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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for finantial help ,health and mostly for the holy sprit. Thank you amd God bless you.

herma   2/21/18 08:34:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Lord's comfort & strength for Claude's widow & Melanie. Also healing of chrones for Jake & healing of all infections & viruses for me- thanks

Mel   2/21/18 08:07:09

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for a healing miracle for my son Tony, his wife and newborn son, stomach, intestinal, respiratory infection,heart condition, high risk of heart attack, for my children Gloria, Alessandra, Luisa, Antonio, Scott, Stefanie, Valentino, respiratory, stomach and intestinal infection, small intestine crohn's, Thank you

A Hernndez Hernndez   2/20/18 20:27:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my girlfriend Erin. She has decided recently that she is bisexual and I know this is not what god wants for her.

Anonymous   2/19/18 23:13:55

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my next door neighbors move out and godly people move in instead. They harass and watch me. Please also pray that God blesses me with a godly and faithful spouse.

Anonymous   2/18/18 23:51:48

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son to call me today and let me know he is alright. and for his total and complete healing of mental attack.God Bless.

Anonymous   2/18/18 07:22:30

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing for Claude- liver & lungs to heal.alvin,Brenda,Mildred,al,s wife- healing of abscesses,cysts,infections to clear up- safe brother,s face to heal

Mel   2/17/18 22:43:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for my son who is remand,i cant afford alawyer,also i need to sell my piece of land due to debts,pls Jesus send a buyer.

Jane karingo   2/16/18 23:55:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing on the back and the side of my neck. and for the Lord to take the pain out of it. and for my son to be alright.God bless.

Anonymous   2/16/18 08:40:18

Prayer Request - Faith

I have financial problem

thecla   2/15/18 11:32:48

Prayer Request - Healing

i'm a girl and lived some time now and sometimes wonder about dying and suffering because i had a jeep wreck and broke bones and collapsed a lung for a unanswered as of today i don't know why it happened and now im suffering from a combination of hazardous environment and my dwellings that existed my whole life that unexplained incidents that make hurt and pain that makes me feel like im dying or going to dye over so much time. Maybe somebody dislikes me!pray for them!

shelley renee upchurch   2/15/18 10:34:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my husband. He got severe stroke in July 2016. Hes bedridden, no speech, on tube feeding, has no skull cover for a Third of his brain. That soon this cover Can be returned and He Can Get up and walk again for the glory of God and heal our broken lives.

Anonymous   2/14/18 23:40:12

Prayer Request - Faith

No solicitation churches in our neughborhood, equal rights, own pervade lives, the neighbors to pray.

Anonymous   2/14/18 22:34:56

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Loretta gets over flu quickly & me too havent seen each other over 2 years & supposed to get together in a week!mental & emotional healing for our brother Fred & favor,Wendy,s healing & Jake-chromes & needs a good job & Caitlin to get over flu

Mel    2/14/18 18:31:00

Prayer Request - Faith

Nick young click on dbassey3 on Utube and there are 2 people on there singing the Lords prayer for you.God Bless.

Anonymous   2/14/18 08:46:53

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