Alternative Asthma Treatment

An alternative asthma treatment offers control as well as overall maintenance for an otherwise debilitating disease. There are many reasons a person might look past prescription drugs including an option that actually treats the cause not just the symptom. Frustrated parents worldwide struggle with watching their children experience these attacks daily including some that end up as trips to the hospital. Understanding and treating the cause is much more effective than treating the symptom. A long time of frustrating trial and error may be necessary to identify the factors, which trigger an attack, but in the long run, a natural asthma treatment offers a better way of life on a continual basis. Dietary changes, herbal supplements, and lifestyle alterations are sometimes all necessary to increase quality of life.

Food allergies, environmental irritations, and emotional stresses are all factors that can contribute to the ongoing instance of attacks. Identifying the triggers will help eliminate the probability of attack and steer a person to a healthier life without the dependency of drugs. Keeping a food diary will help determine any triggers due to food consumption. Dairy products and sugar seem to be popular culprits, though any allergic reaction can cause an asthmatic reaction. The entire disease may be a misdiagnosed allergy, thus natural asthma treatment may be the best option. However, if a person's immune system is weak enough other factors may play into the cause as well. The fewer irritants present, the less reaction a person will have. Environmental concerns include smoke, lead paint, farm fields, and city smog. All of these factors are correctable through natural asthma treatment, but may be difficult and expensive. Moving away from a home can be stressful and costly, but the outcome may be worth the effort. Before drastic measures such as this are taken, test other methods of alternative asthma treatment.

Having a house professionally cleaned from top (attic) to bottom (basement or crawlspace) including the heating ducts and chimney may offer needed relief. Molds, dust, and little friends create many opportunities for asthmatic attacks. A natural asthma treatment may include changing cleansers used in the house as well as detergents and shampoo. Once the house is totally cleaned, specific irritants may be more easily recognized. Taking into consideration the age of the house and the condition may help determine any other ways toxins may be reaching the air breathed. Professionals can be hired to test the air and surfaced of every room of the house to determine molds and other toxins present which offers an alternative asthma treatment. This gets costly, but probably cost less than moving especially if the actual problem is uncertain. As with any allergy, clean and clear spaces are recommended for optimal health. Clear the clutter and contain what is left over in easy to clean containers. Bookshelves create a great environment for moisture to collect and for dust to hide thus creating poor air quality for an asthmatic person to breath. Using specific cleaners may help reduce the instance of flare-ups as well. Stronger cleaners are sometimes necessary, while sometimes mild, but effective cleaners will do a better job. This all depends on the reactions of the specific person.

Chemical sensitivities might include types of material clothes are made of and brands of paint used on the wall. Most unique allergies such as these are not testable through proven methods of alternative asthma treatment, but rather a person simply has to try eliminating any possible irritant one at a time to ensure the correct issues are addressed. Nothing is more discouraging than finding a problem and being proven wrong. Concentrate on what works rather than what studies have proven. There is so much people don't know about how the human body works, something new may have been discovered. Most doctors will not diagnose chemical sensitivities due to the lack of data gathered and poor consistency of results. Personal attention and diagnosis is required if chemicals seem to be the trigger. With the sudden boom of natural remedies on the market thoroughly research and try products most suitable for the situation. Commercial products may not hold much better quality than homemade products from nearly ancient ingredients. "And the LORD shall smite Egypt: he shall smite and heal: and they shall return to the LORD, and he shall be intreated of them, and shall heal them." (Isaiah 19:22)

Consuming more water during the day helps a person tone the respiratory system as well as fights against infection. Make sure the water consumed is purified of all toxins to ensure negative effects wont happen when trying to do something helpful. Depending on the area a person lives in will determine the level of water purification system needed. A person can spend thousands of dollars to achieve quality water, but the cost is nothing compared to the quality of life change as well as the money saved from doctor visits. There is no perfect system for purifying water, though proper testing is crucial to ensure quality if money is going to be spent trying to make it better. The company a purification system was purchased from should offer testing if requested to ensure quality of the product. Likewise the local water company should offer testing, but there may be a small fee to do so. Increasing the quality of life is well worth the effort if the effects of asthma are decreased and a more normal life is sustained.

Herbal Remedies For Asthma

Herbal remedies for asthma range from creating cleaner air to specific measurements of herbal tea. Depending on personal preference and time a person is willing to spend on developing a cure, natural cures for asthma may reduce or eliminate the need for medication. Proper air flow, and purification can completely change the life of an asthmatic as well as proper cleaning and avoiding irritable products. Avoid items such as rugs, curtains, foam rubber, and candles. All of these items irritate the disease possibly to the point of a life-threatening attack.

The environment in which people with respiratory problems live in can make the situation either more difficult or more comfortable to live it. The more allergens floating around in the main environment a person lives in the better the chance of an attack. The bedroom is the most important part of the house to make allergy safe. This is accomplished by having a clean, non-allergenic mattress as well as cotton bedding and a non-allergenic mattress cover; All of which gets washed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in mild, but effective detergent in order to ensure the best environment. Natural cures for asthma also include not allowing pets in the sleeping area even during the day. In addition to these precautionary measures, a quality air purifier will eliminate most if not all the remaining allergens creating the safest place in the house for an asthmatic.

The rest of the house, including the family car, should be healthy for an asthmatic as well. It is impossible to create a perfect environment everywhere unless everyone living in the house is responsible and can keep up with the tremendously demanding efforts of creating a germ-free haven for someone with respiratory problems. However, inspecting the house for openings, which allow pests or dirt to enter the home, will determine some of the most threatening culprits to asthmatic attacks. Herbal remedies for asthma include installing humidifiers and dehumidifiers where needed in the house. It is not uncommon for a house to have both running at the same time. Anti-fungal solutions can be added to a humidifier to help kill airborne bacteria. Likewise, a clean, dry basement will reduce the introduction of molds and moisture to the main living environment. Not all natural cures for asthma include herbs or medicine, but rather smarter choices in living arrangements and maintenance. Air tight newer built homes keep the heat in, but do not offer as good of air flow as older builds that offer drafts allowing circulation. This circulation reduces the chances of mold and other bacteria to grow anywhere in the house. "And the priest shall look on him again the seventh day: and, behold, if the plague be somewhat dark, and the plague spread not in the skin, the priest shall pronounce him clean: it is but a scab: and he shall wash his clothes, and be clean." (Leviticus 13:6)

Flu shots, healthy choices in food, and regular consumption of herbal tea are all ways to reduce and avoid respiratory distress. Every year the health department as well as many doctor offices offers flu shots to as many people as they have shots for. Infants and the elderly are the first to get priority; 90% of colds and other respiratory infections are contracted inside the house. Some schools offer support and plans to reduce the affects of respiratory absenteeism. Asthmatic children are absent the most throughout the year due to the elevated effects of respiratory disease. Having clear communication with teachers and other parents about asthma and allergies will reduce the onset of problems as well as create a support system within a child's normal environment. In addition, make sure a scarf is worn around the mouth during colder weather to reduce the shock of warm to cold air when going outside. This simple tactic can greatly reduce the effects of asthmatic attacks and allow the respiratory and immune systems to build strength during these months. Other herbal remedies for asthma include Chamomile Tea is used as an antihistamine. Elderberry and hyssop relieves nasal congestion. Ephedra and green tea opens bronchial passages, relieves congestion. Ginger reduces allergic reaction. Licorice root increases mucus production to counter dry cough. Lobelia tincture or capsules in addition to mullein oil and nettle tea help reduce inflammatory reaction and soothe bronchial tissue. Pau d'Arco offers antibiotic, anti-inflammatory effects good for prevention.

Food choices are another way to improve respiratory function as well as decrease the instance of respiratory distress. This includes foods high in magnesium and omega-3 fatty acid. Supplements are available through health food stores are a good place to start adding nutrients to a diet. Changing eating habits can take some time due to habit and cost, but supplements are easy and relatively inexpensive. The key is to find a company offering quality herbal remedies for asthma. The most expensive option is not always the best quality. Careful research and possibly some trial and error will lead anyone to the best personal supplement. Some companies add unnatural additives and fillers to their product to make better profit, therefore not producing a quality product. This statement holds true with food choices as well. Local food co-ops are sometimes the best provider for quality organic foods to ensure the best natural cures for asthma. Changing eating habits is only a good option if the quality of food consumed is high.

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