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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my marriage, to find a job a be successfull in my studies, to save my family from hell, may I be compassionate. May I hve prophetic or healing gifts

Baptiste   7/3/20 10:39:18

Prayer Request - Faith

URGENT PRAYER: My fiancee Ramon is in some type of problem, feels depressed and lonely. I ask that you pray for his well-fare,complete deliverance from substances, dark places/people and walk in the plans of God. We are to marry next week on the 9th and he is to leave early morning Monday, July 6th. I ask that you pray that he is free to do so as he so desires to live and freedom and travel to marry me. Thank you for praying in unity with me and his family. Thanks Saints!

Leslie   7/2/20 16:32:38

Prayer Request - Faith

My aunt has had a chest-open surgery and now she is in ICU. Please help me pray for her healing and health

Lydia   6/30/20 18:42:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Healing for my husband's psoriasis, ruptured disc and COPD. Thank you and God bless

Elle   6/28/20 03:06:25

Prayer Request - Faith

I pray that we remember that we deserve genuine love and respect from the people that we choose to keep in our lives and to let go of Anyone who does not give us that kind of love and respect.

Anonymous   6/27/20 13:57:46

Prayer Request - Encouragement

I pray that we will remember that God's "No" is not a rejection but a Re-direction!

Anonymous   6/26/20 08:40:49

Prayer Request - Faith

rejoining with gvp, pls pray

rm   6/26/20 00:05:48

Prayer Request - Faith

My fur baby "dog" is ill & would you please pray for him?

Susie   6/25/20 09:48:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Having problems with my kidneys. Please, need prayers.

Donato Gomez   6/24/20 08:23:08

Prayer Request - Faith

I was told by my friend Jason today that " I was nobody", my reply was "that I am somebody to GOD" I have been cussed out 5 times in 3 weeks by this same person, all because I can't give him $2000My friend Jason needs help from God, I pray God forgives him!

Susie   6/23/20 10:35:06

Prayer Request - Faith

Am a Missionary Evangelist,reaching unreached people group.I am living on faith,Ihave a daughter studying Medicine in Manila. I need to pay University fee n House rent. Urgently I need 3,00,000 INR. Kindly uphold me in your prayers

Miriam Kumari    6/20/20 08:25:30

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray for me to have peace with my family members mainly the ones im close to please pray God bless me at my job and he bless my health tremendously in Jesus name peace with my mother and peace with wife and children a good week and favor on my job in Jesus name. Please pray for Brittney pregnancy as well in Jesus name Amen

Charles   6/20/20 01:57:27

Prayer Request - Faith

I have been trying to help a person I have known for 2 yrs. now, when they ask me for help I have done my best to help each time. But this person ask for me $2K recently & being on a fixed income I didn't have that much money to let them have. So for the last 3 weeks this person has insulted me, called me vile name & cussed me out over 6 times. All cause I was unable to give that much money. I have told him that I forgive him & that I will pray for him. He needs God!

Susie   6/18/20 13:13:52

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of my body God Bless.

Anonymous   6/18/20 08:09:02

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my ex boyfriend reconciles with me and restores our relationship asap and we are stronger than ever. God showed me numerous signs that he is the One, too many and specific for them to be coincidences.

Anonymous   6/14/20 18:20:06

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