Osteo Arthritis Symptom

An osteo arthritis symptom can be as simple as not wanting to get out of bed in the morning but as debilitating as a fullblown cancer making the person who suffers believe there is little to live for. When looking at beginning such therapy, start out by looking at themself and find something that will help figure out who and what they hope to be. This is due to the fact that each person will have to be determined every morning to be all one can be and fight for the first step of the day because of that determination. When first discovering the condition of osteo arthritis, the person experiences incredible stiffness in the morning, making the effort hard to move or walk. This is huge in one's life as the symptoms gradually worsen. This stiffness may last about 30 minutes. During this time, the person is sometimes completely incapacitated and unable to move anywhere. This is the hardest time emotionally because there is absolutely no control over the body and that makes everything else difficult. When beginning to have a little bit more control over the body, then the joints may start to have some problems. Moving the body carefully is no guarantee that the body will be rid of the early morning stiffness. Even doing exercise one used to enjoy becomes a time when joints may also hurt greatly.

Difficulty in exercising is a symptom of this debilitating condition, but that does not mean stopping. Actually, exercise is one of the best forms of osteo arthritis treatment. Even though an osteo arthritis symptom is that exercise hurts, the more that the joints are moved, the greater chance they'll have to heal as meant to. When determining to choose to heal from this disease, but find overcoming the the pain of exercising as just too great, try stretching. Follow some basic stretching moves that will allow the joints to still be worked without having a large amount of weight put on them. Find a stretching class at a local gym that will help teach how to manage the joints and encounter an osteo arthritis treatment. Allowing 30 minutes a day of stretching will greatly help in the treatment of the disease and will accomplish feeling better about oneself as continuing on with life. Once stretching has become a part of the everyday ritual,the individual will be able to move on to promoting their emotional state and attitude.

Have an osteo arthritis symptom may be a very hard thing to deal with emotionally and physically right from the beginning. In fact, even looking for corrective results may take a toll on the individual emotionally. But a simple treatment won't change the diagnosis. Only the individual can change the way that they respond to the symptoms. The attitude will reflect the personal response in the future. One's attitude can also send a signal to the body about whether they want to get well or not. Working with the body to make that decision may be difficult, but it is also possible that it is one of the best things that that can be done for oneself as part of an osteo arthritis treatment. Most important is to find something that they are good at so the mind is not always focused on the disease. So is working towards a greater understanding of what they want to accomplish with the rest of their life. Follow through in this facet of life. Hold fast to the truth that life is still what the individual makes, no matter what seems the hardships that might be. This is important. The individual must be willing to see life for what the reality - an adventure that must be lived with all the determination one can muster.

Finally, in working with the osteo arthritis symptom and the osteo arthritis treatment, the individual must understand why they are choosing what they are in this world. The Lord gave them this as an opportunity to tell others about their journey into the unknown. This situation can be used as a testimony of the life given by God. It is important to exercise and eat well, but also important is to share the tough parts of the journey and the relationships with other people throughout. The Lord wants to teach each one something great in all of this. Highly important is that others will see God through the journey and hear what the individual can say about it. Each human can preach the word of the Lord through the pulpit of a disease. Many people have done it and touched lives in the process. Others will be touched by a story that an afflicted yet victorious person has to tell them. Make a life one that is great and that will honor the Lord forever. "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee." (Psalm 5:11)

Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis

Pain relief for osteoarthritis is available in various forms depending on the degenerative stage of the condition and the severity of pain in the patient. Even though it is understood that the condition is a result of deteriorating cartilage in the joints, researchers have yet to pinpoint exactly why the disease causes so much pain. Cartilage has no nerve endings and a patient many times, is not even aware that he or she has the condition until it is already moderately severe. Medical professionals surmise that much of the chronic pain in osteoarthritis comes from the surrounding tissue that is irritated by bone on bone friction.

When the cartilage is worn down, joints and bone rub against each other causing inflammation, swelling, and stiffness. Some people sustain minor discomfort and may be able to function relatively well. The wear and tear of the cushion that is between bones and joints may degenerate at a slowed pace or at a fast speed. Most treatments for the condition are targeted at slowing the disease and keeping the patient out of pain as much as possible. Pain relief for osteoarthritis patients usually begins at low management, especially if the disease is detected early. Lifestyle changes are generally the first place a newly diagnosed patient needs to start.

Dietary changes that include weight loss, supplements and natural, anti-inflammatory foods or nutritional aids should be implemented. A physician usually advises anyone who is overweight to loose excess pounds in order to take more strain off the joints. Many patients have found important relief by loosing weight and sticking to a low fat diet. Other physical treatments that have proved helpful to those who have beginning signs of the disease are chiropractic care, massage therapy and a reasonable exercise regimen. "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God; for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." (Psalm 43:5)

Nutritional supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine have shown to be especially effective in repairing some damage to joint tissue. For those who are looking for mild to moderate pain relief for osteoarthritis, general lifestyle changes can bring about noticeable results. Patients who suffer with chronic pain in osteoarthritis have typically sustained more cartilage damage. A more aggressive treatment protocol is usually necessary to help a patient reach a level of comfort while also attempting to slow the disease.

Prescription and non-prescription drugs are used for anti-inflammatory purposes as well as for pain elimination. Some milder medications can be used topically and rubbed onto the area of discomfort. Creams and lotions that contain capsaicin and NSAIDS can be very effective when applied. Applying heat to the affected area is also a commonly used method to help loosen stiff, aching joints. Heating pads, lamps and warm saunas can be a soothing source of relief. Other medications can be ingested such as acetaminophen and other over-the-counters medicines. For patients who need stronger formulas of pain relief for osteoarthritis, there are many prescription drugs that can be suggested by a doctor.

Injections can also be administered into ailing joints to relieve pain and swelling. Steroids are commonly used for injections and while they are generally effective, the effects are not typically long-lasting. Patients must return periodically for treatments in order to continue receiving relief for chronic pain in osteoarthritis. There can be serious side effects from many arthritic medications, so it is necessary that a specialist monitor all treatment protocols that include many of these heavy medications. The last resort for some sufferers is surgery on the affected joint. Many elderly people must succumb to hip replacement surgery.

Those who may have sustained an injury due to an accident may also need corrective surgery to a joint. There are patients who suffer with such chronic symptoms that they need a bone transplant. While surgery is the last option for many people with serious pain to their necks, backs, knees, hips, and shoulders, sometimes it is the only option for relief. Most of the 20 million people in America that have this form of arthritis deal with more moderate, degenerative symptoms. Many have found pain relief for osteoarthritis through a combination of treatments that include lifestyles changes, non-prescription or prescription medications, physical therapy and/or exercise.

In order to find out early if a person has arthritis, X-Rays can be taken that show signs of the disease even before there are any apparent symptoms. The condition can be hidden for many years while it slowly degenerates cartilage and continues with its silent damage until a full blown case of osteoarthritis is diagnosed. Early diagnosis can help slow the disease and even provide time to repair some affected tissue. Check with a specialist for more information about the disease and how to deal with chronic pain in osteoarthritis.

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