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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Financial

Dear Prayer Partners Please Pray for my Financial Freedom. One Person Cheated me with $45,000 and Paid Paid some need to collect more.. i am struggling for the Past 8 months.. I am Trusting God for a Breakthrough..

John   4/21/18 11:15:23

Prayer Request - Healing

I have big pain on my knes, please pray for me

Lucy   4/21/18 03:18:00

Prayer Request - Faith

Please Pray for my husband John, he has unset of Alzheimer,+my daughter Marianna for healimg of memories, and for me, to stay strong

Lore Sventzouris   4/20/18 18:06:52

Prayer Request - Faith

Please, pray for my sister Sharon who has ovarian cancer. Pray for my health and my brother Mike's health too. Please, pray for my finances. Thanks.

Debaera Bisceglia   4/20/18 13:50:29

Praise Report - Employment

Promotion GraduationMarriageBusiness revived by Jesus for all clients and new clients to contact us for contracts

Anonymous   4/19/18 09:31:02

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of my back and that the Lord will take the pain away. God bless.

Anonymous   4/19/18 07:13:15

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my mother Gloria. She's in poor health deeply depressed in chronic pain. Pray God will bless her with strength needed. I am disabled & in poor health. Mom is in unrelenting agony finds it depressing Pray God intercedes & will bless her final years with health and happiness. Bless you 4prayers for Gloria. She is my whole life and world. Amen.

Gina Beaton   4/19/18 02:31:15

Prayer Request - Financial

Dear friends, Pray for my family financial breakthrough . My wife Ruth has gone to attend University studies here in Kigali, our kids, Jehosheba 8 Ashbea 5 and son Asher 3.Ruth went to university after some discussions with a little sum of money I get I can't satisfy all of these family needs.She has faith she says.I need your prayers , that God will make a way

Dominique M.   4/18/18 04:18:56

Prayer Request - Employment

Thank God for a successful job interview and an impressive outcome. May victory come to pass.

Anonymous   4/17/18 20:15:34

Prayer Request - Parenting

I hope i find my way home because of adoption.

miss upchurch   4/17/18 17:06:57

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for my daughters , that they may come to know Jesus, and that there may be healing for me and my wife . Thank you .

Nick Young   4/17/18 04:28:07

Prayer Request - Faith

I have now wounds in my right breast stage 4 cancer.pray fir immediatebhealing of wounds.

susan5978   4/17/18 02:43:52

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for my safety and protection from TR, that he will leave me alone and stop talking to me for good. I see signs of abuse. Also, please pray that I do well on my pre-conference, Formal Observation, and post conference and that I will be rated highly effective as a teacher IJN

Anonymous   4/16/18 22:24:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son to call me today and let me know he is alright.God Bless

Anonymous   4/16/18 07:23:18

Prayer Request - Faith

1. thanks for praying for me on my online tutorial on Language. may the good Lord provide for me good students to teach Filipino and English language worldwide

lan   4/16/18 04:54:02

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