Bankruptcy Filing Software

Bankruptcy filing software is not just for personal use, but is also available for creditors and attorneys. Why would an attorney need this type of software, you may ask? Well, attorneys need to have streamlined ways of dealing with loads of paperwork, volumes of it in fact that crosses the desk each and every day. Bankruptcy filing software can provide screens to input client information, and then this information is automatically entered onto the proper forms, without having to locate, manually write in the information and physically sift through many sheets of paper. Once the information has been entered in, all that needs to be done is print out a couple of copies one for the client and one to keep in the office (or more if needed), and then the software will do the filing itself. No more running to the courthouse, or asking a runner to do this, saving time, energy and money for everyone.

Those experiencing financial difficulties and find the need to file for bankruptcy will find this type of automatic bankruptcy filing software a great time saver, eliminating the need to research all the laws and different types of bankruptcies out there. Also, a lawyer may not even be needed at all, since the software contains all the legal, forms and filing information a person could need to complete the legal processes. The tool is extremely easy to use. If in doubt, there are companies that will provide free demos on line so the potential buyer can check out what is contained in them, and can discover if the package is the best fit and the right price. If trouble arises while using the product, technical assistance is available for free for a period of 365 days, and can update automatically to bring all the latest forms from Congress along with all the changes in the legal codes.

For people uncomfortable working with bankruptcy filing software, there are attorneys available who will prepare all the forms needed for any type of bankruptcy such that all the client needs to do is to sign on the dotted line. Included will be the test that determines eligibility to file and incorporates all the new legal changes recently made by the US government. If there are many or just a few creditors to deal with, it doesnt matter since all can be taken care of in less than half a day. Some products will provide a money back guarantee. Before beginning working with these types of products, it may help to familiarize yourself with the type of bankruptcies out there to understand the nuances of each, and which would be better for each type of situation. Many people think legal processes such as this are difficult to understand, but really they are very basic. The software takes care of filling out all of the forms.

Lawyers love bankruptcy filing software because incorporated into it is the capability of case management that fully integrates with data entry features of the program. PDFs can be printed and filed by hard copy or filed electronically. Payment plans and budgets can be set up for the client, motions, orders and petitions can be created and filed and much more! Also, creditors lists can be created with the ability to put together reports of when court dates are during the year for each creditor, so that time management is at a maximum. Also, credit reports can be imported into the system to interface with other data matrices. Not only this, but there is also the capability of calculating client incomes, and the tool also has inherent in it the IRS regulation needed to complete all the required forms. I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me (Proverbs 8:17 KJV).

Legal offices will appreciate the opportunity to save loads of money utilizing this bankruptcy filing software because it saves having to hire all the people needed to do the tasks the software does for them! Imagine not having to worry about all of that overhead in salaries, benefits, rent for extra space and even taxes. Savings could climb close to a million dollars a year! Also, no need for frequent client-attorney meetings because the client can enter in information personally, which is then immediately available for the attorney to place into the proper paperwork and databases. Not only this, but the tool can even alert the user to possible redundancies in information or the lack thereof. This is like having a personal assistant within the computer. With all of this extra money savings, the hourly rate for the attorney will surely increase.

Another feature of the bankruptcy filing software is its ability to pull together asset valuations with the click of a button. No more laborious research time and wasted hours! Stay in the office being productive via utilization of all of the wonderful features of this type of software. Both Federal and State requirements are included for all data needs without the need of worrying about overlap, since the system tells the user when this has occurred.

There is a place within the tool to keep notes for each case that are easily retrievable with the flick of the wrist. Never again search for that little sticky note that somehow disappeared from the desk from yesterday. Everything is at the fingertips. Now the legal advisor can confidently tell the client that all the necessary preparations will be taken care of within a matter of a day or even less. Clients will be appreciative of this, which will most likely generate a word-of-mouth type of advertising for the law firm, resulting in more clients walking through the door. Bankruptcy filing software will make your day!

Free Bankruptcy Software

Consumers can now download free bankruptcy software and save thousands on filing Chapter 7, 11, and 13, all without an attorney. When the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) made lawyers liable for discrepancies found in clients' insolvency petitions, many attorneys increased their fees or refrained from accepting cases. But not having legal representation doesn't have to be a deterrent to filing. Hundreds of thousands of consumers apply for personal debt protection each year, going solo and saving thousands in legal fees. With the availability of state-of-the-art, user-friendly free bankruptcy software, preparing detailed reports and filling out Federal Bankruptcy Court-compliant forms is relatively simple...and it's perfectly legal.

Anyone who can type on a computer keyboard, point and click a mouse, and read instructions can take full advantage of the latest programs. To find free bankruptcy software, individuals simply browse internet sites via their favorite search engine and shop for vendors to find the best products. Consumers should take care to review vendor specifications and read the fine print -- not all free software packages are completely free. Some offer no-cost downloads of electronic petition forms, but may still require downloading a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to generate required financial documents and create PDFs for electronic filing. A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a global exchange document which can be read on any operating system; so consumers need not worry about platform compatibility. Consumers may also need to purchase additional programs like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect to complement free debt protection software and generate forms, which can add to the cost of filing. Bankruptcy form software should function on most PC operating systems, including MS Windows XP, 2000, and earlier platforms such as Windows 98 and 95. Consumers should make sure that there is sufficient memory on the computer's internal hard drive to accommodate the new program. Check the manufacturer's recommendations on the new VISTA operating system to ensure that the free software is compatible.

Online vendors may ply consumers with free trial offers, but an actual fully-integrated, stand-alone bankruptcy program can cost anywhere from $200 to $450. Single-use versions of moderately priced programs for a sole debtor cost under $100. Look for free bankruptcy form software with downloads for each of the required documents for filing Chapter 7, 11, and 13 petitions. These will include Voluntary and Involuntary Petitions, Application and Order to Pay Filing Fee in Installments, Schedules A through J, and more. The best software will include all of the required federally-approved petition forms (which usually can be filled in and filed electronically); user-friendly navigation; and an online tutorial or downloadable manual with information on how to use the program. A bonus feature would be instructions on how to file personal insolvency without a lawyer. No matter how computer-savvy, consumers will also want choose free bankruptcy form software that offers 24/7 technical support. It benefits no one to spend hours filling out forms only to get stymied by a computer glitch. Good software should also include an application which helps users determine their eligibility to file Chapter 7 debt protection. BAPCPA regulations state that if a debtor's income falls beneath their state's median income, they are eligible to file a Chapter 7 petition, which discharges certain indebtedness. Debtors with incomes falling above the state median are required to file Chapter 13 and comply with a court-ordered repayment plan.

Before consumers begin do-it-yourself bankruptcy, they will want to review other federal guidelines and restrictions. In the Bible, the second chapter of I Peter encourages individuals to submit to authority: I Peter 2:13-14 -- "Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; Or unto governors..." Consumers who choose to file without legal counsel would be wise to explicitly adhere to regulations under the new federal laws. They will stand a greater chance of having their petitions approved without reprisals or extensive revisions. One important stipulation BAPCPA asks of debtors is that they seek advice from an approved non-profit consumer credit counseling agency prior to filing. This law is designed to enable consumers to make informed decisions before leaping headlong into the personal debt protection process. Additionally, BAPCPA mandates that debtors enroll in a financial education course before they can be discharged from a bankruptcy.

While consumers may not need an attorney and are perfectly within their rights to use bankruptcy form software, these two requirements cannot be ignored. Once a debtor has consulted with a reliable credit counseling agency, they may have a better understanding of how to resolve personal indebtedness through the U.S. court system and comply with federally-mandated requirements. Debtors must then gather information on each creditor, including outstanding bills and the current status of each account. Obtaining a current credit report and credit score, available free of charge online, may help simplify the process. Federal and state income tax returns, employee payroll stubs, full financial disclosures, and documentation of vehicle and mortgage loans are also needed. Once the data has been collected, consumers should download and install the free bankruptcy software and print out all of the forms required for filing in their state. Filling out the forms first by hand will provide a quick reference later to expedite electronic filing. Follow manufacturer's instructions and prompts, being careful to provide accurate figures and answers. Even though consumers file online, they are expected to pay a filing fee, which is determined by the state. Do-it-yourself free bankruptcy software can make a tedious task quick and easy! Why not give it a try?

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