remedies for gout are recommended throughout cultural and folk history. Some suggestions work better for some people than others, just as with anything. Understanding the root cause of any illness will lead a person to find the best natural cure for gout. Learning more about how the body works and the specific reasons these cures are successful will lead anyone to the most appropriate decision for each unique situation. Gout is a disease causing inflammation to the joints, which is caused by irritation from lack of lubricating cartilage surrounding the joints. When foods are consumed that are high is uric acid the uric acid actually eats at the cushion provided at the joints. Change in food consumption and exercise can help restore mobility, but little can be done to replace cartilage. Careful planning early in life based on previous generations experience with the disease is important to the best natural cure for gout. Being proactive versus reactive always offers the best result.

The cause is related to metabolic or renal problems. Middle age men are at most risk of developing this disease as well as anyone with the disease in their family or people who are overweight and the diseases related such as high blood pressure. The presence of fungi in the body also puts a person at risk for developing these problems. These fungi can appear due to antibiotics, steroid hormones, and prednisone. Consuming sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and moldy foods all contribute to the onset or worsening of the disease. This disease is a concern if a person finds inflammation, swelling, heat, redness, and/or pain in a specific area of the body. Though the big toe is the most often affected, this disease is also found in the knee, thumb, and elbow joints. Fever and fatigue as also symptoms. If this disease is ignored it can cause kidney and other tissue damage that cannot be fixed. Applying a cold pack aids in reducing the swelling and numbing the area in order to offer a natural cure for gout.

Eating cherries, consuming carrot juice, French beans, cucumber and beet juices, apples, lime, and bananas all offer dietary treatments for gout. Different doctors recommend specific measurements, but the types of foods remain the same. Using citric acid of lime actually cures a major cause of the disease that is the build up of uric acid. Cleansing the body of toxins and unwelcome nutrients is important for overall wellness, but may also offer a natural cure for gout. Interestingly, a juice detoxification includes apples and cherries, which are fruits, listed as home remedies for gout. Herbal remedies include: Devil's Claw, Autumn crocus, Gravelroot, Celery, Bilberry, Hawthorn, Juniper berry, Nettle, Pine-bark and grape-seed extracts, and Turmeric. Some of these remedies are cultural while other have scientific proof backing their cause. Prevention may be found in taking a bath with any cut grasses such as nettle or oat straw once week. People with high blood pressure are at higher risk especially if drugs are used to lower the levels due to the increase or uric acid. "And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king's meat." (Daniel 1:15) Orange juice and water can help decrease the effects of gout when it acts up. An all fruit diet may help decrease the amounts of times the disease resurfaces and therefore improves life with gout. Avoiding foods such as meat, eggs, and fish as well as tea, coffee, sugar, and white flour is recommended to decrease the effects of the disease. Talking with a nutritionist can help develop a healthy and balanced diet with these restrictions in place. If someone is used to eating most of the restricted foods it may be hard to replace or remove them from the diet.

A warm water enema can be used to clear the digestive system of disturbing toxins that trigger gout. An Epsom salt bath helps soothe the effects of this disease, but does not cure it. Likewise, stress reduction, moderate exercise, and lots of fresh air have been shown to help the disease. Slowly filtering out the unneeded stresses of daily life effects food consumed, energy level, and outlook on life. All of these factors are important home remedies for gout due to the positive impact they have on the whole person. Developing a moderate exercise program will not only help a person lose weight, but increase circulation and metabolism which are both important to the success of a natural cure for gout. Walking, bicycling, jogging, and dancing all aid in the treatment and prevention of this disease. Cutting all refined carbohydrates and saturated fats from a person's diet will reduce the risk and severity of the disease. Increasing intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids also provide the same result. Home remedies for gout are found in fish oil and flaxseed oil. Both of these oils are found at the local health food store and sometimes are available at the local grocer as well. Increased consumption of citric fruits, berries, tomatoes, greens, and green peppers all aid in reducing inflammation of gout. Yeast should be avoided to reduce the risk of getting this disease. Cooked brown rice cleanses the digestive tract as well as benefits the function of all other organs. Following these simple dietary guidelines will ensure better management of the disease as well as promote health throughout the body reducing the onset of other diseases.

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