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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Financial

I am asking for prayers for financial breakthrough and employment. I have been out of work since 08/2018 and the prospects of finding another job is getting harder but I have faith that God is with me and I will get another job. My bills have pilled, and I fear losing my home and vehicle during this cold weather time. I have started a journey of praying and fasting and I trust that the hand of the Lord will be extended, and I will receive his blessing. Thank you everyone.

Jacob   12/14/18 13:09:44

Prayer Request - Healing

Father dear, i pray for my healing and my bro/sis hear. I pray for my sister to soften their heart, Father dear may i be resourceful so i may not be additional burden to my children. I ask this in Jesus name, amen.

Anonymous   12/13/18 23:29:18

Prayer Request - Faith

PrayLord intervene for Michael-infections & fluids to clear up-total healing & for heart to be strong,for toHeinz,Sasha,John,Maria,Heather & Fred & me,total healing!cory-job

Mel    12/13/18 07:28:33

Prayer Request - Faith

Thanks for praying that may the good Lord will just send me a miracle as a favor to my tooo long request of provisions. May God find me faithful in the little things God entrusted to me so that I can be also trusted in big things. that even am not that smartly faithful the living God is always faithful.

ein   12/13/18 00:23:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for ,Blessing for joy, peace, and happiness in my sons life. God bless.

Anonymous   12/12/18 06:26:12

Praise Report - Employment

Father dear you have never fail me. I thank you for all protection. My daughter charm had receive your blessing. Thank you Lord, so much blessings I love you Jesus, my redeemer. I pray in jesus name amen.

Anonymous   12/11/18 15:54:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for my son that he get every thing back that he lost his apartment and all his benefits in peace and that the lord will give him peace in his life from all the people that are against him and trying to keep him down God bless.

Anonymous   12/11/18 06:28:23

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my neighbors are friendly towards me only and stop being racist, that I am healed of my strep throat and pinkeye asap, that I keep my job as a school teacher, that I am hired for teaching online, to get out of debt asap, and for my godly boyfriend and I to get married because he is what I prayed for in a future spouse ijn

Anonymous   12/11/18 01:14:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Church, please keep me in your prayers in my move to the next town to start a ministry.

Elder King   12/10/18 08:37:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for me Christian bros. and sisters. Pray that I can get my old job back if it's God's will or an even better job SOON,prayers for direction in things concerning my life, for my relationships,a home church, more Christian fellowship, more peace,fullfilment,relief from so much stress, to feel better,have more motivation,financial blessings and other unspoken prayers. Thanks!

Anonymous   12/10/18 01:59:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray healing for Michael- strengthen his heart Lord- chest pains to go!in Jesus's Name!strengthen & heal Heinz of cancer & pain from chemo!Healing of cancer for Brenda,Sasha,Maria( breast cancer) Lord,intervene in all these my sister- going through relationship problems-Miquel to repent & restore relationship Lord,healing for my sister.also healing for Caleb of relationship breakup & stop drinking

Mel   12/9/18 08:38:44

Prayer Request - Salvation

I was hurt by a fellow beliver very early after baptism. I find it difficult to reconnect with the life I had after being unwell for some years now. Could you pls for my baptism to be restored to me and to be blessed again.Thank you so much

Rob A   12/9/18 04:38:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my daughter who has suddenly become ill.

J.T.    12/8/18 20:28:19

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for total and complete healing of my body. God bless.

Anonymous   12/8/18 06:56:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Beej to continue to turn to Jesus during seasonal depression (lack of sunlight) and motivation to continue to grow her business and plan her wedding. Drew to get his 4.0 and score 170 on LSAT, he has worked so hard. Drew to also be on college football field and to make big improvements this spring season and be on fall travel team and in every game. Nick, Ben and Jack salvation. Don healed of Parkinson's

Anonymous   12/6/18 09:04:16

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