Natural Remedy For Fibromyalgia

Natural remedy for fibromyalgia is found in many forms ranging from herbal tea to topical oil. Massage, stretching, and vitamins are also found to be cures for fibromyalgia. Each person is different as is each case of fibromyalgia so the cure at one degree for one person will not be the same for another. Patience, determination, and knowledge will empower people to find the best solution for them. Getting to know other people with the disease helps answer questions as well as offer real support.

Fibromyalgia is high level of pain and touch points that completely disable the person. Pain may come and go, but it is severe when present. Due to the extreme pain, people with this disease often cannot sleep well or concentrate when awake. Social and work life are both affected due to the constant focus on pain control. Other problems include restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and TMJ disorders. All these diseases occur due to tension in the body. If tension is relieved through altering the levels of serotonin, these people can live completely normal lives. Understanding the cause helps dramatically in finding a natural remedy for fibromyalgia. Underlying and less obvious characteristics include chest pain, mood changes, and depression. There are many theories to why this disease develops, but nothing is proven. Because it is believed that neurotransmitters play a big role in the sensitivity caused by this disease, infection, brain damage, and other serious injury may reason for onset.

Risk factors include sex, age, sleep patterns, family history, and even arthritis. Women between the ages of 20-40 are at most risk of developing this disease though it is not impossible for men and even young children to show signs. Studies show that Fibromyalgia is hereditary as is arthritis, which is shown to be connected to this disease as well. Medical attention is needed when pain has persisted for several consistent months accompanied by fatigue probably due to disturbed sleep and increased effort to do normal physical activities. The criteria doctors use when diagnosing is that a person must have suffered for at least one month at 11 different spots on their body. Otherwise, less serious disease may have been overlooked. Not all doctors follow this formula, but the patient always has the final say in whether other avenues of diagnosis need to be examined. Misdiagnosis of illnesses is a widespread problem due to the rapidly growing problems and knowledge gained about these problems every day. Examination from a doctor can identify whether a natural remedy for fibromyalgia might help alleviate symptoms. "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;" (1 Corinthians 1:27)

There are many routes to take in finding what will perfectly work for a specific situation. Some supplements to try include vitamin D supplements and Magnesium. These supplements show some form of success, but have not worked for everyone. Patience is a requirement in order to find cures for fibromyalgia due to the time needed for trial and error. Meditation is also a method with proven results. Serotonin may be unbalanced in the brain, but simply taking the time to relax can lessen the pain. The more relaxed the body is the more manageable pain is. Stretching aids in relaxing the body as well as getting exercise when otherwise there would be none due to the pain a person is in. Reducing stress, healthy eating habits, and exercise will all aid in pain management and offer a natural remedy for Fibromyalgia. Everyone reacts differently to any treatment, even change in diet. The body's chemistry really makes a difference in the success of any treatment due to the belief that cures for Fibromyalgia need to address neurotransmitters in the brain.

Along with vitamin D supplement to balance serotonin, organic sulfur (MSM) offers a safe and healthy management opportunity. Having the right nutrients in the body strengthens the brainwaves enabling better overall function and pain management. A healthy balanced diet offers the best way to achieve the best results. Herbal supplement 5-HTP and vitamin B12 have also shown some sort of success. While some studies show each cure as almost 95% valid, other studies debunk it immediately. Again, finding what works for each individual through trial and error is the only way to find the best possible combination of treatment. Every person with this disease has a story to tell about his or her journey to find a cure. Using what the neighbor down the street may sound easy and even appealing, but more importantly a person must find the best combination for them. Other treatments include Capsaicin Cream and certain essential oils. Only purchase the best quality of any alternative medicine to ensure the most successful result. A careful check on the label will indicate the potency and reliability of the chosen natural remedy for fibromyalgia. Chiropractic care as well as massage are also cures for Fibromyalgia. Of course there is no cure, but constant management creates the most normal environment for normal life. Chiropractors can manipulate the spine in a way that releases toxins as well as relieves pinched nerves causing pain. Massage may be used in conjunction with chiropractic care to relieve muscle tension. Ultimately trial and error is the only way to find the best combination of techniques for any individual person.

Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia

Many people wonder if they will ever find fibromyalgia pain relief because they cannot find medical professionals who take their condition seriously. These people suffer years with joint aches, fatigue, sleeplessness, and stiffness in the muscles and bones. Yet doctors and friends tell them that their symptoms are all in their head. But today, medical science is developing more kinds of pain relief for fibromyalgia through increased knowledge of the disease and better medications and therapies. Now people who have this condition are given the respect every patient deserves because medical science is learning just how severe the disease can be. Other names for this condition are fibrositis, chronic muscle pain syndrome, psychogenic rheumatism, and tension myalgias. It is not linked to any type of physical injury or bodily damage. At this date, the cause for the condition is not known, but some researchers believe that there is a link between fibromyalgia and the trauma or stress that a person may experience. This condition can lead to sleep disturbances and an ever-deepening cycle of pain and depression. That's why it's so important for someone who has this type of arthritis to seek professional help through a clinic or physician who has experience in treating the symptoms. Right now, a patient can locate many organizations that are dedicated to helping patients find pain relief for fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgics are no longer as alone as they used to be. There now are treatments for this disease. The remedies vary widely, but one that seems to work across the board is a change in lifestyle or a lessening of stress. Other treatments include medications, physical therapy, counseling, and education about the condition. Many natural remedies are also available to the person who will seek out the correct information for fibromyalgia pain relief. Women are four times more likely to contract this problem than are men, but because there are so many sufferers, many men are also afflicted. Because medical professionals do not know the cause of this illness, they also do not know why it affects women more than men. Studies are also showing that this syndrome can afflict children also. But much more research needs to be done in this area. Someone who wants to seek out a professional to help manage the condition should look for a rehabilitation medical specialist. This person is an expert on how to teach and train patients in managing their disease. He can also point the person to herbal treatments, homeopathic solutions, and natural medications.

Some research also suggests that people who have this condition do not produce sufficient neuro-transmitters for pain and sleep regulation. These are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These substances regulate pain and sleep in the body, and the deficiency may be related to a lack of the proper nutrients. Some studies say that the lack of nutrients may be due to a virus that interferes with these nutrients getting to the proper places in the body. This syndrome may be related to chronic fatigue syndrome. This means that the sufferer not only seeks pain relief for fibromyalgia but an answer to consistent tiredness too. But these people don't want to endure the overload of pain medications that the sufferers are taking for their pain relief for fibromyalgia. Each person wants to live life to the fullest without the constant tiredness, tenderness in their joints, and side effects of the many drugs he is taking. The person who suffers from this syndrome can take heart that it is not life threatening or progressive, and he can take steps to alleviate his problems. This is why it is so important to search out the right treatment for a person's individual symptoms.

Another avenue that sufferers should address for fibromyalgia pain relief is the mental and spiritual toll that the condition takes on each person, including members of the immediate family. "Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that they youth is renewed like the eagle's. The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed." (Psalm 103:5-6) Those who feel like life is not worth living can turn to God for comfort. It is also essential for anyone who has a chronic illness to develop a support system that can help him up when he is are down. A person who feels exhausted most of the time and can't sleep can't always cope with the problems facing him, especially during those times when the symptoms are most severe. New treatments may involve anti-seizure medications, antidepressants, low-intensity exercise, physical therapy, electromyogram biofeedback, and hypnotherapy. Each of these remedies had different success rates, so each should be investigated thoroughly before embarking on a treatment plan. The neck, shoulders, trunk, low back, and legs are the most commonly affected areas, so the remedies should address these locations.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate symptoms. Many people are helped with dietary changes, including undergoing a vegan diet and reducing the amount of salt and mono sodium glutamate (MSG) ingested and by taking certain vitamins, including supplements containing vitamin E, magnesium, and malic acid. A professional nutritionist should be consulted when drawing up a diet for any condition. Women especially noted fibromyalgia pain relief with these dietetic alterations. Patients also recorded a lessening of tenderness with regular swimming exercises and underwater training. Fibromyalgia pain relief does not indicate a simple cure; it means a long process of finding the right remedies for each person's symptoms and sticking to these pathways to better health.

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