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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Salvation

Praying for some lost souls i encounter.

Christina   9/23/22 14:29:11

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray with me for me & my ex to heal & get bal

Taonezvi   9/19/22 13:49:56

Prayer Request - Faith

Our daughter has not started school it's coming to month. Because we don't have many. May God come through for us

Sylvia    9/16/22 05:47:39

Prayer Request - Faith

I am trying to send help to a friend in need but have run into a problem while doing it, I need God to fix this problem so I can get my friend the help they need, please pray

Susie   9/12/22 14:47:00

Prayer Request - Salvation

Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday. she wasn't a Christian she was Catholic. pray that she gave her life to Jesus before she died. she was sinner just like the rest of us and God will make his judgment on her. my prayers go out to the family and the UK. & #128591, & #128591, & #128591, & #128591, & #128591,

Christina   9/9/22 11:32:01

Prayer Request - Salvation

Pray that Britney Spears comes back to Christ. she needs the lord.

Christina   9/8/22 01:25:46

Prayer Request - Salvation

praying for Odell

Christina   9/6/22 07:14:54

Praise Report - Relationships

I need uplifting praye please

Anonymous   9/5/22 07:17:01

Prayer Request - Faith

Nigerians need your prayers seriously. In the area of peace and above all there's so much hunger in the land. Thanks

Olufunmilayo   8/30/22 12:00:01

Prayer Request - Faith

i need to know what type of eyes fit for my art style. i know my art style but i'm not sure about the eyes. God told me my art style but i need him help me with my art style eyes.

Christina   8/19/22 15:33:33

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing for my kitty-Pandee. He has many health issues. Amen!!!

Bonnie    8/17/22 09:41:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Someone I care very much about is angry at me right now because I was unable to do something for them until now. I have told this person I am very sorry & also told them I forgive them for the hurtful things they said today, but they won't talk to me. Please pray God will move this person to contact me shortly, please? I don't like for anyone to be upset with me

Susie   8/16/22 19:06:38

Prayer Request - Faith

There is someone with whom I have been communicating with for over 2 months now, their name is Michael. He has become become a good friend so far. I haven't met this person yet, but would like too. But I truly believe this person is DECEIVING me as to who they are. I ask prayer that God will move this person to come out with the truth & tell me who they really are, please?

Susie   8/15/22 19:14:18

Prayer Request - Bondage

i'm praying against manifestation.

Christina   8/15/22 03:17:13

Prayer Request - Faith

I have something now wrong with my right jaw and the pain is going into my right ear, please pray God will touch me & heal this, please?

Susie   8/14/22 22:50:05

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