Arthritis In The Hands

Arthritis in the hands and arthritis in the knees are the most common forms of a rheumatic disease that causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. Other areas affected include muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and some internal organs. These areas are usually categorized within the two major forms; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. The disease causes pain which can be measured in two different ways; acute and chronic. Pain is the body' way of reporting an abnormality in the regular function of a system. Acute pain is temporary pain associated with minor cuts, bruises or fractures. Chronic pain is long lasting pain that interferes with daily activities and can last throughout a person's entire life.

Severe cases result in chronic pain. More than 16 million people suffer from osteoarthritis and over 1.2 million people suffer from rheumatoid (which is the most crippling form). Arthritis in the hands and arthritis in the knees is caused by an inflammation of the tissue that lines the joints. The pain associated with the inflammation of these tissues varies from person to person depending on the severity of inflammation. These pain variables can include the sufferer's depressive state, anxiety levels and hypersensitivity to outside environmental irritants such as hot and cold weather and dry or humid heat.

Short term pain relief for those that suffer include NSAID's or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs contain aspirin or ibuprofen. Arthritis in the hands and arthritis in the knees can be soothed by heat and/or cold. A warm bath or shower can provide temporary relief, or a dry heat pad, or ice pack (ice packs should not be used for those who have poor circulation). Joint protection such as the use of a splint or brace can help relieve the pain by providing rest for the joint and inhibiting the possibility of injury. A physical therapist or regular physician can make recommendations as to which kinds of joint protection methods would be appropriate for people that suffer. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Sometimes a massage performed by a certified massage therapist can aid in the relief of pain by lightly stroking or kneading a painful muscle tissue which will increase blood flow and bring warmth to the stressed area. Consistent mild exercise such as swimming, walking, or low impact aerobics may help because the range of motion exercises involve a certain amount of stretching which can alleviate some pain caused by arthritis in the hands and arthritis in the knees. A healthy diet is also recommended for sufferers. They need their body's working at optimal levels in order to decrease the sensations of pain that the disease causes.

In addition to the short term methods for relieving pain, there are also long term methods for chronic pain sufferers. They include medications such as DMARD's or disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs that are used when typical NSAID's fail to combat the problem. These drugs include; methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine, penicillamine, and gold injections. Another drug used in conjunction with chronic pain from this disease is the use of corticosteroids. These are hormones that are taken by mouth or injected, and are very effective. They should only be used once or twice a year because they can cause damage to the cartilage. Weight reduction is another mandatory method. Reducing body weight lessens the stress on weight bearing joints. The last option is surgery for people suffering.

Surgery involves removing the synovium and realigning the joint, or replacing the damaged joint with a new artificial one. When cases are so severe, surgery is a wonderful option that can allow a person to enjoy their life again. In addition to the specific methods mentioned, all those that suffer should eat a healthy diet and get 8-10 hours of sleep a day. Sufferers are also encouraged to keep a daily diary of pain and mood changes for a physician to review to eliminate outside irritants that may cause more pain (for example: humidity has been shown to increase pain in some sufferers). It is suggested that a person choose an expert physician in their field. They should stay informed on any new breakthroughs or drugs that may become available to them for the cure of arthritis. Joining a support group can also aid in the emotional management of the disease.

Arthritis information has changed over the years as this information has gotten more prevalent. This knowledge is broad in spectrum since there are so many different types; juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, is one of the hardest diseases because it comes when a person is about thirteen years old. Some of the side affects can be extreme pain, inability to walk or run, and hospitalization. Since juvenile rheumatoid is a more rare disease, there has not been a lot of arthritis research done about it.

Finding out as much information as possible about prevention will help a teenager before it has a chance to happen. Many times diet will greatly affect the onset of diseases when a person is a teenager. Eating whole wheat flour as opposed to white is one way this disease can be prevented. Taking vitamins is another thing that arthritis research has shown will help to prevent the juvenile rheumatoid problems. Other information will show the cause as genetic involving missing one or more components of vitamins in a person's diet. Once determined, that person needs to start taking the missing nutrients in the form of a tablet or in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Research also shows that adult onset can be incredibly painful. Arthritis information shows that people can get this disease as early as thirty depending on what they do for a living. Research shows that this disease affects the joints. Therefore this information will help a person see that a job that works mainly with a continuation of one part of the body may make it more possible to get arthritis at an earlier age. Stretching exercises will help keep the body limber so as to avoid problems in the future.

Research indicates a change in diet may also help adult onset. Giving the body a large dosage of calcium may increase joint movement and decrease joint pain. Arthritis information has put out a list of medication that can be taken. The problem with medication is that some of them have side affects that may cause the need to take other medications or may cause problems that could be worse. Many times arthritis research will help a person prepare for what could be the future with this disease. The best option is eating right, stretching, and exercising so that its easier figure out how best to prevent future problems.

Many times getting this disease can cause people to blame the Lord. But actually he is giving a blessing in seeing what He can do through trials in life. He is providing an opportunity to fight for a victory. When spending time in prayer about what to do with this disease, remember that the Lord is control and will not take anything that he is not in complete power over. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." (James 1:5) Arthritis information shows that sometimes the pain can be so great that people don't want to leave their home. Arthritis research will help anyone see that there are many ways to help push through the pain so that its not the horrible disease that it seems to be. Many activities can still be enjoyed while having this disease, even in the most extreme cases, its important to fight through so that a person can gain victory from dealing with this problem. There is always victory that anyone can find in the Lord as he continues to show himself through trials and tribulations.

Arthritis Of The Knees

Arthritis in the knees affects over twenty-one million people of various ages and physical conditions with the most common form being Osteoarthritis. This form is the number one arthritic diagnosis by doctors. Currently, over 200,000 knee joints are completely replaced by surgery in the United States annually. Doctors in the fields of rheumatology explain that the knee is a prime target for arthritic problems. The knee joint bears most of our weight and the knee plays a very important part in mobility, and therefore is rather complex in structure. The over weight, the over stressed, and sports fanatics will most likely suffer arthritis of the knee at some point in life. But, Osteoarthritis can strike anyone at anytime, and not necessarily just those who abuse their knee joints.

When first experiencing knee soreness or pain, people need to make a call to a doctor or rheumatologist and make an appointment. Early detection of arthritis in the knees can help doctors develop a pain management system with medications and other pain relieving plans of action. The earlier the condition is detected, the better the long-term help and results will be, preserving mobility. Also, over the counter medications can sometimes manage pain very effectively. There are oral medications that work as an anti-inflammatory and there are topical pain relieving lotions and gels that can be utilized for Osteoarthritis aches and pains.

There are also remedies that those miserable with Osteoarthritis can do at home that will have a profound affect on pain and the future development of the disease. Doctors and rheumatologists agree, exercise and weight loss are key to arthritis of the knee pain management. Increasing muscle strength will help protect weak joints, and healthy muscles work harder, causing less stress on joints. Also, weight loss can ease the strain or stress. Sufferers are encouraged to start slowly and build up their exercise routine with time.

Those with extreme overweight issues will need to take precautions with any weight-bearing activities, avoiding more stress to the joints. There are special exercises designed to strengthen joints with arthritis of the knee, so contacting a doctor or The Arthritis Foundation can help patients determine what exercise strategies will work best for their individual situations. One form of exercise highly recommended for Osteoarthritis, is stretching. Stretching will help keep muscles and joints supple and flexible. Also, water aerobics or other water exercise programs are highly recommended for arthritic patients.

Changes to a eating habits and menus can also have a profound affect on this condition. Vitamin C has shown progress in reducing the risk of arthritis in the knees, so peel an orange or down a glass orange juice daily! Calcium is another important source of nutrients needed for those who have Osteoarthritis. Milk products, yogurt, and various cheeses are all rich in Calcium minerals as are broccoli, kale, and delicious salmon. Other vitamin supplements can help in the battle against arthritis, so patients must be sure and check with their doctor about other healthy diet suggestions and supplements.

Pain management can also come in other forms of activities. Taking a warm bath before bedtime can have many benefits. Warm, relaxing water can ease tension and relax muscles. And, a warm baths can also help anyone get a good night's rest. For immediate relief, those with arthritis in the knees should try cold compresses to reduce swelling and inflammation. Sufferers should not forget to buy and wear comfortable, supportive shoes and throw out the heels and high-fashion; opt for comfort and durability.

There are many more suggestions for pain management of Osteoarthritis that can be found online through the Internet. Taking the time to discover more about this disease and how to effectively treat it can be time well spent. Knowledge can lead to wise choices and staying abreast of the latest in developments, finding better ways to decrease pain and increase mobility. While researching arthritis of the knee and Osteoarthritis, seek God's guidance about doctors and health care. God is truly interested in our pain and wants to be the One to comfort us during times of trials. His Word teaches that He is the great comforter. "For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ." (2 Corinthians 1:5) There is no pain that any sufferer has had, that Christ does not know.

Causes of arthritis can be a dead end if the person who suffers from this disease is unaware of places to find solutions. When anyone starts to look for cures for arthritis, he must first assess his own age group. When consulting medical professionals, they normally will order a battery of tests to determine the cause of the deterioration of joints and bones and what can be done to intervene in the process of the disease. One of the most common therapies is physical therapy, which tries to remediate some of the damage already present and bring more movement to the muscles.

Many teenagers get a disease called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. This is the most serious of all of the related diseases. The reason that this is so serious is that the child is still in the growing stage. His joints are unable to mature properly, so this causes problems in the development of bones within the child. Treatments for this disease for a teenager are more complicated than that of adults. Cases have been so serious that the teenager ends up in a wheelchair for a good portion of his life. Usually, the source of the disease is caused by some kind of genetic problem. The teenager has some kind of genetic deficiency that causes the joints to fail to mature. This will cause a lot of pain for the child. The first thing that needs to be examined is whether the teenager has a B vitamin deficiency. This examination could actually save his life. Another solution is making sure that the child eats healthy and stays away from white bread because this food product can cause joint complications. It is hard for parents to see their teenagers go through such pain with a disease that is most commonly associated with old age, so it is also important for them to spend a lot of time in prayer. Because the Lord is in control of all our lives, He will be able to help sick children and their parents through this difficult trial and find the right cures for arthritis.

Another type of this disease and the more common one is adult onset. Causes of arthritis in adults can be a lot different. Therefore cures for arthritis are also a lot different. When looking at causes of arthritis in an adult, the doctor will determine if it has to do with calcium deficiency or lack of activity. Remediation in an adult age can simply be physical activity and exercises. A doctor can also prescribe medication to relieve pain and deal with inflammation. Once he finds the right combination of medications for is patient's problem, the patient will be able to assume of more normal lifestyle without a lot of pain or complications. Nowadays, there are so many ways to fight off arthritis that it has become less of a debilitating problem.

When a person is young, eating right doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But a bad diet over years is one of the causes of arthritis. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential at every stage of life. A person's health is incredibly important. Many older people regret some of the diet choices they made when they were younger. But if this fits a person's history, he can immediately change what has occurred by beginning a balanced and sensible diet. First Corinthians 6:19 explains, "Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost." This gives us an even greater reason to treat our bodies as precious possessions. Once a person considers his body as God's temple, he will be able to see exactly what the Lord has for his health as he grows older. God will help any of His children live the life that He desires for him, but we must ask Him to undergird us as we deal with temptations and unhealthy activities. No medical professional can substitute for a believer's reliance upon the Lord for healthy living.

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