Office Air Purifier

An office air purifier can be an often overlooked, yet important, component of a healthy work environment. Places of business can be particularly susceptible to airborne contaminants since there is so little circulation of airwaves available. An invisible threat, minute particles of pollen, mold, dust, and other contaminants can aggravate a number of serious health issues. The high cost of energy will frequently drive companies to beef up insulation to seal out temperatures that are too hot or too cold. While this can help to cut down on a company's operating expenses since the cost that is associated with cooling or heating the building will decrease, such moves can also cause an increase in health hazards for employees and staff. Dust, dander, and pollen are natural factors that many people have built in defenses against. But in the case of airborne chemicals, most individuals will have a harder time fighting off the effects of such threats. Purifying the work atmosphere of these threats is very important. There are a number of products available and zeroing in on the office air purifier that best meets an individual organization's needs is the job of a trained company representative.

Quality purifiers should offer carbon and Hepa filtration. These filters will trap harmful particles along with gases and chemicals. Even persistent odors can be filtered out by a quality office air purifier. Each organization will have very specific needs and issues. Research into the wide variety of products that are currently available before making a purchase is, of course, a good idea. The details and features that are associated with these products can be very confusing. Finding a source of unbiased information that is free from pressure or aggressive sales pitches can sometimes be difficult. An informed consumer will make sure that they are somewhat knowledgeable before hitting the marketplace.

Looking into such topics as electrostatic filters, UV lamps and atmosphere purification, odor and chemical control, carbon test kits, mold purification, and dealing with tobacco smoke is a good place to start. Electrostatic filters will collect dust particles from the air. They can also be utilized to deal with odors or pull harmful chemicals from the atmosphere. Many experts feel that activated carbon and Hepa filters are more effective than the electrostatic variety because they actually trap and hold gases and odors along with chemicals. Ultra violet lamps can be used to sterilize bacteria in the air as well as viruses and mold toxins. Medical facilities such as hospitals and laboratories can benefit from an office air purifier that offers this feature. A carbon test kit is a product that allows consumers to check sensitivities to various carbon blends. There are also filters that are specifically geared toward handling second hand cigarette smoke. These models can be especially effective when used in employee lounges and other areas where smoking is permitted.

An office air purifier can also be used in private homes. The need for atmosphere purification in the home is similar to needs in the office with a few key differences. Pet dander can be an issue in the home as can cigarette and cigar smoke. Cooking odors, dust mites, pollen, and other problems can be challenges for the homeowner as well. General purpose purifiers are versatile and can be used in homes and offices alike. If mold has been detected as a problem, there are purifiers with features that can effectively take on this deadly health hazard. Part of the danger that accompanies a mold contamination is that the airborne mold particles can be breathed into the lungs of building inhabitants. Chemical toxins can be spread through mold particles in untreated air. Add to these concerns the musty and distasteful odor and it is easy to see why mold is such a persistent problem, both in businesses and in private homes.

To some, the need for an office air purifier might seem frivolous. Such feelings may stem from a lack of awareness regarding the problems that can occur as a result of the stagnant breathing conditions that exists in many places of business. Those who suffer from asthma can be particularly effected by the poor, and sometimes dangerous air quality that can be found in many offices. Other employees might be dealing with allergies to mold or dust. These individuals might really suffer if a low quality breathing environment is not addressed. A variety of issues such as radon contamination or chemicals and other potentially harmful airborne substances may also need to be addressed. Concern over these unseen threats can make a good case for the need for an office air purifier. The Bible instructs believers to trust God with problems each day. "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?" (Matthew 6:26)

Investing in an office air purifier can be especially beneficial when staff and employees are already dealing with other health problems. Those with respiratory diseases and asthmatic individuals can be particularly susceptible to air quality concerns. Chemical sensitivities and allergies among staff members make atmosphere purification a must. Often employees will be dealing with a compromised immune system due to chemotherapy or HIV aides. In such cases, maintaining good air quality may be a matter of life and death. Whatever the need, there are many manufacturers that offer a wide variety of quality products to address atmosphere purification concerns.

Electronic Air Purifier

An electronic air purifier removes allergens, toxins, and odors by working like a magnet to attract particles in the air and isolate them. Special collection plates trap dust, allergens, and odors leaving a clean and pure atmosphere. An electrostatic air purifier is designed to clean the air more efficiently than regular purifiers. Units are very low maintenance since there are no filters to change and no rigorous cleaning to be done. Instead the collection plates just have to be wiped off to keep them free from build up and then placed back into the machine. The popularity of electronic units is growing because of the convenience of not having to worry about filters. Other types of purifiers use different types of filters such as High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA), and activated carbon. They require more maintenance and the consumer has to be concerned with purchasing replacement filters. Not having to replace filters saves money and time.

People who have children with allergy problems or allergies themselves might want to consider purchasing a electrostatic air purifier that is large enough to clean the entire home or building. The static electricity attaches a charge to particles in the atmosphere causing them to stick to collection plates. Studies on these types of units have shown that they are more efficient at removing contaminants than other types of clean air machines. Some of the allergens that are removed include but are not limited to dust, pollen, perfumes, pet dander, and fumes from household cleaning toxins. Along with using a purifier another important consideration for keeping down allergens within the home is to keep windows and doors closed so as to not let in outside irritants such as pollen and ragweed.

Some clean air machines have built in filters that have to be cleaned or replaced periodically but an electronic air purifier needs minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. The machine will beep or light up when it is time to clean the plates. The units come in different sizes depending upon consumer need. A large unit will clean an entire home or building but there are also table top units that take up little room and smaller models can be placed in inconspicuous places where needed the most. Businesses such as nail and beauty salons may find using them can be helpful to contain harmful solvents and fumes providing safe levels so that their customers don't have to be concerned with breathing toxins. Customers will no doubt appreciate the efforts of companies who are not just concerned with profits. "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works." (Hebrews 10:24)

Contaminants in the atmosphere may include particles and gases that are toxic enough to cause those exposed to feel sick. Sometimes people are breathing in toxic fumes without even realizing it. Some toxins can cause headaches, skin problems, irritability, and fatigue. Another significant culprit is dust and dust mites that are found in carpet, furniture, and bedding. Along with using a purifier there are a few other things that may help to cut down on dust. Wash bedding at least once each week in hot water and use a damp cloth for dusting furniture. Some vacuum cleaners are made to dust off ceiling fans and furniture. However, using a dry duster will scatter the dust in the air making it difficult to breathe and causing allergies to flare. Using an electrostatic air purifier will help to remove the dust in the air effectively and effortlessly.

High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters used in traditional units will work to not only remove allergens and contaminants they also keep them contained within the unit and are easy to remove when it is time to change them out. This type of filter is used in many different types of units and resembles thin layers of fibers that cause the offending particles to get stuck within those fibers. The one drawback to using HEPA filters is they do not usually remove odors or gases in the atmosphere in comparison to an electrostatic air purifier that works to not only remove odors and gases but removes all kinds of contaminants and allergy causing substances.

Purifiers that use activated carbon have the capability of absorbing contaminants in the atmosphere but an electronic air purifier doesn't need carbon or other substances to do the same job more efficiently. For those who prefer using machines that use carbon they will find that carbon will absorb formaldehyde, household chemicals, gases, and any other odors or offending smells. Units that use carbon as a filter vary on the amount of activated carbon that they hold. The carbon may also be combined with zeolite and potassium to make it more effective. These are especially good for pet smells, cigarette or cigar smoke, smog, and even fumes from cooking. Unlike a electrostatic air purifier, carbon filters have to be replaced.

Noise is something to consider when purchasing a purifier especially if used during the night in a bedroom. An electronic air purifier is usually a very quiet machine. These units can be very helpful for a child or adult that has allergies or asthma with symptoms that worsen at night or early in the morning. Having a unit in the bedroom will prevent allergy and asthma attacks by reducing allergens in the atmosphere. Using a small machine will work fine in a bedroom, especially at night when the bedroom door is closed. A good nights sleep is always beneficial for everyone in the home.

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