Defensive Driving

1. Over forty thousand people lose their lives each year in automobile accidents or car crashes.

Defensive driving can save lives and decrease the numbers of injuries and deaths each year. There are many reasons why so many people become involved in accidents or wrecks each year. Either they do not know defensive driving techniques or are not using them properly. In order to be a safe and precautious driver, an individual has the ability to take an online course that is easy to complete around a busy schedule.

2. Poor driving is the cause of many traffic accidents.

Defensive driving teaches the collision prevention techniques needed to become a safe and responsible driver. Improper lookout, speeding, lack of attention, and poor techniques are factors that contribute to most traffic accidents. These are accidents that can be avoided by learning techniques through defensive driving online courses or informational pages.

3. A defensive driving online or local course usually is taken to save on insurance.

These courses are taken most often to dismiss traffic tickets, but it is important to contact the court to see if a traffic ticket can be dismissed with a defensive driving online course. Many states may not allow online courses. Also, any type of course, whether it is online or local, can often only be taken to dismiss tickets once a year. It will be vital and necessary to take the defensive driving course after receiving a traffic violation and not before.

4. Most insurance companies offer discounts for taking defensive driving online courses.

These courses are often taken by individuals who have not even had a traffic ticket. These people are saving money on their insurance by receiving instruction on how to be the best driver possible. Insurance companies offer up to ten percent off their rates for completing the course. Learning important techniques will decrease the chance to have an accident, making it less likely for the insurance company to pay for the accident.

5. Accepting defensive driving instruction demonstrates love of knowledge.

Proverbs 12:1 - Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish.

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