Allergy Free Bedding Products

Allergy free bedding products can be a lifesaver for adults and children who suffer with nighttime allergies. Dust collects all over a house and bedroom. Particles can be seen on the top of a dresser and mirror. For some people, it can cause itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing. They are actually having an allergic reaction to tiny parts of dead dust mites and their feces. Not a pleasant thought. That is just another reason why many people opt for allergy free bedding products. Just the thought of these nasty, microscopic critters living in a mattress makes people want to clean house. The use of these products help prevent the presence of dust mites as well as indoor mold, fungi spores, tobacco smoke and pet dander inside of our box springs, comforters, blankets, pillows and mattresses. The cotton or synthetic fabric and the special weave of allergy free material will keep these irritants out. Young children and people with asthma benefit because they can breathe easier through the night.

Among the many products that consumers can purchase, there are some primary items that can be found just about anywhere. Individuals can buy a mattress protector or cover which keeps allergens out of the mattress. They can also buy pillow shams to keep dust mites out of pillows. Some companies even make actual allergy free pillows. Some of these products are called organic. This really means that the allergy free bedding products are made of one hundred percent, all-natural unbleached and untreated cotton cloth. They contain no biocide or flame retardant chemicals and are free of 21 specific allergens. Others are made of a synthetic fabric called Dacron, which is commonly recommended for allergy free bedding by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Online sites and local stores provide information and items that can be useful for anyone suffering from allergies. All of the major department stores and chains carry allergy free bedding. Consumers can also purchase these items at bedding and linen stores. These stores may also offer a larger selection compared to department stores or chains. Online, individuals can buy allergy free bedding products on major auction sites as well as online stores. There are items that are sold only online through the distributor. These products may cost a little more than other brands. Seeking a money back guarantee is a great idea, no matter where items are purchased. In a matter of days, the individual should suffer fewer allergy symptoms. If buying allergy free bedding for cleaner air, consumers should see less dust in a matter of weeks. With these products blocking the dust mites from their source of nutrients, it's only a matter of time before they all die off.

There are other things that can be done to cut back on dust and allergies in the bedroom. For one, individuals should never eat in the bedroom. Dust mites will eat crumbs. Also, keeping skin exfoliated with creams and lotions will limit the amount of dead skin cells on a mattress or bed. Staying away from fuzzy wool blankets or feather- or wool-stuffed comforters and mattress pads which collect dust mites is another important tip. Silk sheets can be a great alternative. These are naturally hypoallergenic. Consumers should wash bedding at least once a month. Sheets, blankets, and other bedclothes must be washed in water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. A well ventilated home with open windows will keep the occurrence of allergies to a minimum. Dust mites love humidity and an undisturbed room. Keeping pets out of the bedroom is a must to keep fleas, ticks, and outside dirt from making the way onto bedroom furniture. Consumers can also try using an air filter or dehumidifier to fight dust. Finally, steam cleaning carpets regularly will help to kill off dust mites. If at all possible, do away with carpeting and stick with hardwood. Dust mites live in carpet. As these steps are taken, it is important to understand that a home will never be completely free of dust mites. They will still be carried in from other environments. They are, unfortunately, a natural tenant in every home. Yet, consumers will see a difference in allergies if the effort is put forth. "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word" (Psalm 119:9).

It is important to seek quality products when trying to get rid of allergens. Allergy free bedding products can fit into a wide range of prices. Consumers should not necessarily equate the highest price with the highest quality. Looking for the most recommended brands is useful. Seeking information from doctors or other allergy sufferers on brands to use can provide some insight into this topic. Online ratings and reviews of specific brands of allergy free bedding can also be of assistance. No matter what product is chosen, it is important to verify it can be returned for a full refund should it not live up to standards. If special products do not work, it may be necessary to consult a doctor for medical treatment options. The individual made need an inhaler or some prescription allergy medicine. Taking the time to research this topic and find products that will help fight against allergens is vital.

Allergy Relief Bedding

Allergy relief bedding is probably one of the most important ways to keep allergic symptoms under control, since dust mites are among the chief causes for allergic reactions, and they are most comfortable in bedding. No one has to sacrifice comfort in order to make his/her bed allergen free. Hypoallergenic stuffing for pillows and comforters are among the most common (and popular) bedding items for the relief of allergic patients. Before the advent of the hypoallergenic products, allergy sufferers often slept without pillows or slept on pillows encased in plastic. Any bedding that cannot be washed should be left of the allergic patient's bed and replaced with allergy relief products. Wool blankets must be replaced with cotton, for instance, and comforters filled with hyperdown will replace the real down that Grandma used when she made the quilts and comforters used for years. Casings for the box springs and mattress are necessary additions for symptomatic relief. Even though the mattress pad get laundered frequently, the mattress and box springs harbor the dust mites as readily as do the bed linens.

Bedding isn't the only items to replace in the house of an allergy sufferer. Since the most common allergy causes in the home are dust mites, animal dander, pollen, and mold, there are quite a number of products available to relieve those causes. Not only with the covers and hypoallergenic fillers, but with proper laundering one can rid the house of dust mites. Laundry detergents and additives are some of the products available that target dust mites. When looking for allergy relief products, instead of the usual dust cloths, one can use special dust-trapping cloths to take care of the hard surfaced furniture while eliminating the dust mites.

Animal dander can also be a culprit producing the need for allergy relief bedding and other allergy relief products. Hypoallergenic covers for the pet's bed may be a good investment, along with frequent shampooing. For all the airborne allergens that exist beside each person in the home, an air filter will be a valuable product to filter them out. If the climate is humid, a dehumidifier that can keep the humidity at less than fifty percent will provide a less comfortable environment for the dust mites that share the home space. It's cheaper than moving to Arizona. Along with the allergy relief bedding, it is wise to use dust mite sprays on the carpet and upholstered furniture, and there are several on the market from which to choose.

Still another helpful item on the market is a vacuum cleaner with a filter that doesn't allow any of the allergens to be blown back into the room, while it picks up the pesky dust mites from every surface on which it is run. While this is an expensive investment, a vacuum cleaner can be expected to last many years, and the comfort provided in the way of allergy free days will be invaluable. Just as important as replacing bedding is the use of a tile or hardwood floor that is resistant to allergen producing creatures. Wherever possible, carpet should be replaced with hardwood, tile, stone, or vinyl flooring. One doesn't have to wonder why these allergy relief products would enhance the environmental safety for someone suffering from allergies.

Of course the medical relief prescriptions cannot be overlooked when looking for a way to avoid the symptoms that make the sufferer so miserable. Working with an allergist to get the right medications will help keep the symptoms at bay when not in the allergen free environment created in the prepared home. Allergy treatment products are being advertised on TV regularly, so one can know what's available. It's a matter of working with one's doctor to determine which of them is best for the individual, and then taking the medicine as it's prescribed. With the current supply of allergy relief bedding, and other products available to victims of allergic reactions to such common household items as dust mites, animal dander, pollen, and mold, today' sufferers are better off than at any time in the history of allergies.

There isn't much that can be done for the outdoor allergies aside from medicines to combat the symptoms, but today's houses are certainly better able to be a controlled environment without giving up the creature comforts that make the home the comfortable sanctuary meant to be. Another plus in today's world (as opposed to generations past) is the ease with which individuals can acquire any number of products to ease the symptoms. The Internet gives the ability to shop for any product and investigate every brand name to make medical choices, then order the allergy relief bedding and/or any of the other allergy relief products without ever leaving the comfort of the home. When looking for relief from a physical infirmity such as allergies, it's good to put them in perspective. Spend more time counting the blessings. "Your father's blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains, than the bounty of the age-old hills." (Genesis 49:26)

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