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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for W.M. They couldn't put in the pacemaker. His blood count dropped too low. Pray the new medicine will work. Thank you.

Anonymous   6/21/18 18:51:12

Prayer Request - Faith

My sis-in-law Linda Foo is getting baptized in Aug 2018.She married into the Wong's family for 23 yrs and decided that only Jesus can save her marriage.Please pray for her continually as she did not get much support from her husband. Please pray for my brother Anderson Wong to make a come back to the Lord Jesus Christ to save his marriage.

Jade Wong   6/21/18 12:35:43

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that my son get out of the trouble he is in and he keep his apartment and every thing he has. and that I hear from him today. God bless

Anonymous   6/21/18 06:40:49

Prayer Request - Healing

pray for my daughter amanda she is 45 yrs old got pnemonia & copd flare up n icu

pat hawks   6/20/18 10:57:04

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my LEEP procedure goes well, I experience very minimal pain, and no complaints and God will bless me with a good and godly husband. Please also pray that my classroom will be licensed when the surveyor inspects it, for my dad and my feet to be healed as well IJN

Anonymous   6/19/18 21:00:20

Prayer Request - Healing

A few days ago, one of my eyes developed a cloudiness within my eye to where I cannot see. It looks like I'm seeing through a dirty window. It's been four days and I am very worried that I could lose my eyesight. I have no health insurance and very little money, so I can't see a doctor. I'm asking for prayer for the healing of my eye so I can go back to work. Any and all prayers are appreciated and God Bless.

Anonymous   6/19/18 05:33:33

Prayer Request - Faith

I am a Christian that fell into temptation. I payed a price, and stillcould pay a bigger one yet to come. I have repented, and have my lifeon the right track. I am fearful, but trying to keep my hope inJesus. Please pray for God to have mercy, protection, and love over mylife right now. Thank you.

Anonymous   6/18/18 20:45:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray that God will rebuke all witchcraft working against us.

Anonymous   6/18/18 20:30:53

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that I hear from my son today and he is alright. God bless.

Anonymous   6/17/18 10:32:09

Prayer Request - Faith

I need very clear guidance re the work I do. Please Lord.

Anonymous   6/17/18 07:43:39

Prayer Request - Employment

My current situation is my elderly mother is not well and I need to move to be with her in another city. The job hunting situation has been going very slowly so my prayer is that some miracle occurs and I find the perfect full-time graphic design job in the same city so I can be with my mother to help her out.

Jennifer   6/16/18 16:41:42

Prayer Request - Financial

Father, help me, help my family. Heal my broken heart. Heal my life. Heal my destiny in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   6/15/18 15:11:38

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for healing from pain for Mary Ann (esp. in her shoulders and feet). Thank you! Your prayers are much appreciated!

Shelly   6/15/18 12:39:09

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my husband and I as we go through a difficult time with US immigration. Please pray that he will be allowed to stay.

db   6/14/18 12:24:17

Prayer Request - Encouragement

my life i lived i do not understand. i want to no why they made a creation like myself?

upchurch   6/13/18 17:36:18

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