Allergy Supplies

Allergy supplies and possibly utilizing asthma respirators are more important today as Americans have become exposed to air pollutants and workers are exposed to chemicals and gasses. There are many different factors that can contribute to acute respiratory problems. Some of these factors are natural environmental contributors, some of the factors are induced by man, and some are occupational hazards. Those who have symptoms that relate to respiratory problems will want to speak with a doctor about treatment, as well as prevention. And those exhibiting breathing difficulties will also want to consider what allergy supplies can best help them control their bodies' allergic reactions to the following factors.

There are commonly three major element areas that contribute to the onset of extreme allergic reactions and upper respiratory problems. The first category involves natural components that humans are exposed to through nature. Various molds, dust mites, and pet dander are often elements that people are hypersensitive to. Outdoor inhalants such as cedar, pollens, and different grasses can contribute to allergies that lead to asthma attacks. Keeping rooms inside the home and office free of excessive dust will be necessary for people that are sensitive to these natural components. Avoiding prolonged stays outdoors during pollinating seasons can also help manage allergies. Along with these preventative measures, allergy sufferers will also want ample allergy supplies on hand to help combat reactions. Over the counter and prescribed medications may be taken during high alert seasons, and asthma respirators may be worn when conducting necessary work outdoors.

Tobacco smoke and other air pollutants can also trigger respiratory and allergy problems. When pollution zones are high, those with inflammatory disorders should stay indoors. Second hand tobacco smoke is an irritant to sensitive lungs and those exposed to it are at high risk for infections. Even the odor of cigarette smoke can trigger breathing problems, so all smokers will need to smoke outside when an allergy prone family member lives in the home.

There are also occupational hazards that can bring about respiratory problems. There are chemical agents that can lead to the allergic reactions that cause asthma. Many of the chemicals found in glues, plastics and paint ovens contain formaldehyde, a chemical known to contribute to respiratory issues. Different metals and metal working fluids are also proven problems for workers in related fields. Many plants and manufacturers offer asthma respirators for workers and there are now laws in force that monitor over exposure to any of these agents. But, once exposed to some of these chemicals, employees may suffer long-term or chronic inflammatory disorders even if exposure happened only one time.

Whether an allergy sufferer is having problems at the work place or in the home, he or she will need to take preventative measures, taking every precaution in keeping healthy. Asthma can lead to long term lung damage and can even be fatal, if left untreated. Having plenty of allergy supplies on hand can aid in preventing an attack. Standard supplies to have on hand include oral medications, inhalers, nasal sprays, respirators, and in some cases, allergy shots. Specialists in the fields of ears, nose, and throats, and respiratory specialists can help guide patients in selecting the right combination of drugs and therapies for individual needs.

There are many different kinds of asthma respirators on the market today, and what contributing factors are present and where work is performed will determine what type of respirator should be used. Asthma respirators can range from a disposable face mask to full face respirators with filters. Conducting research about certain chemicals can help workers determine which air cleaning device will be best suited. It is also a good idea to get thorough information about preventive measures from any work place that may have a hazardous breathing environment.

Having an illness that is the result of exposure to factors at work and in the natural environment can be disheartening. The Bible can be a great source of comfort for all situations in life, and the Bible tells us that we are not to be discouraged during times of trials. Finding hope in the midst of tragedy is difficult, but brings God the glory that He so richly deserves. "My brethren, count is all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." (James 1:2-4)

Further research on dangerous chemicals found in the work place can be conducted online. Also, those who have allergic reactions to natural elements may also want to research these elements, determining which yearly seasons that preventative measures will need to be taken. Knowledge about the body and the way the body reacts to various elements can only aid in taking better care of it.

Air Conditioner Filters

The importance of quality air conditioner filters when it comes to keeping a home's atmosphere healthy and a household cooling system working efficiently is well established. The role of a filter in a home cooling unit is to pick up various particles such as dust and pollen. Without a filter, these harmful particles could end up being recirculated into the home's atmosphere. There are many practical benefits to the role that a filter can play as well. Without having these particles intercepted and trapped, the system itself could become clogged. This would reduce the efficiency that home owners can expect from their unit. Systems could also wear out more quickly without a frequent replacement of this valuable feature. For many families, there can be a number of serious health issues that require that air conditioner filters be replaced on a regular basis. Those with respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies must live in a space that contains air that is purified and free of contaminants. The quality of these products is also very important. Purchasing a high efficiency rating filter is the best way to ensure that the home unit will perform to top expectations. These ratings are located on the side of the product and are called the ASHRAE, or dust spot efficiency ratings.

There are five types of common air conditioner filters. These are the standard panel, the electrostatic, the extended surface, the polyester, and the electronic. A standard panel model is made of woven fiberglass and is the most common type of product of this nature. These models can be very inexpensive to use and replace and are available through a number of venues. They may cost around one or two dollars and should be changed each month. However, these air conditioner filters will not offer much in the area of dust spot efficiency. Electrostatic examples are also somewhat common, but can tend to be more expensive than the standard panel. These are generally available at home improvement stores and will have twice to three times the dust spot efficiency rating as the panel model. Extended surface models are thicker and will last longer and possess a far greater dust spot efficiency rating. Their thickness may require some adjustments to the air-handling settings on the systems. Plain polyester models are generally sold in bulk and do not come equipped with outer frames. Reusable frames are needed for these filters to perform properly. Finally, an electronic air conditioner filter can be extremely expensive, but will deliver a dust spot efficiency rating of over ninety percent.

As technology has made breakthroughs, air conditioner filters have improved as well. Some filters, such as electrostatic models, will possess the ability to trap carbon monoxide. Some will even come equipped with built in carbon monoxide detectors. Such features can provide early detection of dangerous health issues. Still other air conditioner filters may have built in indicators that communicate to the home owner when it is time to replace the filter. Household atmospheres can frequently be in serious need of purification. This may be due in part to the fact that home insulation has improved to the point that the air inside of a home or building is sealed in very tightly. A typical home heating and cooling system may recirculate air as frequently as every fifteen minutes. Without adequate filtering, contaminants and harmful particles can continue to move through a home, causing any number of serious health hazards. In the Bible are many indicators of the close relationship that God Himself wishes to maintain with believers. "Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you." (John 15:15)

Since these air conditioner filters are out of sight, it can be very easy to forget about them and to neglect to replace them. This can be bad for both the unit and the inhabitants of the home. These products can quickly become clogged with dirt and grit if not replaced at least once per month. A clogged filter will mean that the system has to work just that much harder to pump cool air through the home. This will mean that unnecessary stress is placed on the unit and it will wear out more quickly. To risk something as expensive as a home heating and cooling system due to simple issues of upkeep such as replacing a filter on a regular basis is foolish. Even more foolhardy would be to put the health of family members at risk by allowing harmful particles and contaminants to inhabit the atmosphere of a home.

Every home heating and cooling system will have specific requirements when it comes to air conditioner filters. A filter can come in a variety of sizes. While many are disposable, there are some that are reusable. Reusable models will need to be washed on a regular basis and may not end up lasting as long as the system itself. Cleaning these filters on a monthly basis is an absolute must. The best way to clean these products is to run them under a faucet so that the pressure of the water will remove even the most deeply embedded dirt and grime. A quality filter that is maintained on a regular basis can be beneficial to every one in the family. Running a system without a filter is certainly possible, but not recommended.

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