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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

Joseph has been dealing with health issues for the last six months. Any physical activity will result in health issues. Doctors have not been able to diagnose the issue. Please pray for his recovery.

Joseph M Fasi   10/14/21 12:51:47

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my health and my family!Thank you all and God bless you

Ana   10/13/21 14:19:24

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Prayer Team,Greetings from India.Olease pray for healing for my back pain and my left foot injury. I need healing in Jesus Name.God bless your prayer ministry.Amen.Mary

Alo Mary Purti   10/12/21 11:00:11

Prayer Request - Employment

Dear God, I pray for a breakthrough. Amen.

Sylvia   10/11/21 03:08:25

Prayer Request - Healing

Hi, my name is Sourav. My dad is battling schizophrenia. He is a very disturbed person, He talks to himself or sometimes wall. He has stopped eating. He burns downs household items. burns documents throw aways antiques from home. we all are very disturbed . He is very stubborn in nature. Please pray for him. My only hope is in Jesus now. Things in our life have become unexplainable now. We all are very afraid and in tremendous pain. Please keep us in prayer.Thank you God Bless you.

Sourav   10/10/21 13:14:30

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my kidneys function is restored to 100%, in Jesus Name. Thank you and God bless everyone!

Courtney   10/9/21 21:28:05

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear God, I pray against the witchcraft. Amen.

Sylvia   10/7/21 17:12:51

Prayer Request - Faith


JOSEPH JAKOB    10/7/21 14:53:11

Prayer Request - Faith

My boyfriend has turned his back on God and also ended our two year relationship.He has been delving into sin and worldly things. I pray for breakthrough and restoration.

Anonymous   10/7/21 14:01:56

Prayer Request - Faith

Ask prayer for protection against flooding today through Thursday, please?

Susie   10/6/21 06:49:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing supernatural protecion for my husband and daughter Lh severe stomach intetsinal respiratory infection for my children grandchildren myself mother sisters and their families several health problems, we all been expose to covid thank you

A Hernndez Hernndez   10/5/21 21:40:38

Prayer Request - Faith

Brothers and sisters in Christ will you pray for my sister who is depressed? Pray she will find motivation, encouragement and strength. Also pray for healing for her mind, body, soul and spirit and she'll have peace again! Oh also pray she'll be surrounded by a hedge of protection and angels in Jesus' name. Thanks.

Anonymous   10/5/21 12:47:33

Prayer Request - Faith

I ask for God to intervene & please help a situation between me & a friend. I care about this person very much & they are angry at me because I couldn't loan him money, so we had words over the phone & now my friend WON'T SPEAK to me. I have apologized severally to him for my part but he refuses to even reply to me. My heart is breaking that! I pray God will move him to forgive me & for him to talk to me again

Susie   10/4/21 20:55:56

Prayer Request - Healing

Ive not been well for months.My shoulders n neck are so stiff with pain..n im also feeling both legs both arms n joints n muscles are tight. Could say whole body. Sometimes i feel feverish. Pls pray for my health to be restore. Thank you whoever is reading this.Been having non stop joint pain

Sylvia   10/2/21 09:11:57

Prayer Request - Faith

hi please pray for my husband karl he needs prayers for healing he passed a kidney stone recently and still in pain please pray for healing and strength and protection.thankyou

mary snyder   9/29/21 06:22:38

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