Boat Insurance Companies

People in the process of searching for boat insurance companies should look to the Internet for information. There are hundreds of companies that offer policies and packages that cover a wide range of recreational vehicles. The decision to purchase a boat is one that should be carefully considered. Such a purchase can be considered as an investment, and careful thought should be taken into the costs for not only the initial purchase but also the general upkeep that follows. Wise decisions into strategies for financial protection can prove to be worthwhile in the case if an unexpected occurrence or accident, "And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship" (Exodus 35:31).

Boats can provide access to a whole world of fun and sport, however, objects that reside chiefly on the water are subject to a wide array of damages. Boat insurance companies recognize the fact that many people keep several possessions on a boat, and in some cases, there are those who even consider their watercraft as a home. All the more reason for why actions should be taken to protect a person's possessions and livelihood. Unfortunately, boats are subject to wide array of damages inflicted by the weather, such as storms, and damages that could result in flooding. Boats are also subject to theft, yet the proper policies can protect those who are subject to modern day pirating.

There are several factors that a person should consider when shopping for boat insurance companies. First of all, they should seek out a company which is committed to providing the best customer service possible, and is willing to work with the customer in an effort to find the policy that works the best for them and fulfills all needs and expectations. Another factor that should be considered is the reputation of the company. A reputable business should have a satisfactory reputation so that future customers can rest assured that they will receive the best service. A potential customer should be on the lookout for a business with high standards and a desire to fulfill whatever needs might arise. A company should also have several coverage options so as to be able to provide quality service to a wide range of customers.

A wide variety of factors can be covered by polices offered by boat insurance companies. Common risks to watercrafts are sinking and of course capsizing. Of course, the larger a craft is the less chance there is of capsizing, however, precautions should still be taken. There is also the risk of collisions with other objects in the water, the chance of a person out at sea and becoming stranded, and then of course, the chance that the boat could explode. A quality policy should protect against all these factors and help to provide boat owners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their investment is secure. There are many parts on boats, all which are required to be in working order in order to ensure that the utmost safety is to be had when on the water. Boat insurance companies offer polices that cover every part of a craft. Tools and equipment that are permanently attached to the craft are covered under most policies, parts such as life preservers, emergency boats, anchors, oars, ropes and so on.

Most people enjoy boating with friends and usually choose to dock their crafts in well populated locations, unless lake or ocean front properties are privately owned. Regardless of where a boat is kept or who sails, liability coverage is instrumental in order to protect the owner of the craft in the event that a person is injured. Injury can occur in many forms by way of collisions or other accidents. Boat insurance companies should be able to provide owners with sufficient information regarding liability coverage. Liability coverage protects owners of watercrafts from accidents resulting from improper maintenance, defense against legal actions, and possible medical costs.

People who own boats commonly own other watercraft as well, such as jet skis, pontoons, and so on. Most reputable boat insurance companies will offer coverage on most vehicles, however, occasionally businesses specialize in only one form. People who require coverage on additional or alternative watercrafts should keep their options open and conduct sufficient research before deciding on a plan that proves to be insufficient for their needs. Many a company has a website where potential customers can obtain price quotes and cross compare rates with several other businesses. A company that offers free price quotes is usually one that is serious about providing customers quality service, and is a good indicator of the credibility of the business.

Boats are used for many different hobbies, sports and occupations. Many enjoy an occasional jaunt across the deep blue of an ocean, while others amuse themselves with fishing for rare and exotic catches. Fishing is an industry that relies on good quality watercraft so the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicles should not be taken for granted. Thousands of people enjoy the feeling of freedom that being out on an expansive body of water brings, however, tranquility and quickly turn into danger. Accidents are most often unexpected and come without warning. People who own boats would be very wise to seek assistance from boat insurance companies so as to protect against unexpected expenses that result from unfortunate circumstances or undesired occurrences.

House Boat Insurance

House boat insurance is not usually the first thing people think about when buying a houseboat, but it provides the safety net needed to protect owners from losing life savings or possibly filing for bankruptcy. Living on the water may be very appealing. These floating flat-bottomed homes can be quite luxurious, coming furnished with larger sleeping and living rooms, a full kitchen and a closed in head. Inlets, bays near the ocean and lakes are popular spots to dock, but salt water is very corrosive and boats generally need constant upkeep. Although houseboats are bulkier and move slower than most boats, accidents happen, causing damage to both property and individuals. The resulting costs can quickly dash an owner's dreams. House boat insurance is a necessary, and required, expense to protect personal finances and the investment in the property itself. Policies are not hard to find, but finding inexpensive yet comprehensive coverage can be difficult.

Because houseboats are classified as pleasure boats, in the same category as jet and ski boats, sailboats, cabin cruisers, and party boats, many regular insurance companies don't carry house boat insurance. They often are covered under marine insurance industry with a special type of underwriter who handles these policies. All insurance companies differ in their requirements and criteria that determine premiums and rates. Most often, companies will look at basic items such as horsepower, size, age and type of the vehicle. Where the houseboat will be used is also taken into consideration. Boats primarily used in rivers will carry different rates and coverage than those primarily in ocean regions or hurricane prone areas. Costs can vary from $10 per foot to more than $30 per foot depending on the extent of coverage needed. Individuals or families who plan to rent a houseboat should also check to see what type, if any, house boat insurance is provided with the rental plan. Policies are generally based on the experience of the owner, use of the boat and how long it will be in the water.

Marine insurance companies offer a variety of different policies. The law in most states requires all boats to carry standard watercraft liability coverage, which includes protection if damage occurs to property or people are harmed in the operation of the houseboat whether it is in the water or during transportation. Most lenders will also require additional coverage. Speak with the lender before taking out a loan and consult with an insurance agent to get a full understanding of what is needed. Most house boat insurance policies also can include coverage for medical payments, in case the owner or a passenger is hurt, towing assistance to cover transportation of the vehicle to fix or replace parts, and insurance against damages occurred by other uninsured boats. Other optional coverage includes theft, vandalism, storm damage, fire, sinking, capsizing, collision, living expenses while the houseboat is being repaired, and even loss of expensive fishing equipment. Additionally, companies offer wreck removal and pollution coverage if a boat sinks or leaks oil or gas. Marinas often turn away houseboats for fear of polluting the local waterways. Cleaning up after an accident or a leak can result in expensive fines or large excavation expenses. God gave man careful commands about taking care of our environment. "Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and every living creature that moves along the ground." (Genesis 1:28)

Finding the right house boat insurance coverage can be a difficult process. Individuals should check first with their home or automobile insurance company. Some companies will discount policies when insuring other items such as boats. Get a quote to use simply as a base. Ask around. The best policies are found by word of mouth. Talk to other boaters to see which companies are the most recommended. Begin calling around for rate quotes. But don't stop at just getting rates. Find out about what types of policies each one offers. Decide what coverage fits the individual situation. Some companies will offer discounts to boaters who complete a safety boat case. Such courses make operators safer, therefore reducing risk and causing loss for the company. Unfortunately, there are many insurance agents that push policies full of extras that a new owner doesn't really need to pad their commission check. Other companies will offer really low rates but provide less than adequate coverage and services. Be sure to compare as many companies as possible. One way to do this is to use the Internet or a multiple covering agency that can get quotes from many agencies a lot faster than one person can do on his or her own. Sit down with all the quotes and make a decision that makes the most sense. Be sure to choose a house boat insurance agent and surveyor who can be trusted. It is worth paying a little bit more for someone who is knowledgeable about the business instead of someone who is working in the business part-time as a hobby. Surveyors will evaluate the vehicle before writing up the official policy. If the boat has minor cracking, softness or other structural or engine problems, policy premiums will probably be higher.

House boat insurance is a necessity to consider before even beginning to consider a purchase. Many factors play into premiums, coverage selection and companies. Individuals must weigh these factors carefully before deciding on the best policy and provider. Pray carefully over the decision and seek the advice of professionals in the field - fellow boaters, friends and family. Houseboats can be enjoyed for many, many years, but only if the owner has the assurance of knowing that problems, if they arise, are covered.

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