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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Boris Johnson,in critical condition & pregnant fiance,both have the virus.pray protection over my family & Iother believers & those who are ill in New York(many dying!)healing of my glands,swelling to go down etc.

Mel   4/7/20 02:51:11

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for an end to this corona virus and for a cure and healings and protection and provision for all

Anonymous   4/6/20 21:25:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my family andI.We need His grace.Thank you.God bless you.

Emmanuel    4/6/20 17:22:24

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my brother. He has gone through such loss and betrayal recently that he is almost devastated at times. Please pray he'll be blessed with strength each day, that the Lord will carry him when he has no strength and he will have clarity concerning things. Also that some of the sadness and loneliness will subside and that his faith will grow through all of this. For whatever is over our head is under God's feet.

Anonymous   4/6/20 12:47:35

Prayer Request - Faith

situation in Malta there's death bodies everywhere in the streets. Hospitals closed ei doors f new patients.we ve shortage of food and water. People r killing other people out of desperation to steal their food and water. Im hearing gun shots n people screaming all day long.Stephen Mifsud

Lydia   4/5/20 14:34:02

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for me that the relationship I've had with someone for a long tine will be renewed and strengthened. That he will put a lot more effort and make me feel very wanted.

Josephine   4/4/20 00:04:48

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that God destroys the Coronavirus asap In Jesus Name and heals all who are infected with it. Please also pray that my boyfriend KSI and I s relationship is healed completely, better than ever, he will always only treat me with love kindness and respect and he will want to spend lots more time with me and not just with friends and neighbors and for these to occur quickly as possible IJN thank you

Courtney   4/2/20 01:50:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Norma to give her heart to the Lord. She is in her 80's, & is unwell.

JT   4/1/20 07:28:21

Prayer Request - Faith

healing and peace for all my children.

Anonymous   4/1/20 07:07:35

Prayer Request - Faith

Joy, peace, and happiness in all of my childrens lives. God bless.

Anonymous   3/31/20 07:54:24

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for a beautiful place to move and found a dream job.

Anonymous   3/31/20 04:03:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls brethren join me in prayer for my husband encounter God even unto repentance.thank you

Pepetual mmadu   3/30/20 03:09:32

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my sons salvation and they will stop drugs drinking and smoking.

Anonymous   3/28/20 07:00:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for peace and healing for our land

Mary   3/28/20 04:01:48

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray peace & favor for Norm,esp.with Banks & dealing with the Will etc., & be with Marilyn & Roos,so sad over death of 18 yr.old son!!sudden,Lord comfort

Mel   3/26/20 22:28:25

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