Rental Car Deals

1. When a person is making decisions about rental cars, there are several factors to consider. There are many rental car deals on the market, and careful consideration will help in choosing wisely.

When using rental cars on vacations or for business purposes, one should consider several factors before making decisions. Whether the trip is a business trip or vacation, rates should be taken into consideration. Also, it is always wise to check the hours of operation of the company. Smaller companies may close earlier than larger companies, limiting availability of service.

2. To get the best rental car deals, a person should wait until arriving at the airport and bargain shop with the agencies.

To get the best rental cars at the best rates, it is best to reserve in advance. Many times when waiting until the last minute,agencies will not have a selection of economic cars left in their inventory to choose from. Early reservations present the best option. Also, it is wise to check back periodically to see if a better rate is available after the reservation is made.

3. A person getting rental car deals who is in need of a child car seat will need to bring their own child safety seat when traveling with children.

It is not necessary to provide your own child safety car seat when seeking rental car deals and traveling with children. Most companies are happy to offer child safety seats if they have prior knowledge of the need. It is wise to reserve a vehicle in that will fit the family's needs and allow plenty of space for child safety seats.

4. Base rates for rental car deals do not include insurance coverage, sales taxes, airport taxes, vehicle license fees, or miscellaneous surcharges.

The transactions for rental cars can seem complicated and confusing. The best advice is to be aware that the base rate does not cover extra charges. These additional charges can increase the base rate up to 40%. When making an agreement, it is wise to always ask about additional charges.

5. God wants us to use wisdom in making all our decisions.

Proverbs 1:7 - The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

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