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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please join prayer for peace of mind for my husband and me.thanks

Mary Jane   12/10/19 07:42:46

Prayer Request - Faith

Praying for my daughter to secure a well paying job

franc9833   12/10/19 02:48:55

Prayer Request - Faith

I have GERD really bad. The LES muscle that is supposed to close to keep food from backing up from stomach is weak and not working properly. Twice i had bile reflux up during night and backed into my lungs. A person can die this way. Please I need the LES muscle strengthened and healed and the Gastric reflux to stop. Thank you and bless you.

Penny Sevargnna   12/10/19 02:38:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my sons healing of mental illness.God Bless.

Anonymous   12/9/19 07:39:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Leonard,s heart,no more heart attack s & his salvation (72 & in hospital)Corey to get motivated to get a job.Michael,s infections on legs to heal jaws & glands to heal upinfectious to clear up,Pat,s finances to improve

Mel   12/6/19 23:03:04

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray God,s healing for my frequent headaches past three months. Thanks.

Cassie   12/6/19 18:22:28

Prayer Request - Faith

Prayers for revelation and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Kathy   12/5/19 12:26:04

Prayer Request - Healing

I am asking for prayer that I am cancer free. I have a sore in my mouth that won't heal and I am concerned about this.

Beth   12/5/19 08:51:09

Prayer Request - Faith

Almighty God, I pray and thank You in advance for full healing of everyone and my mom Sacide and Your blessings of long, healthy and happy life for all of us. Amen.

Yesim   12/4/19 07:02:14

Prayer Request - Financial

please pray that our house would sell and giver us patience for GOD's timing , not ours.

Larry   12/3/19 21:09:29

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for me to get out of debts, and for my friend to be recovered from a car accident

Anonymous   12/3/19 18:43:20

Prayer Request - Faith

Hi dear prayer groups or ...., I want to forwarding to Gods plan but their is an obstacle p.s pray....pray...God bless you !

Tsegaye mamo   11/29/19 07:37:36

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord Jesus please grant us peace and encouragement while we wait upon you to deliver daughter Nyree from alcohol/drugs/smoking addiction. please help us to release her completely into your hands, do whatever it take to set her free and heal her mentally and physically. Lord grant us peace,joy,and open our eyes to see that you are working on her... In Jesus name Amen

Glo   11/28/19 18:30:35

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for a friend whose family was just in a bad wreck.

Jean   11/28/19 15:57:13

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my boyfriend loves me, treats me with nothing but kindness and respect and always speaks to me kindly as well. He swears at me a lot and is often angry at me despite me treating him well, I dont understand why he is so mean to me. I love him very very much and want us to get married but I want him to treat me far more kindly and lovingly, please pray that he does as soon as possible IJN. His initials are KSI. Thank you and God bless

Courtney   11/26/19 22:19:47

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