Arthritis Home Remedy

Arthritis home remedies can be found in natural healing books, through online self-help sources and even from a grandmother or other relatives. Arthritis remedies are in demand since this condition currently afflicts more than 70 million people in America. This is one of the leading diseases in America and causes more disabilities than any other illness. Arthritis is a disease that attacks the joints and can cause pain and swelling in varying degrees that from patient to patient. The treatments become especially important to those over 50 who are usually the targeted patient group.

Although the onset of this disease is generally after 50 in many Americans, there are cases in younger patients who need help as well. There is no complete cure, as this condition is generally viewed as a deterioration of joints. There are medications that are prescribed by doctors who treat patients, but there has been some controversy over the safety of the medicines. This has provided more fuel to those who are interested in home remedies in order to avoid synthetic solutions to joint pain and inflammation. Some patients have arthritis that is only troublesome with minor joint pain at times. Others can have such debilitating symptoms that they cannot work or function normally, making these individuals prime candidates for arthritis home remedies.

This is not a simple condition that requires one or even two solutions to alleviate. Arthritis can encompass almost 100 different health conditions that are related. Conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis are just a few of the diseases associated with this condition. Osteoarthritis is perhaps the most commonly known and can manifest itself in varying degrees and progress as well. Most people who search for home treatments assume that this is the type of the disease will be easy to treat since it is the most common. Many patients endure moderate joint pain and swelling at times, but manage to keep it under control so as not to hamper their lifestyles. They are able to find arthritis remedies that can keep the disease under control.

However, other conditions are more aggressive and require serious remedies that include prescription drugs and non-drug injections in joints as well as joint replacement surgeries. The pain associated with this disease can wear on a patient and create a constant state of fatigue and soreness. There are many options that doctors recommend but the drug related therapy usually has some risks involved such as liver damage or heart damage. It is a serious matter to consider when using prescription treatments. This has spurred more interest in arthritis home remedies and given rise to alternative methods of treatment.

There are many general treatment plans and a lot of natural health information that can help with the pain associated with arthritis as well as slow the disease in patients. One of the most obvious is the avenue of food intake for patients. Due to scientific studies, it can be determined that intakes of simple foods such as sugar and white flour can exacerbate joint pain and tenderness. A healthy diet focused on alleviating joint pain and swelling is among the foremost of arthritis home remedies. There are varying diet plans that can be found through online health sources.

A regimen of exercise is also recommended by proponents of home remedies and doctors alike in fighting the debilitating disease of osteoarthritis and other forms. Arthritis remedies that include a regimen of exercise are very effective in building bone mass and retaining more supple movement in the patient. A combined plan of proper eating and exercise can be a good start. Home remedies are also found among the many natural supplements that have been devised and marketed throughout the internet. Many of these formulas come from treatments used at home before it ever became a product to market. With the insurgence of supplements and natural health concerns, treatments that do not include drugs or chemicals have become very popular.

There are many remedies offered throughout websites and in bookstores that promise to relieve or cure arthritis symptoms. It may be that some will work for different individuals depending on what type of the disease and how badly it has pervaded a patient's body. Many patients prefer to try some alternative arthritis remedies instead of using some of the risky drugs available today. A healthy understanding of the disease through discussions with doctors, natural health professionals and informative books can help in determining what course of action to take.

Some things are definitely advantageous no matter what a patient does including an exercise plan and health diet planning. There are many other products and arthritis home remedies to choose from that can add relief to joint pain and tenderness. A healthy lifestyle has long been associated with arthritis remedies as well as other natural solutions to health problems. Of course, there are always severe cases of the disease that may require extreme treatment options. Whatever the case, knowledge is the first requirement in deciding the best treatment plan for anyone suffering with the pain of this condition. "He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord." (Psalms 112:7)

Natural Joint Pain Relief

Natural joint pain relief offers a safer and sometimes more effective alternative to synthetic drugs. Joint pain treatments vary from herbs to massage with much research backing the successful findings. Understanding the risks of using the leading prescription drug aids in the decision to seek natural joint pain relief. No treatment either synthetic or natural is 100% effective all the time. Careful research for the right solution is important for overall health and greatest relief for arthritis. Learning as much as possible about joint inflammation and the effects in other areas of health is important for total overall wellness. Certain diet alterations are helpful in reducing inflammation as well. Overall, good health including stress management and healthy eating is a good starting point for solving any health problem.

The most popular and widely used synthetic drug on the market today is used to help people manage the pain. Former versions of this drug killed all the Cox-2, which is bad because it disrupted digestion thus creating a new problem. New forms of this drug offer a better option only destroying the bad Cox-2, but still create the same digestive problem, however it opened the door for natural medicine to be an effective alternative. Other drugs are used to control the pain, but do not address the actual problem. Short-term pain relief is not a long term answer unless taking drugs for a lifetime is acceptable. Doctors may even offer forms of surgery as options, but the success rate is either minimal or, again, short term. Many problems that exist in western culture also exist in eastern cultures. Evaluating pain management in other cultures helps Americans to find alternative cures to almost any disease.

Alternative treatments include herbal tea, change in diet, and identifying food allergies. Boswellin is an ancient herb used as incense proving to be highly effective in providing natural joint pain relief. White willow bark is another effective choice in joint pain treatments. It can be found in health food stores and dates back to Hippocrates as an effective treatment. Red grape leaves offer the same blocking of Cox-2 that causes joint pain. Holy basil is yet another time test cure dating back many thousands of years. All of these treatments are found in the health food store in capsule form. ginger, turmeric, rosemary, or oregano used in cooking also aids in providing natural joint pain relief. Many recipes call for these ingredients and are readily available at the store or local nursery.

Eliminating carbohydrates from the diet will decrease joint size almost immediately. Refined carbohydrates inflame the joints just like Cox-2 in prescription drugs. Taking away a trigger of inflammation can eliminate the need for drugs or surgery. Increasing the diet with foods containing high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. Foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids include fish products, grass-fed beef, and flaxseed either in the form of oil or ground seed. These are general solutions that work for most people, but keeping a food diary will help a person understand unique food allergies that may cause inflammation. Drinking green tea instead of coffee reduces the irritation to the joints due to eliminating toxins and reducing the Cox-2 found in coffee. All caffeinated beverages should be avoided for optimal success. Preservatives and artificial sweeteners may also irritate the problem.

An overall healthy lifestyle will help anyone to feel better and decrease the chance of disease and disorder. Proper nutrition feeds the body the nutrients a person needs to successfully overcome most health problems. A multivitamin is a good place to start when changing a diet plan. It will start the body off with a lot of the needed nutrients, which is a form of natural joint pain relief. From here a person can evaluate the dietary changes needed to decrease aches. This might include more protein, calcium, vitamin C and D, and even simply more vegetables. Ways to change diet include writing out a plan detailing changes that need to take place with simple, realistic steps so a person doesn't fail or get overwhelmed. Simply taking everything out of a persons cabinet and filling it with new foods may not be the best option and other problems might surface from doing this. Joint pain treatments are not limited to herbal supplements and synthetic drugs. Creating a regular exercise program, changing eating habits, and even meditation or prayer will help calm the body and ease the problem. "The labour of the righteous tendeth to life: the fruit of the wicked to sin." (Proverbs 10:16)

Support from people going through the same issues as well as support from family and friends is important to encourage and comfort while on a journey to wellness. Not everything will work and no problem is the same so a lot of trial and error will take place before the best solution is found. Continued research and paying careful attention to the latest medical breakthroughs will enable a person to collect the most valuable information. Understanding what will work and what won't work will take some time to figure out, but overall any joint pain treatments that contain certain prescription drugs should be avoided and anything decreasing the Cox-2 in a person's system should be tried. In addition, evaluate lifting and sitting habits, which may contribute to problems with muscles as well as joints. Simple changes such as changing the level of a computer monitor or adjusting the drivers seat can aid in management of this disorder.

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