Carpal Tunnel Treatment

The reasons that people need carpal tunnel treatment are varied, but many of them are related to work injuries, especially from repetitive actions such as typing or working on a factory assembly line. This syndrome happens when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes squeezed or pressed. This problem results in a tingling feeling, numbness, or even shooting pains. Most people look for carpal tunnel pain relief through over-the-counter medications at first, but then find that the repetitive action at work just exacerbates the problem. That's because the tendons in the hand begin to swell or thicken from overuse, and irritate the nerve, causing narrowing of the passageway in the wrist. This can result in weakness in the hand, and pain radiating up the arm. Those who suffer from this condition may question if they can even continue working because the pain becomes so severe. The first symptoms are burning and itching in the wrist or hand, and the feelings may change to numbness and tenderness. The hand may eventually lose its ability to grip or grasp. In severe cases, the muscles in the area may waste away and the skin may lose its sensation to distinguish between hot and cold.

One reason that carpal tunnel treatment may be difficult to find is that the causes for the condition are not always clear. For some sufferers, the wrist's passageway is small, and may be susceptible to this wear and tear disease. Sometimes, an injury may be the underlying cause, and the damage may be difficult to remedy. Repeated use of vibrating tools such as hand drills is another cause. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, overactive pituitary gland, hypothyroidism, development of a cyst, diabetes, and mechanical problems in the wrist joint may also be linked to the condition. Water retention during pregnancy or menopause can be another reason for developing the disease. But in some cases, no cause can be found. Therefore, sometimes the diagnosis may be difficult to ascertain through medical tests and patient history. But this condition is different than writer's cramp, bursitis, or tendonitis, so the medical professional must distinguish between these problems before the patient can experience carpal tunnel pain relief from taking the advice of the doctor.

Women are more likely to complain of this condition than men, possibly because women's wrists are smaller than men's, so are therefore they are more susceptible to this condition than are men. Children do not seem to have this problem; it is an adult disease. But people from across the work spectrum have lost work days because of this syndrome. However, those who have assembly line jobs are more likely to injure their hands because of the repetitive nature of their jobs. Studies show, however, that workers who use computers or who are in data entry are not more likely to have this condition. But one important factor in curing this disease is early prevention and therapy. A doctor will examine each finger for tenderness, look at the neck, arm, and wrist, and the muscles at the base of the hand. He will likely also order X-rays and laboratory tests to rule out other diseases that mimic carpal tunnel. The physician may also order electrodiagnostic tests, in which electrodes are placed in the hands and wrist and electric shocks applied to the muscles and nerves to see how quickly the impulses are transmitted through the body. Or electromyography may be conducted in which small needles are inserted into the hand to see if the median nerve is damaged. Sometimes, ultrasound is also used to locate any damage to the muscles or nerves to provide for carpal tunnel pain relief.

There are both surgical and non-surgical procedures for carpal tunnel treatment. Surgical remedies include open release surgery and endoscopic surgery. Physical therapy is often needed after the hospital stay, and often the healing takes months. Sometimes, the hand is not completely repaired and may lose its strength. Other side effects of these procedures are infection, nerve damage, stiffness, and recurring pain. These procedures should be undertaken only after other remedies have been tried or if the condition is severe and painful. The non-surgical procedures include drugs, exercise, chiropractic and massage therapy. Surprisingly, massage therapy has been found to be effective among some patients, restoring hand grip and lessening soreness and stiffness. Another essential element in healing is to rely on spiritual strength, which comes from God. Second Corinthians 3:5 states, "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God." Turning our eyes upward helps us to take our minds off the insufficiency we have in our health and puts our confidence in God.

Another essential part of the road to recovery is to take steps at work or at home to alleviate the repetitive motions. Many people find that carpal tunnel pain relief is greatest when accompanied by therapies designed to counteract the wear and tear to nerves and muscles. Ergonomic work spaces make a lot of sense to those who suffer from this disease. Many companies provide ergonomic desk areas, ergonomic keyboards, and train their employees in exercises to do at certain times in the day. If a worker does not have access to these advantages and helps, the Internet can provide information about how to obtain them. Drug stores have splints for the wrist and hand, fingerless gloves, and other devices that can prevent the need for carpal tunnel treatment. Most important, each person must judge how many breaks he should take and which conditioning exercises will help to alleviate the condition. Prevention is the best carpal tunnel pain relief.

Bursitis Relief

Bursitis relief comes in many forms and with many opinions from doctors and patients alike. A definite way of reducing the onset and effects of this disease is to not smoke. Smoking causes inflammation, which hinders healing. Infection of the fluid in the joint is another reason for the onset of this disease. A simple, but slightly painful test of the fluid can check for any infection. If an infection is present then antibiotics will be prescribed as well as suggestions for a healthy lifestyle and specific exercises to try. With a wide variety of options including surgery a person will find what best suits their life. Careful evaluation of all choices will lead a person to what best suits their lifestyle as well as body needs.

Natural healing is possible through a variety of vitamins and herbs. Calcium and B12 offer bursitis relief by decreasing inflammation in the infected areas. Supplements are found at the health food store and dietary supplements are found at the local grocery store. Milk is high in calcium as is any dairy product including yogurt and cheese. Introducing these, even in small amounts bring success to a long list of bursitis remedies. Supplementing apple cider vinegar to the use of white vinegar as well as introducing honey as a replacement sweetener aids in inflammation reduction and proper joint function. Tea made with chamomile, hops, or skullcap is found as effective bursitis remedies. Likewise, rubbing aloe vera on the infected area will not only bring comfort, but heal as well; Applying ice offers the same effects. Bathing with a few drops of lavender oil offers relaxation as well as healing. Repetitive use of lavender in commercial products as well as organic remedies has shown to have adverse effects on boys particularly in regards to their reproductive organs. Moderation in everything is key to a healthy life.

Exercising regularly provides prevention as well as treatment. Daily stretches done only to the extreme that the body can handle offers long lasting bursitis remedies. Keep the body in movement for as long as possible. Some people tend to sit and wait for the pain to go away; this is very bad. Not only is this course of action disabling the person more, but opening the doors for depression and hopelessness. In order for the body to heal everything needs to be ready to work. Without the mental capacity to heal, the body has no motivation or reinforcing energy to motivating lasting results. Concentrate on exercises that stretch and strengthen the troubled areas as well as keep the healthy areas of the body in good shape. Take some time to review the muscle groups of the body to ensure the exercise plan used requires work from all areas. Consult a physician or personal trainer for further information on specific techniques and equipment. Proper warm up is crucial to lasting success. Improper warm up actually worsens the effects of the disease as well as hinders and healing.

Healthy eating, as mentioned above, helps tremendously without any side effects. Other bursitis remedies include using a compress made of mullein tea. This treatment should be applied for 20 minutes every hour. Likewise rubbing warm olive oil on the infected area once a day can aid in bursitis relief in addition to lessening the probability that the infection will reoccur. Applying ice also offers a successful bursitis relief option. More extreme and harder to find bursitis remedies include drinking seawater found at the health food store. Done on a daily basis, this treatment offers a proven cure. However, do not drink seawater if blood pressure is a problem. Lastly, boiling horseradish root and creating a compress for the infected area can offer bursitis relief. Any natural treatment should be cross referenced with a doctor to determine if existing medications or unique health conditions would make any of these dangerous to the body. Other than food allergies, changing a persons diet will only help in healing, plus provide a firm foundation for continued healthy living which results in less instance of disease. "What thing shall I take to witness for thee? what thing shall I liken to thee, O daughter of Jerusalem? what shall I equal to thee, that I may comfort thee, O virgin daughter of Zion? for thy breach [is] great like the sea: who can heal thee?" (Lamentations 2:13)

Common instances of this disease occur on the heel, ball of the foot, or the big toe joint. Likewise, it is possible to get pain in the elbows, wrists, and shoulders. Pain, inflammation and swelling are all signs of this disease and should be taken seriously to prevent further and longer lasting damage to the body. Permeated heat from the infected area as well as restricted range of motion both indicate a problem. If a person feels weak in a certain area of the body or loses motion completely with more pain after long times of immobility, an appointment with a doctor should be made. Make sure shoes fit correctly if bursitis is a problem in the foot. Other ways to relieve pain due to this disease include rest and discontinuing the activity that puts stress on the body causing constant pain. If the problem is at work, talk with the boss or supervisor to brainstorm ways to alter the environment. Some things in life cannot change immediately or at all, but with small alterations, a feasible compromise should be met.

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