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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

Thank you Almighty God for everything in Jesus nameI recieve my healings and deliverance in Jesus name AmenHoly Spirit connect our property with good buyers in Jesus name AmenGood job for my husband in Jesus name AmenThank you Lord for thou hearest me always in Jesus name Amen

Ayobami   10/14/19 15:04:28

Prayer Request - Faith

I urgently require the immediate healing of an acquired brain injury, of diabetes, of apparent schizophrenia and of my oral/dental problems. Additionally, I require immediate rapprochement with the Holy Spirit, following an incident where I believe I became somewhat estranged from Him. And please, Jesus, bring my present domestic arrangements to a salutary and beneficial denouement. Praise the Lord!

Gerard McGoldrick   10/12/19 20:28:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for favor in court today for O.Fred,God,s will be done- verdict to include mental,psychological help.strenght & energy for me & Pat.more work for Jake & Art,thanks

Mel   10/10/19 09:46:25

Prayer Request - Employment

kindly pray for me I need a job seriously.

Beatrice makandi   10/10/19 06:26:36

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my scalp is healed, I keep my teaching job and my contract is renewed for next year, my skin on my body is healed and that ny boyfriend Kevin I. will move back here to Phoenix so we can get married, in Jeans Name, thank you and God bless!:)

Courtney   10/10/19 00:32:11

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my sister-in-law re worsening depression.

J.T.   10/8/19 08:01:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing & successful operation today for Jake( my sisters husband),more work for his son & my brother Art.healing & recovery for me,Judith,Stuart & Corey.depression to lift off Michael & Jack,Fred & for Magda

Mel   10/7/19 03:08:23

Prayer Request - Faith

Being a foreigner in South Africa is quite traumatic. Please pray for us who are foreigners in this beautiful land as we intercede for them and for us foreigners to forgive them.With God it's possible. .mm

Nancy Kahori   10/4/19 14:04:48

Prayer Request - Faith

1. continue to pray for me about the needed business capitalization 2. that a client will receive her share of a family land sale fast 3. that my newly ministered kids will really continue on growing in their new found faith in Christ Jesus. 5. ministry funds for Mission house and kids playing station Oh Jesus from your treasure do send it very soon In your precious name and blood we pray. Amen!

Lan   10/4/19 06:52:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Please agree with me that all my needs will be met. God is working. Thank you.

Linda   10/4/19 06:39:01

Prayer Request - Faith

Please uphold John Abraham Ebinezer as he underwent tumor surgery on optical nerve. He 5years old. He is in CMC Hospital,Vellore, India.

Miriam Kumari   10/3/19 08:47:10

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray with me for this flu feeling to leave GGod bless.

Anonymous   9/28/19 07:18:45

Prayer Request - Relationships

pray for protection for me & my family against my neighbor Danny. They stop being aggressive & that itll be safe when We go outside. Pray their evilness is brought to the light so theyre forced to change. Pray God touches their heart so they can have a revelation & see what theyre doing has no merit. Pray their jealously, ego, hate & insecurities are calmed. Pray that God can show me what to do.

Anonymous   9/27/19 10:16:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, heal my broken heart. I feel very sad to what my sister did to me. She did not hand me what is due for me. May she see what is right and just. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Anonymous   9/27/19 06:17:48

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing of cancer for Stuart,Art,Corey.Ewalt,s total recovery.Jakes healing & operation to go well.Mya to stop being rebellious & go to school,peace & wisdom for her mom.deliverance from deception/error,religion for Norm,Henry, & his aunts.healing & successful surgery for Jake.healing of my heart & glands.favor for Fred in verdict in Oct. & they get him psychiatric help

Mel   9/27/19 00:32:16

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