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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for me and my brothers to find godly virgin women soon. Thank you God bless.

Aaron   10/25/20 16:56:00

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my ex boyfriend KSI and I are back together and for my open wounds to be healed as soon as possible IJN. Thank you!

Anonymous   10/25/20 05:26:54

Prayer Request - Marriage

Lord please heal my marriage, please forgive my sins, please open my wife, Jacquis heart for us to be united again and to love one another, please help us Lord God to bring glory to you with our marriage. I ask your protection and blessing Lord, Please, Please heal our marriage lord and bring her back to me. My heart is broken Lord. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

John   10/23/20 22:57:33

Prayer Request - Faith

If you know of people who live in California or other areas their asking what to do? Share to watch on-line Krakatoa. Its today has rebuilt itself to repeat same thing again that wave was 120ft after it blew. You have a large boom then eathquakes yet lava ect happens to in this case. Share east coast to watch canary Island now 2020. Grafts want help you at this point your on your own with jesus. Also look at the new navy map.

Shelia Rossell   10/23/20 11:06:12

Prayer Request - Faith

Hi! Please pray for the healing of a sister who is suffering from COVID-19.Thank you!

Anonymous   10/20/20 10:05:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Earthquake in Ak overseas report 9.2 , and 12 after shocks on their new in Ak. Japan had a warning or something happen, and Hawaie. Women in Ak reported her window blown out. Valcanos very active. What is warmwood in bilble. People are talking to look for more large ones ca, mexico, canada, and where does this put us on gods time line of revelation. Jesus thank you for being our savior trusting you through it all lord. Wow

Shelia Rossell   10/20/20 03:05:41

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Have you seen people as christians have a great life, and have answers to issues they face. Even the world can use gods promies god doesnt lie. Issues are attacks, because your going somewhere great in life a blessing. Most dont know the keys to move pass their problems. Ive walked in all answers from Jesus Iam way-direction Iam the truth-all answers Iam the life-Jesus show us how to live in this world all answes. It works what your key?

Shelia Rossell   10/19/20 05:14:55

Prayer Request - Faith

To night the lord has a question where are the people who filled this room with prayer, who were praying for others. Who is praying crying out to the lord wow we have destruction all over the world right now earthquakes going off judgement at the door are we repenting, and souls could be saved. Jesus if only a few cry out will you hear us lord.

Shelia Rossell   10/13/20 21:59:25

Prayer Request - Financial

On the stimulus President said he could take it out of another fund, and bypass. Ok if there is a way to help others the lord shows you, then you follow through with that plan. Example I went to a bussiness wow there hole program changed Lord said no dont do bussiness. Now the lord showed me where to go next I was at peace new this was the lord leading show the President to move forward for the people of United States.

Shelia Rossell   10/12/20 17:21:20

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that God restores my relationship with my ex boyfriend KSI and he marries me and we have a wonderful, Godly relationship filled with love and mutual respect in Jesus name.

Anonymous   10/12/20 04:38:46

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord why all these earthquakes happening from California through all falt lines, and gas line blowing, and up madrein falt fire comming up from ground. Earthquakes around the world hot spots. Lord you see I pray for the land to calm, and stop anything that is adding to these earthquakes people we need prayer around the world.

Shelia Rossell   10/9/20 02:27:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Leadership when other dont walk with you, and jesus will you still lead when negative words are spoken will you still stand in your office. A leader moves forward alone. Leadership is standing with God as an Eagle. Its the heart God sees. If a choice were to be made that is better for all people a ture leader will stand even if all alone. Iam praying for our leader to step up even without no one except God.

Shelia Rossell   10/8/20 18:24:52

Prayer Request - Healing

Pray for the removal of all curses and transformation of Joseph Haokip

Dr.Ngamkholal Haokip   10/7/20 21:12:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord few days ago spoke shift one is lord is shifting things. Now we have the world in a shift of things. Lord has us at a stand still while he doing a lot of stuff. The Lord is with us. Lets see what he up to, and what he will allow.

Shelia Rossell   10/6/20 16:05:01

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my wounds heal completely, that I am not getting sick and for my ex boyfriend KSI and I to get back together again we get married in Jesus Name

Anonymous   10/6/20 05:35:57

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