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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing supernatural protection for my 13 years old granddaughter for my husband children grandchildren myself mother sisters and their families for LH and Rosy respiratory stomach intentional infection several health problems wisdom finances marriage restoration thank you

A Hernndez Hernndez   7/22/21 11:49:40

Prayer Request - Faith

May the Lord meet every need in this prayer thread.may his spirit meet us and draw us out of darkness into his light and into his will. I cancel the works of darkness and every satanic work and every ill advised decision in the name of Jesus and I pray father God that your word and your will be exalted for every life who comes across these prayers. we come against every satanic attack and we thank you Lord that no weapon formed against your children will prosper in jesus's name. Amen

Renay    7/20/21 07:15:49

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray for me I have to have a breast biopsy that all is well with me thanks.

Anonymous   7/19/21 06:22:31

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that God turns Scott's heart back to me and we reconcile and go forward in God honoring marriage

Melinda   7/17/21 19:25:41

Prayer Request - Financial

May the Eternal God through his holy church help me to buy one apartment T3 to Talatona/Angola and salary increases by the mighty name of lord Jesus Christ.Amen.

Logo Micaela   7/16/21 08:48:32

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, i feel so stress but for as long i feel you in my heart i know i am protected. I love you so much help me to forget these anxieties.i ask in Jesus name Amen.

Anonymous   7/14/21 01:01:36

Prayer Request - Faith

I pray for myself that I have a clear and sound mind, for my grandmother Verna that God keeps working on her heart so that she learns to forgive people of her past and herself as well too and also she leans on God more so she can become the Christian he wants her to become. That God works on my cousins and my aunts and uncles that he keeps working on their hearts and also love the life he wants them to live.

Alexandra Hoggatt   7/13/21 21:47:49

Prayer Request - Financial

there is a big black cloud hanging over our family.please pay for us we receive a miracle in Jesus name

Maulid said   7/12/21 19:23:06

Prayer Request - Healing

I'm here to ask for prayers for my entire family for healing and protection as since 2019 we have had so much illness that I lost my brother, my mum broke her leg and recently three weeks ago my sister also broke her leg. my mum is very ill right now please pray for my family in Jesus name.

Nancy    7/12/21 03:19:46

Prayer Request - Marriage

After 16 years of marriage, partly with a lot of illness, my husband Joel decided to leave us without any warning. Our children and I are in chock.Please pray for unity, understanding, empathy, forgiveness, resurrection and hope! He said he "run out of care", and doesn't want to try to restore our family at all.We need Gods divine intervention more than ever!

Anonymous   7/9/21 17:32:26

Prayer Request - Financial

we're in a very urgent for money, haven't paid rent from 5 months, currently unemployed, my whole family is in a very grave financial crisis, please please pray for us, we really need a deliverance from this situation.

kunjumol   7/5/21 11:56:57

Prayer Request - Faith

I ask for prayer im in a rut i want to start a business i am finacialy stuck i have know income but have great ideas its affecting me mentally because i cant get started please pray

charles kennedy   7/4/21 00:24:34

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that my marriage is restored and my wife, Anita, comes home to our covenant relationship from North Carolina.

Raphael Perez   7/3/21 16:04:02

Prayer Request - Faith

Please ask Father God to help me find ways to either cope with or escape sexual abuse from my husband. He us very controlling bc he knows I have no one else to turn to & no where to go. Also, I am a wf in my 50's who is disabled but doesn't qualify for disablity so i am financially dependent on my husband.. Ty so much & God bless us all!

Graceland   7/3/21 11:19:28

Prayer Request - Marriage

I am a 48 years old Chinese lady.My husband & my beloved doggie passed away 2 years ago.During this period I experienced GOD almighty & powerful healing.Now I am totally recovering & GOD still promised me HE will give me a brand new husband named (Boaz),atually I dont know where & who he is.I just put in my trust to Lord Jesus..HE keeps HIS promise & HE can do what man cant do.Amen in Jesus name I pray.

Ruth   6/30/21 09:47:19

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