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Online Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my family and I.We need His grace.Thank you.God bless.

Emmanuel    8/26/19 04:46:18

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, all praises and thanks to your loving heart. I still hold on to your promises. I know you will never leave me nor forsake me specially now that we are at our end. Your graces will pour thru in some ways. I thank and i pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   8/26/19 04:44:43

Prayer Request - Faith

Please help me pray that I may pass my NCLEX-RN exam on August 24th, 2.00pm, Philippine time. Thank you and God bless all the prayer warriors in here.

Anonymous   8/23/19 08:52:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls. pray for my the health, peace, happiness and strength of my family. let us be guided and protected in everything we do. pls. pray also for my nephew christian to be strong enough in every trials that he encountered. Thank u and Godbless.

andrea   8/21/19 03:17:37

Prayer Request - Faith

1. Kindly pray with me that God's provision for my house will come this month of august. Waiting for it so great, pls. hear and favor Oh Lord!2. If the Lord after none stop ministry for Him if I can have a Sabatical leave after 40 yrs of working hard, provisions for this too and good health as ever. Praise and thanks be to our ever loving and kind Father in heaven. Thanks you too brethren in Jesus our Lord and Savior.

lan   8/19/19 06:11:23

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray comfort for Rose & Ryan & Pat & mom in the sudden death of Rose,s brother.also protection,comfort over Pam & Ewalt,s families,after 2 unexpected deaths!

Mel   8/18/19 23:52:19

Prayer Request - Bondage

my son Lee is just getting out of rehab for alcohol. Please pray he can break his addiction and get his life back together

Larry   8/18/19 20:08:06

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord I give up...I can not take it anymore...the hurt pain depression anxiety feeling weak..Lord I give up whats the use where are you Lord I need you so much..please come and get me Lord help me please..I am fading give this to you Lord I love you and thank you

gretchen starika   8/18/19 03:17:20

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for victor get his apartment soon and if there is someone trying to stop him from getting his apartment move them out of his way and give them something better to do. God bless.

Anonymous   8/17/19 06:42:43

Prayer Request - Healing

2 months ago my Doctor informed me that I may die from the injuries from the assault. In last 12 weeks I was almost kidnapped, had to flee my apartment & 3 family cars vandalized. Waiting on a last second miracle.

Anonymous   8/17/19 02:35:16

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Michael,s lungs clear up & that he gets his strength back,also Art to get stent h back after & favor for a Magda,her ex to Stop stalking & harassing her,damaging her car etc!L!!police dont do anything,Lord,let someone catch him!Safety & protection over our family & Pam,s family!2 deaths in 2 weeks!again!Lord,fulfil the no.of our days

Mel   8/16/19 21:21:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray Emil can examine his heart, let the Lord guide him to search & reveal anything that is not of him & that he may be set free from that evil

Anonymous   8/16/19 12:35:54

Prayer Request - Financial

I had to borrow money to help someone because he begged and promised to pay back soon , but he ignored me after he got money .Please pray for I can get back the money I borrowed for him , and pray for my finance and my peace .

Deborah    8/16/19 11:36:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Joetta who has badly injured her hand, and her son, Jim, that his blood pressure will come under control.

Jean T.   8/16/19 10:49:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for m'y husband so that h can lives transparence life.pray so that Everything Which is in th dark can comes into Light. Pray so that negative thoughts can stop following me. To God be th glory. Amen

Maranatha rose   8/14/19 18:59:44

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