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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

I haven't been well for the past few weeks my blood system is not okay,my whole body too.

Marilnes Mdonyela   2/24/20 12:25:20

Prayer Request - Healing

Please help me am feeling pains on my waistline streching downwards especial on my left side.Also help me cast out spirits of bad dreams everytime when i sleep and my children are always sick.We refuse to be sick in Jesus name .Amen

Ronald Moyo   2/24/20 02:57:09

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for P.H. re serious job problems.

J.T.   2/23/20 18:10:08

Prayer Request - Bondage

my bad luck is I m not getting good job as I m trained social worker with 8 years experience. 4 years export companies experience I m very expert male masaj therepist 9 years practice as self employee. 4 years as international tourists guide in Pakistan 2 years primary school teaching even I m trained ministry worker 7 years experience worked in youths children bible school and church choir.I have great knowledges of these fields but it's worst situation.

Farrukh    2/23/20 10:39:15

Prayer Request - Faith

1.Baptism of the Holy Ghost 2.That war will NOT Break out in Nigeria!

Michael . Adikwu   2/22/20 13:03:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Today holy sprit spoke Create your Dream. For two years lord showed me the path of a Dream you must have the total journey of this one key is once you have the Dream you were born with you must give it back to god, then its down loaded back for endless journey of rest of your life never make a dream a job it not a job. Lord will show you your journey on the path of the dream you were born with in your life. In Christ, Shelia

Shelia Rossell   2/22/20 11:31:02

Prayer Request - Faith

God be praised!! Please help me pray for God's blessing on the tenants who will rent the front part of our house. Also, help me claim God's protection over my 1-year jib contraft as a nurse in Saudi Arabia . God bless all the prayer warriors in the house .

Lorna Espiritu   2/19/20 02:59:48

Prayer Request - Faith

Shalom.My family is going through mourning for loss of close family members. We are griefing in pain and we need the Lord to take us to the next season of peace.

Anonymous   2/18/20 01:38:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for us we need a home

chpoj5463    2/17/20 08:20:15

Prayer Request - Relationships

pray for:salvation of Loved ones,alynnas (school-business-bf),protection,lords guidance,christian accepted at CBU w/financial aid & protection as he rides motorcycle,bless finances,Philip leaves us alone forever,Suarez stops hating, ex-inlaws courage,Elijah stays strong, blessed w/Godly husband,Lupe stops schemes,evil doings are brought to light,God Keep us close & blessed

Anonymous   2/16/20 16:05:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Urgent please ray for healing for my son Tony and his family severe stomach , intestinal infection, high blood pressure, high risk of heart attack for my children, grandchildren husband and for my whole family and me for healing Thank you

Anonymous   2/15/20 13:25:15

Prayer Request - Employment

I ask that you pray that my job interview next Thursday goes well. Ive worked hard to prepare for the interview, the job is an amazing opportunity and it would allow me to impact so may lives for the better.

Jared   2/14/20 16:26:12

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

Daniela   2/13/20 13:51:32

Prayer Request - Healing

please pray for my brother Tom, he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is starting chemotherapy

Larry   2/13/20 13:50:41

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my boyfriend breaks up with me and moves out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, he is verbally abusive, I am desperate for him to leave because I cant afford to move, HELP

Anonymous   2/10/20 18:31:11

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