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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Norm-healing of slight concussion-peace & whelp getting along with his father.healing for Heinz & Mixhael-God,s guidance,guidance for me ttoo & healing(Mel) favor for O.F. & meeting with lawyer to go well

Mel   10/21/18 23:08:25

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for W.M and P.H. who are still having serious issues with their properties since the hurricane: impassable road, and spring washed out too bad to use the drinking water.

J.T.   10/21/18 19:10:56

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Gods presence and his help in a relationship. Thank you in Jesus name

Simon   10/21/18 06:56:42

Prayer Request - Salvation

please pray for the salvation and or restoration of the following souls in Ireland. Paul Galloway, Carol Galloway, Naomi Galloway, Iona Galloway, Wallace Galloway, Marina Galloway, Natasha Rees, Nikki Rees and Katie Rees who is a child of Ten. Thank You

paulgalloway   10/20/18 08:43:23

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Michael- depression & discouragement t & isolation to lift off him,in Jesus ' Name!Lord,give him friends!come against physical attacks on my throat,jaws etc.infections to clear up,in Jesus' Name.Oscar to get a good lawyer who,ll help him.favor for Christians in our elections today-Lord,raise up a standard of righteousness.Heinz-healing/ strength.Art to get more work

Mel   10/20/18 06:33:31

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends,Please pray for Elena as she is in need of Gods mighty assistance at this moment. I ask that we pray for her so that God protects and delivers her from all evil and he heals her completely in the name of Jesus Christ. AmenThank you,Tony

Tony   10/20/18 00:00:38

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of my back. God bless.

Anonymous   10/19/18 07:14:33

Prayer Request - Healing

Hello, my mother Rhonda is suffering from dementia and she is just 63. Can you please pray for her recovery? Thank you and God Bless Us All!

Jennifer Parks   10/19/18 01:08:59

Prayer Request - Employment

I am getting troubles in promotion & transfers, for me this promotion along with transfer is very essential, I have also uncertainty in my family, these are do or die problems for me, please pray for me

Anonymous   10/16/18 20:50:04

Praise Report - Faith

Father dear thank you so much for the love. I know you guiding us. Pls Lord five wisdom to my daughter help them to their decission in life. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   10/16/18 14:15:35

Prayer Request - Faith

To all my friend's on here hope the lord will keep you safe this week. Praise The Lord...Amen and Amen...:>) God Bless...Brett

brett8475   10/15/18 15:04:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my daughter to have a safe trip to Pennsylvania and back this week.

Jean   10/15/18 12:11:12

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my scalp is healed, my hair grows back, for my stuff to be in my new classroom, for my dad to talk to me again, and most importantly my crush to ask me to be his girlfriend IJN

Anonymous   10/14/18 21:40:35

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that I will get married this year. Just had enough of being single for 42 years. Pray also for my ex Christopher and Craig that they might always stay in God's will and they will stop treating ladies according To God'will. Bless you

HARIT   10/14/18 10:58:02

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that I hear from my son victor and he is doing alright today. God blass.

Anonymous   10/14/18 08:40:55

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