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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please pray for the safety and travel mercies for my younger brother who is travelling tonight. Thank You!

Anonymous   12/12/17 08:39:58

Prayer Request - Faith

Please ask God to fill me with power, love, Jesus's blood and His Presence. Thank you, God bless :)

anthony sirianni   12/12/17 07:01:23

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my paraprofessional becomes my friend and doesnt lose respect for me as being the lead teacher, my exfiance to reconcile our relationship and for my dad to be healed IJN thanks and God bless

Anonymous   12/11/17 21:43:17

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray for me my health is getting worser

pat hawks   12/11/17 14:50:50

Prayer Request - Marriage

I am married to a non-believer who is openly unfaithful to me and I have accepted to stay with him as I believe he will be saved because I have had visions of his salvation before I married him. Please pray for my husband and our marriage for the sake of our one year old daughter. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Anonymous   12/10/17 23:16:44

Prayer Request - Bondage

prayer request for deliverance from the chains of spiritual bondage. I need to make serious progressive jump in career, business and marriage

Anonymous   12/10/17 18:43:24

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my ex fiance reconciles our relationship, that my paraprofessional likes and respects me, that I have more friends, and that my neighbors in the adjacent apartment are nicer, a lot more friendlier, and respectful towards me IJN thanks and God bless

Anonymous   12/8/17 20:48:15

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of my kidneys and bladder and the pain in my back and neck.God Bless

Anonymous   12/8/17 07:19:31

Prayer Request - Faith

To sleep peacefully

Sheena   12/8/17 00:52:42

Prayer Request - Financial

Shalom! Please pray for l shall be having a 5daysRevival Crusade and visitors from next week 12th December. l need Financial breakthrough to be able push the Gospel without struggles.

Anonymous   12/7/17 21:30:07

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my fiance and Is relationship is restored asap IJN, for me to have more friends, my neighbors to be more friendly towards me and not racist, and for me to retain my teaching job with my paraprofessional to be more compassionate towards my disability IJN God bless

Anonymous   12/6/17 21:59:18

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Please help me lose weight and take control of my diet. I have reached a new high and need prayers to help me combat this problem. God Bless all.

Gloria   12/6/17 16:41:15

Prayer Request - Financial

Please pray for me to have financial miracles.

Eugenia   12/6/17 03:49:55

Prayer Request - Marriage

I am 39 and a born again Christian of only one year. I have seen God's hands on me before 2 months when he provided me with a job I couldn't get for more than a year. Now that I have got a job I want to marry and have a wonderful God fearing Christian family. please pray for me God to provide me with a partner.

Paulos   12/4/17 23:20:28

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for JJ who needs kidney for transplant.

JT   12/4/17 17:00:29

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