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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

Financial and health issues

CeeJay   1/13/20 10:19:16

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Please pray that I can be a support for my dying friend, her family lives far away. This is emotional draining. She is suffering so much.

Anonymous   1/13/20 09:27:39

Prayer Request - Financial

Pray that I get a job soon.Also pray for me to get a God fearing spouse.

peret3856   1/13/20 02:34:25

Prayer Request - Financial

I'm a taxi driver. And need to move and need prayer for finances to move and a place to live close by.

Thomas   1/12/20 22:30:10

Prayer Request - Employment

Please pray for Paul Galloway in Northern Ireland. Pray that God protects and delivers him from all unjust treatment and Satanic works in his place of work. That He is provided with the new job and duties which are best for him in his current work or new work.

paulgalloway   1/12/20 12:09:43

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my scalp is healed completely asap, I get a second job asap, I keep my teaching job, my boyfriend KSI is not cheating on me and he will be more kind, loving and affectionate with me. He also needs healing from his brain tumor, depression and low testosterone, which are all caused by the tumor.

Courtney   1/11/20 19:11:57

Prayer Request - Employment

Please pray for my son that God will take-away and heal his struggle now. Also, pray God will open up stable employment that will quickly lead to me becoming debt free. Pray for the relationships that are being built on CristiaNet that they are God's will.

Anonymous   1/8/20 09:53:27

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my boyfriend KSI is not cheating on me or talking to anyone else and will never have the desire to do so IJN

Courtney   1/6/20 22:47:09

Prayer Request - Healing

Pl uphold my mom in your prayers.

James   1/4/20 19:52:27

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for Sherry urgently. Her recent colon cancer surgery ruptured and she is in intensive care in very serious condition.

J.T.   1/4/20 14:48:00

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, we will be flying back to our country pls keep us safe. Pls take care of my daughter while stay alone for work.i trust my family in Jesus hands. Amen.

Anonymous   1/4/20 12:34:13

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for a good investment for me. And also for my american bf to be able to come visit me here in phils the soonest this year 2020.

Anonymous   1/4/20 04:22:21

Prayer Request - Faith

1)For God to work out a miracle so that I can move out of home from a demonized stepfather and demonized mother. (Both of them are pagan and abuse me almost daily.2)For God to bless me with money or money's worth so I can move out3)For God to deliver my stepfather and mother from demons.4)For God to bring them to salvation5)For God to bring a suitable buyer for our property who will offer a good price and for me to get my share of the proceeds

John Josef   1/3/20 22:51:45

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my scalp is healed completely asap, I keep my job as a Kindergarten teacher at LLES, my teaching contract is renewed for next school year at CSD, my boyfriend stops drinking and smoking forever and that my dad is healed asap . I asked these things to be prayed for In Jesus name. Thank you and God bless everyone richly.

Courtney   1/3/20 20:22:35

Praise Report - Faith

Father dear, what a beautiful day, thank you for Ralph's 60 happy years. Thank you for having wonderful daughters. We love you so much. I praise you in Jesus name Amen.

Anonymous   1/3/20 11:38:14

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