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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for our friend Arja. She is suffering from cancer.God bless youVijay Golden ( Pastor)

Vijay Golden   8/17/18 01:01:49

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my ex who is now just my friend will please reconcile our former romantic relationship. I truly feel like God spoke to me in the spirit telling me that he would be my future husband.

Anonymous   8/17/18 00:13:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray my brother,s court hearing goes well today- favour with judge & them to get him mental help(first offense- wasn,t in his right mind,)break evil plans to keep him in jail for yrs.!healing of cancer for Heinz,healing of chrones for Jake,healing of my throat & glands-virus etc to loose it,s holdalso for my friend Marilyn,Mike to find a good church.Bill,s healingIsaiah 53-b,pray for rain on all these fires-we,re in a state of emergency here600 fires!

Mel   8/16/18 08:42:48

Prayer Request - Faith

my prayers request is that I want God to take me to my place of destiny where He as ordained for me.and in the life of my brother too. secondly I want the Lord to settle me maritally and financial this year lastly I want all my debts to be paid miraculously by the end of this month August 2018.

virtuous akins   8/16/18 07:11:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Intercessors its time to pray alert for United States. One area is were in med term. Next we need all to pray like we did before last part of election. There another area has a lot of darkness to area yet holy sprit doesn't reveal this area to me join me in prayer with others for our country, and mid election. Sound the alarm. In Christ Shelia

Shelia Rossell   8/15/18 15:15:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing of my son in law totally and completely and that he be able to breath right and that my son get out of the hospital go back to the group home and get alone with every body until he get his apartment benefits back. God bless.

Anonymous   8/15/18 07:06:29

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my mentally ill daughter to not have another break-down.

Anonymous   8/14/18 16:25:43

Prayer Request - Healing

Prayers for me for healings miracle in Jesus name Amen

Ayobami   8/13/18 18:03:58

Praise Report - Faith

I want to praise the Lord Jesus Christ and all the prayer warriors who had helpme through my request. My sis-in-law was baptized on 24 Aug 2018. 24 years I have been waiting for this day to happened. God is good and He has His timing.Trust the Lord with all your heart and with all faith. Nothing is too difficult for Him.Thank you to ChristiaNet's Prayer team. May God Bless you all.

Jade Wong   8/13/18 10:08:48

Prayer Request - Faith

pray for evet she was hit tue nite 7/22/18 w sciatic nerve pain in rt hip down her leg b she stl has alot pain she was told if lf untreated it cl become paralysis she has no job or insurance she trust God her friend eugene suffers anxi ety tks meds rt foot swell hs to mov bf 9/6 or evict marshals eugene hsnt wrk ov 20 yrs has fear communicat to auth figur

miche   8/12/18 23:46:29

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son to get his apartment back and all his benefits back and for joy. peace . and happiness in his life. God bless

Anonymous   8/11/18 07:04:59

Prayer Request - Healing

dental emergency. pray teeth can be saved and repaired. pray no teeth are lost.

Anonymous   8/10/18 15:49:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for the success in my exams. Thank You!!

Anonymous   8/9/18 10:53:00

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for restoration of Michael & his boysto forgive the mother & come back to the Lord & Church..Lord please heal their wounds & let go of offences etc.also freedom from depression for Jack,Fred,Norm,Heinz & healing & Heather to find a place to live

Mel   8/9/18 00:03:58

Prayer Request - Faith

For my sore throat- healing For my business to have a good profit

Anonymous   8/8/18 11:08:42

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